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    Duck Hunt

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    "One shot is what it's all about."

    Duck Hunt (鴨おまんこ) is a title developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The title was initially released to the unwashed asiatic masses in 1984. However, it took the passing of another eighteen months before it was finally placed into the hands of a Western audience. Some argue that this lengthy delay was nothing less than a fiendishly cunning oriental ruse in order to afford them more time to adjust their spectacle prescriptions and get in some practice so that their high-scores wouldn't appear quite so shabby in comparison to those achieved through the natural latent ability of Americans to shoot and kill stuff.


    Essentially a first-person shooter Duck Hunt rather than utilising a conventional controller requires the employment of the NES Zapper light gun.

    Three game modes are present and in a manner similar to modern Call of Duty releases any choice of self-determined route is non-existent.

    • Game A
    One duck appears on the screen at a time.
    A second player can control the movement of the ducks with a normal game-pad.
    • Game B
    Two ducks appear at a time!
    • Game C
    Substitutes ducks with clay pigeons, presumably in an effort to cater to the large Buddhist population of Japan.

    Points are achieved by shooting a target with bonus points being awarded for shooting all ten targets in a single round. The minimum number of points required to advance to the next round becomes incrementally higher with failure resulting in Game Over. To add to the difficulty targets also begin to move at a faster speed the further you progress. The game records a players highest score for all games in a single session however, this information is then lost upon turning off the console.

    Each of the game modes begins at 'Round 1' and continues through to 'Round 99', passing this will reset the counter to 'Round 1' but in doing so you fuck up the game before it then decides to an reboot.

    Duck Hunt Dog

    Duck Hunt features an unnamed dog which assists the player by scaring ducks into their firing range. Should the player miss a duck the dog will proceed to appear from within the long grass and laugh derisively. Many people [Who?] have expressed their hatred for the animal some going so far as to state that they wish they could shoot it. In a list of video game 'Urban Legends' compiled by UGO Entertainment the ability to execute the animal utilising a super-secret method was listed #7. There was an arcade version of Duck Hunt which had a bonus stage where you CAN shoot the dog along with the ducks. Of course you would lose points but it would be SO FUCKING WORTH IT!!!!

    Shooting Gallery About missing Pics
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