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    40px Doxbin is dead long live silk road 2.
    File:Gatsby aka Plumb3r raving about DOXBIN to strangers.png
    A snapshot in the life of the typical DOXBIN victim.
    More dox than a phonebook

    Doxbin (only works with Tor) is the premier place on the net for Anons, hackers, and other assorted irc faggots to go around dropping dox. After being shut down by feds and/or other skids multiple times, It is currently on its fourth or fifth incarnation. Unlike other services such as Pastebin, Doxbin didn't remove shit at the first sign of a complaint from some angry fucker, so your dox were guaranteed to stay up... that is, until the FBI stepped in and took it down from the nets. Of course, like many other parts of the web, Doxbin was never your personal army, faggot.



    Moar info: John Field.
    Jul 22 00:21:10 *	Fox ([email protected]) has joined #doxbin
    Jul 22 00:21:20 <Fox>	Don't be a fucking cunt kid.
    Jul 22 00:21:28 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:21:45 <Fox>	Dead serious, you should be glad you have the friends you do.
    Jul 22 00:21:56 <troof>	what did i do this time?
    Jul 22 00:22:20 <Fox>	A in the first place, do not ever claim a DDOS that you can't back up
    Jul 22 00:22:34 <Fox>	Because if I didn't remember in the back of my head someone mentioning doxbin
    Jul 22 00:22:48 <Fox>	I would have railed this shit from one of our other toys.
    Jul 22 00:23:00 <troof>	fuck it looks like you are down again
    Jul 22 00:23:05 <troof>	i guess you are just gonna have to do that then
    Jul 22 00:23:21 <nachash>	Why can't we all just get along? Fuck.
    Jul 22 00:23:35 <troof>	agree
    Jul 22 00:23:42 <troof>	stop getting trolled Fox, its ok guy
    Jul 22 00:23:46 <troof>	put the keyboard down, walk away
    Jul 22 00:24:06 <troof>	lol someone said he was gonna come in here chatting at me
    Jul 22 00:24:08 <troof>	D:
    Jul 22 00:24:23 <Fox>	Fuck that, you're going to come and talk shit, trust me, I handle trolls all day long, what I don't handle, is some fucking smug cunt being coy.
    Jul 22 00:24:32 <troof>	LOL
    Jul 22 00:24:35 <troof>	he mad as fuck
    Jul 22 00:24:41 <Fox>	Especially when I take your people into my house
    Jul 22 00:24:51 <troof>	my people?
    Jul 22 00:24:55 <troof>	i work alone g
    Jul 22 00:24:58 <Fox>	Your fucking people
    Jul 22 00:25:05 <troof>	nobody is affiliated with me
    Jul 22 00:25:09 <troof>	nobody.
    Jul 22 00:25:15 <troof>	so stfu about my "friends"
    Jul 22 00:25:19 <troof>	im dolo nigga, wassup?
    Jul 22 00:25:28 <troof>	whats poppin
    Jul 22 00:25:45 <troof>	i promise you if i even catch a stray packet come at our vps
    Jul 22 00:25:51 <troof>	you won't have a site ever again
    Jul 22 00:25:56 <troof>	unless you hide that bitch from the internet
    Jul 22 00:26:00 <troof>	and i guarantee that kid
    Jul 22 00:26:03 <troof>	so back the fuck up
    Jul 22 00:26:08 <troof>	ask your big homies about me
    Jul 22 00:26:13 <troof>	and stay the fuck outta my chans talking shit
    Jul 22 00:26:15 <troof>	you got trolled
    Jul 22 00:26:19 <troof>	and are about to get owned
    Jul 22 00:26:23 <Fox>	Fuck that sunshine
    Jul 22 00:26:23 <troof>	just leave it at trolled
    Jul 22 00:26:24 <troof>	ok?
