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    well, I just hope you realize one day how fucking pathetic your behaviour towards me is... I've never done anything wrong to you and I even kinda trusted you in some way, and you fucking abuse it


    —Dreadnought, To NeoLobster

    I've worked as a carer... helping retards and old people and shit like that.


    —Dreadnought, Justifying his jewishness

    oh and in fact I AM FUCKING BUTTHURT YES


    —Dreadnought, to NeoLobster

    Dreadnought's Fursona is a Dreadnought

    Dreadnought is the irc nickname of a butthurt lolcow who has been milked of all lulz he could have possibly ever produced. He has been known to camwhore while smoking weed, and he is rumored to have received anal sex from a black person. He constantly complains about how ED is no longer funny, then he makes tiny unwanted contributions to pages like Dealer and blanks peoples' user pages when he gets butthurt. His camwhoring and excessive use of the enter key while typing has led to his being b& just about every time he gets on irc. It is not beneath Dreadnought to beg for ops, and he has personal problems with eppigy and Abdul.

    Poor Quality EDiot

    File:Dreadnoughts ED Contribution.png
    Look at that riveting contribution

    Dreadnought's contribution list is full of stupid pedantic edits which usually were reverted. Dreadnought was asking ajt how much ED would cost to buy because he wanted to "buy it and ban faggots." By faggots, he of course meant eppigy, weev, and Abdul, as these were the users who were on the cutting edge of identifying Dreadnought's faggotry and banning him from irc.

    When Dreadnought created articles in the past, they were quickly marked for deletion. This prompted him to go into IRC and complain like a butthurt faggot.

    90 or 19?

    Dreadnought claims to be 19 years old on the Internets. However, recent evidence has shown that Dreadnought is, in fact, old as fuck. In fact, he was one of the original cast from Lemon Party, but they threw him off the photo shoot because he got high and just sort of wandered away.

    Dreadnought's idea of a party


    Dreadnought camwhored his new hair cut for NeoLobster

    Dreadnought is apparently "transplanted" eurotrash. He claims to have rich parents somewhere in Europe who pay his rent, buy him cars, and satiate his drug habits. They condone him spending all their money on weed. This is most likely because as dreadnought claims, one is german and one is polish, as we all know the only germans and poles who mix are Jews since in judiasm polish, german and english jews are the ruling class, this would also explain where all the money came from. Further evidence of his kikery can be found in the fact that he refused to donate to ED simply because the "faggots" glined him. As we all know this is the normal reaction of a Butthurt Faggot Jew. He has also spoken out against the hatred of jews and admitted to having sexual relations with one. Simply put dreadnought is proof of the need for forced eugenics, as it is doubtful that even the most liberal of yuppies would have kept him.

    Skull Fetish

    Dreadnought doesn't own any piece of clothing that doesn't have a skull on it. His apartment is decorated with skull things, he has skull keyrings, ashtrays, sex toys, and crack pipes. He keeps his parents' jewgolds inside a skull necklace he wears around his neck.

    Short-Term Memory

    Weed combined with Autism has destroyed Dreadnought's short-term memory. In fact, he forgets such basic things as how to sit down.

    Dreadnought is a reefer cigarette user
    Leads to

    Dreadnought loves the WEED

    Tiny, Blurry Dong

    Being the second rate retard that he is, dreadnought is a huuuge camwhore, so much so that he installed his own webcam server in his room so that people on the internet could watch him do things like smoke pot, mooch off his parents, and fail at life, all in real time streaming video. An example of his faggotry can be found in these pictures of dreadnought exposing his tiny member.

    Dreadnought's dong is tiny. It's also blurry IRL.
    The picture above is of his dong.
    The picture itself is not blurry. It is the dong.
    This girl just saw Dreadnought's dong.
    She died shortly afterward.


    Dreadnought with his boyfriend.
    File:Dreadnought delicious cake dilemma.jpg
    Why Dreadnought HAS a boyfriend.

    Black guys make Dreadnought's dong stay still long enough to photograph... and look a normal size. This was definitely not rape. Dreadnought enjoys gay anal sex with black person. Photographic evidence indicates that The IRL-blurry dong that Dreadnought usually has is still and focused enough to photograph ONLY while taking it in the ass from black person farm hands.

