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This page is a resource hub for the aspiring EDitor who wishes to improve his/her craft, or who wishes to become more adept at conveying a point by making a more visually appealing product for public viewing on this or any other wiki out there.

The following links are a series of tutorials and tricks which one may find useful in one's editing habits.

  1. Box Borders - A tutorial which explains how to create a border around text and objects in several different colors and styles.
  2. Rounded Corners - A simple tutorial on how to create rounded corners on certain border and background color items. Firefox- and Safari-specific, currently.
  3. Drop Shadows - Tutorial explaining how to create drop-shadows on text and objects to give the illusion of depth. Safari-specific, currently.
  4. Collapsing Tables - Extremely in-depth tutorial explaining how to create a Table containing collapsing links which connect to objects outside the table.
  5. Rounded Collapsing Table - A manual template by which one may compress a large amount of content into a customizable morphing and collapsing theme.
  6. Basic Collapsing Table - A simple, customizable, and manual template through which many smaller pieces of information can be organized for easy access.
  7. Gradient Backgrounds - In depth tutorial on how to use gradients via CSS.

  1. Basic Rounded Expanding Box - See #5 for the concept; stylized rounded-corner version.
  2. Morphing Objects - Manual slideshows, changeable content, Tabs and much more. Slightly intensive.
  3. Collapsing Objects - Similar to Morphing Content in intensiveness; Allows content to be hidden and expanded at a single joint link. Very useful for reducing a page's size footprint.
  4. Templates - Self-contained and usually rigid and easy-to-implement structures created for use atop pages that require caveats, or for various other purposes.