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    Likes to cosplay sluts
    John Cleese speaks about Eien.
    John Cleese continuing to speak about Eien.

    Dragon-goddess (also known as Blue-Rosa, Blue-fishies and Eien) is a plagarist attention whore who draws amazing animu art. Her hobbies include whining, being a virgin, and sucking the dicks of popular artists so they can be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. She believes it's perfectly fine to draw the same way for several years with little improvement or variety till recently and apparently stepped on her closest bitch of a buddeh to get what she wanted. She also used to obsessively draw pregnant women badly.

    Her art

    More like anatomy in general

    Dragon-goddess seems to have the idea stuck in her head that if you add more detail it equals to your level of artistic talent, even if you have no fucking idea what you're doing. Her faces constantly look like they were hit with a blunt object and her anatomy seems to go up and down like a roller-coaster like a lot of artists. Mostly this is because she references what she can't draw. Which is pretty much everything. Her collage of flipped and traced body parts often create a downs Frankenstien's monster but uglier. Even tracing can't get her to draw anything remotely good. She also feels the need to state how bad her anatomy is on each picture and blames it on how she was experimenting when it happened. At this stage we have no proof that this dipshit tartlet still traces, only that she references. Maybe she finally learnt her stupid ass lesson.

    She'll also delete the evidence to keep her loyal fans oblivious so screen shot the hell out of her before she deletes fucking everything.

    I’ve been saying this for years and is my quote on deviantArt “The person that will give the hardest Critiques on your art works is yourself” because it was obviously true after watching hundreds of artists on dA say different aspects of their art that they hated. And being an artist myself so i know how it is, and that out of everyone on this planet, i’m the most harshest on my OWN art.


    —Dragon-Goddess, Clearly not looking at her own art

    She's so adept with art, she even references her own shit.

    Despite her constant or possible on and off theivery back in 2009 & 2010, lack of originality and skill, Dragon-Goddess likes to treat herself like a true popular artist. This entails giving motivational art speeches, doing commissions, livestreaming, only doing art trades with high quality artists and teaching others how to draw. Yes, she also believes that she is very talented and therefore qualified to teach others how to be a hack with her awesome video tutorials. Watch and learn! Maybe one day you'll be able to draw just like her.

    Her art progressively goes backwards even though she seemingly draws the same fucking face over and over. The only changes involve bigger noses and eyelashes that have an unnecessary amount of masscarra on them. Her 'new and improved' chibi style involves making them look far more deformed than chibis normally are. In our opinion this evolvement of eyeplacement is so they're able to look at two things at once.

    I don't trace!! not anymore!!!

    can't tell since she was colouring "old" traced sketches
    Someone tell this bitch that Einlee's artbook is not a fucking baby.

    Despite her many attempts to prove to the public that she no longer traces, D-G still can't get her facts straight as she can't decide when she stopped tracing altogether as she is commonly known for colouring sketches that were done "months" before, its safe to say this twat has the memory of a goldfish. It makes us question just how much of what she says is real and how much isn't, then again people lie all the time on the internet so of course this idiot had to join.

    In a desperate plea to really sell the point that she doesn't trace, Eien decided to finally draw and colour from start to finish in her live streams instead of suspiciously having a 'here's something I pulled out of my ass earlier' sketch to work on. This doesn't really prove much though in our opinion, as the great D-G probably just has an artbook of Einlee's] or Shilin's on her lap.


    If you draw animu and pregnant whales well, watch out! Dragon-Goddess will find you and do her best to learn from your art as fast as she can right click. She no longer draws any of her bootiful pregnant whale arts and no longer likes kids apparently due to her work. We do believe that this was just a weird fleeting obsession that this twat had like every other weeaboo fangirl out there. But the srs bzns question is, who is her target now? Maybe anyone who can draw better than she does, it's anyones guess, her retarded art "style" seems to have taken its own path lately, and in turn has veered off a cliff and into used medical waste. Perhaps she should've stuck to tracing and ripping off others.


    They so different.