    The Butthurt Continues

    < Dreadnought> wait
    < Dreadnought> hold it
    < Dreadnought> situation:
    < Dreadnought> 1. I join
    < Dreadnought> 2. I get glined
    < Dreadnought> 3. I stay out
    < Dreadnought> 4. I rejoin
    < Dreadnought> 5. I get glined
    < Dreadnought> 6. I write u an cry
    < Dreadnought> I dont even react most of the times
    < Dreadnought> how lol
    < Dreadnought> when I'm glined
    <Dreadnought> great
    <Dreadnought> ED is so full of faggots
    <NeoLobster> I unbanned you
    <Dreadnought> so what
    <Dreadnought> I mean I wasnt there for a month
    <Dreadnought> and I get g lined
    <Dreadnought> and banned
    <Dreadnought> for every shit
    <Dreadnought> youre all faggots
    <Dreadnought> plus my personal oppinion is that ED isnt funny anymore
    <Dreadnought> forced lulz
    <Dreadnought> lack in soul
    <Dreadnought> lack in essence
    <Dreadnought> C/P ?
    <Dreadnought> I would think so. 
    <Dreadnought> 'lol look at dreadnought complaining'
    <Dreadnought> hahahaaaa
    <Dreadnought> zzzZZzzz
    <NeoLobster> lol
    <NeoLobster> fag
    <Dreadnought> fag?
    <Dreadnought> I'm tired of getting banned for no reason
    <NeoLobster> you're being butthurt
    <NeoLobster> stop it
    <Dreadnought> well thats human
    <Dreadnought> also I'm not yet butthurt
    <Dreadnought> for I care not
    <Dreadnought> at least not much
    <Dreadnought> thats why I havent been around for weeks
    <Dreadnought> because its a bunch of american poofters looping the same unfunny shit
    <Dreadnought> constantly
    <Dreadnought> so explain me 
    <Dreadnought> why should I be at a place of mediocre funnyness, but full of dickheads who ban me 
    <Dreadnought> I dont even get to ban others
    <Dreadnought> answer me, subhuman
    <Dreadnought> if you can
    <Dreadnought> so yeah
    <Dreadnought> that's it
    <Dreadnought> I figured out
    <Dreadnought> I
    <Dreadnought> I'd have much more fun when I'd be banning others
    <Dreadnought> instead of getting banned for no reason
    <Dreadnought> or because some sick homo says "lol fgt"
    <Dreadnought> it's rude that you're not replying

    Documentation of faggotry

    If you want to see more logs of Dreadnought's faggotry, look here.

    Condones Rape

    Dreadnought condones rape. As long as you are drunk when you rape her.

    <Dreadnought> 	like
    <Dreadnought> 	raping a girlfriend
    <Dreadnought> 	when both are drunk
    <Dreadnought> 	is cool
    <Dreadnought> 	coz you dont rape her really


    Finally, Eppigy got sick of Dreadnought's shit and exercised his banhammer. Dreadnought is too stupid to know how to use proxies. He did not take Computer Science III. #ed will never see him again... Unless someone helps him log in for an arbchat.

    11/09/2007	5:03:57 PM	Dreadnought:	well it's funny
    11/09/2007	5:04:07 PM	Dreadnought:	coz noone can really say WHY they dont like me
    11/09/2007	5:04:14 PM	Dreadnought:	it all started with 1 or 2 people not liking me
    11/09/2007	5:04:15 PM	Dreadnought:	or in fact
    11/09/2007	5:04:18 PM	Dreadnought:	just pissing me off
    11/09/2007	5:04:25 PM	Dreadnought:	and ok, me as a stupid n00b, went for it
    11/09/2007	5:04:34 PM	Dreadnought:	now they see, that I don't get into their shit anymore
    11/09/2007	5:04:46 PM	Dreadnought:	in fact, I reply in ways they wouldn't expect it
    11/09/2007	5:04:49 PM	Dreadnought:	or I dont reply at all
    11/09/2007	5:04:53 PM	Dreadnought:	what all causes me to get banned
    11/09/2007	5:04:57 PM	Dreadnought:	or g lined
    11/09/2007	5:05:01 PM	Dreadnought:	or who the fuck knows what
    11/09/2007	5:05:01 PM	Hoveround:	do you want my advice?
    11/09/2007	5:05:06 PM	Dreadnought:	no
    11/09/2007	5:05:11 PM	Hoveround:	ok, cya
    11/09/2007	5:05:23 PM	Dreadnought:	I just want a precise statement what the problem is
    11/09/2007	5:06:00 PM	Hoveround:	you're carrying on like a childish little cocksucker 
    11/09/2007	5:06:00 PM	Hoveround:	and i dont have time for gay internet drama today.