    Jul 22 00:26:47 <troof>	i didn't even ddos that pos lol
    Jul 22 00:26:50 <troof>	i noticed it was down
    Jul 22 00:26:52 <troof>	and trolled you
    Jul 22 00:26:58 <troof>	you fell for it wonderfully
    Jul 22 00:27:47 <troof>	now, lets chalk it up one for the good guys
    Jul 22 00:27:50 <troof>	and move on
    Jul 22 00:28:01 <XiX>	lol
    Jul 22 00:28:05 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:28:05 <XiX>	fox
    Jul 22 00:28:06 <XiX>	umadbro
    Jul 22 00:28:08 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:28:16 *	troof gives channel operator status to venuism
    Jul 22 00:28:17 *	troof gives channel operator status to XiX
    Jul 22 00:28:19 *	troof gives channel operator status to nachash
    Jul 22 00:28:20 <Fox>	Dude i'm fucking heated.
    Jul 22 00:28:22 *	troof gives channel operator status to EvilHom3r
    Jul 22 00:28:25 <troof>	obv
    Jul 22 00:28:31 <XiX>	i think
    Jul 22 00:28:34 <XiX>	u just need
    Jul 22 00:28:35 <XiX>	to sit down
    Jul 22 00:28:39 <troof>	LMAO
    Jul 22 00:28:41 <XiX>	and breathe a bit man
    Jul 22 00:28:47 <Fox>	Oh shit I ain't that mad
    Jul 22 00:28:48 <XiX>	ur obviously mad as fuck
    Jul 22 00:28:55 <XiX>	listen its ok
    Jul 22 00:28:59 <troof>	lol he told me im lucky i have the friends id o
    Jul 22 00:29:13 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:29:16 <Fox>	You are son, so watch your mouth.
    Jul 22 00:29:19 <troof>	lolol
    Jul 22 00:29:28 <Fox>	Anyways
    Jul 22 00:29:29 <troof>	at least you know better
    Jul 22 00:29:43 <Fox>	Troof, boy keep running that mouth cause it's all you got
    Jul 22 00:30:11 <XiX>	CALM
    Jul 22 00:30:12 <XiX>	DOWN
    Jul 22 00:30:18 <troof>	except i just owned your box
    Jul 22 00:30:22 <troof>	and you claim to have shit
    Jul 22 00:30:27 <troof>	and just sit there taking it like a whore
    Jul 22 00:30:47 <XiX>	Fox
    Jul 22 00:30:50 <XiX>	are you there
    Jul 22 00:30:51 <XiX>	FOX
    Jul 22 00:30:52 <XiX>	COME IN
    Jul 22 00:30:55 <XiX>	FOX??
    Jul 22 00:31:01 <troof>	lolol
    Jul 22 00:31:07 <troof>	inb4 ping timeout
    Jul 22 00:31:16 <Fox>	I'm peachy keen son, I'm fucking caking with a broad right now and ebaying on the side
    Jul 22 00:31:17 <Fox>	But I don't take little niggas talking shit.
    Jul 22 00:31:22 <XiX>	u laggin bro
    Jul 22 00:31:25 <XiX>	>.>
    Jul 22 00:31:26 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:31:34 <XiX>	listen
    Jul 22 00:31:35 <XiX>	man
    Jul 22 00:31:36 <XiX>	dude
    Jul 22 00:31:37 <XiX>	bro
    Jul 22 00:31:38 <XiX>	its hard
    Jul 22 00:31:40 <XiX>	to type
    Jul 22 00:31:44 <XiX>	with balled up fists
    Jul 22 00:31:59 <XiX>	isnt it?
    Jul 22 00:32:06 <XiX>	just take a minute and cool off
    Jul 22 00:32:30 <XiX>	ut oh
    Jul 22 00:32:34 <XiX>	i think we're losing him
    Jul 22 00:32:38 <XiX>	come in fox
    Jul 22 00:32:39 <troof>	hes gone :(
    Jul 22 00:32:45 <XiX>	rip
    Jul 22 00:32:49 <troof>	rip
    Jul 22 00:33:25 *	troof still waiting on ping reply
    Jul 22 00:33:28 <troof>	:(
    Jul 22 00:33:39 <XiX>	damn
    Jul 22 00:33:45 <XiX>	we lost fox today
    Jul 22 00:33:53 <XiX>	he was a good chatter
    Jul 22 00:33:54 <XiX>	well
    Jul 22 00:33:56 <XiX>	not really
    Jul 22 00:33:58 <XiX>	inb4 ddos complete
