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    Dragonmorph is a recent arrival to the furry perversions, noted for his juvenile behavior and subject matter, and for his habit of raping the English language every time he types.

    Dragonmorph was first spotted on deviantART where he quickly made a name for himself favbombing and watchbombing. However, things quickly become very unpleasant when he began asking other artists if he could draw their character nude, as well as using homophobic and racist language. He has created at least 100 deviantART accounts (almost all of them have been banned), and has used them to re-watch people (much to their aggravation). He has also used (many) other online art galleries to host his art.

    His "Art"

    Many new arrivals to the fandom often draw porn. Dragonmorph is no exception, and much of his artwork is sexually incomprehensible. On the positive side, though, he has so far refrained from bizarre fetishes and kinks such as vore, scat, unbirthing, pregfurs, mpregfurs or inflation, and instead has kept himself to the realm of adolescent-minded smut.

    The Dragonmorph Experience

    It's not gay if it has tits.

    When Dragonmorph has targeted you and contacted you, he will, if you're female, tell you he loves you, because apparently Dragonmorph falls in love with anything female that can do decent art. After confessing his undying love in rape English, he proceeds with some senseless talking, and then wants to make what he refers to as an 'art-trade'. Regardless of what you answer upon this request, he will do it. Not only does the character get drawn pornographically without consent, the vag is most likely to look like a pair of balls, which could only prove that he actually is a total fag. On the plus side, you can always make fun of him to his face because his English sucks so bad he'll never know what the hell you just called him.


    (This section was rescued from WikiFur, despite the efforts of the Furluminati)

    Dragonmorph is known for creating drama, be it deliberately or inadvertently, in the furry fandom in general. He has on several occasions bombed the private messages of various furries who were black or homosexual and harassed them. Other antics include offering to draw nudes of characters belonging to people he barely even knew, and calling them "art-trades". This among other things including his infamous dA ban-evasion fest and pee-inside-your-ass chat have made him a laughing stock among furries, along with the likes of pochiraccoon.

    He is currently working on a comic called The Anthroness which to date only has one strip in its six months of existence.


    Troling Dragonmorph (as opposed to trolling)

    Much lulz can be had by casting doubts on his heterosexuality and mentioning that he has had cybersex with other guys. His Wikipedia userpage identifies him as bisexual (though only because someone edited it) [1] One could also try spamming in chat with "pee inside your ass". Directing him to http://yiff.on.nimp.org (In case you're a retard, this gives you a virus) should have interesting results.

    According to WikiFur he lives in San Antonio, Texas and despite being a beaner, he should know English. But he still rapes English. LULZ: [2] [3] [4] Aparrently these pages are "404 fur not found"?

    It's also very easy to troll him by simply telling him that his art sucks and he should go kill himself on the various imageboard posts he makes (though this usually just causes him to delete the thread because he got butthurt).

    The hypothetical holy grail of trolling Dragonmorph would be to create a VCL/FurAffinity account and fill it with nothing but his male characters committing acts of sodomy, and then spamming him with links. Doing so should cause him to go completely apeshit, and perhaps quit the internets forever.


    Well, we were close. Instead of leaving the internet forever, he deleted fucking everything and started over under a new identity, Iguanto. He thinks this will vindicate him in some way but all it done was confirm our suspicions that Dragonmorph enjoys the cock. His new gallery is full of horribly drawn hermaphrodites which, of course is loved by str8 furs who love cock.

    lol, he's aparrently left this account for ever because his parents are too poor to pay the bills.

    Gallery of Art and Lulz

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]




    —After being linked to Tubgirl

    pee inside your ass.



    You scarying me!


    —Dragonmorph, on being "scaryed"

    There human-dragon. Not sex.



    there are no dragon sexing.


    —No dragon sexing



    —Dragonmorph, looking at that motherfucker did that to his character



    —Dragonmorph on black people



    —Dragonmorph on fucking niggers

    Warning! Reminder of yours some of my posting has disturbing images/flames from the trolls. Please ignore them all and those trolls are all lairs.


    —Dragonmorph, ignoring the lair trolls

    I got alote of HATE mail from all unkown artists. They all told me to stop drawing anymore drawing porns, and they calling me a Jew that I cannot tell you all.


    —Dragonmorph getting alote of HATE mail from all unkown artists

    Why do you all hate me? <=(



    I don't know what's Ogrish means. But he knows.









    YOU GOING TO GET BANNED! I already send to the administrator to put you in banned!


    —Dragonmorph, sending to the administrator to put you in banned

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