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Duke Otterland/Chat logs

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This article is really fucking tl;dr. In summation, this nigger furry wanted to remove things, got b&, got lured into an arbchat by another EDiot, failed at arbchat (piss-poor negotiation tactics), tried to baleet fucking everything, and got b& again. A few weeks later he is lured back into yet another arbchat by same troll, lulz ensue, and now has an outstanding debt of 800 IRL dollars in legal fees. Then the ex-furry MelkiahFox was able to drag him back in and make more lulz for the channel. The logs are lulzy, but before you continue, grab a beer and take a piss, 'cause this is one lolcow that never dries up.

Session Start: Fri Dec 15 10:29:04 2006
Session Ident: #arbchat
[10:29] * Now talking in #arbchat
[10:29] * Set by weev on Tue Dec 12 18:01:22
[10:29] * DukeOtterland has joined #arbchat
[10:29] <DukeOtterland> Hi.
[10:29] <weev> hello
[10:29] * tfo has joined #arbchat
[10:29] * sundays_mail has joined #arbchat
[10:29] <weev> okay
[10:29] * weev sets mode: +v DukeOtterland
[10:29] * weev sets mode: +m
[10:30] * bleep has joined #arbchat
[10:30] <weev> DukeOtterland: please clearly state your case. what exactly you want out of this arbchat and why you think it 
should happen.
[10:30] * januszeal_ has joined #arbchat
[10:30] <DukeOtterland> I want freedom to tone down that article about me without it being reverted,
 so I can take off all copyrighted images and Friends-only posts I made in LJ...
[10:31] * januszeal_ is now known as januszeal
[10:31] * januszeal has quit IRC (Quit: bai�)
[10:31] <DukeOtterland> And maybe remove that page from Google...
[10:31] <DukeOtterland> Since it shows up first...
[10:31] <DukeOtterland> If you can.
[10:31] * januszeal has joined #arbchat
[10:31] * LOLJEWS has joined #arbchat
[10:32] <weev> why do you feel that you deserve preferential treatment over other ED articles?
[10:32] <DukeOtterland> Well, it *is* Wiki, so anyone should have the freedom to edit it.
[10:32] <DukeOtterland> And it does violate copyright laws...
[10:32] <DukeOtterland> Or at the very least take the page off of Google searches...
[10:32] * weev sets mode: -m
[10:32] <weev> okay listen
[10:33] <weev> are you aware of fair use?
[10:33] <DukeOtterland> Hmm?
[10:33] <zionistacat> hello
[10:33] <weev> okay DukeOtterland 
[10:33] <weev> let me teach you about copyright law
[10:33] <tfo> hai zionistacat
[10:33] <DukeOtterland> Who hosts ED anyway?
[10:33] <weev> Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a 
particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, 
scholarship, and research. Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the 
reproduction of a particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment, news 
reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. 
[10:33] <weev> i motherfucking hsot ED
[10:33] <tfo> truth
[10:33] <weev> can you read that sentence
[10:34] <weev> Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a 
particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment,
[10:34] <weev> Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a 
particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment,
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> Yes, even though it has a bunch of fucked up characters.
[10:34] <weev> your article is both criticism AND comment
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> ...
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> But why do you insist on keeping it up?
[10:34] <sundays_mail> so why are you here?
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> Are you trying to drive me to suicide or something?
[10:34] <sundays_mail> lol
[10:34] <bleep> Yes
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> To fucking get that article toned down or removed entirely.
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> Fuckers.
[10:34] <sundays_mail> suicide is hillarious
[10:34] <weev> listen
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> Got, you people are idiots.
[10:34] <weev> the article will only get WORSE from here
[10:34] <DukeOtterland> *God
[10:35] <weev> yes
[10:35] <tfo> yes
[10:35] <tfo> in fact
[10:35] <weev> i make 140k a year
[10:35] <DukeOtterland> ?
[10:35] <DukeOtterland> You're fucking kidding me...
[10:35] <sundays_mail> me too!
[10:35] <weev> and you live with your parents
[10:35] <tfo> there is far moar we can add to the article
[10:35] <weev> and i'm the idiot
[10:35] <tfo> duke: we are professionals
[10:35] <tfo> with good jobs
[10:35] <sundays_mail> i have something i can add
[10:35] <tfo> gone bad
[10:35] <sundays_mail> ...
[10:35] <weev> sundays_mail: rly now
[10:35] <zionistacat> lol tfo.
[10:35] <januszeal> professionals at lulz
[10:35] <sundays_mail> oh yes
[10:35] * sundays_mail is now known as Jewkemia
[10:35] <zionistacat> I'm not, i'm a soccer mom.
[10:35] <Jewkemia> chat logs
[10:36] <DukeOtterland> ...
[10:36] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:36] <januszeal> hehe
[10:36] <DukeOtterland> God, you people make me sick.
[10:36] <tfo> the more pissed off you get
[10:36] <tfo> the more amusing it becomes
[10:36] <bleep> DukeOtterland: the only way that we might even consider granting your request
[10:36] <weev> okay DukeOtterland 
[10:36] <bleep> DukeOtterland: is if you post to full-disclosure a complete apology
[10:37] <t12>  /win new
[10:37] <t12> aka hi
[10:37] <weev> how about this
[10:37] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: out of curiosity, why are you reviving this now?
[10:37] <Jewkemia> also
[10:37] <DukeOtterland> apology where?
[10:37] <weev> we have an informal removal process
[10:37] <Jewkemia> a press releas
[10:37] <weev> but its a lot of paperwork
[10:37] <weev> and i dont feel like filling it out
[10:37] <Jewkemia> stating you have been trolled by bantown
[10:37] <DukeOtterland> bantown?
[10:37] <bleep> That you have lost
[10:37] <bleep> And that you will not have a nice day.
[10:37] <DukeOtterland> huh?
[10:37] <weev> DukeOtterland: bantown runs ED you faggot
[10:37] <bleep> And apologize for being a sexual deviant
[10:37] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:37] <bleep> And for being an aspie
[10:37] <bleep> If you do all that, we might take your arbchat request seriously next time.
[10:37] <weev> OAKY
[10:37] <weev> no
[10:37] <weev> no
[10:38] <weev> DukeOtterland: you have to make a furry jpeg of yourself
[10:38] <DukeOtterland> Okay, I'm sorry I even live.
[10:38] <weev> with a statement bubble taht says
[10:38] <DukeOtterland> ?
[10:38] <weev> "i have been trolled by bantown"
[10:38] <weev> and also take a picture of yourself
[10:38] <DukeOtterland> Who or what is bantown?
[10:38] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:38] <weev> with a sign stating such
[10:38] <Jewkemia> how do upload logs?
[10:38] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:38] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: out of curiosity, why are you reviving this now?
[10:38] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: out of curiosity, why are you reviving this now?
[10:38] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: out of curiosity, why are you reviving this now?
[10:38] <CRYRAPESOCK> srsly
[10:38] <CRYRAPESOCK> lol
[10:38] <januszeal> jewkemia send them to me in PM
[10:38] <Jewkemia> i can answer that one
[10:38] <Jewkemia> ok
[10:38] <januszeal> ill edit the page and add them
[10:38] <DukeOtterland> Never mind, you people aren't worth debating...
[10:39] <tfo> yes we are
[10:39] <DukeOtterland> How so?
[10:39] <tfo> if you enjoy never winning
[10:39] <zionistacat> approaching the discussion as a debate, to be won or lost, is your first mistake
[10:39] <Jewkemia> because
[10:39] <tfo> shifting rules
[10:39] <tfo> subjectivity
[10:39] <tfo> all the things
[10:39] <Jewkemia> actually, bein a furry was your first mistake
[10:39] <DukeOtterland> Well, who took those pics of those Friends-only post I made in various
 LJ communities?
[10:39] <tfo> which make debate so much fun
[10:39] <DukeOtterland> Or that pic of Harli's LJ?
[10:39] <weev> DukeOtterland: i did
[10:39] <DukeOtterland> What's your LJ name?
[10:39] <zionistacat> which one?
[10:39] <zionistacat> =)
[10:40] <weev> jameth
[10:40] <bleep> LOL
[10:40] <tfo> lol
[10:40] <zionistacat> lol
[10:40] <januszeal> ilu weev
[10:40] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:40] <bleep> That made me office lol
[10:40] <DukeOtterland> Because I want to get that article removed or toned down.
[10:41] <bleep> Because he doesn't understand ED
[10:41] <weev> DukeOtterland: you're article is never coming down. i will personally 
make sure that it stays up forever.
[10:41] <januszeal> yeah
[10:41] <weev> what are you gonna do about it, huh?
[10:41] <bleep> And that he thinks the Internet is FAIR AND BALANCED
[10:41] <DukeOtterland> fuckers
[10:41] <DukeOtterland> The Internet is not a fucking democracy.
[10:41] <bleep> He's going to YIFF
[10:41] * DukeOtterland has quit IRC (Quit: �)
[10:41] <tfo> :(
[10:41] <weev> NO SHIT
[10:41] <tfo> ROFL
[10:41] <weev> ?
[10:41] <wattage> LOOOOOOOOL
[10:41] <januszeal> LMAO
[10:41] <bleep> That was a really good arbchat
[10:41] <tfo> that
[10:41] <januszeal> pwnd
[10:41] <wattage> someone post those logs up
[10:41] <tfo> made me irlol several times
[10:41] <bleep> Jewkemia is
[10:41] <bleep> pposting logs
[10:42] <zionistacat> :41 <+DukeOtterland> The Internet is not a fucking democracy.
[10:42] <zionistacat> :41 <+DukeOtterland> The Internet is not a fucking democracy.
[10:42] <zionistacat> :41 <+DukeOtterland> The Internet is not a fucking democracy.
[10:42] <zionistacat> no shit.
[10:42] <wattage>
[10:42] <bleep> That's an excellent quote
[10:42] <tfo> that was win
[10:42] <Jewkemia> HOLY SHIT
[10:42] <wattage> post thar
[10:42] <Jewkemia> he still talking to me on AIM????
[10:42] * TiCL has joined #arbchat
[10:42] <Jewkemia> as this name
[10:42] <t12> lols
[10:42] <zionistacat> lol
[10:43] <zionistacat> yeah Jewkemia, welcome to like 2 weeks of being otterlands 
best friend while he tries to talk you into doing something about his article
[10:43] <bleep> I wish he'd do like this guy on Freenode did when I kicked him from a channel... 
go on about how he's a really well known blackhat and that if he gets my IP (unmasked host lol) 
he's going to destroy me
[10:43] <wattage> <= plz paste ur logs there
[10:43] <zionistacat> ask him about his hat fetish
[10:43] <januszeal> XD
[10:43] <Jewkemia> shit
[10:43] <tfo> posted
[10:43] <wattage> loool
[10:43] <Jewkemia> shitshitshitshit
[10:43] <zionistacat> ask him about boyscouts in sombreros
[10:44] <zionistacat> and ask him how he likes his fursuit
[10:44] <zionistacat> you know he's into babyfur too, right?
[10:44] <tfo> jewkemia: please add your private IM log
[10:44] <bleep> what
[10:44] <bleep> Jesus
[10:44] <Jewkemia> ok
[10:44] <Jewkemia> but i'm getting so much more
[10:44] <bleep> he has every sexual deviance I know of
[10:44] <zionistacat> he told his parents he wears diapers to test it out for when he gets his fursuit
[10:44] <tfo> you know
[10:44] <zionistacat> make sure you log
[10:44] <tfo> that arbchat
[10:44] <tfo> took
[10:44] <bleep> what
[10:44] <tfo> all
[10:44] <bleep> what
[10:44] <tfo> of
[10:44] <bleep> what
[10:44] <bleep> what
[10:44] <tfo> 12 minutes
[10:44] <tfo> it was
[10:44] <tfo> glorious
[10:44] <Jewkemia> imma get him back
[10:45] <Jewkemia> hell be coming back in
[10:45] * DrainageCat has joined #arbchat
[10:45] <januszeal> k
[10:45] <zionistacat> lets play straight for like 10 minutes
[10:45] <januszeal> i wanted to tell him something
[10:45] <zionistacat> and i want to link him my welcome to ED video
[10:45] <wattage> fuckers
[10:45] <wattage> loool
[10:45] * DukeOtterland has joined #arbchat
[10:45] <DukeOtterland> Hi.
[10:45] <DukeOtterland> Sorry I lost my temper.
[10:45] <DukeOtterland> Let's try this again.
[10:45] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: it's ok
[10:45] <DukeOtterland> I'm sorry I got upset.
[10:46] <zionistacat> we understand it's stressful for you.
[10:46] <weev> Its understandable. Must have a lot of pent up rage having to explain to 
your parents why you wear diapers.
[10:46] <DukeOtterland> Yes, now please tell me if there's anything sensible I can do to 
get that article removed, toned down, or removed from Google.
[10:46] <weev> yes
[10:46] <weev> You can do a pice of furry art
[10:46] <bleep> photos of you in diapers with a sign saying "I have been trolled by Bantown"
[10:46] <januszeal> removed from google?
[10:46] <januszeal> jp;k'
[10:46] <weev> that says "I haev been trolled by bantown"
[10:46] <DukeOtterland> ...
[10:46] <weev> and also take a picture of yourself
[10:46] <DukeOtterland> That's far from sensible.
[10:46] <CRYRAPESOCK> Suing LJ would be sensible in this situation.
[10:46] <weev> holding a paper sign that says it
[10:46] <weev> also
[10:46] <DukeOtterland> Can't you just act like normal human beings?
[10:47] <weev> you can make a small donation to me
[10:47] <weev> for my time
[10:47] <TiCL> hey give him abreak
[10:47] <DukeOtterland> Yes, please.
[10:47] <weev> in filling out the removal paperwork
[10:47] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: I think you should maybe 
watch this:
[10:47] <zionistacat> it may help you understand a little more about ED
[10:47] <TiCL> that's a good video
[10:47] <DukeOtterland> Okay...
[10:48] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: what, exactly, are your issues with your article?
[10:48] <DrainageCat> I'm here to demand more pictures of cats. Please comply.
[10:48] <DrainageCat> That is all.
[10:48] * DrainageCat has left #arbchat
[10:48] <DukeOtterland> Yes, I know some of the stuff actually occurred in LJ...
[10:48] <weev> yeah
[10:48] <weev> you could always sue them
[10:48] <DukeOtterland> But my issue is that the article is *inflammatory*.
[10:48] <DukeOtterland> I actually don't have any objections to the article being up at all...
[10:49] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: what, exactly, do you want?
[10:49] <DukeOtterland> I do have objections to the article showing up so high in Google.
[10:49] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: that's your fault
[10:49] <DukeOtterland> For my article to be at least removed from Google searches.
[10:49] <DukeOtterland> How so?
[10:49] <weev> DukeOtterland: what do you expect? ED has huge pagerank because millions of people read it.
[10:49] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: we have no way of adjusting google's search rank
[10:49] <weev> your websites are crap that noone cares about
[10:49] <weev> therefore, ED is higher up on google
[10:49] <TiCL> you couldn't make your own page good enough to be at the top
[10:49] <Jewkemia> lern SEO furfag!
[10:49] <TiCL> I suggest you copy the article and put it in your website
[10:49] <DukeOtterland> By the way, that video doesn't work.
[10:50] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: contrary to popular opinion, ED has no affiliation 
with Google, despite both having a secret cat cabal
[10:50] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:50] <weev> you could pay google
[10:50] <weev> for ads
[10:50] <Jewkemia> not to mention the whole jew thing
[10:50] <zionistacat>
[10:50] <weev> that feature your website as a sponsored website
[10:50] <weev> for 'dukeotterland'
[10:50] <januszeal> lol
[10:50] <Jewkemia> yea, like anyone else with a fucking business would
[10:50] <zionistacat> you could pay ED to advertise your web site
[10:50] <weev> or you could just pay me and make the IHBT BY BANTOWN pictures
[10:50] <TiCL> that's a cool idea
[10:50] <weev> and your article will come down
[10:50] <DukeOtterland> I'm not sleeping in bed with my enemies.
[10:51] <Jewkemia> iawtc
[10:51] <TiCL> then get raped
[10:51] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:51] <DukeOtterland> Why does the video take forever to load?
[10:51] <bleep> Believe me, I woulnd't want to be in bed with someone who wears diapers recreationally
[10:51] <zionistacat> enemy is such a negative way of looking at it
[10:51] <weev> bleep: so both DukeOtterland and darkcube are out?
[10:51] <Jewkemia> no, but i'd do ya behind the dumpster at dennys, if it made you cry a little
[10:51] <wattage> Neutral adversary.
[10:51] <bleep> weev: yeah
[10:51] <DukeOtterland> It's also negative to post all that nasty stuff about me.
[10:51] <zionistacat> i prefer to think of us as conflict enhancers
[10:51] <Jewkemia> no, but i'd do ya behind the dumpster at dennys, if it made you cry a little\
[10:51] <weev> bleep: darkcube has massive tits tho
[10:51] <bleep> weev: HOT!
[10:52] <bleep> weev: darkcube has a dungeon too :O
[10:52] <zionistacat> wattage: yeah, but neutral.
[10:52] <januszeal> lol
[10:52] <bleep> idiftl
[10:52] <Jewkemia> actually, we are the harbingers of Justice!
[10:52] <weev> neutrality? in my dramaticas?
[10:52] <bleep> Internet Justice
[10:52] <weev> its more likely than you think.
[10:52] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:52] <zionistacat> lol weev <3
[10:53] <wattage> <3
[10:53] <zionistacat> is neutrality the same as not giving a shit?
[10:53] <Jewkemia> no
[10:53] <weev> it might be
[10:53] <januszeal> brb
[10:53] <weev> cause i dont give a shit about DukeOtterland 
[10:53] <bleep> I just find his page lol
[10:53] <DukeOtterland> If you don't give a shit about me then you can take down that article.
[10:53] <weev> or his stupid 'your article violates copyright law' shit
[10:53] <weev> DukeOtterland: like i said
[10:53] <Jewkemia> what say you, duke of otterland?
[10:53] <weev> draw the art
[10:53] <weev> take the picture
[10:53] <DukeOtterland> Well, you are technically breaking the law.
[10:53] <weev> pay me.
[10:53] <weev> DukeOtterland: oh yeah?
[10:53] <Jewkemia> NO U!
[10:53] <weev> cite the law we're breaking
[10:53] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: we document lulz and drama
[10:53] <DukeOtterland> How can I trust you?
[10:53] <weev> i assure you
[10:53] <bleep> DukeOtterland: then take us to court
[10:53] <weev> ED has a lawyer
[10:53] <weev> that makes like
[10:53] <weev> 1mil+ a year
[10:54] <zionistacat> and you make lol drama
[10:54] <weev> and specializes in copyright law
[10:54] * januszeal has quit IRC (Quit: bai bai #ed ilu all :D�)
[10:54] <bleep> If you sued ED you would just create more lulz
[10:54] <bleep> Especially as your deviant sex life became part of public record
[10:54] <weev> man
[10:54] <bleep> I wonder how your parents would feel about that
[10:54] <weev> that would be hilariously awesome
[10:54] <DukeOtterland> How exactly did you view the Friends-only posts I made in babyfur and smart_furs?
[10:54] <weev> DukeOtterland: yes please sue us
[10:54] <bleep> I bet they'd disown you
[10:54] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: you can make your page rank higher by linking back to ED
[10:54] <Jewkemia> we are, of course, all attourneys at lols, registered and everything
[10:54] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: did you watch the video, it clarifies some of the 
subtleties of ED that I think you have missed.
[10:54] <DukeOtterland> The video won't freaking load.
[10:55] <DukeOtterland> oh, there it goes.
[10:55] <Jewkemia> try it again, this time without failing
[10:55] <weev> DukeOtterland: jameth has an exemption created by LJ to let that account 
view every post on LJ
[10:55] <TiCL> lol
[10:55] <weev> by any user
[10:55] * DrainageCat has joined #arbchat
[10:55] <tfo> this is truth
[10:55] <DrainageCat> wait a second
[10:55] <tfo> i worked for lj
[10:55] <weev> DrainageCat: are you still demanding more cats?
[10:55] <tfo> prior to the buyout by sixapart
[10:55] <DrainageCat> nah
[10:55] <zionistacat> can someone add the demand that we change the order in which ED's 