    Jul 22 00:34:03 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:34:21 <troof>	seems like he was tunneling through that for anonops too
    Jul 22 00:34:23 <troof>	oops
    Jul 22 00:34:25 *	Fox has quit (Ping timeout)
    Jul 22 00:34:28 <XiX>	ddos complete
    Jul 22 00:34:28 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:34:41 <troof>	* Fox has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    Jul 22 00:34:42 <troof>	anonops
    Jul 22 00:34:43 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:34:47 <XiX>	thats anonops?
    Jul 22 00:34:50 <troof>	yeah
    Jul 22 00:34:56 <XiX>	ouch sux2behim
    Jul 22 00:34:59 <troof>	tru
    Jul 22 00:35:01 <XiX>	lets let him reconnect
    Jul 22 00:35:04 <troof>	yeah
    Jul 22 00:35:10 <troof>	so he can accept a nice dcc
    Jul 22 00:35:33 <troof>	<troof> loolol
    Jul 22 00:35:33 <troof>	<troof> umadbro
    Jul 22 00:35:33 <troof>	-Global- Corey is being restarted in 5mins, if your on that server please move, if not you will reconnect within seconds.
    Jul 22 00:35:33 <troof>	* Fox has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    Jul 22 00:35:45 <troof>	lool
    Jul 22 00:38:04 *	Fox ([email protected]) has joined #doxbin
    Jul 22 00:38:24 <troof>	oh sup
    Jul 22 00:38:37 <XiX>	wb
    Jul 22 00:38:54 <Fox>	tyvm.
    Jul 22 00:39:23 <troof>	you settled down?
    Jul 22 00:39:30 <XiX>	hopefully
    Jul 22 00:39:38 <XiX>	this is a no-enraged chatter zone
    Jul 22 00:39:45 <troof>	llol
    Jul 22 00:39:54 <XiX>	also u must have ur mirc license
    Jul 22 00:40:04 <XiX>	-Fox- VERSION xchat 2.8.6 Ubuntu
    Jul 22 00:40:05 <XiX>	hmm
    Jul 22 00:40:07 <XiX>	seems like
    Jul 22 00:40:08 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:40:11 <XiX>	you dont have that with you today
    Jul 22 00:40:12 <troof>	yeeeesssss
    Jul 22 00:40:15 <Fox>	Doing fantastic.
    Jul 22 00:41:03 <Fox>	So guestimation right?
    Jul 22 00:41:15 <XiX>	mostly
    Jul 22 00:41:22 <Fox>	100mbit here, 100 mbit over on the one you're currently bnc/irssi'ing through right?
    Jul 22 00:42:00 <troof>	hey fox
    Jul 22 00:42:03 <troof>	<3
    Jul 22 00:42:05 <troof>	that is all.
    Jul 22 00:42:09 <troof>	:)
    Jul 22 00:45:32 *	Fox has quit (Client exited)
    Jul 22 00:46:35 *	Fox ([email protected]) has joined #doxbin
    Jul 22 00:46:38 <Fox>	That was fun.
    Jul 22 00:46:40 <Fox>	Anyways
    Jul 22 00:46:45 <XiX>	ya agreed
    Jul 22 00:46:47 <XiX>	we should do it
    Jul 22 00:46:48 <XiX>	erryday
    Jul 22 00:46:53 <XiX>	what do you say
    Jul 22 00:47:22 <XiX>	sorry that was actually an xchat vuln
    Jul 22 00:47:24 <XiX>	u see here
    Jul 22 00:47:34 <XiX>	according to
    Jul 22 00:47:37 <XiX>	irc rfc 1459
    Jul 22 00:47:44 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:47:46 <XiX>	you must have a MIRC PREMIUM CHATTER license
    Jul 22 00:47:55 <XiX>	to use premium channels such as #doxbin
    Jul 22 00:48:05 <XiX>	not xchat licenses
    Jul 22 00:53:52 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:54:10 <troof>	<Fox> 100mbit here, 100 mbit over on the one you're currently bnc/irssi'ing through right?
    Jul 22 00:54:12 <troof>	wtf is he talking about lol
    Jul 22 00:55:02 <XiX>	not quite sure
    Jul 22 00:55:16 <XiX>	googling
    Jul 22 00:55:29 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:55:31 <XiX>	he seems to be some kinda haquer
