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    Drama Queen Kim

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    Drama Queen Kim is known by many names on the internets, including PB, Psychobabble, Kimo48, Justme111, purplecrayon, mommyk, MistressofTaboo, birdsongforyou, kim_herself and Crusty. She's the selfless and devoted mother of 300 foster children, who masquerades as a veteran drama queen and deleter of journals, complete with endless bad health, being a battered wife-while-pregnant-with-critically-ill-fetus, puppy set on fire, kid snatched at gunpoint, cancer, suicide attempts, and attacks by hackers.

    Guinea Pig Drama

    DQK first came to the attention of LJDrama when she claimed to have rescued 300 cavies (limey for "guinea pigs"), and was outed as a liar. She claimed she was hacked by someone staying at her house, then attempted suicide and managed to track people's IPs while she was in hospital.

    Meele Drama

    Less than a year after her appearance on LJDrama, Kim is a regular reader of the site and reads about crazy Meele the Phantom of the Opera stalker. She devotes herself to exposing Meele's crimes, and attracts a band of fellow drama whores on a blog called Psychobabble. When Meele uncovers Kim's seedy guinea pig past, Kim denies it's her, and deletes the blog claiming it wasn't her, it was Blogger losing it. She makes threats of legal action when Meele wonders whether she hits her children.

    After her community migrates to GreatestJournal, people in her band start to question her claims. When she is harassed on LiveJournal by someone using the name birdsongforyou, people find early comments from that LJ with Kim's IP on them. The band disbands in disgust.


    A blog belonging to one of Kim's former LJ friends, Fairly Naive, is taken over and becomes a blog about Kim's craziness, naming her Crusty.

    Then the blogger gets bored and hands the Fairly Naive blog over to someone else. Someone else doesn't take it in the direction they want, so they start another new blog, Not Naive, about Crusty aka Kim. But Kim's been quiet so they turn their attention to other people from the Meele drama, and make a post attacking cdaae for having depression. cdaae's minions protest, Not Naive withdraws her comments and swears off being a drama monster. But not for long! cdaae is an LJ friend of gerbilsage the notorious troll. Not Naive posts attacking gerbilsage and cdaae for being trolls and laughing at people with stupid LJ userinfos.

    People begin to notice that Not Naive's writing style is exactly the same as Kim's. Since Kim has used a sockpuppet to harass herself before, they figure she preferred drama about herself to no drama at all. Fairly Naive posts about it, and Not Naive and Kim deny being the same person.

    Along comes daniels_pengies, sworn enemy of the LiveJournal Circle Jerk and gerbilsage. Not Naive welcomes daniels_pengies as a fellow enemy of the LiveJournal Circle Jerk trolls, because she is against the abuse of blogs and journals. She doesn't mind that he thinks he is the greatest troll of all, who posts pornographic picspam and sexual perversity to harass people.

    Kim is now posting her revisions of the past on daniels_pengies's MySpace, and Fairly Naive is keeping the world up to date on Crusty's misdeeds.

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