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    Type Private
    Founded February 2007
    Location Internet
    Key people Arcturus (Creator, Varka (Owner)
    Motto {{{motto}}}
    Industry Furry Porn Archive
    Products Yiff
    Website http://e621.net/

    e621 is one of many sites where virgin furfags go to post and look at gay porn. Unlike FurAffinity, it has way less text, and you can rip off other furries' artwork all you like without having to worry about getting banned. It was previously run by Arcturus Nova, a former mod on FurAffinity that was fired because he started dropping mods that couldn't spell.

    The community's fine users have been noted for being thick skinned and are able to sort out a troll easily.

    Trolling e621 Users

    • Post non-furry Rule 34.
    • Tag images with unrelated tags or post pictures without tagging them.
      • These two piss off e621 users A LOT, because the site takes tagging to a new level with tags such as "one eye closed," "eyes closed," "eye half closed" ON TOP of normal tags.
    • Post extremely offensive images like pictures 9/11 and The Holocaust.
    • Post Second Life screenshots.
    • Post Photoshopped images.
    • Post Anti-fur images.
    • Post creepy images(e.g. maggot teeth, dead animals, anything from Offended.)
    • Write a script to auto generate accounts then replace tags, titles, and sources. The sources part is especially useful because they don't keep these in revision histories, and thus must be readded by memory. If you manage to make a big enough mess before the admins notice, a db rollback will probably be their only solution.

    Banning System

    Did you get banned from the site due to your faggotry and can't create a new account? Not a problem. Because their banning system was designed by a fucking kid third grader, you can easily bypass their browser block by wiping your browser's history. However, don't try to log into a banned account or the site will automatically slap you with another cookie ban and you will have to clear your history again. After that, create more accounts. They have a rule with new users having to wait a week before doing anything to prevent spam, so it's best to create as many accounts as possible. Since e621 doesn't require a valid Email address, it will be quick and very easy to do. That way if one of your accounts gets banned, you simply can hop to another one and continue your trolling without delay.

    Your comments suck. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't comment. And utilize your blacklist so we aren't continually subjected to your hangups, because we don't care to hear about it. But congratulations on pissing so many people off in such a short amount of time, including the staff. That takes talent. 1st warning.


    One of the images here

    Furaffinity and DMCA

    After recent reports and threats to their host, e621 was shut down permanently when it was claimed they housed child pornography and illegally posted artwork. However, it was really the work of butthurt furfags, especially due to the remarkable efforts of File:Furaffinity-favicon.png insanekangaroo, a loyal furaffinity member who sided with Dragoneer to try and derail Arcturus's reputation after some DMCA drama involving use of the e621 mascot as artwork hosted on FurAffinity. They succeeded, but it added another notch onto Dragoneer's pile of faggotry.
    Business as usual, yet you wouldn't imagine the leading website on all things furry being overrun by a smaller one like e621, a simple imageboard! Dragoneer just couldn't let that happen, but he can always count on his whiteknights.

    Fun Fact: FurAffinity is still filled with the same shit that got e621 into trouble. Oh well, the moar you know.

    Thanks to numerous threats to our host, false claims of illegal content, harassment and a few things that are much worse, e621 is being closed down permanently. It's been fun running it. If you're looking for an alternative, try dammitfreehaven.com or something. If you want to come in and bitch at us, #e621 on irc.darkmyst.org will be a place you can do that. Or you can yell at me on twitter, twitter.com/ajkirwin or just email [email protected] and scream at me. Whatever.

    And to all those who have lied and threatened and caused problems, well, congratulations. You got what you wanted I suppose. One site down, only about, what, fifty thousand left to go?


    —Arcturus, crying like a bitch.

    New Host

    e621 administrator Varka, founder of Bad Dragon, decided to take control due to Arcturus not being able to handle being a victim of trolling. Now furries can return to sparking drama over poorly-drawn 'pornography.' Also, as of late, the pony MLP cancer has spread to small sites such as e621. Even other faggots who like the site have found it to be annoying.

    Bigger is Better

    With the deep pockets of Varka (the owner of Bad Dragon) the site was free to expand and grow. Since Varka thinks bigger is better (Rumor is he is in the process of acquiring a bus to create a new mold for the latest Bad Dragon toy. It will still be too small for him) he soon dropped thousands of dollars into a new server with 24 cores and 76TB of storage space.


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