    Jul 22 00:55:50 <XiX>	so he must run lunux
    Jul 22 00:55:52 <troof>	fucking dumbass
    Jul 22 00:56:03 <troof>	haquers use windows
    Jul 22 00:56:09 <troof>	lol @ getting trolled
    Jul 22 00:56:10 <XiX>	^
    Jul 22 00:56:14 <troof>	then causing a whole bunch of trouble
    Jul 22 00:56:18 <troof>	and getting owned
    Jul 22 00:56:19 <XiX>	u dont have shit on my tracert bro
    Jul 22 00:56:21 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:56:28 <XiX>	i can tracert ur box
    Jul 22 00:56:33 <XiX>	ya
    Jul 22 00:56:36 <Fox>	Once again, keep ddosing.
    Jul 22 00:56:39 <troof>	?
    Jul 22 00:56:43 <Fox>	Nighty night kids.
    Jul 22 00:56:44 <Fox>	:)
    Jul 22 00:56:47 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:56:49 <Fox>	<3 :*
    Jul 22 00:56:55 <XiX>	homo
    Jul 22 00:56:56 <Fox>	ilu
    Jul 22 00:56:58 <troof>	you remember what it is ok
    Jul 22 00:57:01 <troof>	and dont you ever forget
    Jul 22 00:57:11 <troof>	chincheck 
    Jul 22 00:57:12 *	XiX tracert's Fox
    Jul 22 00:57:17 <XiX>	inb4 he client exits
    Jul 22 00:57:17 *	troof chinchecks fox
    Jul 22 00:57:19 <Fox>	You remember that you didn't do jack diddly shit but run your mouth
    Jul 22 00:57:22 <XiX>	i hacked his client
    Jul 22 00:57:27 <XiX>	hes about to exit
    Jul 22 00:57:29 <Fox>	;*
    Jul 22 00:57:33 <XiX>	inb4
    Jul 22 00:57:36 <troof>	im about to make him quit
    Jul 22 00:57:36 <Fox>	pps 
    Jul 22 00:57:38 <troof>	1 sec
    Jul 22 00:57:40 <Fox>	not shitstorm
    Jul 22 00:57:41 <troof>	ssh'n into his box
    Jul 22 00:57:42 <Fox>	:3
    Jul 22 00:57:51 <XiX>	lol fox u seem to forget
    Jul 22 00:58:03 <XiX>	oh
    Jul 22 00:58:04 <XiX>	well
    Jul 22 00:58:09 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:58:13 <troof>	he forgot what it was
    Jul 22 00:58:15 <XiX>	guess not ur not that into things
    Jul 22 00:58:17 <troof>	and was quickly reminded
    Jul 22 00:58:20 <XiX>	ryan actually gave me root at anonops
    Jul 22 00:58:36 <XiX>	since then all your ircds are hooked ;)
    Jul 22 00:58:39 <XiX>	have fun
    Jul 22 00:58:41 <XiX>	run off now
    Jul 22 00:58:45 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 00:58:52 <Fox>	Now you have my interest
    Jul 22 00:58:58 <Fox>	Who do you think I am?
    Jul 22 00:58:59 <XiX>	aka piss off
    Jul 22 00:59:01 <troof>	does he know his ircd is what is dos'n his box?
    Jul 22 00:59:05 <troof>	idk
    Jul 22 00:59:30 <XiX>	aw look at him
    Jul 22 00:59:32 <XiX>	he thinks
    Jul 22 00:59:35 <XiX>	all of the leaks
    Jul 22 00:59:38 <XiX>	are just coincidence
    Jul 22 00:59:44 <troof>	hahahaha
    Jul 22 00:59:51 <troof>	:)
    Jul 22 00:59:56 <troof>	now you know what it is fox?
    Jul 22 00:59:56 <XiX>	what about all of the sha* oper passes
    Jul 22 01:00:01 <XiX>	leaked 2 weeks ago bro?
    Jul 22 01:00:04 <Fox>	Nigga
    Jul 22 01:00:08 <Fox>	you are retarded as fuck
    Jul 22 01:00:11 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 01:00:13 <Fox>	Nachash
    Jul 22 01:00:15 <Fox>	can literally tell you
    Jul 22 01:00:19 <Fox>	I'm not anyone from anonops
    Jul 22 01:00:20 <Fox>	lol
    Jul 22 01:00:27 <XiX>	right
    Jul 22 01:00:33 <XiX>	im sure of it
    Jul 22 01:00:34 <troof>	don't be using nachash to vouch for you
    Jul 22 01:00:35 <troof>	i dont even like that faggot
