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    At first glance, Ian Lynam looks like your average prepubescent anime homophobic fag; but in reality he's your average whiny man-child homophobic pedophile. While he poses as a 15 year old boy, he has been seen to lie about his age everywhere on the internet. His earliest account states that he's 20 years old. He also takes a liking to a wide variety of underaged girls. He also once bullied a homosexual 14 year old boy to the point the boy attempted suicide. The paramedics found the boy but he died a few days later in the hospital. He has been known to bully any boys that are friends with his underaged victims and attempts to get them to kill themselves.


    Despite having a very tiny dick and never having felt the contact of a woman in his life, Ian is extremely homosexual and openly screams that "everything" is wrong with them. You will notice by the end of the video, Ian admits that he enjoys gigantic meat swords and exclaims "what's there not to like?". He has also been seen hitting on multiple men IRL.

    Pedo Whore

    I'm 20 but I like my girls prepubescent.



    Ian is a widely known pedophile that hunts down 14 year old girls, mostly on DeviantArt, and cybers them. Ian lies to his victims and tells them he's between the age of 14 and 17 when in reality he is 20. Unfortunately the admins hid most of his pedophile cyber chat logs. We've been assured they've given him warnings, but he still continues to victimize many young girls on the internet.

    While Ian is notorious for being a lying sexual deviant that preys on 50+ little girls, all of his victims are completely sure he's a normal 14-17 year old boy with red hair that "works out." He sends them fake pictures of himself and refuses to video chat because he's actually a heavy set dark haired 20 year old nerd. He also likes to pretend he's an invisible anime character from the anime bleach to try and impress all of these girls. Unfortunately most of them fall for this act.

    Kills Everyone

    Ian decides that Chase deserved to die.

    Ian is also fond of bullying homosexuals and anyone who isn't homophobic. Earlier this year he bullied a friend of one of his many e-girlfriends to death. Apparently this 14 year old boy had been in a homosexual relationship before, and being the homophobic dick loving man-child he is, Ian came along and bullied and attacked the boy until he attempted to kill himself by unknown means. It is confirmed the boy died days later in the hospital.

    He has also been caught harassing other people from different age groups because of their sexuality or past relationships. It seems he usually targets people that are friends with his preteen victims.



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