page appears in Google's search results to the article?
[10:55] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:55] <Jewkemia> i run google
[10:56] <Jewkemia> ill get on that
[10:56] <tfo> zionistacat: don't worry
[10:56] <tfo> kekeke
[10:56] <DrainageCat> Duke is opposed to gay marriage and pro-Bush?
[10:56] <zionistacat> is the caturday ad up on ED yet?
[10:56] <zionistacat> DrainageCat: yeah, and likes guys
[10:56] <DrainageCat> how odd
[10:56] <weev> DrainageCat: also pro-daiperfur
[10:56] <zionistacat> yeah
[10:56] <TiCL> that is very natural
[10:56] <DrainageCat> so... would he vote to allow diaper-fur marriage?
[10:56] <zionistacat> i would have though purple otter was firmly on the liberal moonbat 
side of the divide
[10:56] <TiCL> Y/N
[10:57] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: Pro-diaperfur marriage? y/n
[10:57] <DrainageCat> that's what I would think
[10:57] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: Pro-diaperfur marriage? y/n
[10:57] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: Pro-diaperfur marriage? y/n
[10:57] <weev> DrainageCat: yes but only heterosexual daiperfur
[10:57] <TiCL> y
[10:57] <DrainageCat> hmmm
[10:57] <bleep> Do you take this fox to be your lawfully wedded wife?
[10:57] <DrainageCat> lol, I do
[10:57] <bleep> Do you ma'am take this horse to be your lawfully wedded husband
[10:57] <DrainageCat> lol, bring em on
[10:57] <Jewkemia> lol
[10:57] <bleep> I NOW DECLARE YOU
[10:57] <bleep> FOX AND HORSE
[10:57] <bleep> YOU MAY NOW YIFF
[10:58] <bleep> Seriously why the fuck woudl you wear diapers recreationally
[10:58] <bleep> Other than, like, if you're high on every drug known to man
[10:59] <bleep> Even that is iffy
[10:59] <DukeOtterland> I'll do whatever you want me to if you'll please be rational.
[10:59] <weev> in sickness and in health, in clean and dirty daiper
[10:59] <bleep> DrainageCat: SEXUAL DEVIANT, ANSWER
[10:59] <bleep> weev: lol
[10:59] <Jewkemia> DukeOtterland>	I'll do whatever you want me to if you'll please be rational.
[10:59] <DrainageCat> WE need to be rational!
[10:59] <weev> DukeOtterland: i told you
[10:59] <zionistacat> sidenote: whenever the cat gets on the table and srscat and i put her on the floor we say 
[10:59] <Jewkemia> DukeOtterland>	I'll do whatever you want me to if you'll please be rational.
[10:59] <Jewkemia> DukeOtterland>	I'll do whatever you want me to if you'll please be rational.
[10:59] <weev> make the art, take the picture, and pay me my fee
[10:59] <bleep> DukeOtterland: do you poop in your diapers
[10:59] <weev> and the article will come down
[10:59] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: read more on Google page ranking, and improve your website
[10:59] <zionistacat> donate to ED
[10:59] <Jewkemia> LERN SEO FURFAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:59] <bleep> Oh god I wish I wasn't at work, I bet it would be 100x loller if I could see these pages
[11:00] <DrainageCat> Guys, RICO statutes...
[11:00] <weev> bleep: you need SSH tunnel
[11:00] <tfo> bleep: working from home is win precisely because of that
[11:00] <Jewkemia> true.
[11:00] <bleep> I can't tunnel my HTTP traffic
[11:00] <bleep> Well
[11:00] <weev> ynot
[11:00] <bleep> I could reverse tunnel
[11:00] <bleep> HRMN
[11:00] <weev> dude
[11:00] <DrainageCat> Duke: Write fursuit neocon fan fic and self-publish it on Amazon.
[11:00] <weev> run privoxy
[11:00] <weev> on your box
[11:00] <bleep> Not worth it right now :/
[11:00] <weev> and then ssh tunnel to the privoxy
[11:00] <weev> its like 3 minute setup
[11:00] <bleep> Yeah
[11:00] <weev> i keep a separate browser
[11:00] <bleep> I need access to the intranet
[11:01] <DrainageCat> Duke: Do you live in in Dallas, y/n
[11:01] <weev> just for ssh tunnel privoxy
[11:01] <bleep> So I just would have to split tunnel
[11:01] <TiCL> �fursuit neocon fan fic
[11:01] <TiCL> �fursuit neocon fan fic
[11:01] <DukeOtterland> No, I don't live in Dallas.
[11:01] <weev> so like
[11:01] <bleep> weev: I'd do it with Contivity, just because I already have it setupo
[11:01] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: srsly, we cannot help our page rank or our placement in 
google's search results. Buy an ad on your page if that's your issue.
[11:01] <bleep> Plus if someone saw me browsing that shit i the cube farm I'd get nuked
[11:01] <DrainageCat> why don't you like your page?
[11:01] <bleep> And getting nuked on the last day != good
[11:01] <zionistacat> i know
[11:01] <zionistacat> i'm hurt
[11:01] <zionistacat> we made it a good page too
[11:01] <DukeOtterland> Because it paints a very negative picture of me.
[11:01] <DrainageCat> how so?
[11:01] <DrainageCat> lol
[11:01] <bleep> ED pages only call the shots as they are
[11:01] <weev> DukeOtterland: perhaps its because you are a worthless person
[11:01] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: it paints an accurate picture
[11:01] <bleep> There is no spin with ED
[11:02] <DukeOtterland> Yes, there it.
[11:02] <bleep> It's like a photograph
[11:02] <DukeOtterland> *is
[11:02] <bleep> A photograph doesn't change what is in it
[11:02] <weev> okay
[11:02] <zionistacat> no, there is not. because we don't care
[11:02] <bleep> It simply captures it.
[11:02] <weev> DukeOtterland: haev you not purchased a fursuit?
[11:02] <bleep> So we took a photograph of you
[11:02] <weev> DukeOtterland: have you not worn a diaper?
[11:02] <DukeOtterland> Yes, I have purchased a fursuit and experimented with diapers.
[11:02] <DukeOtterland> But that's my business.
[11:02] <TiCL> loooool
[11:02] <weev> not when you put it on the internet!
[11:02] <bleep> Except it is on the Internet
[11:03] <weev> it becomes the internet's business
[11:03] <zionistacat> then how did it come to be on the internet?
[11:03] <t12> and as we all know
[11:03] <DrainageCat> Did your experiments cure any diseases?
[11:03] <weev> if you wanted to keep it your business, then you should have kept it to yourself
[11:03] <t12> the internet is SERIOUS business
[11:03] <DukeOtterland> Well, I posted Friends-only posts in LiveJournal...
[11:03] <DukeOtterland> But apparently someone at ED managed to get snapshots...
[11:03] <DrainageCat> but we're your friends.
[11:03] <weev> DukeOtterland: �what have you learned?
[11:03] <zionistacat> obviously you should be a little more discriminating in who your friends are
[11:03] <TiCL> e-betrayal
[11:03] <Jewkemia> and remember, the internet is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS
[11:04] <bleep> YETH
[11:04] <zionistacat> srsly srs
[11:04] <t12> doublesrs
[11:04] <weev> DukeOtterland: this is pointless if you have not learned anything
[11:04] <weev> what have you learned?
[11:04] <Jewkemia> have you at least learned somethin here?
[11:04] <weev> well, pointless for you. quite lol for us.
[11:04] <DukeOtterland> I've learned that it's folly to fight you people.
[11:04] <DrainageCat> Also, "Duke" is not a proper title for an American citizen.
[11:04] <zionistacat> oh, that was a given
[11:04] <DukeOtterland> My title is fictional.
[11:05] <Jewkemia> Also, cocks.
[11:05] <weev> thats funny. you signed a "legal" copyright notice with it
[11:05] <weev> that was super lol
[11:05] <zionistacat> DrainageCat: that's ok cause Otterland is imaginary
[11:05] <DrainageCat> NO IT'S NOT I BELIEVE IN IT
[11:05] <zionistacat> oh
[11:05] <Jewkemia> lol
[11:05] <zionistacat> that is on the page right?
[11:05] <weev> DukeOtterland124: Yes, I would like to report unauthorized use of my art, 
unauthorized linking to my pages, and defamation and harassment over Encyclopedia Dramatica 
on an entry about me (
[11:05] <weev> First of all, here are the images in question:
[11:05] <weev>
[11:05] <weev>
[11:05] <weev> They are taken from the art I published on my FurAffinity account:
[11:05] <weev>
[11:05] <weev>
[11:05] <weev> And I would like to request that the art and links be removed and the 
inflammatory comments about me and quotes I said taken off. Thanks.
[11:05] <weev> -Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland
[11:05] <zionistacat> the copyright notice?
[11:05] <Jewkemia> it will be
[11:05] <weev> LOLOLOL
[11:06] <Jewkemia> fuckin win
[11:06] <weev> can you please sue us and demand that the judge call you duke of otterland?
[11:06] <Jewkemia> lol
[11:06] <weev> i mean that would only make it that much more lol.
[11:06] <Jewkemia> actually Duke, that might hold up in court
[11:06] <zionistacat> lol weev
[11:06] <Jewkemia> if you went for the title and everything
[11:06] <TiCL> court of Ed Lollington
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <bleep> And remember, everything said in court becomes public record
[11:06] <weev> yes
[11:07] <weev> i will make sure to read off your diaper deviancy
[11:07] * Jewkemia is now known as TheRightHonorableEdLolington
[11:07] <bleep> So your sexual deviancy will be logged forever
[11:07] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> hear ye hear ye
[11:07] <DrainageCat> Maybe when Otterland's communist dictatorship is overthrow 
you'll be re-installed as a sort of unifying figurehead while the constitution is written
[11:07] <bleep> And your future employers will read about it
[11:07] <DrainageCat> like Karzai
[11:07] <bleep> And your children will read about it
[11:07] <bleep> And your children's children will read about it
[11:07] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> all rise
[11:07] <bleep> And you will be the laughingstock of Amerikkka
[11:07] <zionistacat> omglol
[11:07] <bleep> And your parents will be there
[11:07] <bleep> Sitting in the audience 
[11:07] <zionistacat> who did the IRC furfic on his page?
[11:07] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> court is now in session, the right honorable 
judge Ed Lolington presiding
[11:07] <zionistacat> that is superlol
[11:08] <bleep> As weev reads off your littany of sins
[11:08] <TiCL> does his parents know he is a diaper-fur?
[11:08] <weev> TiCL: yes
[11:08] <TiCL> that's sad
[11:08] <zionistacat> TiCL: yes
[11:08] <bleep> They must be ashamed
[11:08] <weev> he told them he wears the diapers to test out for when he gets his fursuit.
[11:08] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> someone should find his parents and make sure they know
[11:08] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> all day
[11:08] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> and night
[11:08] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: how do you live with yourself?
[11:08] <zionistacat> now he has a fursuit
[11:08] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> no
[11:08] <TheRightHonorableEdLolington> why do you live with yourself?
[11:08] * DrainageCat is now known as Barrett
[11:09] * TheRightHonorableEdLolington is now known as Sundays_Mail
[11:09] <bleep> Perhaps we should get in touch with Jeremy's parents
[11:09] <bleep> And point them towards material about his sexual deviancy
[11:09] <wattage> It would be nice to be able to speak on phone.
[11:09] <wattage> iawtc.
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> it would
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> someone should find his parents and make sure they know
[11:10] <zionistacat> sadly, i think they know
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> all day
[11:10] <bleep> This could end like mediacrat
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> and night
[11:10] <zionistacat> they just live deeply, deeply in neocon denial land
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> let them know every night
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> around 3 am
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> and again at 4
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> and again at 5
[11:10] <bleep> Haha
[11:10] <weev> AND I FLY OFF TO THE STORE
[11:10] <weev> TO BUY DIAPERS
[11:10] <tfo> lololol
[11:10] <bleep> LOL
[11:10] <TiCL> llawwl
[11:10] <zionistacat> lololol
[11:10] <Sundays_Mail> lolololol
[11:11] <bleep> DukeOtterland: how much do you weigh?
[11:11] <bleep> I bet you're lonely and fat
[11:11] <weev> nah he's super skinny
[11:11] <Barrett> Duke: Stay the course!
[11:11] <zionistacat> he's aspie they don't get lonely
[11:11] <bleep> weev: lonely and skinny?
[11:11] <bleep> Oh\
[11:11] <Sundays_Mail> if he were fat, his wings wouldnt work, and therefor he would 
have no diapers
[11:11] <bleep> lol
[11:11] <TiCL> he is the author of Orgg's Odyssey?
[11:11] <zionistacat> YES
[11:11] <bleep> DukeOtterland: do you buy old people diapers or something
[11:11] <weev> TiCL: yes it has sold under 20 copies
[11:11] <Sundays_Mail> wtf is that?
[11:11] <weev> mostly frm his family
[11:12] <Sundays_Mail> wait
[11:12] <weev> but watch out
[11:12] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: why don't you buy an ad for your book?
[11:12] <weev> it'll be on the NYT bestseller list someday
[11:12] <bleep> NYT lolseller
[11:12] <bleep> What is Orgg's Odyssey?
[11:12] <zionistacat> and the first site they will get when they google is ED
[11:12] <Sundays_Mail> actually, you know what kind of traffic ED gets? your ad could 
be seen by thousands of furfags every day
[11:12] <zionistacat> i know
[11:13] <zionistacat> thats what i'm telling him
[11:13] <Sundays_Mail> it might be deflaming yourself, but if you want your shitty book to sell...
[11:13] <zionistacat> as far as marketing, we are the most affordable option when it comes to 
reaching his target audience
[11:13] <DukeOtterland> bleep: For your information, I'm not fat.
[11:13] <TiCL> iawtc
[11:13] <Sundays_Mail> true story
[11:13] <bleep> Haha
[11:14] <bleep> The only one he responds to is what I say
[11:14] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: plus, a link back from ED could also increase the 
rank of your own pages, as srscat pointed out
[11:14] <Sundays_Mail> a rediculous amount of ediots are also furfags and cosplayers 
and shit amirite?
[11:14] <bleep> So that means he's insecure about his appearance
[11:14] <zionistacat> bleep: if you were a skinny white boy from texas that wanted 
to be a purple otter in diapers, wouldn't you be?
[11:14] <bleep> DukeOtterland: have you ever touched a girl?
[11:14] <bleep> zionistacat: tru
[11:14] <DukeOtterland> Yes, I have touched girls.
[11:15] <weev> last time i heard
[11:15] <TiCL> lOL
[11:15] <Barrett> did they die?
[11:15] <weev> otterland was a virgin
[11:15] <zionistacat> lolol
[11:15] <DukeOtterland> No...
[11:15] <weev> DukeOtterland: you still a virgin?
[11:15] <Barrett> that's good
[11:15] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: ur not a virgin?
[11:15] <zionistacat> I thought you were saving yourself for marriage?
[11:15] <wattage> Tell us the story of the first time you lost your innocence
[11:15] <DukeOtterland> I'm a virgin.
[11:15] <bleep> Haha
[11:15] <zionistacat> oh.
[11:15] <bleep> Holding your mom's hand doesn't count as touching a girl
[11:15] <zionistacat> ah, we see. they didn't die
[11:15] <weev> DukeOtterland: tell us how you masturbate with plastic bags and crisco
[11:15] <weev> you pathetic fucking loser
[11:15] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: do you enjoy being humiliated or being a submissive pervert?
[11:15] <weev> basically if my life were as lame as yours
[11:16] <weev> i'd fuckin shoot myself
[11:16] <DukeOtterland> I'm actually enjoying this.
[11:16] <bleep> Likewise.
[11:16] <DukeOtterland> I do masturbate often, though.
[11:16] <zionistacat> TiCL: that is a remarkably apt question
[11:16] <bleep> I am glad that I have a job, a wife and don't wear diapers
[11:16] <DukeOtterland> I'm glad I don't act like you people do in real life.
[11:16] <Sundays_Mail> lol, i'm just glad i dont wear dipers
[11:16] <DukeOtterland> For your information, I liked wearing diapers.
[11:16] <zionistacat> I thought this was the internets
[11:16] <DukeOtterland> I'd wear them again.
[11:16] <weev> DukeOtterland: IRL i build houses for habitat for humanity and 
tutor disadvantaged children
[11:16] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: we know
[11:17] <Barrett> would you vote for Bush again?
[11:17] <zionistacat> DukeOtterland: pix plz
[11:17] <Sundays_Mail> dukeoterland: of course, then your book might be funny 
enough to sell a few copies
[11:17] <weev> this is the internet, and you're a pathetic faggot
[11:17] <weev> you deserve to be ridiculed
[11:17] <zionistacat> IRL i have sex.
[11:17] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: what do you do for a living?
[11:17] <weev> TiCL: he leeches off of his parents
[11:17] <Sundays_Mail> lol @ internets remaining, even this far along, serious business
[11:17] <weev> like a pathetic fucking maggot
[11:17] <bleep> DukeOtterland: what do you do for a living?
[11:17] <bleep> DukeOtterland: what do you do for a living?
[11:17] <bleep> DukeOtterland: what do you do for a living?
[11:17] <DukeOtterland> I get social security
[11:17] <DukeOtterland> And I'm in college.
[11:17] <Sundays_Mail> he gets social security for a living
[11:18] <weev> you're not retired
[11:18] <t12> woah
[11:18] <t12> how do i get
[11:18] <weev> what disability do you have
[11:18] <t12> social security
[11:18] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: graduate?
[11:18] <t12> how much work is it
[11:18] <weev> that entitles you to SSI
[11:18] <zionistacat> aspie
[11:18] <t12> i've been wanting to get SSI for insanity 4lfe
[11:18] <weev> LET IS BE KNOWN
[11:18] <zionistacat> can you get ssi for being a self-diagnosed aspie?
[11:18] <weev> THAT DUKEOTTERLAND 
[11:18] <DukeOtterland> I was diagnosed by doctors a long time ago, for your information.
[11:18] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: with what?
[11:19] <DukeOtterland> By the way, I *am* majoring in Computer Science, and I *will* get a job.
[11:19] <t12> learn indian
[11:19] <Sundays_Mail> lol @ future tense jobget
[11:19] <weev> DukeOtterland: lol
[11:19] <Sundays_Mail> namaste?
[11:19] <weev> DukeOtterland: i dont need a CS degree
[11:19] <weev> to get a jbo
[11:19] <weev> im a highschool dropout and i make more than you ever will
[11:20] <bleep> DukeOtterland: I'm a successful systems architect for a major 
telecommunications firm and I make more than you ever will
[11:20] <Sundays_Mail> namaste?
[11:20] <Sundays_Mail> namaste?
[11:20] <weev> i work infosec for a multibillion dollar financial information services company
[11:20] <DukeOtterland> Yeah, you must have a lot of free time on your hand to defame others with ED.
[11:20] <Sundays_Mail> dukeotterland: Namaste?
[11:20] <weev> yeah i do
[11:20] <Barrett> lol
[11:20] <weev> having a real job rules
[11:20] <DukeOtterland> What's Namaste?
[11:20] <weev> i baerly do any work
[11:20] <weev> i order my subordinates around
[11:20] <bleep> DukeOtterland: every packet that you send probably travels over a 
switch that I wrote software for
[11:20] <DukeOtterland> So you're lazier than I am...
[11:20] <Sundays_Mail> Hindi motherfucker, do yuou speak it?
[11:20] <DukeOtterland> No.
[11:20] <Sundays_Mail> lol
[11:21] <Sundays_Mail> how you gonna get a job?
[11:21] <DukeOtterland> By hunting, of course.
[11:21] <bleep> Linux
[11:21] * DukeOtterland has quit IRC (Quit: �)
[11:21] <Barrett> You should get a job in the Green Zone.
[11:21] <Sundays_Mail> there aint too many good huntin gorund left in texas boy
[11:21] <TiCL> DukeOtterland: NAMASTE=what you will say every morning when your job will be  outsourced
[11:21] <Sundays_Mail> lol
[11:22] <CRYRAPESOCK> outsourcing is lol
[11:22] <wattage> k
[11:22] <wattage> plz add that to the page
[11:22] <Barrett> are you Houstonite, y/n
[11:22] <wattage>
[11:22] <Sundays_Mail> i have even moar chatlogs with him in oh
[11:22] <Sundays_Mail> by the way
[11:22] <Sundays_Mail>
[11:22] <Sundays_Mail> he tried to log this too
[11:22] <TiCL> lol
[11:22] <Sundays_Mail> but failed for the most part