    Jul 22 01:00:42 <troof>	if it wasnt for him, i'd move doxbin
    Jul 22 01:00:49 <troof>	but he owns
    Jul 22 01:00:54 <Fox>	Oh word, with your shitty docs right?
    Jul 22 01:01:05 <XiX>	oh did this poor dude get d0xd
    Jul 22 01:01:05 <troof>	yeah
    Jul 22 01:01:08 <Fox>	oh, I forgot,
    Jul 22 01:01:09 <troof>	lool
    Jul 22 01:01:16 <Fox>	they bought the domain right?
    Jul 22 01:01:22 <XiX>	Fox hi welcome to the support room for your d0x
    Jul 22 01:01:24 <Fox>	damn, lol.
    Jul 22 01:01:29 <XiX>	etc
    Jul 22 01:01:36 <Fox>	XiX
    Jul 22 01:01:40 <troof>	Fox lol
    Jul 22 01:01:41 <Fox>	you give me my real docs
    Jul 22 01:01:44 <Fox>	and I will straight out
    Jul 22 01:01:49 <Fox>	set you up a bank wire in the morning
    Jul 22 01:01:58 <XiX>	oh really
    Jul 22 01:02:02 <troof>	also he will sell you root for 2k
    Jul 22 01:02:05 <XiX>	i didnt know 13 year olds could do that
    Jul 22 01:02:06 <Fox>	Dead serious
    Jul 22 01:02:07 <XiX>	these days
    Jul 22 01:02:09 <Fox>	1,500$
    Jul 22 01:02:11 <troof>	lmao
    Jul 22 01:02:14 <troof>	broke ass nigga
    Jul 22 01:02:15 <troof>	just wanting a buck
    Jul 22 01:02:20 <troof>	lolol
    Jul 22 01:02:24 <troof>	internet hustler...that dont make money
    Jul 22 01:02:25 <troof>	i love it
    Jul 22 01:02:26 <nachash>	Fox, that's enough to tempt even me. lol
    Jul 22 01:02:38 <Fox>	Nachash doesn't count
    Jul 22 01:02:42 <Fox>	cause you're not talking shit
    Jul 22 01:02:42 <nachash>	Awww.
    Jul 22 01:02:50 <Fox>	And because I <3 you
    Jul 22 01:02:51 <Fox>	in a gay way
    Jul 22 01:02:52 <troof>	Fox would eat off that 1,500 for years
    Jul 22 01:02:56 <troof>	...or waste it all on coke
    Jul 22 01:03:00 <troof>	either way
    Jul 22 01:03:03 <troof>	he'd trade his site for it
    Jul 22 01:03:05 <troof>	lolol
    Jul 22 01:03:13 <troof>	i'll give you 800
    Jul 22 01:03:15 <troof>	deal?
    Jul 22 01:03:20 <XiX>	dude who is this fox guy anyway
    Jul 22 01:03:24 <troof>	no idea
    Jul 22 01:03:31 <troof>	talks like he is some haquer though
    Jul 22 01:03:36 <troof>	havent seen him haq anything though
    Jul 22 01:03:39 <XiX>	who are you
    Jul 22 01:03:42 <Fox>	Straight fucking nightmare son
    Jul 22 01:03:48 <XiX>	right
    Jul 22 01:03:49 <troof>	who are you chump?
    Jul 22 01:03:50 <XiX>	im gonna piss myself
    Jul 22 01:03:53 <XiX>	in my sleep
    Jul 22 01:03:54 <troof>	whats biggest box you hacked?
    Jul 22 01:03:59 <troof>	better start talking bitch
    Jul 22 01:04:10 <XiX>	itc
    Jul 22 01:04:11 <Fox>	Lol lol lol
    Jul 22 01:04:12 <XiX>	silence
    Jul 22 01:04:13 <XiX>	he hasnt
    Jul 22 01:04:16 <XiX>	even rooted his own
    Jul 22 01:04:21 <XiX>	so he cant talk shit
    Jul 22 01:04:23 <Fox>	Don't need to brag to you kids
    Jul 22 01:04:28 <Fox>	Dropping bad docs and such
    Jul 22 01:04:34 <troof>	seriously Fox what have you hacked
    Jul 22 01:04:35 <XiX>	if they
    Jul 22 01:04:38 <XiX>	were bad d0x
    Jul 22 01:04:39 <XiX>	why
    Jul 22 01:04:40 <XiX>	are you here
    Jul 22 01:04:42 <XiX>	bitching
    Jul 22 01:04:46 <XiX>	?
    Jul 22 01:05:05 <XiX>	ive been fail d0xed 6 times
    Jul 22 01:05:08 <XiX>	i havent complained
    Jul 22 01:05:09 <XiX>	once
    Jul 22 01:05:10 <Fox>	Because
    Jul 22 01:05:10 <troof>	what qualifies you to be a blackhat academy leader