    Dreadnought comes crawling back to Hoveround

    16/09/2007	7:35:39 PM	Dreadnought:	hi
    16/09/2007	7:35:53 PM	Dreadnought:	still 'angry' and 'full of hate' coz of my 'butthurt  
    16/09/2007	7:38:21 PM	Dreadnought:	:(
    16/09/2007	7:41:00 PM	Hoveround:	oh hi
    16/09/2007	7:41:06 PM	Hoveround:	"full of hate"?
    16/09/2007	7:41:30 PM	Dreadnought:	well you acted a bit offended
    16/09/2007	7:42:00 PM	Hoveround:	oh you mean when i tried to help figure out stuff on 
                                                    your behalf 
    16/09/2007	7:42:01 PM	Hoveround:	and just you ranted at me?
    16/09/2007	7:42:04 PM	Hoveround:	i wasnt offended
    16/09/2007	7:42:12 PM	Hoveround:	just a little bored by it
    16/09/2007	7:42:17 PM	Dreadnought:	well duh
    16/09/2007	7:42:31 PM	Dreadnought:	what do you expect?
    16/09/2007	7:42:38 PM	Dreadnought:	me being happy about bans?
    16/09/2007	7:42:51 PM	Hoveround:	well i expected you to act like the grownup you claim 
                                                    to be at 19
    16/09/2007	7:42:58 PM	Hoveround:	and not carry on like a 10 year old
    16/09/2007	7:43:02 PM	Dreadnought:	I never claimed to be 19
    16/09/2007	7:43:07 PM	Dreadnought:	who the fuck said that
    16/09/2007	7:43:09 PM	Dreadnought:	I'm 23
    16/09/2007	7:43:12 PM	Hoveround:	ok
    16/09/2007	7:43:18 PM	Hoveround:	thats even more reason to act your age
    16/09/2007	7:43:29 PM	Dreadnought:	also, I'm insane, I'm not meant to act like a grownup
    16/09/2007	7:43:53 PM	Dreadnought:	act my age
    16/09/2007	7:43:53 PM	Dreadnought:	where
    16/09/2007	7:43:55 PM	Dreadnought:	whyl
    16/09/2007	7:43:59 PM	Dreadnought:	lol
    16/09/2007	7:44:07 PM	Dreadnought:	ED? acting my age?
    16/09/2007	7:44:09 PM	Dreadnought:	hm
    16/09/2007	7:44:22 PM	Dreadnought:	23 year olds shouldn't waste time with shite 
    16/09/2007	7:44:22 PM	Dreadnought:	like ED
    16/09/2007	7:44:24 PM	Dreadnought:	:D
    16/09/2007	7:44:33 PM	Hoveround:	i want to break the finger you use to 
    16/09/2007	7:44:33 PM	Hoveround:	hammer the enter key
    16/09/2007	7:44:33 PM	Hoveround:	after
    16/09/2007	7:44:34 PM	Hoveround:	every
    16/09/2007	7:44:35 PM	Hoveround:	word
    16/09/2007	7:44:35 PM	Hoveround:	its
    16/09/2007	7:44:36 PM	Hoveround:	really
    16/09/2007	7:44:38 PM	Hoveround:	annoying
    16/09/2007	7:44:38 PM	Hoveround:	and
    16/09/2007	7:44:39 PM	Hoveround:	tends
    16/09/2007	7:44:39 PM	Hoveround:	to
    16/09/2007	7:44:40 PM	Hoveround:	piss
    16/09/2007	7:44:41 PM	Hoveround:	people
    16/09/2007	7:44:41 PM	Hoveround:	off
    16/09/2007	7:44:50 PM	Dreadnought:	I kinda like it that way
    16/09/2007	7:45:10 PM	Dreadnought:	and I don't see a single reason why I should adjust 
                                                    myself to some worthless subhumans on the internet
    16/09/2007	7:45:11 PM	Hoveround:	lol, kthnxbai