Private Logz

Session Start (Jewkemia:dukeotterland124): Fri Dec 15 12:55:09 2006
[12:55] Jewkemia: i heard your encyclopedia dramatica article was 
[12:55] dukeotterland124: Huh?
[12:55] dukeotterland124: What are you talking about?
[12:55] Jewkemia: true story
[12:55] dukeotterland124: Unlocked how?
[12:56] Jewkemia: it's editable
[12:56] Jewkemia: they unlocked it
[12:56] dukeotterland124: I know.
[12:56] dukeotterland124: But it gets reverted in the end.
[12:56] Jewkemia: also, yure unbanned
[12:56] dukeotterland124: Okay.
[12:56] dukeotterland124: But if I do edit it, it'll just get reverted, 
won't it?
[12:56] Jewkemia: at least, htats the story on IRC
[12:56] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[12:56] Jewkemia: prolly not, they prolly forgot about you
[12:56] Jewkemia: theyre busy trolling youtube
[12:56] dukeotterland124: huh
[12:56] Jewkemia: you're old-hat
[12:57] dukeotterland124: old-hat?
[12:57] Jewkemia: yep
[12:57] Jewkemia: no longer funny
[12:57] dukeotterland124: yeah
[12:57] Jewkemia: there was a vote this morning on who to unb&, and you 
got it
[12:57] dukeotterland124: cool
[12:58] Jewkemia: just thought id let ya know
[12:58] dukeotterland124: thanks, i guess
[12:58] Jewkemia: no problem
[12:58] Jewkemia: someone had to
[12:58] dukeotterland124: thanks
[12:58] Jewkemia: i wasnt sure if anyone bothered to look you up, so i 
just went ahead and did it mahself
Session Close (dukeotterland124): Fri Dec 15 13:01:02 2006
Session Start (Jewkemia:dukeotterland124): Fri Dec 15 13:06:19 2006
[13:06] dukeotterland124: Thanks for telling me this.
[13:06] dukeotterland124: And I toned down the article.
[13:06] Jewkemia: yea, blanking it probably isnt the best idea; that 
gets noticed
[13:06] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[13:09] Jewkemia: so it looks like a little comprimise is the solution 
after all, huh?
[13:10] dukeotterland124: yes
[13:10] dukeotterland124: thanks
[13:10] Jewkemia: just glad to see that jokes can be made without 
people getting too pissed
[13:10] dukeotterland124: yeah, sorta
[13:11] Jewkemia: it's all a part of being e-famous, you know?
[13:11] dukeotterland124: yeah
[13:11] Jewkemia: ya gotta give a little, but that doesnt mean you 
gotta give too much
[13:11] dukeotterland124: i'll just try not to piss off anyone online 
[13:11] Jewkemia: well, you have reason to get pissed, that article was 
pretty deflamatory
[13:12] dukeotterland124: indeed
[13:12] Jewkemia: and it did violate your copyrights
[13:12] dukeotterland124: yeah
[13:12] Jewkemia: but I'm glad to see a comprimise could be made
[13:14] Jewkemia: (Link: 
see, now that looks fine
[13:14] dukeotterland124: looks like it got reverted again...
[13:14] Jewkemia: ?
[13:14] Jewkemia: that was fast
[13:14] Jewkemia: are you bein wikistalked
[13:14] Jewkemia: ?
[13:14] dukeotterland124: Well, some guy named Sunday's mail reverted 
[13:15] dukeotterland124: So yeah, probably being Wikistalked
[13:15] Jewkemia: ?
[13:15] Jewkemia: never heard of him
[13:15] Jewkemia: is he new?
[13:15] dukeotterland124: (Link:
[13:15] dukeotterland124: I dunno
[13:15] Jewkemia: show me his profile
[13:15] Jewkemia: k
[13:15] Jewkemia: one sec
[13:15] Jewkemia: hmm...
[13:16] Jewkemia: prolly just a sock
[13:16] Jewkemia: you should tell one of the admins, they usually ban 
nobodys and sock for pullin this kinda shit
[13:17] dukeotterland124: Well, I really don't konw how to get into 
contact with admins...
[13:17] dukeotterland124: And usually they've been asinine.
[13:17] Jewkemia: just look for the kewlkids and leave messages on 
their talk pages
[13:18] Jewkemia: if they let you back in, then they probably dont care 
[13:18] Jewkemia: [about being asinine]
[13:19] dukeotterland124: Where can I find the kewlkids?
[13:19] Jewkemia: i'm looking for the link now
[13:19] dukeotterland124: k
[13:19] Jewkemia: special:admins
[13:22] dukeotterland124: Tfo's another, too, who reverted.
[13:22] dukeotterland124: And I got banned again...
[13:22] Jewkemia: ?
[13:22] Jewkemia: for what?
[13:22] dukeotterland124: They didn't give a reason.
[13:22] Jewkemia: you should get on IRC
[13:23] dukeotterland124: okay
[13:23] Jewkemia: there's usually someone on there from the admin list
[13:23] dukeotterland124: okay
[13:23] Jewkemia: they have little @ signs next to their names
[13:23] dukeotterland124: k
[13:23] Jewkemia: do you have the address?
[13:24] dukeotterland124: No.
[13:24] dukeotterland124: Where on IRC?
[13:24] Jewkemia: ok
[13:24] Jewkemia: let me find it for you
[13:24] dukeotterland124: thx
[13:24] Jewkemia: np
[13:24] Jewkemia: irc://
[13:24] Jewkemia: go to the #ED room, and ask to schedule an arbchat
[13:26] dukeotterland124: Sheesh, are all the admins like that in IRC?
[13:26] Jewkemia: like what?
[13:26] dukeotterland124: Complete idiots.
[13:26] Jewkemia: complete EDiots.
[13:26] Jewkemia: but how?
[13:26] Jewkemia: what happend?
[13:26] dukeotterland124: Well, all talk idiotically and such..
[13:26] Jewkemia: oh
[13:27] Jewkemia: only when theres nothing going on
[13:27] dukeotterland124: yeah
[13:27] Jewkemia: did you get your arbchat?
[13:27] dukeotterland124: apparently so
[13:27] Jewkemia: sweet
[13:27] Jewkemia: when is it?
[13:27] dukeotterland124: now
[13:27] Jewkemia: ?
[13:27] Jewkemia: wow
[13:27] Jewkemia: thats fast
[13:39] dukeotterland124: Huh?
[13:39] dukeotterland124: Nothing.
[13:39] Jewkemia: nothing?
[13:40] dukeotterland124: Well, it's futile to debate those idiots.
[13:40] Jewkemia: do you have the logs?
[13:40] Jewkemia: how bad was it?
[13:40] dukeotterland124: Fuck...
[13:40] dukeotterland124: No.
[13:40] dukeotterland124: How do I log
[13:40] dukeotterland124: How do I log?
[13:40] Jewkemia: it depends on your client
[13:41] Jewkemia: or you can just cuntpaste them into notepad
[13:41] dukeotterland124: What would you do with them?
[13:41] Jewkemia: i just wanna see how it went
[13:41] dukeotterland124: What could you do?
[13:41] Jewkemia: did you lose your temper?
[13:41] Jewkemia: not much
[13:41] dukeotterland124: Sort of...
[13:41] Jewkemia: i can give you advice
[13:41] Jewkemia: but htat's the best
[13:41] dukeotterland124: ...
[13:42] Jewkemia: that's your first mistake
[13:42] dukeotterland124: Can I at least get it removed from Google 
[13:42] dukeotterland124: The article?
[13:42] Jewkemia: if you control google, or if you can play by their 
rules long enough to get them to do it
[13:42] dukeotterland124: Well, they insist on a lot of bullshit such 
as "apologizing for being a faggot" and such...
[13:43] Jewkemia: was that before or after you lost your temper
[13:43] Jewkemia: ?
[13:43] dukeotterland124: probably after
[13:43] Jewkemia: ok
[13:43] Jewkemia: cool down, then try again. start off with an appology 
for gettting upset so quick, that'll disarm them
[13:44] Jewkemia: remember, dont give up. eventually they wil get bored 
and cave
[13:55] Jewkemia: how's it coming along for you?
[13:55] dukeotterland124: Not very well, I'll Notepad it.
[13:55] Jewkemia: cool, then send it to me
[13:56] Jewkemia: just tell them you'll do whatever they want, if 
they'll calm down and act rationally
[13:58] Jewkemia: have they agreed?
[13:59] dukeotterland124: To what?
[13:59] dukeotterland124: No.
[13:59] dukeotterland124: I'm logging the chat now.
[13:59] Jewkemia: act reasonable
[13:59] Jewkemia: ok
[13:59] dukeotterland124: Yes, I am.
[13:59] Jewkemia: just keep talking to them, eventually they'll start 
to like you a bit more
[14:00] Jewkemia: o, I was clarifying that i meant to ask if they were  
acting reasonable
[14:00] dukeotterland124: Hardly.
[14:00] Jewkemia: yea, just try not to do anything to make them mad, 
then theyll get bored and give in
[14:07] Jewkemia: anything?
[14:07] dukeotterland124: I'm trying to get the text file uploaded
[14:07] Jewkemia: are they calming down?
[14:07] Jewkemia: ok
[14:11] dukeotterland124: Okay: (Link:
[14:11] Jewkemia: k
[14:12] dukeotterland124: Read it?
[14:13] Jewkemia: i am right now
[14:13] dukeotterland124: okay
[14:13] dukeotterland124: Sad, huh?
[14:13] Jewkemia: wuts all that about tunnels?
[14:13] dukeotterland124: I have no idea.
[14:13] Jewkemia: well, they can be a little cold, but try to have a 
sense of humor
[14:13] Jewkemia: i know its hard
[14:13] dukeotterland124: okay
[14:14] Jewkemia: but remember it's just the internet. you cant control 
[14:16] Jewkemia: wow, that is a bit rough
[14:16] dukeotterland124: What can I do about it?
[14:16] Jewkemia: id just keep trying to reason. persistence always 
[14:16] dukeotterland124: Really?
[14:16] Jewkemia: it works for me
[14:16] Jewkemia: i figger mahself to be a pretty happy guy
[14:17] dukeotterland124: Hmm?
[14:18] Jewkemia: i dont let things bother me. of course, i dont have 
to put up with too much either, but that's because i take everything 
with good humor
[14:20] Jewkemia: btw: namaste = hello
[14:20] dukeotterland124: okay
[14:20] dukeotterland124: You just can't reason with them...
[14:21] Jewkemia: no, i guess you cant
Session Close (dukeotterland124): Fri Dec 15 14:23:17 2006

Moar Priv8 Logz

<a href="" title="User:Sunday's mail">User:Sunday's mail</a> is at it again:

Session Start (x marks the kW:dukeotterland124): Wed Dec 27 18:44:47 2006
[18:44] x Marks the kW: is your book still for sale?
[18:45] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[18:45] dukeotterland124: I have two books for sale in fact.
[18:45] dukeotterland124: Who is this, by the way?
[18:45] x Marks the kW: x Marks the kW
[18:45] dukeotterland124: How did you find my contact info?
[18:45] x Marks the kW: i was looking for your book cause i heard you ahd one, but id couldnt find a link to it
[18:45] dukeotterland124: Oh, okay.
[18:45] x Marks the kW: i read an article about you
[18:45] dukeotterland124: Here's my Lulu storefront:
[18:45] dukeotterland124: (Link:
[18:45] dukeotterland124: Article?
[18:45] x Marks the kW: yea
[18:46] x Marks the kW: it was on some fur site
[18:46] x Marks the kW: a wiki
[18:46] x Marks the kW: but not wikifur
[18:46] dukeotterland124: WikiFur?
[18:46] dukeotterland124: Oh.
[18:46] dukeotterland124: You're interested in buying my books?
[18:46] x Marks the kW: you should buy ads
[18:46] x Marks the kW: you'd prolly sell a lot of them
[18:46] x Marks the kW: yea
[18:47] x Marks the kW: i saw that you had books and read a sample chapter
[18:47] dukeotterland124: Internet advertising really isn't that effective...
[18:47] dukeotterland124: Which Wiki site was it?
[18:47] x Marks the kW: then ther e were chatlogs with your name
[18:47] x Marks the kW: it is if you know your market
[18:47] dukeotterland124: Wait, you're not from Encyclopedia Dramatica, are you?
[18:47] x Marks the kW: that might have been it
[18:47] x Marks the kW: i cant remember
[18:47] x Marks the kW: i was just following links
[18:47] dukeotterland124: ...
[18:47] dukeotterland124: How did you find my contact info?
[18:47] x Marks the kW: why?
[18:47] x Marks the kW: it was in the wiki article
[18:48] dukeotterland124: ...
[18:48] x Marks the kW: but they didnt have a link to your book
[18:48] x Marks the kW: so i figured i'd try this
[18:48] dukeotterland124: What kind of article was it?
[18:48] x Marks the kW: it was pretty funny,, kinda mean, but like in a good humor kinda way
[18:48] dukeotterland124: ...
[18:48] x Marks the kW: you know?
[18:49] dukeotterland124: So it *was* ED...
[18:49] x Marks the kW: maybe
[18:49] x Marks the kW: hang on
[18:49] x Marks the kW:
[18:49] dukeotterland124: Yeah, I know.
[18:49] x Marks the kW: that was it
[18:49] x Marks the kW: yea
[18:49] dukeotterland124: I'm familiar with the site.
[18:49] x Marks the kW: yea
[18:49] x Marks the kW: its pretty funny
[18:49] dukeotterland124: Well yeah, some of it's funny, but when they launch personal attacks against furries...
[18:50] x Marks the kW: everyone fursecutes
[18:50] x Marks the kW: its nothing that even wikifur hasnt done
[18:50] x Marks the kW: is it?
[18:50] x Marks the kW: how personal was it?
[18:50] dukeotterland124: *shrugs*
[18:50] x Marks the kW: anyway
[18:51] x Marks the kW: i found your article and i liked the sample chapter and the fanart
[18:51] dukeotterland124: Uh, thanks.
[18:51] x Marks the kW: which book is thatfrom?
[18:51] dukeotterland124: I guess.
[18:51] dukeotterland124: Well, you can read the samples at the Lulu site I gave you.
[18:51] x Marks the kW: you said you have two
[18:51] dukeotterland124: Probably Org's Odyssey.
[18:51] x Marks the kW: ok
[18:51] dukeotterland124: They're both linked.
[18:51] dukeotterland124: My storefront link again is (Link:
[18:52] x Marks the kW: is that asgard like the tree?
[18:52] dukeotterland124: ?
[18:52] x Marks the kW: i always liked vikings
[18:52] dukeotterland124: Yggdrasil is the tree.
[18:53] x Marks the kW: right
[18:53] dukeotterland124: My books are rooted in Norse mythology.
[18:53] x Marks the kW: ok
[18:53] x Marks the kW: that's probably why i liked your style
[18:53] dukeotterland124: I'm surprised that ED article gave you a *positive* impression of me...
[18:53] dukeotterland124: If you aren't joking.
[18:53] x Marks the kW: its funny
[18:53] dukeotterland124: You're serious?
[18:53] dukeotterland124: ...
[18:53] x Marks the kW: they do that even with the admins
[18:53] dukeotterland124: I see.
[18:53] x Marks the kW: it didnt seem too harmful
[18:53] dukeotterland124: Well, I actually lost some friends because of that article...
[18:53] x Marks the kW: ?
[18:54] x Marks the kW: then they probably werent your friends
[18:54] dukeotterland124: On LiveJournal
[18:54] x Marks the kW: and besides
[18:54] x Marks the kW: if the article is too harsh, you can always tone it down
[18:54] x Marks the kW: its a wiki
[18:54] dukeotterland124: I actually wanted that ED article removed, but the admins 
seem like complete idiots...
[18:54] dukeotterland124: No, they revert it.
[18:54] dukeotterland124: And banned me.
[18:54] dukeotterland124: Fighting them is futile.
[18:54] dukeotterland124: So I might as well bear that Scarlet Letter.
[18:54] x Marks the kW: did you blank it? i got banned from wikipedia for that once
[18:55] dukeotterland124: No matter how much I even tried to tone the article down they kept reverting it and 
ultimately banned me for repeatedly editing it...
[18:55] dukeotterland124: So I've just given up.
[18:55] x Marks the kW: did you try writing to the admins?
[18:56] x Marks the kW: maybe they thought you were a vandal or something
[18:56] dukeotterland124: I told you, I talked to the admins, but they're complete retards.
[18:56] x Marks the kW: but im sure if you let them know its you and you hint at the 
possibility of legal action they'll tone it down
[18:56] dukeotterland124: Oh no, I don't want to go there.
[18:56] x Marks the kW: dont outright say it
[18:56] dukeotterland124: Just forget it.
[18:56] x Marks the kW: well, if it makes you feel any better, it's not too mean
[18:57] dukeotterland124: Just don't mention it.
[18:57] x Marks the kW: but if it bothers you, you should do somethign
[18:57] dukeotterland124: Well, but do keep an interest in my books.
[18:57] dukeotterland124: No.
[18:57] dukeotterland124: I just wanna forget it.
[18:57] dukeotterland124: So don't mention it again.
[18:57] x Marks the kW: does it bother you?
[18:57] dukeotterland124: Forget it!
[18:57] x Marks the kW: im sorry
[18:57] dukeotterland124: ...
[18:57] dukeotterland124: The more I try to fight them, the worse the article becomes, 
so just forget it and don't even mention it again.
[18:57] x Marks the kW: ok
[18:57] dukeotterland124: But do keep an interest in my book if you want.
[18:58] x Marks the kW: do you want me to take care of it for you?
[18:58] x Marks the kW: i will
[18:58] dukeotterland124: You can try...
[18:58] x Marks the kW: ok
[18:58] dukeotterland124: But I don't think it'll help...
[18:58] x Marks the kW: how do i get in contact with them?
[18:58] dukeotterland124: IRC
[18:58] x Marks the kW: my dad's a lawyer
[18:58] x Marks the kW: ok
[18:58] x Marks the kW: whats the address?
[18:58] dukeotterland124: *checks*
[18:59] dukeotterland124: is their server.
[18:59] x Marks the kW: ok
[19:00] x Marks the kW: i cant make them do anything (because I'm not the creator), 
but if you can somehow tell them that i'm representing you...
[19:00] x Marks the kW: you did create it all, right?
[19:00] dukeotterland124: Create what?
[19:00] x Marks the kW: i'm on now
[19:00] x Marks the kW: the content
[19:00] x Marks the kW: im in their chat thing
[19:00] dukeotterland124: Well, some of it...
[19:01] x Marks the kW: well, you do have control over that, right?
[19:01] dukeotterland124: Just forget it.
[19:01] dukeotterland124: It won't work.
[19:01] x Marks the kW: my dads a partner at carlson gaskey olds
[19:01] x Marks the kW: it will work
[19:01] x Marks the kW: they specialize in int. prop
[19:01] dukeotterland124: Are you sure?
[19:01] x Marks the kW: yes
[19:01] x Marks the kW: he's my dad
[19:01] dukeotterland124: Well, okay, then...
[19:01] x Marks the kW: hes been doing this all my life
[19:01] x Marks the kW: i'm on their chat now
[19:02] dukeotterland124: Really?
[19:02] x Marks the kW: are you coming?
[19:02] x Marks the kW: yea
[19:02] x Marks the kW: i havent said anything
[19:02] x Marks the kW: i want to feel it out first
[19:02] x Marks the kW: to see how to approach them
[19:02] dukeotterland124: What's your name there?
[19:02] x Marks the kW: same as here
[19:05] dukeotterland124: Will you help or not?
[19:06] x Marks the kW: nothing is happening
[19:06] dukeotterland124: See, I told you so.
[19:06] x Marks the kW: i said you want a private chat
[19:06] dukeotterland124: So just forget it.
[19:06] dukeotterland124: ?
[19:06] dukeotterland124: Private chat? With whom?
[19:06] x Marks the kW: with the admins
[19:06] x Marks the kW: or arbitraters
[19:06] dukeotterland124: No, it won't work, I've tried a million times to no avail.
[19:07] dukeotterland124: Just forget it.
[19:07] x Marks the kW: wait
[19:07] dukeotterland124: The more I fight the worse the article gets.
[19:07] x Marks the kW: my connection jsut reset
[19:07] dukeotterland124: I saw.
[19:07] x Marks the kW: ok
[19:07] dukeotterland124: They want me to donate $500 to ED to get it removed.
[19:07] dukeotterland124: And they insist that using my art is "fair use."
[19:07] x Marks the kW: that's extortion and very illegal
[19:07] x Marks the kW: like
[19:07] x Marks the kW: jailhouse style illegal
[19:08] dukeotterland124: Are you sure you can help?
[19:08] x Marks the kW: yes
[19:08] x Marks the kW: go with the priv chat thing
[19:08] x Marks the kW: that yagami offered
[19:08] dukeotterland124: I've *tried* that before.
[19:08] dukeotterland124: And it didn't work.
[19:08] x Marks the kW: he seems serious and nice enough
[19:09] x Marks the kW: ok
[19:09] dukeotterland124: Fine, I'll try again.
[19:09] x Marks the kW: i told them i'll represent you
[19:09] dukeotterland124: Will you help me?
[19:09] x Marks the kW: yes
[19:09] x Marks the kW: they said they'll be civl
[19:09] x Marks the kW: i told them about your complaint
[19:09] x Marks the kW: that youve tried before
[19:09] x Marks the kW: and that 500 is extrtion
[19:10] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[19:10] dukeotterland124: Well, how do I fight them?
[19:10] x Marks the kW: ok
[19:10] x Marks the kW: go to arbchat
[19:10] x Marks the kW: how does that work?
[19:10] dukeotterland124: I have no idea.
[19:10] x Marks the kW: o
[19:10] x Marks the kW: type /join #arbchat
[19:11] dukeotterland124: I did.
[19:11] dukeotterland124: Wait, you're from ED, aren't you?
[19:11] x Marks the kW: they just said that
[19:11] x Marks the kW: they told you to type it
[19:11] dukeotterland124: Yes, I'm in now.
[19:11] x Marks the kW: ok
[19:11] dukeotterland124: Are you *sure* you're not one of them?
[19:11] x Marks the kW: i'll be in in a sec, i need to use the restron
[19:11] x Marks the kW: room
[19:11] dukeotterland124: Okay.
[19:11] x Marks the kW: tell them to plz hold
[19:11] x Marks the kW: and wait for me to get there
[19:12] dukeotterland124: k
[19:12] dukeotterland124: Okay, your'e on, good.
[19:12] dukeotterland124: Well, why don't you speak?
[19:17] dukeotterland124: Hello?
[19:17] dukeotterland124: They want more money from me.
[19:17] dukeotterland124: Aren't you helping?
[19:17] dukeotterland124: Hello?
[19:17] x Marks the kW: im rying
[19:17] dukeotterland124: Well, you aren't speaking at all.
[19:17] x Marks the kW: it keeps saying i need +v
[19:17] dukeotterland124: ...
[19:19] x Marks the kW: tell them you want it removed or you are calling the federal authorits
[19:19] dukeotterland124: Okay...
[19:20] dukeotterland124: But are you sure you're not trying to create more ED drama?
[19:20] x Marks the kW: this is a gross violation of the DMCA and RICO
[19:20] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[19:20] dukeotterland124: They ask under what premise?
[19:20] x Marks the kW: no, this is serious
[19:20] dukeotterland124: They insist it's fair use again...
[19:20] x Marks the kW: make them explain fair use
[19:21] dukeotterland124: They're not explaining it.
[19:21] x Marks the kW: tell them if they dont know what fair use is then how do 
they know they can hide behind it
[19:22] x Marks the kW: that should show me what they know
[19:22] dukeotterland124: I actually read about it and it seems it is fair use, 
the ED article.
[19:22] x Marks the kW: tell them you read about it and you dont believe that falls 
under fair use
[19:22] dukeotterland124: (Link:
[19:22] x Marks the kW: because its deflamatory
[19:22] x Marks the kW: no
[19:22] dukeotterland124: 'Yes.
[19:22] x Marks the kW: they are not using it as zrtistic or social or academic critique
[19:23] x Marks the kW: they are using it as hate propaganda
[19:23] dukeotterland124: They want money again.
[19:23] x Marks the kW: theyre not going to get money out of you
[19:23] dukeotterland124: They insist it's satire.
[19:23] x Marks the kW: they cant make you pay
[19:23] x Marks the kW: you own that
[19:23] x Marks the kW: no
[19:24] x Marks the kW: its hate speech
[19:24] x Marks the kW: which is also illegal
[19:24] dukeotterland124: They say my claims have no legal basis.
[19:24] x Marks the kW: wtf? they have no legal basis and are just trying to scare you
[19:24] dukeotterland124: You are in the chatroom, aren't you?
[19:24] dukeotterland124: Now they're asking for more money.
[19:24] dukeotterland124: $900 this time.
[19:24] dukeotterland124: Why don't you contribute to the conversation?
[19:24] x Marks the kW: its hard to switch between windows
[19:24] dukeotterland124: Oh...
[19:25] dukeotterland124: *shrugs*
[19:25] x Marks the kW: sorry
[19:25] x Marks the kW: im tryin
[19:25] dukeotterland124: right
[19:28] dukeotterland124: Are you really serious about helping?
[19:33] x Marks the kW:  you have to specifically state what about it you feel is harrassment
[19:34] dukeotterland124: I have.
[19:34] dukeotterland124: They're not caving...
[19:34] x Marks the kW: list more grievances
[19:34] x Marks the kW: the more you have the stronger a case you have
[19:34] x Marks the kW: and you can scare them into taking the whole thing down if you want
[19:35] dukeotterland124: What should I present?
[19:35] x Marks the kW: every little thing in the article that is inflammatory
[19:43] dukeotterland124: Are you seriously helping?
[19:43] dukeotterland124: Who's Neo by the way?
[19:49] dukeotterland124: So, you're seriously going to put this chat in a court order?
[19:49] x Marks the kW: no, i did it for the lulz
[19:49] dukeotterland124: ...
[19:49] dukeotterland124: So you are from ED...
[19:50] x Marks the kW: yes
[19:50] x Marks the kW: oh shit
[19:50] x Marks the kW: its a trap
[19:50] x Marks the kW: !
[19:50] x Marks the kW: l
[19:50] x Marks the kW: o
[19:50] x Marks the kW: l
[19:50] x Marks the kW: also, cocks.
Session Close (dukeotterland124): Wed Dec 27 19:50:54 2006

Which led to/occurred simultaneously with...