    Jul 22 01:05:30 <XiX>	lol
    Jul 22 01:05:32 <Fox>	I want to know why people have just decided I'm x,y,z and everyone BUT the fake id I have planted already.
    Jul 22 01:05:33 <troof>	chump
    Jul 22 01:05:41 <XiX>	RIGHT
    Jul 22 01:05:42 <XiX>	lol
    Jul 22 01:05:44 <troof>	lolol
    Jul 22 01:05:46 <troof>	what a clown
    Jul 22 01:05:47 <XiX>	i can tell you
    Jul 22 01:05:51 <Fox>	Also troof what qualifies me, is that I'm doing it, and no one else is.
    Jul 22 01:05:52 <XiX>	with 99% certainty
    Jul 22 01:05:58 <XiX>	that those are his real d0x
    Jul 22 01:06:00 <XiX>	u can put
    Jul 22 01:06:03 <XiX>	verified
    Jul 22 01:06:06 <XiX>	next to it
    Jul 22 01:06:12 *	troof ssh's into box
    Jul 22 01:06:20 <Fox>	plz scroll
    Jul 22 01:06:25 <troof>	seriously though fox
    Jul 22 01:06:31 <troof>	i thought you were gonna rail me with your toys?
    Jul 22 01:06:34 <troof>	pause
    Jul 22 01:06:39 <troof>	lol faggot
    Jul 22 01:06:50 <Fox>	Oh don't worry about me a bit :)
    Jul 22 01:06:54 <XiX>	itc
    Jul 22 01:06:55 <troof>	<Fox> I would have railed this shit from one of our other toys.
    Jul 22 01:07:00 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 01:07:03 <XiX>	fox is in stages of denial
    Jul 22 01:07:11 <troof>	you gonna rail thegibson?
    Jul 22 01:07:12 <Fox>	:>
    Jul 22 01:07:29 <XiX>	sorry im no haqer
    Jul 22 01:07:35 <XiX>	pls define
    Jul 22 01:07:36 <XiX>	rail
    Jul 22 01:07:42 <troof>	sorry im no haqer
    Jul 22 01:07:44 <troof>	plz define
    Jul 22 01:07:45 <Fox>	Its where I put my dick
    Jul 22 01:07:46 <troof>	":>"
    Jul 22 01:07:46 <Fox>	in your asshole
    Jul 22 01:07:52 <troof>	sounds pretty gay tbh
    Jul 22 01:07:59 <Fox>	Its pretty leet.
    Jul 22 01:08:12 <troof>	wtf is leet
    Jul 22 01:08:26 <XiX>	if u wanna bot the network go ahead
    Jul 22 01:08:29 <XiX>	i openly condone it
    Jul 22 01:08:30 <troof>	have you fixed your irc yet
    Jul 22 01:08:40 <troof>	we will pay you to do so
    Jul 22 01:08:46 <XiX>	wait
    Jul 22 01:08:47 <troof>	pay you in packets
    Jul 22 01:08:48 <XiX>	what irc
    Jul 22 01:08:54 <troof>	talking to fox
    Jul 22 01:08:58 <troof>	his ircd is dos'n his box
    Jul 22 01:08:59 <XiX>	ya
    Jul 22 01:09:02 <XiX>	lol
    Jul 22 01:09:06 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 01:09:10 <XiX>	damn im hungry
    Jul 22 01:09:13 <Fox>	Anyways troof
    Jul 22 01:09:17 <Fox>	Xix
    Jul 22 01:09:22 <Fox>	you all have a fantastic night,
    Jul 22 01:09:27 <XiX>	yep
    Jul 22 01:09:29 <XiX>	see ya
    Jul 22 01:09:31 *	Fox has quit (Z:lined (no reason))
    Jul 22 01:09:34 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 01:09:40 <troof>	k im gonna eat
    Jul 22 01:09:43 <troof>	that was funny
    Jul 22 01:09:46 <troof>	what an idiot
    Jul 22 01:09:52 <troof>	get trolled on anonops
    Jul 22 01:10:00 <troof>	end up getting "railed"
    Jul 22 01:10:02 <troof>	lol
    Jul 22 01:10:21 <XiX>	hes pissed
    Jul 22 01:10:25 <XiX>	my new years revolution
    Jul 22 01:10:30 <XiX>	is to piss off as many people as possible
    Jul 22 01:11:11 <XiX>	how much u wanna bet
    Jul 22 01:11:16 <XiX>	hes gonna target this net
    Jul 22 01:11:31 <XiX>	etc
    Jul 22 01:12:03 <troof>	i bet he wont
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    Moar info: hann.

