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    Drama queen

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    Typical Drama Queen, except 40 lbs thinner.
    Drama queens need to be the center of the universe.

    A drama queen is a type of attention whore, usually female and/or a goth, who is overemotional, exaggerative and prone to theatrical displays of melodrama. Their feelings range from ecstatic to suicidal, but rarely is there any middle ground between these two extremes.

    Many drama queens use LiveJournal, where they greatly embellish the circumstances of various stories, stir up drama, post ridiculous "dark" poetry and make sweeping, pseudo-intellectual "observations" about Art, Beauty, Pain, Love and Life. Drama queens also frequently employ random capitalization of certain terms or ideas to better reinforce their "importance" or romanticism. Although male drama queens exist (usually in the form of "screaming queen" faggots), the female persuasion of this creature is by far the most prevalent and widespread, and thus will be the primary focus here.

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    Being a Drama Queen gets you page views on DeviantArt
    No, not this kind.


    The interesting factor in the case of the psycLOLogy of the female drama queen, is that the amount of drama they generate on the internets is always directly inverse to the amount of drama surrounding them IRL. Everything becomes serious fucking business. Thus, such a mundane event as, say, opening a bag of Doritos, triggers drama of massive, epic vortex-like proportions, pulling all and sundry into it's black hole-like grasp when posted to the LiveJournal of the drama queen in question and will usually include such parameters as:

    • The crinkle of the bag opening caused her to get into a fight with her boyfriend (or parents if a basement dweller), and said confrontation escalating to the point of physical/sexual abuse, broken furnishings and the possible buggering of any small animals within reach. The reality is that she was asked to keep the crinkling down because her baby brother/sister just went down for a nap.
    • Caused her to have an attack of massive self doubt regarding her weight and/or her placement in the capitalist system as a consumer whore for brand name products, which invariably results in a YouTube "confession", usually with much sniffling, mascara that has been streamed by tears and unintelligible breaks in speech. Warning: May also be accompanied by really bad goth/emo "poetry", if said drama queen is of that persuasion.
    • Failing any creativity, will be linked with an "odd or unexplained" occurrence in her vicinity, such as at the precise moment the bag was opened, the lights flickered and an odd scraping was heard in the walls of the room. This will be especially true if said drama queen is a member of an LJ community that deals with unexplained phenomena.

    Center of the universe

    One of the biggest traits of the drama queen is that anything and everything is about her. Nothing else matters, it's all about her needs, her wants, and how: "it's all about ME!". The drama queen lives off of attention, for it is her number 1 priority....Hell, if attention took a physical form she would gleefully have it slammed into every orifice repeatedly like a massive gangbang.

    Do NOT under any circumstances date a drama queen. She will basically consume all of your time, and start to give you constant guilt trips for seeing your friends. Your friends are her worst enemy, because a drama queen sees them as a threat to her precious attention. If her slow convincing does not cut you off from her friends she will slam you with the ultimatum: "It's either THEM or ME!".

    Identification in the Wild

    Further delving into the shallow psyche of the drama queen, given the above, is exactly how closely they resemble the "attention whore". The overwhelming evidence suggests that the two at some point have engaged in a kind of "cross-pollination" making identification in the field somewhat difficult, but if observed long enough the differences become easy to spot. The most telling piece of evidence, is that an attention whore will engage in anything that will generate attention from any party on the internets, whereas a drama queen "specializes" in select acts of drama generation. For example, an attention whore will use their Amazon.com wishlist, their illness or the illness of someone (anyone) else, a bad break up, the fact that their cat had kittens or whatever to make sure that the sun never sets on them. A drama queen, on the other hand, will craft and tailor what amounts to a drama generating chaos engine, specifically targeted at online communities that she belongs to, assuring that she will be the burning sun in the center of said community for months to come.

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