Arbchat, December 27, 2006 4:17:37 PM 12/27/06
4:17:37 PM***You have joined the room
4:17:37 PM*** <DukeOtterland>  arbchat in session
4:17:44 PM <OldDirtyBtard> hurro
4:17:45 PM***#arbchat You need voice (+v) (#arbchat)
4:17:50 PM <OldDirtyBtard> archcbat
4:17:50 PM***#arbchat You need voice (+v) (#arbchat)
4:17:50 PM <weev> Why do you think you deserve to get treated differently than all the other trollees?
4:18:03 PM*** <weev>  has voiced hep
4:18:06 PM <DukeOtterland> I'm not asking for special treatment.
4:18:09 PM <DukeOtterland> And I'm not a troll.
4:18:11 PM <weev> yes you are.
4:18:15 PM <weev> i said trollee not troll
4:18:17 PM <OldDirtyBtard> -> <weev> : +v plz
4:18:20 PM <weev> i would not do you the respect of calling you a troll
4:18:27 PM <weev> now listen
4:18:32 PM <weev> we have an informal removal process
4:18:41 PM <weev> but frankly i don't feel like filing the paperwork
4:18:43 PM <weev> it is a lot of work
4:18:53 PM <weev> but if you pay me $600 for my time then i will make it happen.
4:19:07 PM <DukeOtterland> That's extortion again.
4:19:10 PM <DukeOtterland> Isn't it, X?
4:19:11 PM <weev> $700.
4:19:19 PM <tehdely> you should pay him; it really expedites things
4:19:30 PM <DukeOtterland> I'm not paying a cent.
4:19:48 PM*** <weev>  has removed the “moderated” room mode
4:19:51 PM <weev> alright
4:19:55 PM <weev> the offer stays on the table at $700
4:19:56 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> this isnt working
4:19:57 PM <qurve> There is no relevant case law to support your extortion claim.
4:20:01 PM <weev> does the jury feel this is reasonable?
4:20:07 PM <Blargh> aye
4:20:09 PM <tehdely> yes
4:20:13 PM <qurve> aye
4:20:15 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> the duke will not pay extorion monis
4:20:15 PMLOAGaye
4:20:16 PM <OldDirtyBtard> i think its fair
4:20:30 PM <OldDirtyBtard> its not extortion
4:20:30 PM <YagamiLight> aye
4:20:32 PM <qurve> The true question Duke is under what premise said images should be removed?
4:20:33 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> that's illegal and you can be arrested for it
4:20:38 PM <weev> so arrest me
4:20:39 PM <OldDirtyBtard> if you want something doing
4:20:43 PM <weev>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : its now $750
4:20:44 PM <OldDirtyBtard> you pay for the work
4:20:45 PM <qurve> "Because I want" is not a legal argument.
4:20:45 PM <weev> good job
4:20:51 PM <bleep> That my mom has and will be in Oklahoma for the few days 
and that my dad goes to work most of the day has given me a rare opportunity to 
cub out more often. I still have plenty of Molicares, and I went through one today, 
having taken it off just recently.
4:20:56 PM <Jewkemia> lol raise it again
4:20:56 PM <bleep> Wha the fuck is wrong with you
4:21:04 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> duke
4:21:07 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes?
4:21:10 PM <bleep> Man, you're the type of person we bring back to the agency and 
beat with a rubber hose
4:21:24 PM <weev> you're not paying for the removal, you're paying for my time to 
give you special treatment and file the paperwork
4:21:26 PM <weev> fyi
4:21:28 PM <bleep> And dump you naked in the middle of a bad section of town.
4:21:33 PM <OldDirtyBtard> do i hear $800?
4:21:37 PM <OldDirtyBtard> time is money
4:21:52 PM <DukeOtterland> I want that article removed or I'll call federal authorities.
4:21:53 PM <OldDirtyBtard> we all have work to do
4:21:56 PM <OldDirtyBtard> hahahha
4:22:00 PM <qurve> Duke, under what premise?
4:22:00 PM <OldDirtyBtard> party van
4:22:10 PM <weev> 19:21 <+ <DukeOtterland> > I want that article removed or I'll call federal authorities.
4:22:13 PM <weev> $800
4:22:13 PM <weev> for sure
4:22:14 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : I can give you the number to contact
4:22:17 PM <qurve> They will tell you it is fair use.
4:22:25 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : But you'll be getting me or one of my friends.
4:22:33 PMckeu <DukeOtterland>  i'm sure federal authorities will like you a lot 
once they see your "art"
4:22:35 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : lisetn dude
4:22:36 PM <bleep> And as I said, we take your type out to the agency and beat 
you with a rubber hose.
4:22:38 PM <OldDirtyBtard> duke: i think the feds have al qaeda to get to first
4:22:40 PM <weev> we have a staff of 3 lawyers
4:22:40 PM <qurve> And then you will be on federal record making a complaint for beastiality artwork.
4:22:41 PM <weev> for ED
4:22:43 PM <DukeOtterland> Explain fair use, please.
4:22:45 PM <qurve> Which will end up in a file.
4:22:47 PM <weev> if you think that we don't know copyright law
4:22:51 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : i already fuckin pasted it to you
4:22:52 PM <DukeOtterland> It's not bestiality artwork.
4:22:53 PM <weev> in the last arbchat
4:22:58 PM <Jewkemia> i need a beer
4:23:00 PM <Jewkemia> brb
4:23:02 PM <weev> you can google it your retarded self this time
4:23:05 PM <qurve> Duke, it is animals engaged in sexual acts.
4:23:09 PM <weev> google: "fair use" copyright
4:23:14 PM <tehdely> i need to finish wiping
4:23:16 PM <qurve> While legal, it will go into a permanent federal file.
4:23:19 PM <weev> and you'll find out lots about copyright law
4:23:24 PM <tehdely> this shit is taking forever
4:23:25 PM <weev> that you obviously do not currently understand
4:23:42 PM <weev> listen i offered you a way
4:23:51 PM <DukeOtterland> If you don't know what fair use is why are you hiding behind it?
4:23:51 PM <weev> to get the article taken down that would be alot cheaper for you than litigating
4:23:52 PM <qurve> The federal authorities keep databases of such things similar 
to any other potential criminal watch list.
4:23:56 PM <weev> and you fuckin acted like a little insolent bitch
4:24:01 PM <weev> so you know what? its $300 extra now
4:24:10 PM <weev> dont like it? don't pay $800 and the article stays up forever
4:24:32 PM <OldDirtyBtard> duke: you dont think we contend with this all the time?
4:24:49 PM <DukeOtterland> I don't believe my article falls under fair use because it's defamatory.
4:25:00 PM <qurve> It is critical, not defamatory.
4:25:05 PM <qurve> Everything in that article is factual.
4:25:07 PM <weev> AHA
4:25:09 PM <qurve> Unless you are claiming otherwise.
4:25:14 PM <weev> man
4:25:15 PM <OldDirtyBtard> we know "fair use" extremely well
4:25:16 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : basically
4:25:20 PM <weev> here are your options
4:25:21 PM <weev> pay $800
4:25:27 PM <DukeOtterland> No, you are not using it for critical or scholastic purposes, 
you are using it for inflammatory uses.
4:25:29 PM <weev> or have your article stay up forever
4:25:31 PM <DukeOtterland> And I'm not paying any money again.
4:25:37 PM <weev> then you're fucked
4:25:39 PM <OldDirtyBtard> duke; SATIRE
4:25:42 PM <DukeOtterland> You're using it as hate propoganda, not fair use.
4:25:42 PM <weev> i'm personally making sure your article stays up forever
4:25:46 PM <qurve> inflammatory is subjective.
4:25:46 PM <weev> what are you gonna do about it? huh?
4:25:54 PM <DukeOtterland> You're not getting any money out of me.
4:25:55 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : why don't you get it over and sue us alreadyt
4:26:01 PM <qurve> It has no legal basis outside of direct threats of harm.
4:26:02 PM <DukeOtterland> You can't make me pay, I own that art.
4:26:05 PM <bleep> I mean, it won't get far... but you could at least try.
4:26:15 PM <DukeOtterland> Hate speech is illegal too.
4:26:16 PM <qurve> Duke, ED makes no claim that you do not own that art.
4:26:23 PM <weev> thats fine
4:26:26 PM <weev> then you're not getting any time out of me
4:26:32 PM <weev> and your article stays up
4:26:33 PM <qurve> ED however has a legal fair use right to use it for certain purposes such as criticism.
4:26:33 PM <weev> indefinitely
4:26:34 PM <Blargh> duke otterland if you pay $900 dollars we will keep the article but change it so that it is positive
4:26:35 PM <weev> until the end of time
4:26:42 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> im right here
4:26:50 PM <OldDirtyBtard> Duke: ED knows what we can and can't get away with
4:26:56 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : that isn't hate speech by any definition.
4:26:58 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> this is hate speech
4:27:00 PM <qurve> Hate speech is not illegal duke unless it contains direct threats.
4:27:08 PM <weev> basically
4:27:11 PM <bleep> Still isn't hate speech
4:27:12 PM <weev> any contradiction of me
4:27:13 PM <bleep> It is critical.
4:27:16 PM <weev> is going to make that $800
4:27:17 PM <X_Marks_the_kW>  this is not protected under fair use
4:27:17 PM <weev> just go up
4:27:17 PM <qurve> It is not hate speech regardless.
4:27:22 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> my dad is a lawyer
4:27:24 PM <bleep> Hahahahahahah
4:27:28 PM <bleep> URMOM IS A LAWYER
4:27:30 PM <qurve> X_Marks, please expand your legal argument.
4:27:30 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he deals with intellectual property law
4:27:31 PM <weev>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : guess what, so am I :D
4:27:38 PM <OldDirtyBtard> a furry lawyer?
4:27:41 PM <weev> so we're on equal footing
4:27:48 PM <bleep>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : Guess what I pick your type up and beat you :D
4:27:52 PM <weev> i am actually a lawyer, and you have someone who is related to you that is a lawyer
4:27:53 PM <bleep> Being a fed is AWESOME
4:28:00 PM <weev> i guess that makes you more qualified
4:28:10 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> yes
4:28:12 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> it does
4:28:15 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : $800. take it or leave it.
4:28:16 PM <bleep> Hahahah
4:28:17 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> cause i dont think you are a lawyer
4:28:26 PM <bleep>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : oh, he is a lawyer
4:28:26 PM <weev> offer will stay on the table indefinitely
4:28:32 PM <bleep> We have 3 lawyers at ED
4:28:40 PM***Cadnocat ([email protected]) has joined the room
4:28:49 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> where do you practice?
4:28:56 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> my dad is a partner at his firm
4:29:01 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> and i work there too
4:29:03 PM <bleep> Hahaha
4:29:04 PM <qurve> What firm is that?
4:29:10 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> i deal with this shit much more than you
4:29:15 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> carlson gaskey and olds
4:29:20 PM <qurve> Based in?
4:29:24 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> in birmingham michingan
4:29:27 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> michigan
4:29:30 PM <weev>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : we process hundreds of dmca requests a week
4:29:43 PM <weev> and evade about 80 summons
4:29:44 PM <qurve> Carlson, Gaskey & Olds, P.C.
4:29:44 PM <qurve> 400 W. Maple Road, Suite 350
4:29:44 PM <qurve> Birmingham, Michigan 48009
4:29:44 PM <bleep>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : Hey, I'm just gonna make a phone call to you, okay
4:29:45 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> and where does your salary come from?
4:29:47 PM <weev> per week
4:29:48 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> yes
4:29:49 PM <qurve> Telephone: 248.988.8360
4:29:51 PM <qurve> That is the firm?
4:30:05 PM <weev>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : whats your extension
4:30:17 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> im not at work
4:30:19 PM <bleep>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : when was your dad admitted to the BAR?
4:30:19 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> we're closed
4:30:21 PM <weev> whats ur dads extension
4:30:23 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> yes
4:30:27 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> hes not either
4:30:30 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> hes in the next room
4:30:31 PM <weev> so
4:30:35 PM <weev> surely we can leave a message
4:30:36 PM <bleep>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : when was your dad admitted to the BAR?
4:30:37 PM <weev> on his answering machine
4:30:44 PM <OldDirtyBtard> x_marks: the intellectual property laws ur mom deals with 
are different to internets laws
4:30:46 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> yes
4:30:58 PM <bleep>  <X_Marks_the_kW> : when was your dad admitted to the BAR?
4:31:08 PM <qurve> I believe we are getting off topic here.
4:31:09 PM <qurve> Duke
4:31:20 PM <qurve> Let me make sure ED understands the facts as you have presented them
4:31:37 PM <qurve> You claim that ED is posting defamatory information about you, 
but you do not deny that everything in the article is factually correct.
4:31:40 PM <qurve> Yes or no.
4:31:44 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he was admitted in 81
4:31:48 PM <DukeOtterland> It is correct, but the truth does hurt sometimes, does it not?
4:31:50 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> the first time
4:32:03 PM <qurve> So everything in the ED article is in fact truthful?
4:32:04 PM <DukeOtterland> Just because something is true doesn't mean it's right to post around the Internet.
4:32:07 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes.
4:32:14 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> that's right
4:32:15 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> also
4:32:18 PM <qurve> Ok, in that case it can not be legally defamatory or libelous.
4:32:21 PM <qurve> Because it is true.
4:32:25 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> this does not fall under fair use
4:32:30 PM <DukeOtterland> But it's inflammatory nonetheless.
4:32:31 PM <qurve> So ED has no culpability in that matter.
4:32:36 PM <qurve> That's one issue
4:32:40 PM <qurve> And is settled.
4:32:43 PM <qurve> Agreed?
4:32:50 PM <YagamiLight> agreed
4:32:56 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> this is similar to posting a judges home address online
4:33:03 PM <qurve> The content of the ED article is not defamatory or libelous
4:33:04 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> you can all go to ejail for that
4:33:09 PM <OldDirtyBtard> no it isnt
4:33:13 PMCyllene <X_Marks_the_kW> : So put us in jail.
4:33:15 PM <qurve> Duke, agreed?
4:33:16 PM <DukeOtterland> ejail?
4:33:23 PM <DukeOtterland> Agreed with what?
4:33:26 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> jail
4:33:28 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> sorry
4:33:30 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> typo
4:33:34 PM <qurve> That the content of the ED article is not defamatory or libelous.
4:33:40 PM <qurve> Because it is in fact true.
4:33:45 PM <DukeOtterland> No, I disagree.
4:33:47 PM <qurve> We must agree on that point first.
4:33:56 PM <DukeOtterland> Just because it's true doesn't mean it's not inflammatory.
4:33:59 PM <qurve> What is factually incorrect in the article?
4:33:59 PM <DukeOtterland> Agreed?
4:34:06 PM <qurve> I didn't say inflamatory, that is a seperate issue.
4:34:08 PM <Jewkemia> what i miss jews?
4:34:11 PM <qurve> We need to go through potential issues one at a time
4:34:12 PM <DukeOtterland> The article is true, but it's just plain tasteless.
4:34:19 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> and it's hatespeech
4:34:23 PM <Blargh> then you have no legal basis
4:34:24 PM <DukeOtterland> Indeed.
4:34:24 PM <qurve> For something to be defamatory or libelous it must be untrue.
4:34:32 PM <Blargh> it also must cost you money
4:34:35 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> tell them what bothers you about it
4:34:36 PM <DukeOtterland> ...
4:34:39 PM <qurve> So if the article is in fact factually accurate it can not by definition be defamatory.
4:34:44 PM <Blargh> since you hve no way of proving either
4:34:49 PM <Blargh> you cannot sue us
4:34:54 PM <DukeOtterland> The article bothers me because it features Friends-only posts I made in LiveJournal...
4:34:57 PMCyllene <Blargh> : You can sue anyone.
4:35:09 PM <DukeOtterland> And a comment I made in someone else's LiveJournal apparently reproduced without their permission.
4:35:09 PM <Blargh> cyllene: sue us and WIN
4:35:16 PM <qurve> The record reflects that you have previously agreed that while (in your opinion) 
distasteful, the article is in deed factually true.
4:35:21 PMCyllene <Blargh> : Right,  <DukeOtterland>  would never win against ED.