    When Dragon-Goddess's idol Kaze-hime farted out another image onto deviantart, D-G was quick to wet herself like an over excited little puppy on crack as she had finally found the next image to rip off. Her jellyfish image that is now BAWLEETED was up and it was not long before a fellow tartlet quickly noticed the similarities. What soon followed was a reply of gratitude and thanks for teaching her how to give proper credit. Because she appreciates all the comments and feedback she gets, Dragon-goddess promptly hid all evidence pointing to her thievery after slamming the commentator with proof that "other people draw jelly fish too omg." Dragon-goddess would like to make it clear that because nothing is original any more, this gives her permission to steal everything from other artists.

    I can use the eyedrop tool!

    As we can clearly see, Dragon-goddess is one of the most originaru srs bzns artists on deviantART because after all, "out of everyone on this planet, she’s the most harshest on her OWN art." You can see that her skills and imagination are prominent in most images like her shitty Madoka fanart. She was apparently sick of seeing all of the smiley happy pictures of Mokoko and wanted to be different. So what better way to be different than by drawing Madoko smiling normally with tears in her eyes and of course ripping off another fanart of the anime by someone who can actually draw.

    It was only after a certain mishap where apparently her file had been corrupted. As a result the hair had changed dramatically back to "how it originally was drawn" because she was either too fucking retarded to learn how to save or someone kindly reminded her that thievery was a no-no.

    In the end, it is probably safe to assume that Dragon-goddess does indeed have something unique and interesting about her after all. The ability to turn gold into shit.


    File:Sorrykuru, you can't use logic on dumbshits.jpg
    Stop reasoning with her Kuru, she's too retarded to understand your logic and apologize.
    Oh please do tell us. We'd just LOVE to hear what you have to say.
    This bitch ‘practiced her anatomy’ right over the top of Kururu-pon's art. Image deleted before article was made.

    It seems that D-G had actually once been 'friends' with another Deviantartlet who goes by the alias 'kuru' who seemingly holds a very special place in the 'targets' section. Previous journals of conventions attended together have since been deleted but remants remain if you could be bothered to look hard enough. Kururu-pon recently posted on tumblr a giant shitfest rant on Dragon-goddess and her immensely shit personality. The whole thing was quite the lulz-a-palooza as we could get some insight on how exactly the two broke up, along with much of which has been mentioned in this article. And it certainly did not raise any eyebrows to find that the lolcow had treated her fellow pal like shit once kuru had advanced more than D-G had in art. No surprise as D-G didn't deny or acknowledge the things she had done since she either had no excuse or was too much of an idiot to even understand what was going on. This was demonstrated by the fact that D-G thinks that people who simply state her past actions and words or behaviour are obviously just trying to make it all about themselves. (even though they clearly aren't) Funnily enough, despite treating her ex friend like shit, it didn't stop the high and mighty D-G from tracing and copying Kururu-pon either.

    Watch out Shilin, you’re next.

    It's shilins turn

    Try not to get the idea completely wrong as Kaze-hime isn’t the only tartlet that D-G likes to steal from. Anytime Dragon-goddess so much as glimpses something that she deems worthy, she has the annoying habit of trying to imitate and steal whatever poor soul’s art had the misfortune of grabbing her attention. This is extremely noticeable in that, as previously mentioned, her style is constantly changing and she has in fact admitted this herself.(evidence since bawleeted) The trick to finding out is to see who she mentions in her tl;dr essays, sit back and watch her style change as she claims it as her own while comparing it to her previous work.

    Pregnancy fetish

    Remember. Its a miracle.

    D-G has an incredible hard-on for pregnancy. Possibly because her lesbian disorder leaves her unable to have babies. Whenever there is a pregnant woman around, Eien can sense it much like Professor Oak can sense when bikes are being used indoors. Her unused vagina gets moist and she proceeds to lactate. As a result, she draws a lot of it. If you look at her gallery you're inclined to find hundreds of beautiful drawings of her lesbian pairing Aiden and Fiona both of which seem to constantly be suffering from pregnancy. By this point in time its safe to assume that babies walk out of them like a vortex. In an update, it is noted that after seeing this page, D-G Bawleted every one of her pregger fetish art in a sad attempt to hide the truth.

