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Dramatica Online
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  • Encyclopædia Dramatica
  • The False ED
  • The Clone of ED
  • Yellow ED
  • Gay ED
  • Confederate States of ED
  • Sonderbund
  • ED Brexit Party
  • Fountain of Faggots
Type Wiki
Founded November 2020
Location OTI, 'Murica based (probably)
Key people Umkemesik, .wil, Baka, CrackRabbit, Decæptive, GirlOnInternet, Gloriousreader, Hipcrime, Kaizen, Likeicare, TabbyGarf, Conrad Rockenhaus
Userbase ~60
Motto In lulz we trust
Products Lulz

Dramatica Online (DO) is an internetz version of the Confederacy.

Located at EncyclopediaDramatica.Online they host forums at forum.dramatica.online

In late 2020, during the Thousand Year Bore, a feud among sysops resulted in the breakaway of a group of Encyclopædia Dramatica admins led by Umkemesik to form a Clone of ED at encyclopediadramatica.online and later dramatica.online. The rebel admins' main complaints revolved around ED's post-2020 leader Aediot being a megalomaniac, removing ED's delightful, seizure-inducing-flashing-pr0n ads to instead promote his self help book, being too slow in restoring ED, selling CP (among other crimes) and planning to sell ED to the Chinese for 6 gorillion shekels.

Such accusations are untrue, and even if they are, Aediot is immune from prosecution on account of being a protected demographic. Real ED is safe, pure and family friendly, whilst Yellow ED is dark and full of terrors. Despite this, the presence of DO is a blessing, since its presence as a rival to ED may well result in a lulz arms race.

Besides screeching nonstop about how their 'version' is better, they claim that people just "don't know about them yet". Something that's hard for them to understand is that people know and just don't give a shit. If only they could take their heads out of eachothers ass for one measly second they could at least attempt to understand. One of the most unfortunate things about these losers is that even if they all came together and put their brain cells together they still wouldn't be able to come up with a decent idea due to the fact that they're always arguing like the retards they were born to be. Spending their time putting eachother in time outs and shit talking is the perfect way to run a wiki, i'm sure. We shouldn't judge them too harshly though, being a failure means they're just doing the best they can! Because of the rampant illnesses that feast on these poopyheads, it's best to ignore them. There's not much else you can do when they're SEO is permanently the equivalent of current MySpace.

How to troll people from Dramatica Online

  • Call it Dramatica Online
  • Call it Yellow ED
  • Call it the ED Clone
  • Mention Search Engine Optimisation
  • Mention that ED is now a limited company
  • Mention ED's trademarked name
  • Remind them that the real ED has four times as many users
  • Mention Indian Developers on $7/hr
  • Confuse them with Uncyclopedia
  • Tell them that aediots wiki is the real ED and will always be superior to their .online knockoff
  • Remind them how Oddguy ditched them and their shitty knockoff ED to join the real and superior .wiki ED

Where daily meetings of faggotry take place assfucking eachother

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