4:35:22 PM <qurve> Hence it can not be defamatory.
4:35:23 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he can and he will
4:35:26 PM <qurve> Agreed Duke?
4:35:27 PM <DukeOtterland> It is harassment because it stalks actions I've taken in LiveJournal.
4:35:33 PM <DukeOtterland> What am I agreeing with?
4:35:37 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> exactly
4:35:41 PM <qurve> What I just said 10 times.
4:35:45 PMCyllene <X_Marks_the_kW> : Anyone can talk. Let's see you do something.
4:35:50 PM <DukeOtterland> It does defame me, so I disagree.
4:35:54 PM <qurve> The ED article is factually correct and by definition can not be defamatory as a result.
4:36:00 PM <DukeOtterland> Ever hear the expression "The truth can hurt"?
4:36:05 PM***Cyllene is now known as Vagina
4:36:07 PM <Blargh> no
4:36:08 PM <OldDirtyBtard> maybe i'll sue the duke for offending my sensibilities
4:36:11 PMVaginaheh
4:36:16 PM <DukeOtterland> ...
4:36:17 PM <Blargh> odb: yes
4:36:30 PM <qurve> duke
4:36:40 PM <DukeOtterland> The article uses my art without my permission.
4:36:46 PM <Blargh> duke i am suing you for emotional distress caused by looking at your disgusting furry bestiality porn
4:36:49 PM <OldDirtyBtard> i think the whole furry thing is dissgusting
4:36:51 PM <DukeOtterland> Whenever you post something online, it's already copyrighted.
4:36:54 PM <OldDirtyBtard> and unAmerican
4:36:56 PM <bleep> Hahah
4:36:57 PM <qurve> Duke, answer this question:
4:36:59 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : sue us
4:37:01 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : please
4:37:04 PM <qurve> Is the ED article factually accurate?
4:37:08 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : because you know what happens when you sue us?
4:37:11 PMckeu <OldDirtyBtard>  agreed.
4:37:15 PM <qurve> Without regard to whether you like the article.
4:37:16 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : your sexual deviance becomes a part of public record
4:37:19 PM <DukeOtterland> Well, it really crosses the line of good taste.
4:37:20 PM <qurve> Is it factually accurate?
4:37:22 PM <bleep> And people will search for you in the future
4:37:25 PM <qurve> good taste is not in question
4:37:25 PM <DukeOtterland> I am not having sex with anyone!
4:37:32 PM <bleep> And they will find you are a diaper-loving pervert
4:37:36 PM <DukeOtterland> Every little thing on that article is inflammatory.
4:37:37 PM <bleep> And they will find you are a diaper-loving pervert
4:37:38 PM <bleep> And they will find you are a diaper-loving pervert
4:37:39 PM <bleep> And they will find you are a diaper-loving pervert
4:37:39 PM <DukeOtterland> You're breaking the law.
4:37:39 PM <bleep> And they will find you are a diaper-loving pervert
4:37:39 PM <OldDirtyBtard> nor are people who collect CP
4:37:45 PMckeu< <DukeOtterland> > I am not having sex with anyone! <--- thx for confessing
4:37:50 PM <qurve> It's a yes or no question duke
4:37:51 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes, but it is illegal to post private things on the internet!
4:37:52 PM <Jewkemia> lol
4:37:59 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland> : haahaha
4:38:04 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes, but that doesn't make it right to post online.
4:38:04 PM <bleep> That's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard
4:38:09 PM <qurve> duke follow along with me here
4:38:09 PM <bleep> Anyways, sue us plz
4:38:13 PM <bleep> That's all I'm asking
4:38:13 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he's got a case here
4:38:16 PM <qurve> YOu agree the article is factually accurate, correct?
4:38:17 PM <DukeOtterland> Thanks.
4:38:23 PM <bleep> Because I want your perversion to become a part of public record.
4:38:29 PM <bleep> And your life will be ruined.
4:38:32 PM <DukeOtterland> I agree completely, but again, THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT TO POST ONLINE!
4:38:35 PM <qurve> DUke
4:38:37 PM <qurve> the act of defaming; false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel; calumny
4:38:41 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> can we plz discuss what it is that we want removed, and how we can agree on how to remove it?
4:38:43 PM <bleep> Because a lot of companies do heavy background searches
4:38:44 PM <DukeOtterland> You ARE injuring my reputation.
4:38:44 PM <qurve> That is the definition of defamation
4:38:47 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> can we plz discuss what it is that we want removed, and how we can agree on how to remove it?
4:38:48 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> can we plz discuss what it is that we want removed, and how we can agree on how to remove it?
4:38:49 PM <DukeOtterland> I want all pictures removed.
4:38:49 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> can we plz discuss what it is that we want removed, and how we can agree on how to remove it?
4:38:51 PM <OldDirtyBtard> by admitting it's all accurate, you have just ruined any chance of a lawl suit
4:38:54 PM <qurve> So by definition the article is not defamatory agreed?
4:38:55 PM <DukeOtterland> You can keep the words, but take down all the pictures.
4:39:00 PM <DukeOtterland> I disagree.
4:39:00 PM <qurve> Once you agree to that we can move on to other issues
4:39:09 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> any pictures of him invade his privacys
4:39:11 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> -s
4:39:18 PM <DukeOtterland> Thank you.
4:39:23 PM <qurve> Duke, you have the attention span of a fucking 2 year old.
4:39:23 PMCadnocatahh I think Otter could infact claim Podex Vulnero against ED
4:39:32 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> yes
4:39:34 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he could
4:39:34 PM <qurve> We can't arbchat if you can't hold a conversation.
4:39:46 PM <qurve> And answer simple questions.
4:39:46 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes, for violating my privacy.
4:39:50 PM <Blargh> duke how accurate are our fanarts of you
4:39:54 PM <OldDirtyBtard> some of the pictures were created by our crack art dept
4:39:54 PM <DukeOtterland> I believe that comment I left in Harli's LJ was a Friends-only post.
4:39:58 PM <OldDirtyBtard> we own them
4:39:59 PM*** <bleep>  has set the room mode to “moderated”
4:40:02 PM <DukeOtterland> I know.
4:40:04 PM <DukeOtterland> You can keep those.
4:40:08 PM <DukeOtterland> But please take down the art I in fact did.
4:40:14 PM <DukeOtterland> And which I signed with my real name.
4:40:37 PM*** <bleep>  has removed the “moderated” room mode
4:40:41 PMckeu <DukeOtterland>  once again, it is not art
4:40:45 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes, it is.
4:40:49 PMCadnocatOtter: you should claim Podex Vulnero
4:40:50 PM <DukeOtterland> How is it not art?
4:40:53 PM <OldDirtyBtard> ooh lemme see ur real name
4:40:55 PM <DukeOtterland> What is Podex Vulnero?
4:40:55 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he can make that demand due to Podex Vulnero
4:41:03 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> it asically means
4:41:05 PM <DukeOtterland> I Googled it to no avail.
4:41:08 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> that you have been injured
4:41:10 PM <OldDirtyBtard> so i can report you to the christian coallition
4:41:13 PM*** <feem>  ([email protected]) has joined the room
4:41:13 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> its latin
4:41:14 PM <DukeOtterland> ...
4:41:17 PM <DukeOtterland> Are you sure?
4:41:20 PM <feem>  hugs  <DukeOtterland> 
4:41:21 PM <OldDirtyBtard> yes
4:41:23 PM <DukeOtterland> It gets no results on Google.
4:41:25 PM <OldDirtyBtard> you are a pervert
4:41:27 PM <feem>  pets  <DukeOtterland> 
4:41:30 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> i went to catholic school
4:41:32 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> i speak latin
4:41:34 PM <feem> qt litl ottar!
4:41:39 PM <feem> u r s0 cut liek a badgar!
4:41:40 PM <DukeOtterland> *nods*
4:41:41 PM <OldDirtyBtard> in fact
4:41:42 PM <qurve> Duke, personal question.
4:41:45 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes?
4:41:49 PM <qurve> What is your favorite brand of diaper?
4:41:51 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> a very nice catholic school
4:41:52 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> actually
4:41:56 PM <feem> huggies are the best.
4:41:59 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> my dad makes a lot of money
4:42:00 PM <feem> they are extremely absorbent
4:42:04 PM <OldDirtyBtard> since i like otters, i'm personally offended that ur fursona is an otter
4:42:05 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> suing assholes like you
4:42:17 PM <DukeOtterland> ...
4:42:29 PM <weev> i already said
4:42:30 PM <feem> they don't make huggies in my size though
4:42:30 PMCadnocatOtter: it means that you can plea with the defendant due to injury
4:42:33 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> can we plz discuss what it is that we want removed, and how we can agree on how to remove it?
4:42:34 PM <weev> how we could agree to remove it
4:42:35 PM <OldDirtyBtard> change ur fursona plz
4:42:39 PM <weev> you give up $800
4:42:50 PM <Jewkemia> i agree
4:42:55 PM <Jewkemia> and thats all that matters
4:43:08 PMCadnocatsounds fair
4:43:14 PM <DukeOtterland> I want all the art I did and pictures from LiveJournal removed, and it only requires a simple dit.
4:43:18 PM <DukeOtterland> *edit
4:43:27 PM <feem> then why don't you make that edit mister
4:43:27 PM <DukeOtterland> And yet, whenever I try to edit the article, all my edits are reverted.
4:43:27 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : $800
4:43:28 PM <feem> oh
4:43:30 PM <OldDirtyBtard> why dont you be a furry snake or something
4:43:30 PM <qurve> That requires an immense amount of paperwork.
4:43:30 PM <feem> ok
4:43:31 PM <qurve> And time.
4:43:36 PM <qurve> Which is not free.
4:43:40 PM <weev> ill fill out the paperwork for you
4:43:41 PM <OldDirtyBtard> altho that would be slander to snakes
4:43:42 PM <weev> for $800
4:43:42 PM <feem> you could revert them back
4:43:45 PM <DukeOtterland> No.
4:43:49 PM <feem> oh
4:43:50 PM <weev> then ur fucked
4:43:51 PM <DukeOtterland> I'm not paying any money.
4:43:53 PM <DukeOtterland> Again, that's extortion.
4:43:53 PM <weev> ur article is staying up forever
4:43:58 PM <qurve> Duke, you must have all sorts of money laying around with your book.
4:43:59 PM <weev> it will never come down
4:44:06 PM <weev> and all the images will stay there
4:44:07 PM <weev> forever
4:44:09 PM <OldDirtyBtard> duke: so the book didnt sell, huh?
4:44:09 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> omg they got neo in the other channel! too much fucking win!!!!
4:44:13 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> oh shit
4:44:13 PMckeuyou guys should just accept that such a worthless person does not have spare 800$
4:44:18 PMCadnocatOtter: ask a lawyer to pursue Podex Vulnero
4:44:22 PM <Jewkemia> what he said
4:44:24 PMckeuif he gives you 800$ he has no food.
4:44:24 PM <Jewkemia> lol
4:44:26 PM <feem> extortion would be if i threatened to kill you if you didn't pay money
4:44:27 PM <DukeOtterland> I have sold copies of Org's Odyssey.
4:44:28 PM <weev> ckeu: then he shouldn't have been so insolent
4:44:33 PM <feem> or if i denied services to you unless you paid money
4:44:36 PM <weev> and driven up the price
4:44:37 PM <OldDirtyBtard> otters eat bugs
4:44:42 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : how many copies
4:44:46 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : what did you gross from it?
4:44:47 PM <DukeOtterland> About fourteen.
4:44:50 PM <weev> LOLLLL
4:44:53 PM <OldDirtyBtard> hahahhah IRL
4:44:53 PM <DukeOtterland> And I got about $50 or so.
4:44:56 PM <weev> sounds like ur a millionaire in the making
4:45:06 PM <DukeOtterland> X_Marks, are you seriously helping me?
4:45:23 PMCadnocatthat's phenomenal
4:45:25 PM <OldDirtyBtard> duke: can ED have the movie rights?
4:45:30 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> duke
4:45:33 PM <DukeOtterland> No.
4:45:34 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes?
4:45:35 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> i'm here for you
4:45:41 PM <DukeOtterland> Who's Neo?
4:45:42 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> i hit something in the wrong window
4:45:47 PM <DukeOtterland> Oh.
4:45:47 PM <OldDirtyBtard> goatse will play the lead
4:45:48 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> sorry
4:45:53 PM <DukeOtterland> No problem.
4:46:07 PM <OldDirtyBtard> SEE YOU ARE A PERV
4:46:09 PM*** <feem>  invited Neo into the channel.
4:46:31 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> he will not pay
4:46:40 PM*** <feem>  invited Neo into the channel.
4:46:41 PM <OldDirtyBtard> then we will not play
4:46:55 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes, again, I won't pay.
4:47:11 PM <feem> neo is a beautiful woman
4:47:12 PM <OldDirtyBtard> maybe you can pay us in books
4:47:18 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland> : do you have a dayjob?
4:47:24 PM <DukeOtterland> No, I get Social Security.
4:47:29 PM <DukeOtterland> Because I'm considered disabled.
4:47:30 PM <weev> listen
4:47:32 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> that is irrelevant
4:47:34 PM <weev> you're a filthy, lazy slob
4:47:34 PMCadnocatin the head
4:47:39 PM <weev> sucking at the teat of the federal government
4:47:40 PM <bleep> Disabled
4:47:40 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> because he doesnt need to pay
4:47:41 PM <bleep> Mentally
4:47:41 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> if anything
4:47:43 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> you will pay
4:47:45 PM <bleep> Fucking saps the system
4:47:46 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> for damages
4:47:51 PM <bleep> Fucking pathetic
4:47:51 PM <weev> you simply don't want to work
4:47:52 PM <Blargh> neo wants arbchat
4:47:54 PM <weev> like mexicans on welfare
4:47:56 PM <OldDirtyBtard> this country is going to shit
4:47:57 PM <weev> yes
4:48:00 PM <weev> there's nothing more this arbchat can come to
4:48:03 PM <OldDirtyBtard> giving SS to perverts
4:48:03 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> you are posting his content online
4:48:04 PM <bleep> I really want to get you and beat you with a rubber hose  <DukeOtterland> 
4:48:09 PM <feem> hi  <bleep> 
4:48:10 PM <weev>  <DukeOtterland>  can have his article taken down when he gets a fucking job
4:48:16 PM <weev> and stops being a welfare leech
4:48:20 PM <Jewkemia> lol neo wants arbchat
4:48:23 PMCadnocatlol
4:48:23 PM <OldDirtyBtard> agreed
4:48:27 PM <Jewkemia> will the lulz never cease?
4:48:29 PM <bleep>  <weev> : make sure that fact is added to  <DukeOtterland> 's page
4:48:33 PM <bleep>  <DukeOtterland>  is on welfare
4:48:37 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> also
4:48:38 PM <OldDirtyBtard> ahahhah
4:48:40 PM <weev> sucking at the teat of the Democratic party's welfare state
4:48:41 PM <feem> do you fare well on welfare
4:48:43 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> i have new chatlogs
4:48:53 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> this will appear in a court order
4:48:59 PM <bleep> Actually I'm adding it now
4:48:59 PM <weev> listen
4:49:02 PM <Blargh> duke do you use foodstamps
4:49:04 PM <weev> he can settle
4:49:04 PM <DukeOtterland> I've got a backup copy.
4:49:05 PM <DukeOtterland> No.
4:49:05 PM <weev> $800
4:49:08 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> ok
4:49:11 PM <feem> farewell, welfare! fare well to welfare! a farewell to welfare, we'll fare well off welfare! welfare, farewell1
4:49:13 PMckeu <DukeOtterland>  we all know you're mentally disabled, you dont need to mention that again
4:49:13 PM <weev> thats the offer
4:49:17 PM <DukeOtterland> I'm not paying.
4:49:19 PM <qurve> Duke, you live with your parents correct?
4:49:20 PM <weev> shut up
4:49:22 PM <Jewkemia> are we done here? this is getting old
4:49:23 PM <weev> we heard you the first time
4:49:24 PM <DukeOtterland> Yes.
4:49:24 PM <weev> okay?
4:49:26 PM <OldDirtyBtard> duke: do the feds know ur selling a book?
4:49:32 PM <qurve> Duke, are you incapable of living on your own?
4:49:33 PM <OldDirtyBtard> in violation of ur SS
4:49:33 PM <X_Marks_the_kW> yes
4:49:37 PM <feem> i'm getting kind of yiffy
4:49:38 PM*** <weev>  has banned “*!*[email protected]*” from the room
4:49:38 PM*** <DukeOtterland>  has been kicked out of the room by  <weev>  (we're done here, you're wasting our time. 
come back when you can pay $800)