    Dragon-goddess tries so hard to convince everyone that pregnancy is a 'miracle'. Remember she is a serious artist, and she proves this by drawing her pregnant OCs in the nude in sultry poses. She likes to reuse the word 'miracle' over 9000 times by mentioning it in the artist comments, title and in the art itself. This is most likely attempts to detour people into thinking that pregnancy isn't a fetish that she faps to at night. Any comment suggesting such will result in her claiming her pregger art is different from other pregger art. If you ask her about her pregnancy she will tell you about how as a Lesbian she can never have children of her own and lament her being a virgin. In her world only miracles make babies.

    Some people even tell her how pretty her art is.

    This is a really nice picture and it's good to see some tasteful pregnancy art. You havent wrecked it; the skin or really nicely done and they eyes are stunning. You probably should have used free-transform or warp on the stockings so they didn't look so cut and pasted but that's a pet peeve of mine so don't take it personally.


    They're both lovely. Her pregnancy looks accurate and not overexerted like some pics out there.


    I love how you make it seem so beautiful, I hope it changes ppl's mind about how its seen.


    It didn't feel beauty when my back was thrown out and I gained 40 pounds, but your picture illustrates it nicely and the way you describe it is beautiful. ^^


    —Some of her supporters, helping her self-esteem

    Somehow, the meaning of miracle seems to have been lost with D-G and certain other baby obsessed women. Seemingly, miracles are no longer the very rare, once in a life time act of divine intervention and are in fact the work of a group of horny people mashing their privates together which then produces babies. It is also debateable whether these people think that their babies were produced by supernatural causes. Statistics would like to remind you that birth happens multiple times a day, all across the globe.

    Attention whoring

    Dragon-goddess about to return with favourite generating shit.

    All she wants for her birthday is you attenshunz.

    Because her stamps are the most popular thing in her entire shit-crusted gallery (probably because she hasn't drawn any of it), Dragon-Goddess intends to grace DeviantArt with her miraculous presence once more, and what better way to announce her arrival by raping our eyes with even more of her favourite gay penis comic that no one has ever heard of.

    The fact that she's celebrating her birthday by returning to tartlet land and planning to whore out her beautiful art isn't whorish enough, apparently. It's painfully obvious that she intends to have everyone grace her with birthday wishes and asspats. Which in the end it seems no one remembered her birthday, surprised we didn't get a flipping bawww journal about it.

    It seems that Dragon-goddess just loves to note and copy how certain other deviantarts have become popular and has recently started to watch random people who are great at art in an attempt to get them to come to her page, thanking her for the watch so they can see her bootiful art in hopes of getting a watch back. This is evident by all of the comments on her front page being practically nothing but ass pats for favs and watches.


    A bloo bloo bloo
    Her tumblr is full of this.

    It is difficult to tell what Dragon-Goddess's has a very high or low self-esteem. Every month or year or so she regains eyesight and realizes how shit her art actually is and sighs about it while threatening to quit as her, like every other animu artist, then her fans reluctantly convince her not to. The more likely scenario is she doesn't hate her art and just loves the attention she gets when she's having emotional rl troubles. She has the tendency to turn every topic into something about her and her sad little life to anyone. When that fails she'll half-heartedly attempt suicide. She will often reblog endless baww and other stupid non-sense photos on tumblr. Most likely if Dragon-goddess were to realize the existence of this page she'd start touching herself in joy.

    It's fairly obvious that she loves the sound of her own voice as she has many tl;dr artist comments, generally stating her thoughts, feelings and an update on her menstural cycle as if we really give a shit. Even when talking to someone through comments you can reply to her with half a sentence and she'll reply with a 1000 word essay.

    D-G is apparently too logical in thought.

