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    Drama whore

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    File:Tis a Pity.JPG
    Whores usually don't deserve to live.
    Your average run-of-the-mill furry drama whore.

    A drama whore is someone who lives for drama. This person will usually claim he or she does not like the drama, but secretly they are always happier when it is around. Examples of drama whores can be found in most Internet communities.

    Being a drama whore is not necessarily a bad thing, and to be called one is only considered insulting if intended as such. Indeed, many drama whores proudly wear the term as a "badge of honor", thus stripping it of any negative connotation.

    The entire staff of LJDrama, for example, are considered drama whores, as are that site's regular visitors. Individuals who watch soap operas and shows such as The O.C. and Sex in the City are also drama whores.

    Some communities attract their own discipline specific drama whores. One such community (where your mom might go drama whoring) is the LiveJournal crochet community. It features frequent dramatic episodes relating to matters such as pattern copyright, whether it's mean to be mean to people in a friendly supportive community, whether your yarn and/or pattern is ugly and sucks and whether some contributing user is a troll or not.

    Drama Whores exist in every clique that exists. The most amusing are Emo drama whores (yes they exist, as a matter of fact they are what populates the entire subculture) and Furry Drama whores.

    In the middle of 2008, a new idea began to emerge that not all drama whores are intentionally causing drama, but are instead regular people who are fun to gang up on for having a different view point or belief than the rest of the pack. In this case they are lightening rods for drama instead of purposeful drama whores.

    File:388652191 a6569705c3 Lady J ED.jpg
    Drama whores may look normal, but they're constantly craving the next "drama". Amiright?

    A Partial List of Known Drama Whores

    OCMBDrama Staff

    LJDrama Staff

    Final Fantasy VII Subculture Forums Staff

    Cliques & Subcultures

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