    Expert on Homosexuality

    <Dreadnought> well there were experiments on flies
    <Dreadnought> which were turned gay (the males) once they changed some gene
    <Dreadnought> therefore homos are biological abomination
    <Dreadnought> oooh! I forgot the S in abominationS.

    (He also fucks men)

    Dreadnought tries to pay Emoskank to cam for him

    <Dreadnought> say
    <Dreadnought> can u do a camshow for moneyz?
    <emoskank> theoretically, probably, but I doubt I would
    <Dreadnought> hmm
    <Dreadnought> why do u doubt that?
    <Dreadnought> coz all say that u look liek a guy?
    <Dreadnought> emoskank
    <emoskank> what
    <emoskank> I doubt I would cam because I have too much self-respect
    <Dreadnought> too much self respect?
    <Dreadnought> you posted your tits coz someone threatened u with a ban for lulz
    <Dreadnought> and you dare speaking of self respect?
    <Dreadnought> also, u
    <Dreadnought> also, u're calling yourself SKANK
    <Dreadnought> again... where is the self respect?
    <Dreadnought> plus we pay well
    <emoskank> if you want me to do something for you, this isn't the way to do it </3
    (later in the conversation)
    <emoskank> okay
    <emoskank> I will cam for you
    <emoskank> if you provide a vid of yourself masturbating with a broom handle
    <Dreadnought> lol
    <Dreadnought> I dont have a broom
    <emoskank> a dildo would work
    <Dreadnought> uhm
    <Dreadnought> guess what
    <Dreadnought> I dont have one
    <emoskank> oh :(
    <Dreadnought> I dont wanna have stuff in my ass
    <emoskank> this is unfortunate
    <Dreadnought> not for me :D
    <emoskank> so, you're telling me that you're into bdsm, but you don't want stuff in your ass?
    <Dreadnought> well I'm usually not the slave lol
    <emoskank> I will make you my slave

    Reasons to Hate Dreadnought

    (Add your own):

    Stratocaster: Because he tries to be epic, but of course he fails it.

    Zyclone: Cuz he has failed more than EFG, uh oh!

    Sai_Skunk: 'Cause he keeps calling the people he hates faggots, when us real faggots are quietly enjoying our buttsex and not bothering with him.

    --yirimyahæ 02:39, 15 September 2007 (CDT): why the fuck not?

    Dreadnought is a kid who lives next door to me. is a fgt who bitches on ED.

    Fuck him.

    Rosetta: Because he has a tiny Jew-cock and doesn't seemed ashamed in the slightest.

    BlackMist: Because he thinks that no one talking to him makes us rude.

    Mescalito: because he doesn't liek mudkipz

    Blargh: because he's unfunny, and he blames his propensity for getting glined on me, rather than his failure at being a normal human being

    MullahNasruddin: Nasrudin was explaining how he was the 'boss' in his household.

    "I always get the last word," said Nasrudin. "My wife tells me to do something and I say, 'Okay'."

    BURK "In these days one must be wary, for in all tubes lurk faggotry, dreadnought is simply faggotry that hasnt been fully flushed yet, he represents all that is wrong and corrupt on the internet, and must be treated accordingly."

    Unicron: His sickest burn is "subhuman", which is particularly funny considering his Jewishness.

    Hoveround: Contradicts himself constantly. Tries to gain influence and respect by insulting, abusing and debasing everyone in sight. Asks for clarification and assistance on his various bans by ranting incoherently and using 8 year old slurs like "fag" and "subhuman". Defends his juvenile behavior by claiming to be mentally ill. Ironically, called ME butthurt after I couldn't deal with his stupidity anymoar and blocked him on MSN.

    SloanRanger: He never takes the hint why other people leave a room as soon as he enters.

    Shep: He is AIDs incarnate.