    Due to a seemingly recent event where others were ‘talking about D-G behind her back”, Dragon-goddess is quick to remind us all that you do not in fact know her at all and that you should not be quick to judge her. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Of course all of what has been displayed on this page is completely wrong and she is actually a nice person.

    In spite of having convinced absolutely everybody that she is indeed an artist with morals and integrity, D-G seemingly isn’t aware that she does enough ‘feeling’ for the rest of us. She would also like to convince you all that she’s a human with real emotions and that this should be understood as an excuse for her fail, outbursts, being a hypocrite, being a virgin, not needing to think logically and blatant disregard for producing real art properly like everyone else.


    File:Give me art aka-shiro.jpg
    We're bffs now rite? Can I has art then?

    She'll comment on popular artists works with tips on how to draw in the dire hopes that they will reply and acknoledge her exsistence, quickly wetting herself with excitement if they do. Somehow she manages to reply to 5 word replies with fucking paragraphs. Most of the time when she receives more than one reply she'll consider herself to be friends and daringly ask for an art trade. This has made her surprisingly good at sucking eDick despite having fits seeing one in real life.

    Shamelessly asking for art swaps and collaborations with far superior artists isn’t all that Dragon-goddess will do in a pathetic attempt to make herself seem important. She has no problem in stepping on her friends and their opinions in order to show everyone just how mature and knowledgeable she really is. Because she hasn't been handed the information ‘how to take artists techniques’, on a silver platter, she finds the need to have a cry about it to a more popular tartlet. Since naturally, people can just figure out how to do things by copying others, this would definitely explain why she's so adept at art by now.

    Kaminary suddenly is aware of what a hack this bitch is.

    Since Dragon-goddess has made several open claims of not caring for attention, she was quick to prove otherwise by slapping it in her journal to rub in her watchers faces. For what other comments but praise for having been featured in a meme. Of course Kaminary-san's art wasn't good enough to earn a plug, she just needed to throw Eien's mentally challenged art on a canvas first. In an update, it appears that the new and improved 'take responsibility for my actions' D-G has made an appearance and publically stated that she did indeed trace art. So if this kind hearted and beautiful person can actually admit she has traced peoples art, why does she find it impossible to apologise and take responsibility for the wrongs she makes with people and her so called "friends"? Answer: she doesn't give a shit about friends when there's a popular tard in the room.

    cocksucking the great Kaze-hime, the bitch should have given up like she's threatened so many times already.

    D-G, as you've probably already noticed, has the incessant need to spew beautiful, kind words whenever she talks about how much she’s in love she is with some idol of hers. This is probably an attempt to win them over and score free art by buttering them up with things she thinks they want to hear. Eien loves to go out of her way to draw fan art for her favourite artists, just to show how much of a huge cock sucker she is when they really don’t give a shit about her or her wonderful work.

    Secret Santa

    She was invited to an event? Lol, don't kid yourself D-G

    Considering that events such as these reap in attenshunz like no tommorrow, it's not surprising that D-G would soon set her sights on them. Towards the end of 2011, when all of those popular artist events take place, a certain secret Santa happened to appear and it wasn’t long before the great and wonderful D-G popped up on their list. Considering the fact that these events usually invite persons who can actually produce their own art and draw a face that doesn’t look like it was hit with the +3 ugly mallet of tracing, it wasn’t long before some people started to call foul play. Eventually, some brave deviants spoke up about their concerns on something being amiss, to which the comments were promptly hidden a couple weeks later. (An all too well known thing that D-G happens to do herself when she doesn’t like certain comments on her page.) It is possibly safe to assume that this was because she didn't want a place concentrated with so many actual talented people to know that a true artist was among them. It was later confirmed that she had been noted questioning her past conduct and the tracing, apparently the end result was still the same, the tarlet was forced to "pull out" of the event, apparently apologizing to the event for the "trouble" she caused.

    It is even theorised that Eien may have even created the event herself to score free arts and the butt pats of others, as no self respecting artist or even deviant would actually invite this hack to any event, given her embarrassing history, personality and her level of art.


