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    Draco Ookami

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    Draco-Ookami. Note hueg head.

    Draco-Ookami (real name: Matthew Perry) is a 16 year old weeaboo faggot who blatantly rips off other people's artwork and screenshots, claiming he used no references at all. According to his Electric Playground account, he lives in Vancouver, BC,Banff, Alberta, Canada. He thinks he is t3h s3x & t3h aw3som3 artist so he keeps drawing himself and all his male characters shirtless all the time. He also thinks he's some shitty fucktarded, goth, dragon wolf demon.

    About Draco

    Originally joined DeviantART under the name of DracoBlazer, and got banned a few months later for "inappropriate advances towards female users via notes." A few months later, he made new account called Draco-Ookami, and a few more months after that, he got banned yet again, around the beginning of January 2008, for unknown reasons. He claims to not know why he draws guys shirtless so much. Thinks he's good at everything in the world. Calls his crappy Disney fanfics "books" and gets mad at people for saying otherwise. Pretends to be romantic to try to get into any girl's pants but has been unsuccessful thus far. His email address is [email protected] Unfortunately it appears to be the only way to raid him at the moment since he hasn't yet made a new dA account. He probably will make another within a couple months.

    Draco lieks yaoi

    Other fun facts:

    He broke up with a girl because she was bisexual.

    He's going to cosplay as his OC at an anime convention.

    Sucks other people's dicks to get them to color his "art" for him because he's too untalented to do it himself.

    Thinks he's goth.

    Hates emos.

    Is an emo.

    Wants to be a Japanese girl so he wouldn't have to be ashamed of liking men and also could be kawaii desu ne~ ^_______^

    May go by the name of DracoBlazer, Draco-Ookami, or Draco_The_Ottsel.

    Loves anime.

    File:My love goes with the wind by Draco Ookami.jpg
    He thinks he can make up his own kanji.

    His Characters

    Himself: A mixture of a gay, goth, emo, weeaboo, faggot. Has a death note and looks like L and Light's lovechild. Also, the shinigami that follows him around always asks him for black person.

    Draco: Inuyasha with Miroku's personality and alternate colors.

    Angel: Her appearance always changes to match his current girlfriend. If he has no girlfriend at the time, he makes up an imaginary one.

    Jinsoku: A Bleach shinigami with a made up kanji on his captain's coat rather than a number. Also, he isn't a captain. He only has a captain's coat because one of the characters gave it to him because he felt sorry for him. Loves Rangiku('s huge rack) but she leaves him after she finds out he has no penis. Has the ability to turn into Barney the Dinosaur.

    Tsume Oran: Vincent Valentine with alternate colors.

    Sparx: Rip off of nosleepjinx's character, Jinx.


    Can't go one day without having a girlfriend. Also, they're always internet relationships because any girls who see him IRL immediately vomit. Sometimes he tries to get more than one gf at once but fails miserably. Always gives them the nickname "Angel" - probably because he's worried he'd call them the name of one of his ex-girlfriends by mistake. Many speculate that the reason he can't manage to keep a relationship with a girl is being he's actually gay. There is an awful lot of yaoi in his faves on DeviantART to back up this theory along with the many badly drawn shirtless guys in his gallery.

    Apparently certain criteria must be met for a girl to be qualified.

    I've been thinking. I think me and Katherine have to go our separate ways. I...I just don't want any pain in my life anymore. she just doesn't understand how important she is(was) to me. so.....it's over between us. Now, you might be thinking that i'm gonna kill myself. well, i can't. because i mean so much to you guys. and i don't want you all to feel pain. but i do need your guy's help in a little mission of mine. I need your help in finding me a girl on DA. I know this might sound weird but this is the only way i'll get a gf. all and i mean ALL the girls in my town or near me will NEVER date me. so, this is what i want in a girl:

    1. likes DP and dragons

    2. a DXS supporter

    3. slim fiqure (don't ask why)

    4. age 14 or 15

    5. a wild/naughty girl (check my pic labeled Summer Heat to know what i mean)

    6. NOT EMO ( i've had bad expeirence's with them)

    7. actually wants a BF

    8. has nothing against long distance relationships.

    9. does not have a crush on Danny Phantom

    10. wants personality not looks

    11. likes romantic,sweet and kinda guys


    if you guys find any girl like this(or meets most of the qualities), PLEASE NOTE THEM. tell them about this but don't make it sound like i'm desparate. tell them to note me. and if you think your this type of girl, note me so we can talk and get to know one another. NO LYING, YOU MUST TELL THE TRUTH!!!!


    thank you guys, i know i can count on you.



    —Draco-Ookami, unable to "fiqure" out that no female on the planet would want to date him


    The following quotes are from a raid over msn and deviantART. Pretending to be interested in him, Anonymous tricked him into a fake relationship and hilariously bad cybersex.

    so, tell me, once we know each other better, would you wanna make out naked or clothed?



    awww sweetie. mind if i call you angel?



    and in my dream, we made sweet love to each other. i kissed your whole body. and you said "ooooooh matt, oooooooh yes, oh yes....sex me up!"



    hey...do you wanna have something called cyber sex?



    noohere...let me get you warned up..*takes off shirt*oooooooo



    Smack me baby I'm a bad boy



    Later, Anon created another fake girl named Taylor and lured him in with that account as well, only to have the other account appear to think she was being cheated on and then breaking up with him. Then came the suicide threats...

    fine then, if you excues me, i'm gonna slit my throat.



    i'll be waiting...and crying...and bleeding...



    And he says he hates emos. Lulz. Also, the "relationship" only lasted 28 hours. I guess he really thought he was gonna get laid that time.


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