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    Dwarling displaying her attention whore skills
    The object of lust in question
    File:Demon girl.jpg
    An artist's impression, based on info collected

    Dwarlingxcore a famous and slightly retarded attention whore known to be dwelling forums related to Harry Potter Actress Emma Watson. On these forums, she has created controversy by claiming to be Watson's lesbian lover, thus creating disputes between the idiots who believed her and the rest of the more rational forums.

    Overview and Background

    Her basic story was how she was part of an international security organization that had to protect Miss Watson, known as Hermione Granger. After they had met, the two became lovers. This was illustrated with accounts of various lesbian sexual encounters. Dwarlinggirlxcore also claimed to have witch powers and to be partly demon.

    While she was the laughing stock of the community and was banned several times from many forums, she had a small circle of firm believers who kept her going. She made them believe they were talking to Emma herself and, amongst other fantasies, told them that Emma wanted to have sex with them. When some of them got suspicious, she told them she was going to commit sex only to return later on. Dwarlinggirlxcore has roamed around under various names and ages, from 15 to 20.

    She claims to have tried to kill herself 17 times and to live partially in the USA, partially in the UK. She's now claiming to live in Oxford, and is trying to convince people that she's attending Headington School, although she has previously stated that she was attending Oxford University.

    She can now be found here using yet another alias.

    Article Vandal

    She has tried to delete this article eighteen times in one day. She has threatened contributors, by writing "Rightio, mates I mean it this time. Fuck with my repuation again, I'll make your lives a living nightmare. What do you not understand about that, you fucking assholes..-Dwarlinggirlxcore..xXx..", and "What, you don't like people seeing that YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR? -Dwarlinggirlxcore..xXx.." a second time, followed by similar texts later on.

    Furthermore, she has started a crusade by sending mails to everyone she suspects of having written this article. As of yet, her accuracy record is appalling, having gotten none correct, and only succeeding in getting some innocent people pissed.

    Health Warning

    If you are ever exposed to this person, who goes under various aliases (see below), you are advised to keep your distance and report it to the appropriate authorities. Or, quite simply, just run away and never look back. One glance into her eyes and... well. You'll have done something that no living person has ever done. Give yourself a pat on the back! Congrats for finding her hidey-hole. Though, I should've known better and looked under Emma's window earlier.


    • Shane
    • Trisha
    • Emily
    • Kat
    • KitKat
    • Becca

    Names A couple of people gave her to simply save the effort in keeping up with latest names

    • P45
    • It.

    The conspiracy

    Two unknown individuals, Michel and Cory are conspiring to defame her on the internets. Suspicions are running high that Michael Jackson is this Michal, thought e-detectives are hard at work on this, checking leads at strip clubs as we speak..

    However, in a hastily organized press conference, Cory has indicated that he is not responsible for the comments placed under his name. However, he has also said that "I wish I'd written it myself, to be honest." Michael Jackson has yet to be found, but a worldwide search is underway. Police are centering their efforts on all the Chuck E. Cheese's near strip clubs. DISREGARD THAT HE'S DEAD

    In an intriguing development, another 'Jane Doe' has revealed themselves, calling themselves Jessica, and leaping to Dwarlinggirlxcore's defense. E-cops are also centering their investigation on Jessica, possibly another member in her ring of celebrity lesbian molestation. Or, y'know, a fucking sockpuppet. More than likely the latter as the former would require her to be able to make friends.

    Quotes (and yes, they are real)

    • "Anyways, then I kept that up for a while, going deeper with my fingers, and finally when she acted like she was on the verge of hysterics, I litterally glued my mouth to her clit and sucked and sucked, and she totally went into orgasm, and she kinda yelled 'oh my GOD'. It was so cute."
    • "Haha, that is the one thing I haven't told a soul. I know it sounds odd, but I really do have reason to hide who I am at this point. I'm not only her friend but my parents are involved in ENSA. It's a very long story. I was given a job to do, and I thikn I did it a bit too well because I made"
    • "I had to come across that way, as I told you Josh, but truly I care about Emma more than probably most people. She's helped me and reached me when nobody else could. I owe so much to her."
    • "Alright. I think when I've talked to her I've been much better around her. I never wanted her to worry, but she's the only one that..Cared as much as she did. I've never met anyone quite like that. So, when I saw it was upsetting her, now I think I'm..Well, pretending very well."
    • "So proud I was. And, now that I need help, I won't ask for it. I've started..Well, shall we say using knives for other more affective purposes. And, please please don't see me as a freak or anything..I'm sorry..I just had to tell at least one person before I go out of my mind."
    • A conversation:
      • Guy that made Dwarlinggirlxcore believe he knows Emma as well: "Emma is online!:-) You talking to her too?"
      • Dwarlinggirlxcore: "No. She doesn't have this address."
      • Guy: "Shall I invite her in, then?"
      • Dwarling.:"Not yet..Please..I..I'm still scared to talk to her at this point."
    • "God, I'm good. I deleted the article. I hope those fuckers know who they're up against."
    • "You're only making yourself look like fooking dumbasses. Retarted pieces of shit. STOP POSTING THIS."
    • "I WILL NOT give up doing this, so you might as well stop it, becasue I can sit here for 24 hours a day until your get old and DIE, before I will stop removing this. GROW THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING MINGERS. -Dwarlinggirlxcore..xXx.."

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