    Dragon-Goddess often openly admits that she's bisexual and by God is she quick to remind everyone that she has an online lesbian relationship omg . Apparently she met her girlfriend irl Apparently isn't in her online lesbian relationship anymore omg, wonder what happened?

    Dragon-goddess trying to impress Tom Preston by making it all about her.
    So is she asexual or...
    Over the years I’ve started to realize and notice it more that there is a high possibility that i AM asexual. Every relationship i’ve had, i’ve never had any urge or motivation to involve with someone for “sexual” reasons, its always been because i loved their personality/who they were, I tried to pretend a few times, but in the end i always broke up with people (if i wasn’t the one being dumped) because I didn’t feel any sexual attraction towards them, and I always felt bad, because its not just a once or twice thing, its a REACURRING problem with me with both females and males i’ve dated, what’s worse is I feel “in love” with the person still but I just don’t feel any urge to express my love in any sexual manner, and when i mean sexual i also mean kissing, cuddling, hugging and of course sex.

    And for a long time I felt weird, because i WANT to be with someone, I WANT to be in a relationship, but when I actually get into the relationship, its like that asexual switch gets turned on and I just can’t encourage myself into being intimate. My last and most recent relationship was the first time I took a step forward in trying to show physical type attraction and even then…it was limited to hugging, holding hands and kissing. God damn it…I just want to be normal like everyone else, where they want to boink the person they are with after a few/couple months.


    —Dragon-Goddess, Unsure how to tell her girlfriend she just wants dick.

    Brrrrrr, I said it’s cold in here. There must be some men in the atmosphere.

    If it wasn’t apparent already by now, Dragon-goddess likes to take on other peoples pain as her own and make a big scene about it to show everyone just how much she’s been through and just how oh so damaged she is.

    As you can see, D-G must have suffered some tremendous and soul shocking experience to her psyche in order to turn her off men. You can’t help but feel sorry for her as the injury to her psychological being is so severe in fact, that it had actually managed to change her sexuality for some time. Apparently, telling someone that their heart is as cold as Antarctica is one of the harshest things ever. But we are under the impression it was more than just this, clues being apparently "riddled" into that lesbian whore of a character she named "Aiden"

    She also likes to express how a lesbian relationship works even though she doesn't know a thing. But then again she has proven to us all that you don't need to know something in order to teach it. If that were so then she wouldn't be making art tutorials.


    No one is allowed steal from us!!
    Even she realizes not crediting is wrong.

    As per classical D-G's way of thinking, it's perfectly acceptable for her to be plagaristic but the second she picks up on someone referencing art she instantly drops everything and starts to bark orders to do the right thing. Either she believes that tracing is a privilege exclusive to herself only or she had no idea that others had caught her obvious traces. In one case scenario there was a character that had a similar color scheme to that of her lesbian whore's. No one is as rightous and sharp as D-G however as she dove in with claws bared.

    It's so terrible being me :(

    It wasn’t before long that a fellow deviant tart realized D-G’s mistake, and kindly reminded her that tracing was bad and that she knew this, since she was accustomed to schooling others about it.

    As previously stated, Dragon-Goddess loves to claw at any chance to make everything about herself and say just how bad she really has it, when in actual fact, the truth accidentally slipped out one day. It is probably a good bet to say that she actually has next to nothing wrong with her life, and all of her problems she baws about are in fact moot.

    Reaction to ED

    With such a quick and sharp intuition that only a professional thief could have, Dragon-goddess took part in her own trolling as she was too dumb to even realize when people weren’t actually being nice to her.

    What soon followed could only be described as what D-G does best. An attempt to cover up any evidence of her fail in fear that important and popular people would catch wind of her not being an actual artist that she claimed to be. She managed to accomplish this by bawleting her ‘miracle’ themed art, her Youtube account and and even changing the tumblr url account. After this attempt to delete fucking everything, she promptly hid any comment even associating herself to being on ED.

    Saving Face

    A brave soul schooling the git.
    Note the air of superiority in her voice. Almost as if she means she knew all along.