He thinks he has an e-gf

[13:07] LovinInALandfill: wassup duke?
[13:07] dukeotterland124: And who might this be?
[13:08] LovinInALandfill: ashley
[13:08] dukeotterland124: Ashley?
[13:08] LovinInALandfill: yea
[13:08] dukeotterland124: I see...
[13:08] dukeotterland124: How did you find my contact info?
[13:08] LovinInALandfill: internet
[13:08] dukeotterland124: Where on the Internet?
[13:08] LovinInALandfill: you wanna chat?
[13:08] dukeotterland124: Yeah, but I  do want to know how you found my contact info.
[13:09] LovinInALandfill: i got it from an art site
[13:09] dukeotterland124: Which art site?
[13:09] dukeotterland124: FurAffinity?
[13:09] LovinInALandfill: the one thats like deviant art
[13:10] dukeotterland124: So FurAffinity?
[13:10] LovinInALandfill: i think so
[13:10] dukeotterland124: Right.
[13:10] LovinInALandfill: ya
[13:10] LovinInALandfill: lol
[13:10] dukeotterland124: Do you have an account there?
[13:10] LovinInALandfill: no, i cant draw
[13:10] dukeotterland124: I see...
[13:11] LovinInALandfill: are you working on nething rite now?
[13:11] dukeotterland124: I'm not working on anything right now.
[13:11] LovinInALandfill: takin a brake?
[13:11] LovinInALandfill: ;)
[13:11] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[13:12] LovinInALandfill: that's cool
[13:12] LovinInALandfill: evry1 needs a brake
[13:13] LovinInALandfill: so wut r u doing?
[13:13] dukeotterland124: Nothing.
[13:13] LovinInALandfill: that's cool
[13:13] LovinInALandfill: any planz 4 n e thing new soon?
[13:14] dukeotterland124: no
[13:14] LovinInALandfill: or iz that a sekrit? ;)
[13:14] LovinInALandfill: hmm...
[13:14] LovinInALandfill: so tel me abut u?
[13:15] dukeotterland124: Are you from ED?
[13:15] LovinInALandfill: i'll tel u abuot me...
[13:15] dukeotterland124: Sure.
[13:15] dukeotterland124: Go ahead.
[13:15] LovinInALandfill: ok
[13:15] dukeotterland124: I'm a college student.
[13:15] LovinInALandfill: im sixteen
[13:15] dukeotterland124: From Central Texas.
[13:15] dukeotterland124: okay.
[13:15] dukeotterland124: cool
[13:15] LovinInALandfill: but i act much older
[13:15] dukeotterland124: where do you live?
[13:16] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: ohio
[13:16] dukeotterland124: Okay.
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: portsmouth
[13:16] dukeotterland124: I live in Texas.
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: ?
[13:16] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: ever been there?
[13:16] dukeotterland124: ?
[13:16] dukeotterland124: No.
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: o lol no1 has
[13:16] dukeotterland124: heh
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: its so lame
[13:16] dukeotterland124: ^^
[13:16] LovinInALandfill: wut r u going to college for?
[13:16] dukeotterland124: Software Engineering.
[13:17] LovinInALandfill: o wow
[13:17] LovinInALandfill: so ur liek real smart?
[13:17] dukeotterland124: Yeah.
[13:17] LovinInALandfill: that sounds hard
[13:18] LovinInALandfill: thats cool
[13:18] LovinInALandfill: where in texas are you frm?
[13:18] dukeotterland124: Copperas Cove.
[13:19] LovinInALandfill: o 
[13:19] LovinInALandfill: (i dont n wher tht is)
[13:19] LovinInALandfill: ;)
[13:19] LovinInALandfill: whats your name?
[13:20] dukeotterland124: Jeremy
[13:20] LovinInALandfill: thats a cool name
[13:20] LovinInALandfill: it beats ashley
[13:20] dukeotterland124: heh
[13:20] LovinInALandfill: u got a gf?
[13:20] dukeotterland124: No.
[13:20] LovinInALandfill: u want 1?
[13:21] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[13:21] LovinInALandfill: so why dont u have 1? too busy?
[13:21] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[13:21] LovinInALandfill: ahh
[13:21] LovinInALandfill: that sucks
[13:21] LovinInALandfill: u must b lonely
[13:21] dukeotterland124: yeah
[13:22] LovinInALandfill: you should do something about that ...
[13:23] LovinInALandfill: =>_<=
[13:24] LovinInALandfill: wow, u no wuts weird?
[13:24] LovinInALandfill: im gonna sound like such a dork...
[13:25] LovinInALandfill: is that ok?
[13:25] LovinInALandfill: u wont hate me?
[13:25] LovinInALandfill: i rly like that ornage snowfence stuf on the side of the road
[13:26] LovinInALandfill: it really gets me excited
[13:27] LovinInALandfill: you think im weird dont u?
[13:28] LovinInALandfill: r u shy?
[13:28] LovinInALandfill: -_-
[13:28] dukeotterland124: sort of
[13:29] LovinInALandfill: im sorry
[13:29] dukeotterland124: And I am shy
[13:29] dukeotterland124: sorry, I was in the bathroom
[13:29] LovinInALandfill: o
[13:30] LovinInALandfill: so tell me moere about you
[13:30] dukeotterland124: I love videogames and the furry fandom.
[13:30] dukeotterland124: And writing too.
[13:30] dukeotterland124: I've also published two novels.
[13:30] LovinInALandfill: oh wow
[13:30] dukeotterland124: (Link:
[13:30] dukeotterland124: Under my pen name Duke Otterland.
[13:31] LovinInALandfill: that's impressive
[13:31] LovinInALandfill: ive always wanted to rite a book
[13:31] LovinInALandfill: but ive never been able to
[13:31] LovinInALandfill: how do u do it?
[13:31] dukeotterland124: Well, just have a story in your head and put it on paper.
[13:32] dukeotterland124: I really don't plan on how exactly things will go.
[13:32] dukeotterland124: Some is a bit spontaneous.
[13:32] LovinInALandfill: i c
[13:32] LovinInALandfill: thats so cool
[13:32] LovinInALandfill: how old r u again?
[13:32] dukeotterland124: 22
[13:32] LovinInALandfill: cool
[13:32] LovinInALandfill: when's the last time you had a gf?
[13:32] dukeotterland124: Never.
[13:32] LovinInALandfill: rly?
[13:33] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[13:33] LovinInALandfill: u r missing out
[13:33] LovinInALandfill: ;)
[13:33] dukeotterland124: Yeah.
[13:33] LovinInALandfill: i just broke up with my bf and now im so frustrated
[13:33] dukeotterland124: And I'm still a virgin as well.
[13:33] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[13:33] LovinInALandfill: rly?
[13:33] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[13:33] LovinInALandfill: wow
[13:34] LovinInALandfill: i thought a month was a long time... ^_^
[13:34] dukeotterland124: ?
[13:34] LovinInALandfill: o
[13:34] LovinInALandfill: i havent had sex in a month
[13:34] dukeotterland124: *nods*
[13:34] LovinInALandfill: and that is drving me crazy
[13:34] dukeotterland124: heh
[13:34] dukeotterland124: But I do gratify myself every now and then.
[13:34] LovinInALandfill: i cant imagine 22 years
[13:35] LovinInALandfill: thats good
[13:35] LovinInALandfill: but u poor thing
[13:35] LovinInALandfill: i wish i could help =>_<=
[13:35] dukeotterland124: thanks
[13:37] LovinInALandfill: so, like
[13:37] LovinInALandfill: are u coming to ohio?
[13:37] LovinInALandfill: like ever?
[13:37] dukeotterland124: no
[13:37] LovinInALandfill: maybe?
[13:37] dukeotterland124: I really don't like to travel.
[13:37] LovinInALandfill: o i c
[13:38] LovinInALandfill: so, maybe if i cum 2 texas?
[13:38] dukeotterland124: Sure.
[13:38] LovinInALandfill: alrite
[13:38] LovinInALandfill: its a date
[13:38] LovinInALandfill: lol
[13:38] dukeotterland124: Thanks.
[13:38] dukeotterland124: ^^
[13:39] dukeotterland124: Seriously?
[13:39] LovinInALandfill: yea
[13:39] dukeotterland124: awesome
[13:39] dukeotterland124: Well, tell me whenever you're ready.
[13:39] LovinInALandfill: it been too long for me
[13:39] LovinInALandfill: and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too longfor u
[13:39] LovinInALandfill: lol
[13:39] dukeotterland124: yeah
[13:39] dukeotterland124: ^^
[13:39] LovinInALandfill: neways, i have to go, my mom is making me go shopping with her (its so gay)
[13:40] dukeotterland124: later
[13:40] LovinInALandfill: i'll see u around?
[13:40] dukeotterland124: Yes.
[13:40] dukeotterland124: ttyl
[13:40] LovinInALandfill: later
[13:40] LovinInALandfill: ;)

The Lure!

Darkenergyveemon = t4sk = MelkiahFox
[20:30] *** NOTE: This user is offline.  Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
[20:30] DarkEnergyVeemon: you there?
[20:31] jmotterland: Yes
[20:31] *** "jmotterland" signed on at Sun Mar 25 20:31:06 2007.
[20:31] DarkEnergyVeemon: You always sign on as offline?
[20:31] jmotterland: I'll fix that.
[20:31] DarkEnergyVeemon: I'm having problems with ED
[20:31] jmotterland: I see.
[20:31] jmotterland: Bastards.
[20:31] DarkEnergyVeemon: they made me a page
[20:32] jmotterland: And odds are they'll probably Googlebomb it to make it show up high in search engine rankings...
[20:32] DarkEnergyVeemon: im going to fix that.
[20:32] jmotterland: Or that's how I guess they made my page show up so high...
[20:32] jmotterland: How so?
[20:32] DarkEnergyVeemon: my plan is to go into irc undercover
[20:32] DarkEnergyVeemon: as a different nick
[20:33] jmotterland: hmm
[20:33] jmotterland: What do you plan to do?
[20:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: destroy ed
[20:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: by chanserv taking over the chan
[20:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: and rm -fr
[20:33] jmotterland: ?
[20:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: remove
[20:33] jmotterland: remove -fr?
[20:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: i meant -rf
[20:33] jmotterland: What's -rf?
[20:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: root file
[20:34] jmotterland: Root file of...
[20:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: the server
[20:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: that runs ircd
[20:34] jmotterland: Good luck with that.
[20:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: plz come with me, do you know how to do anything
[20:34] jmotterland: No.
[20:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: dont go in with nick dukeotterland or otterland or duke
[20:35] jmotterland: Last I went in there they humiliated the living hell out of me.
[20:35] jmotterland: Yeah, I'd go in under a different alias.
[20:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: go in with something that they think is cool
[20:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: liek...
[20:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: i dont know
[20:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: internet cool things
[20:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: what do they think is cool?
[20:35] jmotterland: Trolling and hacking.
[20:36] jmotterland: drama
[20:36] DarkEnergyVeemon: ok how about 1337troll or something
[20:36] jmotterland: heh
[20:36] jmotterland: But what would I do?
[20:36] jmotterland: In IRC?
[20:36] DarkEnergyVeemon: antitroll them
[20:36] DarkEnergyVeemon: but act cool
[20:36] DarkEnergyVeemon: and be liek them
[20:36] DarkEnergyVeemon: fucking sticky keys
[20:36] DarkEnergyVeemon: like*
[20:36] jmotterland: What would I accomplish?
[20:37] DarkEnergyVeemon: sorry I have claws on my nails
[20:37] DarkEnergyVeemon: I put claws on so i make lots of typos
[20:37] jmotterland: I see...
[20:37] DarkEnergyVeemon: no seriosly
[20:37] DarkEnergyVeemon: I went to get my nails done
[20:37] DarkEnergyVeemon: and turned them into claws
[20:37] jmotterland: huh
[20:37] DarkEnergyVeemon: they are too long to type.
[20:37] jmotterland: heh
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: anyways we will be under constant communication
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: via query
[20:38] jmotterland: via query?
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: pm
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: msg
[20:38] jmotterland: oh, like this.
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: yea
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: im about to go in
[20:38] jmotterland: *nods*
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: my name is going to be t4sk
[20:38] DarkEnergyVeemon: I thought it sounded leet and cool
[20:39] DarkEnergyVeemon: do you have an irc client
[20:39] jmotterland: Yes.
[20:39] jmotterland: But I don't use it often.
[20:39] jmotterland: Rarely.
[20:39] DarkEnergyVeemon: what do you use?
[20:39] DarkEnergyVeemon: for right?
[20:39] jmotterland: mIRC
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: or furnet
[20:40] jmotterland: Haven't been there.
[20:40] jmotterland: Or there.
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: wow..
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: they are furry servers
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: you can make plenty of friends there
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: ok my plan for you is.
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: they disabled creation on accounts
[20:40] DarkEnergyVeemon: you hafta go in there and request them
[20:41] DarkEnergyVeemon: if you act cool, and introduce yourself and all that shit
[20:41] DarkEnergyVeemon: they can make you one, and you can blank your page.
[20:41] jmotterland: I blanked my page before and they banned me.
[20:41] DarkEnergyVeemon: yea but this time they wont know your a furry
[20:41] jmotterland: They just recreated it.
[20:41] DarkEnergyVeemon: if you do a minor edit and just say added a few details
[20:41] DarkEnergyVeemon: it will get overlooked
[20:41] jmotterland: No, trust me, it didn't work.
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: It will work.
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: you just need to be cool with it
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: and dont be duke for 20 minutes
[20:42] jmotterland: They blocked my IP.
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: oh is that true.
[20:42] jmotterland: Yeah.
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: they cant do that.
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: not if you get a new account
[20:42] jmotterland: You could blank my page for me.
[20:42] DarkEnergyVeemon: I cant because I am going in there to get mine blanked
[20:42] jmotterland: Oh.
[20:43] DarkEnergyVeemon: if i edit 2 furry pages it will look obvious
[20:43] jmotterland: I see.
[20:43] DarkEnergyVeemon: if you get a new account, it overrides ip.
[20:43] DarkEnergyVeemon: and its just a new account
[20:43] jmotterland: *nods*
[20:43] jmotterland: You go into their IRC and request an account?
[20:43] DarkEnergyVeemon: so cmon, we dont have nothing to lose.
[20:43] DarkEnergyVeemon: Yea I am
[20:43] DarkEnergyVeemon: What more can they do.. not much
[20:44] DarkEnergyVeemon: that is if they find out.
[20:44] DarkEnergyVeemon: Which they wont.
[20:44] jmotterland: It's worth a try...
[20:44] DarkEnergyVeemon: choose a nick and hit it.
[20:44] DarkEnergyVeemon: I have already gone in and requested an account
[20:44] jmotterland: hit what?
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: that asshole channel
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: im in right now asking for an account
[20:45] jmotterland: ok
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: choose something ocol
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: ask me firwst
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: I dont want you goin in there with Troll as a jnick
[20:45] jmotterland: leettroll?
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: no no no
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: too obvious
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: how about...
[20:45] DarkEnergyVeemon: try again
[20:46] jmotterland: leetard?
[20:46] DarkEnergyVeemon: lol
[20:46] DarkEnergyVeemon: no
[20:47] jmotterland: harlotraper?
[20:47] DarkEnergyVeemon: sure.. lol
[20:47] DarkEnergyVeemon: thats funny
[20:47] jmotterland: heh
[20:49] DarkEnergyVeemon: ok just chill
[20:49] DarkEnergyVeemon: dont talk
[20:49] jmotterland: sure
[20:49] DarkEnergyVeemon: it will be too obvious if 2 ppl come in at once to get one
[20:49] jmotterland: ok
[20:50] DarkEnergyVeemon: not really
[20:50] DarkEnergyVeemon: :3
[20:51] DarkEnergyVeemon: apparently no one is online to get an account for us now
[20:51] DarkEnergyVeemon: wait for an admin to pop
[20:54] jmotterland: What should I do?
[20:54] DarkEnergyVeemon: wait for an admin to pop
[20:54] jmotterland: pop?
[20:54] DarkEnergyVeemon: pop = show up in mmorpg
[20:54] DarkEnergyVeemon: just idle till than
[20:54] DarkEnergyVeemon: because idling is cool to these assholes probably
[20:55] DarkEnergyVeemon: no one knows you are you
[20:55] DarkEnergyVeemon: you could be a spy
[20:55] DarkEnergyVeemon: we could be spies for the furry community
[20:55] jmotterland: yeah
[20:57] jmotterland: when would be the right time to request an account?
[20:58] DarkEnergyVeemon: I dont know
[20:58] DarkEnergyVeemon: whenever you feel its right
[20:59] DarkEnergyVeemon: almost a good time..
[20:59] DarkEnergyVeemon: why did you leave?
[20:59] DarkEnergyVeemon: no one knew.
[21:00] jmotterland: k I'm back
[21:00] DarkEnergyVeemon: lol
[21:00] DarkEnergyVeemon: dont do that... scared me
[21:00] DarkEnergyVeemon: 2 joins recently
[21:00] jmotterland: sorry
[21:00] DarkEnergyVeemon: be easy
[21:00] DarkEnergyVeemon: easy going
[21:00] DarkEnergyVeemon: say im a troll or something
[21:01] DarkEnergyVeemon: OMGHI2FURRIES
[21:01] DarkEnergyVeemon: say that
[21:01] DarkEnergyVeemon: thats a well known troll
[21:01] DarkEnergyVeemon: say i am omghi2furries
[21:01] DarkEnergyVeemon: DO IT QUICK
[21:02] DarkEnergyVeemon: fuckin god.
[21:04] DarkEnergyVeemon: google is your friend
[21:04] DarkEnergyVeemon: quickly
[21:05] DarkEnergyVeemon: or find some on furaffinity
[21:05] DarkEnergyVeemon: do something that makes them happy
[21:05] DarkEnergyVeemon: that way you get what you want
[21:09] DarkEnergyVeemon: Have you tried to get an account
[21:10] jmotterland: Trying to.
[21:11] DarkEnergyVeemon: ok calm down
[21:11] DarkEnergyVeemon: chill out
[21:11] jmotterland: k
[21:11] DarkEnergyVeemon: say something about yourself,  maybe that will completely get rid of any chance 
they think its you?
[21:11] DarkEnergyVeemon: I dont know.
[21:11] DarkEnergyVeemon: a guess.
[21:12] DarkEnergyVeemon: bad move
[21:12] DarkEnergyVeemon: they are going to ask all kinds of crazy shit
[21:12] DarkEnergyVeemon: shit
[21:12] DarkEnergyVeemon: google it
[21:12] DarkEnergyVeemon: nameservers
[21:13] DarkEnergyVeemon: you just SAID YOU WERE A HACKER
[21:13] DarkEnergyVeemon: good job
[21:14] DarkEnergyVeemon: google is your furriend
[21:15] DarkEnergyVeemon: shit back off and cool down
[21:15] DarkEnergyVeemon: ignore
[21:15] DarkEnergyVeemon: that is there norm
[21:15] DarkEnergyVeemon: im sure
[21:17] jmotterland: you have an account yet?
[21:18] DarkEnergyVeemon: no...
[21:18] DarkEnergyVeemon: they would have told me a username and pass
[21:18] DarkEnergyVeemon: letme ask
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: I found that on theyre website
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: go with mudkips
[21:19] jmotterland: ^^
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: I actually do like mudkips
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: wtf
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: are you doing
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: woahhh.
[21:19] DarkEnergyVeemon: I dont know if they are going to like that
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: hey your trolling them
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: lol
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: nice
[21:20] jmotterland: heh
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: dude you might be a good spy
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: they dont know shit
[21:20] jmotterland: lol
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: they are sTILL NONCHALANT
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: and havent said shit
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: your in
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: good job
[21:20] jmotterland: thanks
[21:20] DarkEnergyVeemon: yup
[21:21] DarkEnergyVeemon: try to lurk more for a second
[21:21] DarkEnergyVeemon: dont talk toooo much
[21:21] jmotterland: k
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: have you mentioned anything about yourself yet?
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: ed is slow because of me
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: lol
[21:22] jmotterland: heh
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: Im doSing it
[21:22] jmotterland: how do you do that?
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: ip 
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: of serverws
[21:22] DarkEnergyVeemon: and flood with packet requests
[21:22] jmotterland: command?
[21:23] DarkEnergyVeemon: its dos
[21:23] DarkEnergyVeemon: ping IGMP -v -l 9000 ip adress
[21:23] DarkEnergyVeemon: plus a lot more
[21:24] DarkEnergyVeemon: bastards
[21:27] DarkEnergyVeemon: dude you didnt even ask again
[21:27] DarkEnergyVeemon: you left again
[21:27] jmotterland: It's boring in there.
[21:27] DarkEnergyVeemon: ok one more try
[21:28] DarkEnergyVeemon: holy shit
[21:28] jmotterland: shit they found me out
[21:28] DarkEnergyVeemon: have you had experience in there
[21:28] DarkEnergyVeemon: before
[21:28] jmotterland: yeah
[21:28] DarkEnergyVeemon: your ipadress gave it away
[21:29] DarkEnergyVeemon: FUCK
[21:29] jmotterland: yeah
[21:29] jmotterland: Nice idea.
[21:29] DarkEnergyVeemon: i'll try to blank
[21:29] DarkEnergyVeemon: shit
[21:29] DarkEnergyVeemon: they B& me right after you
[21:29] jmotterland: B&?
[21:30] DarkEnergyVeemon: banned
[21:30] jmotterland: oh
[21:30] DarkEnergyVeemon: b & = banned
[21:30] DarkEnergyVeemon: I dont know how they got me as well
[21:30] jmotterland: They're not worth fighting, really.
[21:30] jmotterland: Just forget it.
[21:32] DarkEnergyVeemon: your right
[21:33] jmotterland: You might want to scan your computer regularly for spyware.
[21:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: damn
[21:33] jmotterland: That's how they got me.
[21:33] jmotterland: What now?
[21:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: im just upset
[21:33] jmotterland: me too
[21:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: oh well it was worth a shot
[21:33] DarkEnergyVeemon: is your ip still banned on there?
[21:33] jmotterland: *shrugs*
[21:33] jmotterland: probably
[21:34] jmotterland: I ain't going back in there.
[21:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: i meant on the website
[21:34] jmotterland: Probably
[21:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: I did dos it though
[21:34] DarkEnergyVeemon: website isnt working very well
[21:34] jmotterland: Yeah, their servers apparently suck.
[21:35] DarkEnergyVeemon: yup
[21:50] DarkEnergyVeemon: grr
[21:50] DarkEnergyVeemon: I guess there is nothing I can do about it
[21:50] DarkEnergyVeemon: oh well