    Emoskank: Bloated sense of self-importance. Delusions of grandeur. Won't fucking stop talking about his BDSM obsession.

    Reisenrohr: Because he refuses to acknowledge that the pool is fucking closed.

    Phobos: I hate Dreadnaught on Dreadnaught's behalf.

    PunaKone: He's Dreadnought, which reminds me of Warhammer 40k which is stupid

    Peabrain: He's on the homepage and i'm not

    Manuel: I remember he told a story for half an hour about how he had some bitch wrapped around his finger and could fuck her anytime he wanted. Pressed for details, it turned out she'd been using him for free car repairs, free money, free home improvements, free alcohol, and free cuddlewhoring and never so much as given up the tip of her tongue to him. Dreadnought was then directed to read about Ladder Theory to learn the extent of his cuckoldery. Then he turned on his webcam and tore off his toenail in a drunken fit.

    Anonymous: Because he fucks niggers

    Mustardayonnaise: because i read this article

    Shinobiroronoa: Because he's a Kike.

    Damn-o-tron: Uses the fucking enter key too damn much. And he's a Kike.

    Jocento: Because he fell down when he was high, that's just silly.

    Saucy3: He's got a tiny Jew-penis, and flabby balls.

    Gamesadict: Because he is in the Article of the Now.

    stufff: Because he did WTC.

    DjangoDurango: Because one should never be called "subhuman" by someone who can't correctly operate the enter key himself.

    cubicksrube: Beacause he forgot how to shot dick.

    Nakamura: Because he forgot how to shot APPELS

    NeoLobster: Because he promised me a dong pic, then delivered that stub.

    SirGrumpus: Because I may be a failure, but dammit, at least I know when I'm failing.

    Iont: His picture was on the front of ED. Nuff said

    Shane: Because he didn't do it for the lulz.

    jeremymd: He is made of ass and poo.

    Spart__a:Because he wants to buy ED.

    Seizurepirate : because he keeps referring to everyone as a subhuman which makes me believe that he is a closet furfag or otherkin.

    Zewb: Because he looks like one of those guys you see driving shitty ford trucks with 12 inch lifts and the shitty stereo system turned up too loud. the kind of guy that lies about how much he drinks at a party. the kind of guy that gets in a lot of fights and loses all the time, but makes lame excuses like he was lifting earlier, and then he lies about how much he benched. He's the kind of guy that gets underage girls drunk and fucks them at his mom's house

    Paracetamol Boy:

    <Dreadnought> I'm a music producer and I like off roading
    <Dreadnought> and skateboarding
    <Dreadnought> and drugs and alcohol
    <Dreadnought> and being evil

    Because he left out "being a faggot" and "sucking cocks". :'(

    teleputty : I'm insane, I'm not meant to act like a grownup That sounds like it needs to be on some fat Naruto fangeriatric's coffee mug. It reminds me of "can't sleep, clowns will eat me". The worst part is that it's his schtick and he expects people to think it's funny, failing to realize that over 75% of the internet is a bunch of burnt-out, faux-intelligent tools just like himself who think ED is the fastest way to become an internet celebrity.

    EmilyJo: Because I'm 23 and I like wasting time on ED.

    Themobrules: Because he seemed like enough of a butthurt cunt HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. Butthurt says he's cured.

    Lannister: How the fuck did I miss this? Because he's a whiny butthurt burnout faggot who wastes bandwidth and precious oxygen sitting on #ED talking about weed and skypefagging it up with NeoLobster. He is a complete waste of life and has used his parents' money solely to make himself dumber by burning his brain cells out with the occasional stop for Chee-tos and shit porn.

    IS-THIS-SPARTA!!?: Because he's a Chav

    Irishdrunklol: Because my penis was bigger flaccid before my balls dropped.

    JewMuncher99: He hates Battletoads.

    Nay: threw a complete rage at my homegirl penni for getting bant. i never saw someone baw that hard ever. EVER. it's like he's got a special talent for chimping the fuck out. it's spectacular.

    Manoil: Guy's an utter douche. Even if you try talking to him with respect, he puts in the effort to respond as a pompous cunt. Also incredibly whiny when losing bouts with forum moderators and ends up having to be babysat. He's a fucking child.


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