    After being schooled like the little brat that she is, D-G made all attempts to listen to what the big, bad authority figures were telling her. When challenged with the notion that she might actually be a coward for hiding everything, Dragon-goddess was quick to show the world just how much she had learned and matured throughout this entire ordeal and hastily un-hid all of the troll comments on her front page. She has even been seen thanking people for critiques she appreciates every bit of shitful advice and critique she gets from the tarlets of dA.

    A repeat move DG likes to pull usually is acting 'bigger' and 'too good for you' when it comes to things that she doesn't want the world to know eats at her. This would explain the reason she jumped on some fellow tard who was seemingly on her side at her deviantart front page. According to DG ED articles have since become 'lacking' and no longer are excellent ones written. We would like to offer up, 'ever since DG became an article', as a possible theory to this thought. A similar instance to illustrate this notion is publically announcing that she's too good for apple Iphones. Despite knowing that everyone imaginable has one, obviously claiming that she doesn't want one makes her cool and not a follower of the crowd.

    She now just leaves everything alone whenever anyone calls her out on anything, in an attempt to show how 'mature' she is. Then everyone would start liking her again, right?

    Eien coming clean, and taking responsibility for her horrible tracing.

    That was until the bitch was caught replying to someone telling one of her idol's just what a damn hack she was, that the almighty Eien decided to pipe up and come clean. The question is, would this wench have actually changed her ways if she hadn't scored herself a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica? Behavioural patterns and the past suggest not, considering this one is never sorry for anything she does or who she does it to. It would not be unwise to assume that she is trying to give herself a good name now so that she will be able to make secret santa's and not be called out for tracing anymore. It's just a pity that quitting the tracing won't do anything about her rotton personality.

    Seemingly, there is a new way to get under D-G's skin, tell everyone that she watches just what a great person she is and show them this page.

    Editing her own ED page

    File:I dont trace anymore.jpg
    Apparently this is called 'getting her act together!'
    D-G would like you to know that it's normal for human beings to want to 'reproduce'

    In what could only be explained by sheer butt hurt-ness, her defensive nature and an attempt to turn things around on others yet again instead of simply accepting it like a responsible adult, it is under high suspicion that the great and daring Dragon-goddess, now known as ‘blue-fishies’ has gone so far as to make an ed account and either edit or has had someone else make edits to her Ed article under the suspected alias of ‘Lulzbeepic’.

    We do not say this without evidence of course, in that many of the areas where this article has been re-written have been nothing but defensive, written poorly like an Australian, and the kicker, loves to include only words that she would use. (included even in her famous words of wisdom)

    So we took it upon ourselves to rectify this little problem, because after all, ED is about hearing the truth.

    Doesn’t like kids anymore???

    I've changed my mind, I don't like kids, but if I had some, I'd name them after my original characters.

    Seemingly, dragon-goddess doesn’t even like children despite all of her miraculous pregnancy arts and outwardly stating that she wanted to become a midwife (sources long bawleeted comments & journals) it is more than likely just an act of saving face, as being caught out getting off on pregnant bitches scared D-G into wanting to deny everything entirely like she always does. Surely stating publically on tumblr would ensure that everyone would then think that Eien is not the sick, baby obsessed twat that she is and is actually a normal human being.

    Words of Wisdom

    Seriously, they did a few Cinderella movies after the first and i always kept waiting and hoping that she would of popped out a kid (just cause I wanted to see more little princesses)


    —Fucken really?

    Fucken hell.


    —Dragon-goddess previously most used word.

    Fast forward 5 years and the above image is well….the “improvement”. I've worked hard to move away from my displeasing past with art and I must say, I feel I've come a long way. And at the same time its a disappointment its taken 5 years to only get to this level, and to see so many mistakes still being made.


    —5yrs? you've been tracing for 5yrs! More like 2yrs bitch.

    No problem! Your art is lovely


    —in other words, I complimented you so you must follow me.


    Her fabulous art! About missing Pics
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    Fabulous fanart! About missing Pics
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    Amazing cosplay! About missing Pics
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