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    File:Scrooge Swag.jpg
    Like any true duck, Scrooge is loaded with swag.
    File:Quack Pack Slaves.jpg
    Child slavery and prostitution is one of Scrooge's most lucrative businesses.

    DuckTales is a Disney cartoon about a greedy duck and four orphan ducklings he purchased on the child sex-slave market. All episodes revolve around Scrooge McDuck sending his orphan gang to sabotage companies, and then absorbing their assets in order to line his swimming pool with additional gold coins. In the three years that DuckTales aired, Scrooge successfully ransacked over 255 business entities. The marvelous schemes of Scrooge McDuck include slave labor, legal intimidation, and homicide, which are fortunately still taught by ivy league business schools to this very day.

    DuckTales Intro

    Revised Intro

    Bling Bling

    Scrooge McJew polluting the world like a true Scottish jew.
    Scrooge's portfolio
    DuckTales on NES is considered an all-time classic.
    DuckTales as told by Onideus.

    DuckTales proved immensely profitable seeing as Disney made more money from the show than all the coinage combined at the bottom of It's A Small World. In fact, Disney made so much that they made their own swimming pool filled with gold. In three short years, so much crap was manufactured that Wikipedia has an entire article dedicated to it. Here is an incomplete list of DuckTales merchandise which still sells for next to nothing on Ebay because of the sheer amount produced:

    Stupid Facts

    • If you were born in Hungary between 1985 and 1990, you are considered to be part of the "DuckTales Generation"
    • Scrooge McDuck was voiced by the same guy who did Mr. Ed
    • Flintheart, Scrooge's nemesis, was a South African diamond miner.
    • Scrooge funded that whole hilarious incident in Auschwitz to ensure he would have as little competition as possible.


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