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    Draconas Rayne

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Pussies Fighting.gif Draconas Rayne is in an internet sissy fight with Conner Hemming.
    Please dig up lulz on them both.
    Off to a bad start...

    Every now and then, somebody gets a golden opportunity and completely blows it. Draconas Rayne is one of those people. The original catalyst for the epic shitstorm that made an Internet Superstar out of Conner Hemming, Draconas had a perfect chance to have his faggotry completely ignored by the masses and slink away an unknown. Unfortunately for him, he is a furry, and that whole "Shut up now to avoid consequences later" thing isn't really big among his people.


    Draconas lived by most means, a boring existence. Commonly seen among Wolfee Darkfang and his Second Life chums, Tamias the Chipmunk and Cid Silverwing, for years he had a front row seat to many a juicy internet drama, be it zoophile, DMCA, or dead Grandpa related. Yet somehow, unlike many of his friends, didn't find himself immediately compelled to join the parade of failure whenever the various e-drama occurred. Indeed it seemed, no matter how prevalent, Draconas did what many furries dreamed of but very few ever do; kept his faggot e-drama limited to those involved. One very bad break up later however, that self restraint was no more.

    Enter Hemming

    While the earlier history is somewhat sketchy, at some point Draconas began dating his once friend-then enemy-then apparent friend again Conner Hemming. While then, an unknown among non-macro/foot fetish furries raged for being a dramawhore of the highest caliber and getting his ass banned from everywhere for everything, all the time. Draconas, now deeply in love, wasn't having that shit and immediately joined his new buttbuddy in rousing sessions of "Let's Go Complain About The Admins" between their repeated cybersexing. Things went well, but soon Draconas' crybaby antic took their toll, and he too got the banhammer for his douchebaggery. This he deemed unconscionable, and thus did what he did best; bitched about the injustice to people who didn't care.

    Draconas Is Surprised That Dating a Dramawhore Brings Him Drama

    In events that were never interesting enough to research, at some point the fairytale romance turned sour and Conner decided to exact terrible revenge against his former love. While doing the usual method of half assed trolling via Second Life and YouTube seemed to be getting the job done throughly enough, making Draconas quite upset, Conner got greedy and decided he wanted a truly delicious victory in order to cover up some of his own failures. He hurried off to Encyclopedia Dramatica and plastered a shitload of boring, vague, and unfunny factoids about Draconas all over the Needed page for ED's Furry portal. This pissed Draconas off something fierce, and, had he stopped there, he probably could have been considered a pretty successful troll. The little shit got greedy however, and decided Draconas really, really needed himself an Encyclopedia Dramatica page and decide to push his boring bullshit into everybody's face until he himself was trolled and made into a lolcow.

    Then he just got pissed off and made it himself.


    For the most part, it seemed Draconas lucked out. His would-be harasser, now a disgraced lolcow faggot, tried in vain to defend himself from the Anonymous onslaught. All he had to do was fuck off and Conners poorly thought out vanity page would be flushed therefore having his own name forgotten to the ages. Sadly, his behavior afterwards made it perfectly clear why he was banging Conner in the first place.

    Draconas Digs The Hole Deeper

    Opting to do the exact opposite of what any other person would have done, Draconas took Conners very poor trolling and proceeded to whine and complain about it everywhere. YouTube, Fur Affinity, even Second Life forums fell victim to Draconas' rage over the article. He promised his former fling a swift and brutal death. Barring that, legal action. Yes, from shamelessly moaning and whining to pointless vandalism, Draconas took his golden opportunity to escape Anons' attention and proceeded to make himself an even bigger target, as Conners elementary trolling was more than enough to send him into a frenzy. His efforts proved worthless, and earned him a full Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

    Conner and Draconas Waste Everyone's Time

    A month later, reports were that Conner and Draconas had kissed and made up, and other dreadful case of the furry drama behind them, rendering the week-long e-war entirely meaningless. Unfortunately Anonymous does not forgive or forget, so their faggotry is documented for all of you to enjoy as a frightening consequence of furfaggotry. Never fret though, we're sure they'll keep the fun going for a good, long while.

    Draconas On FAF

    Draconas has an inspiring way of complaining about the most asinine things at the most inopportune times.

    Puzzle globe logo
    Draconas complaining he couldnt play on his PS3 all day long
    Puzzle globe logo
    Draconas bitching about doing housework

    He complains heavily about how his parents won't let him play on his PS3 all day long and how his parents are so horrible to him that he just hates their guts.

    It's almost like reading the diary of a spoiled rich kid, even though Draconas has himself said he's 20 years old, without a job, and does almost nothing around the house to help out his parents, since he still lives there, eats their food, uses their water, and just basically sits on his fat ass one hundred percent of the day.

    It's almost painful to continue reading Draconas's threads because it's literally like stabbing your eyes out with rusty pens. He sits there and complains heavily on every day happenings around his house, that make him look like a whiny bitch.

    Thus, he continues to post TONS of threads regarding his life, how much it sucks, how much dick he doesnt get, and how much he hates living where he does and having to do what his parents tell him, because thats just way to much to ask when you don't have anything to contribute to the household as a whole.


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