Note: t4sk = Trumpet and harlotraper = Prince Jeremy

#ed 3/26/07

[02:00] <core> harlotraper: who are you
[02:00] <@Sheneequa> why would you want an account
[02:00] <harlotraper> I have some really funny shit to post on ED.
[02:00] <t4sk> because I want to make lulz
[02:01] <harlotraper> I'm a troll on LJ
[02:01] <t4sk> oh shit
[02:01] <PuppyPuncher> Lol, who isn't?
[02:01] <core> harlotraper: handle?
[02:01] <t4sk> thats awesome
[02:01] <harlotraper> What do you want me to handle?
[02:01] <core> ...
[02:01] <@Sheneequa> looooool
[02:01] <core> your LJ handle
[02:01] <@Sheneequa> looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
[02:02] <core> jesus
[02:02] <@Sheneequa> someone please save those lines
[02:02] <harlotraper> omghi2furries
[02:02] <t4sk> damn its omghi2furries.
[02:02] <t4sk> holy shit.
[02:02] <@Sheneequa> wasn't that ashi_moto
[02:02] <@Sheneequa> you are not ashi_moto
[02:02] <core> are you a spie
[02:02] <core> are you a spie
[02:02] <core> are you a spie
[02:02] <harlotraper> By all means no, lol
[02:03] <t4sk> can someone get me an account please.
[02:03] <t4sk> i have lulzy news to post
[02:03] <PuppyPuncher> About what?
[02:04] <t4sk> wait ashi_moto is harlotraper
[02:04] <core> furfags right?
[02:04] <t4sk> I have seen unanamous tags
[02:04] <harlotraper> I have some dirt on babyfurs.
[02:04] <core> harlotraper: diaper pics?
[02:04] <core> harlotraper: diaper pics?
[02:04] <core> harlotraper: diaper pics?
[02:04] <harlotraper> Oh yes, that and more.
[02:04] <core> Show
[02:05] * JViz has joined #ed
[02:05] * mediacrat sets mode: +v JViz
[02:05] <t4sk> wait i have pictures that are funny 2.
[02:05] <t4sk> I can help ED prosper
[02:05] * ChairmanMeow has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:05] <core> pls link
[02:06] <@Sheneequa> k I am makin t4sk an account
[02:06] <harlotraper>
[02:06] <harlotraper> ain't she hot?
[02:06] <core> harlotraper: who is that?
[02:06] <core> i'd bone her quite frankly
[02:06] <harlotraper> my sister.
[02:06] <core> diaper or not
[02:06] <core> i'd bone her quite frankly
[02:06] <core> i'd bone her quite frankly
[02:06] <core> i'd bone her quite frankly
[02:06] <harlotraper> me 2 lulz
[02:06] <core> ...
[02:07] <PuppyPuncher> Me 2 lulz?
[02:07] <caltrops> ?
[02:07] <harlotraper> lol
[02:07] <core> harlotraper: more
[02:07] <core> harlotraper: more
[02:07] <core> harlotraper: more
[02:07] <t4sk> wait is he new 2?
[02:07] <harlotraper>
[02:07] <t4sk> like me?
[02:07] * ulaelable has joined #ed
[02:07] <t4sk> why are you making him do all this but not me?
[02:07] <harlotraper>
[02:07] * BURK has joined #ed
[02:07] <harlotraper>
[02:07] <core> t4sk: i told you to link pics
[02:08] <t4sk> oh yea
[02:08] <t4sk> ok
[02:08] <PuppyPuncher> t4sk: Do you have a sister, preferrably underaged
[02:08] <t4sk>
[02:08] <core> harlotraper: your sister looks like a man
[02:08] <t4sk> this shit is funny
[02:08] <BURK> omg is that infantalism and latex fetish mixed into one?
[02:08] <@Sheneequa> man
[02:08] <@Sheneequa> autistic people are useless
[02:08] <t4sk> its the MERRIL HOWARD SHOW
[02:08] <core> id still fuck her though
[02:08] <@Sheneequa> I think we should gas them all
[02:08] <core> Sheneequa: lol yes
[02:08] <harlotraper> heh
[02:08] <core> Sheenequa: asspies are truly no better than jews
[02:09] <core> harlotraper: what is your opinion on asspies?
[02:09] <harlotraper> asspies should be thrown into death camps.
[02:09] <core> i like it
[02:09] <@Sheneequa> yeah along with furries
[02:09] <@Sheneequa> and people who like the color purple
[02:09] <harlotraper> and adult babies
[02:09] <core> purple is such a faggot colour to be quite frank
[02:09] <BURK> <-- for t4sk
[02:09] <harlotraper> death to all purple lovers
[02:10] <Mori> did you guys see the faggot asspie forums where they were like THOSE FUCKERS 
[02:10] <t4sk> thanks for the account
[02:10] <harlotraper> yeah, that was funny
[02:10] <t4sk> i'll get right to the luz
[02:10] * w00t has joined #ed
[02:10] * mediacrat sets mode: +v w00t
[02:10] <core> harlotraper: what forum is that?
[02:10] <+w00t> h
[02:10] <+w00t> hy
[02:10] <core> w00t: hi :D
[02:10] <harlotraper> beats me
[02:10] <harlotraper> I'd like an account please.
[02:10] <+w00t> is posting a # number on 4chan a good idea to raid?
[02:10] <core> harlotraper: i think you are a spie
[02:10] <Mori> also they were calling people who were not asspies 'NTs', I assume this means Non-Tarded
[02:10] <core> w00t: yes!
[02:10] <harlotraper> I'm not a spy.
[02:10] <t4sk> no he isnt
[02:10] <t4sk> I know his tag
[02:10] <harlotraper> I'm a lulz machine
[02:11] <PuppyPuncher> w00t: THEY WILL BAN YOU
[02:11] <@Sheneequa> guys did you hear about the house passing that resolution to set an iraq troop withdrawal
[02:11] <@Sheneequa> too bad the dumbshit of a president's gonna veto it
[02:11] <@Sheneequa> can't even pronounce nuclear let alone run the world's most powerful country
[02:11] <PuppyPuncher> That's only his second veto right?
[02:11] * ItsNotLupus has quit IRC (Quit: ItsNotLupus)
[02:11] <caltrops> stemcells
[02:11] <core> fucking retard
[02:12] <core> he's probably an asspie
[02:12] <Mori> no he vetoes shitloads of stuff against israel
[02:12] <PuppyPuncher> China, is ahead of U.S.A. in power
[02:12] * ItsNotLupus has joined #ed
[02:12] <+w00t> PuppyPuncher <3 Dynamic IP
[02:12] <PuppyPuncher> Oh, then go aheas
[02:12] <harlotraper> I'm a hacker from Kansas.
[02:12] <@Sheneequa> harlotraper what is your opinion on the president
[02:12] <core> harlotraper: explain nameservers
[02:12] <harlotraper> I think he's the antichrist.
[02:12] <@Sheneequa> wtf
[02:12] * banned has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:12] <@Sheneequa> I'm not giving you an account
[02:12] <@Sheneequa> if you can't support AMERICA
[02:12] <core> harlotraper: explain nameservers
[02:12] <core> harlotraper: explain nameservers
[02:12] <@Sheneequa> you don't get an account
[02:13] <harlotraper> a dns server that answers requests from the root
[02:13] <t4sk> he is right.
[02:13] <@c0d0s0> lol
[02:14] <@Sheneequa> yeah
[02:14] <@Sheneequa> fuck off america hater
[02:14] <@c0d0s0> harlotraper: what happens when i type in my web browser
[02:14] <@Sheneequa> c0d0s0: looooool
[02:14] <@c0d0s0> Sheneequa: :D
[02:14] <harlotraper> I get a site linking to sex toys.
[02:14] <@c0d0s0> WRONG
[02:14] <@c0d0s0> WRONG
[02:14] <@c0d0s0> explain how
[02:14] <@c0d0s0> the dns gets resolved
[02:15] <t4sk> c0d0s0 are you an admin of this site?
[02:15] <@c0d0s0> i am motherfucking root
[02:15] <harlotraper> redirects request to a top-level domain's servers
[02:15] <@c0d0s0> harlotraper: no
[02:15] <@c0d0s0> you're stupid
[02:15] <harlotraper> thanks
[02:15] <harlotraper> lol
[02:15] <@c0d0s0> shoot yourself in the face
[02:15] <+w00t>
[02:16] * harlotraper shoots self in the face
[02:16] <PuppyPuncher> I hate da President too. Go CANADA!
[02:16] <harlotraper> Canada roolz
[02:16] <PuppyPuncher> We have good kind of Conservative
[02:16] <@Sheneequa> c0d0s0: you fail harder than someone who commits perjury by submitting the same DMCA twice
[02:16] * Skuee has joined #ed
[02:16] <@Sheneequa> fuck
[02:16] <Skuee> I'm baaaaaaack.
[02:16] <@Sheneequa> s/c0d0s0/harlotraper
[02:16] <@c0d0s0> what
[02:16] <+w00t> PuppyPuncher, where in Canada are you
[02:16] <harlotraper> yeah?
[02:16] <+kardus> lol canadia
[02:16] <PuppyPuncher> w00t: Saskatchewan
[02:17] <Skuee> Canada isn't a real country.
[02:17] <+kardus> w00t: you from canada?
[02:17] <+w00t> Of course
[02:17] <+kardus> Where at?
[02:17] <PuppyPuncher> All the old people are moving back from Alberta and into Saskatchewan
[02:17] <PuppyPuncher> Saskatchewan is like a giant geezer grave,
[02:18] <t4sk> Hey
[02:18] <+kardus> w00t: I won't rape you
[02:18] <t4sk> Whats the username and pass of my new account
[02:18] <+kardus> TELL MEH
[02:18] <PuppyPuncher> Probably loldongs
[02:18] <+w00t> in Quebec
[02:18] <@Sheneequa> username: lol
[02:18] <+kardus> Ah
[02:18] <@Sheneequa> password: dongs
[02:18] <t4sk> so i herd u guys liek mudkips right?
[02:18] * ewokmywee has joined #ed
[02:18] <harlotraper> mudkips rool
[02:19] <+kardus> Toronto here :/
[02:19] <harlotraper> I like fucking mudkips
[02:19] <harlotraper> I like pictures of them having sex.
[02:19] <+w00t> tomorrow
[02:19] <+w00t> i'm voting GAY!
[02:19] <@Sheneequa> you would vote gay wouldn't you
[02:19] * Skuee has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:19] <@Sheneequa> fag.
[02:19] <t4sk> I like pictures of them having sex too!
[02:19] <t4sk> they are so mUUDKIPZ
[02:19] <harlotraper> voting gay is gay
[02:20] <+w00t> well
[02:20] <MCCCXXXVII> I'm so ronery
[02:20] <+w00t> i meant
[02:20] <PuppyPuncher> I have an Engineer Uncle who lives in Ontario
[02:20] <+w00t> the party leader is gay
[02:20] * banned has joined #ed
[02:20] * caltrops has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:20] <harlotraper> AND LONERY
[02:20] <+kardus> PuppyPuncher: Does he support ED?
[02:21] <ewokmywee> who would i talk to about child porn on the site?
[02:21] <harlotraper> ME!
[02:21] <@Sheneequa> ewokmywee: where
[02:21] <+kardus> Probably FUKKIN SAVED it first.
[02:21] <PuppyPuncher> Kardus: Doesn't know bout ED
[02:22] <+kardus> Get him in on the mad lulz
[02:22] <+kardus> Where does he live in ontario
[02:22] <@Sheneequa> ED is so slow D:
[02:22] <PuppyPuncher> I'm honestly unable to remember. It's been like 2 years since last time I went
[02:23] <+kardus> Anyone have experience with any cakewalk programs by any chance? 
[02:23] <Trumpet> yo guys
[02:23] <Trumpet> what the fucks up
[02:23] <Trumpet> niggerws
[02:24] <Trumpet> did you see that new Melkiah page
[02:24] <Trumpet> that shit was LOL
[02:24] <PuppyPuncher> No linx.
[02:24] <PuppyPuncher> I mean: No, gimme linx
[02:24] <t4sk> oh yea i read that.
[02:24] <t4sk> article of the day, the other day
[02:24] <+kardus> Yeah that furfag was supposed to gief me my fursona
[02:25] * banned has quit IRC (Quit: )
[02:25] <PuppyPuncher> Betcha it's a fox
[02:25] <+kardus> mine?
[02:25] <+kardus> no wai
[02:25] <+kardus> panda
[02:25] <Trumpet> yea he is a blue one who is full of fail
[02:25] <Trumpet> what a fucking fgt
[02:25] <+kardus> im just said yes to waste his time
[02:25] <+kardus> lol
[02:26] <Trumpet> lol @ kardus
[02:26] <Trumpet> wait who is this new person
[02:26] <+kardus> he was doing requests
[02:26] <Trumpet> Harlo whats up
[02:26] <+kardus> so i was like "lol make me one"
[02:26] <+kardus> and gave him extremely detailed shit
[02:26] <Trumpet> didnt he post drama about that in his furaffinity
[02:26] <Trumpet> lol
[02:26] * harlotraper has left #ed
[02:27] <Trumpet> FUCK
[02:27] <Trumpet> FUCK
[02:27] <Trumpet> FUCK
[02:27] <Trumpet> FUCK
[02:27] <+kardus> Trumpet: What is the matter.
[02:27] <PuppyPuncher> Harlo is Duke, keep it quiet
[02:27] <@Sheneequa> I'm bored of this
[02:27] <t4sk> NOW WHEN HE COMES BACK
[02:27] <@Sheneequa> I was just ready to kickban him
[02:27] <t4sk> MAKE HIM FEIL
[02:27] <PuppyPuncher> CRUSH HIM!
[02:27] <@Sheneequa> there is no more to troll
[02:27] <PuppyPuncher> I have the same birthday as him.
[02:27] <PuppyPuncher> I'm asking for it back.
[02:27] <core> Sheenequa: let us simply let him know that we know he is a furfag
[02:28] * harlotraper has joined #ed
[02:28] <Trumpet> ok as soon as he comes in 
[02:28] <harlotraper> May I have an account plz?
[02:28] <Trumpet> he will make a gesture
[02:28] <Trumpet> and put the mask on
[02:28] * mediacrat sets mode: +b *!*
[02:28] * harlotraper was kicked by mediacrat (bye duke otterland, you have been tricked for the 100th time. 
next time is on us (Sheneequa))
[02:28] <+kardus> loldongs
[02:28] <@Sheneequa> k core you got logs
[02:28] <PuppyPuncher> OH SNAP!
[02:28] <+subseven> looooool
[02:28] <core> yup
[02:28] <@Sheneequa> core: post to his chatlog page
[02:29] <t4sk> LOL
[02:29] <t4sk> LOLLLERWS
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