    Doxbin experienced a brief setback during late 2011, due to a professional script-kidde, and part-time FBI informant who managed to worm his way into Doxbin staff. To explain the entire situation as briefly as possible: interpolate (hann) cried a little, got kicked out, cried and packeted some more, and continued to prolong his tears by refusing to diminish his massive ego.

    tl;dr Hann /nicked to troof, snuck his way into becoming doxbin staff, whined his way into power at more places, pissed off a bunch of people, and got booted out. The kid acts like he's some sort of b0ss hecker, but he isn't shit unless he is literally given someone else's exploit code. The definition of a script kiddie, in other words.



    In early April 2012, th3j35t3r "hacked" Doxbin, and exposed all of the source code. Instead of bowing to th3j35t3r's obvious l33t haxx0r skills, they simply decided to troll him by making Doxbin open source. They proceeded to release all code and dox in an easy to use .tar.gz file. th3j35t3r, in an attempt to take down Doxbin, effectively made it even more prevalent and popular.

    Thanks to all of the mirrors on the "normal" internet, it had become possible to view Doxbin without even having to fire up a Tor client.

    Much rage ensured on Twitter.



    In November 2014, Doxbin was seized by feddies as part of Operation Onymous, a bust of 27 .onion sites, such as Silk Road 2, other darknet market places, Pink Meth and money laundering services. However, unlike many of the owners of the busted sites, nachash was not arrested because his personal opsec wasn't shit and Doxbin was always registered using the name of some faggot like Daniel Brandt. He then posted information about a possible deanonymization attack launched against Doxbin and Doxbin's logs on the Tor developers mailing list, so that Tor developers could look into discovering the issue that allowed the feds to seize Doxbin.

    As was the tradition with doxbin boxes, the registration info usually either went back to some criminal who was on the run at the time of purchase... or it went back to someone who had a comprehensive doxbin entry (Hello, Daniel Brandt and Keith Alexander)


    —nachash on why he wasn't vanned after Doxbin was seized

    unlike my fellow illegal onion operators both past and present, I will actually be outside of a jail cell and able to read the ruthless dissection of my set-up.


    — Rubbing his freedom in Silk Road 2's Blake Benthall's face

    Unfortunately, in his mailing list post, he also wrote that he had zero intentions of bringing Doxbin back. However, Doxbin's source code and an archive of dox was available, which lead to the creation of...

    The New Doxbin

    Shut down before anyone could even upload new dox

    Twitter-favicon.png TheNewDoxbin (BALEETED) was an attempt to replace Doxbin by a script kiddie who had already been vanned and doxed. The site used Doxbin's source code and an old archive of dox, but also allowed child pornography as the owner was a pedophile. After a Twitter fight with nachash over whether or not the owner was too much of a faggot to run the site, the new Doxbin failed within days of being launched as nachash demonstrated how unfit the owner was by leaking the hidden service's private key.

    From the Ashes, the Phoenix is Reborn

    Following the colossal failure that was "The New Doxbin" was the creation of yet another Doxbin, but this time the new owner received nachash's blessings in the form of the private keys for the old Doxbin URLs although it is currently read-only with no current plans on restoring it to former glory. This means that as none of the Doxbin staff were arrested and the site is back, the feds' work was all done in a vain waste of tax payer money. To further rub sand in the feds' eyes, the new owner used the private keys to seize the old .onion addresses back from the feds and inform visitors of the newest address, demonstrating just how futile their attempts to kill any hidden service that isn't operated by retards really are. Which is now also deleted.

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