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    Doopie DoOver

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    40px This Person is your basic 20-something Bi/lesbian that will go on and on about eating pussy so long as it gets her attention yet no evidence exists of her ever being with a girl. Even more, for being such a free spirit, claiming to have even done porn because the pay was good - she's been with the same desperate, cuck of a boy since the day she dropped out of school at 14


    Danielle Anita Pitts
    Given Name(s) Danielle Anita Pitts (real name), Dani_Willow, Dani James, Dani James Willow, Doopie DoOver, Doopie DoDrinks, KittenBellNSFW, Chi-Chan24
    State Of Being Burn Out
    Nationality American but will tell you how Aryan she is despite many "Muddy" generations in the trailor park
    Genus Weeaboo
    Species キチガイ Kichigai
    Born May 27, 1994
    Classification Child Pornographer, Chris-Chan Bait, Attention whore, youtuber, lolcow, Drop-out, out and out failure, Pot-Head, Wannabee Psycho Bitch, Full Time E-Begger, White trash, Trailor Park Princess, Anti-Semite, racist, Nazi
    Residence California
    Youtube YouTube Favicon.png DoopieDoOver

    This is Doopie's level 4 Super Saiyan form and how she wants everyone to see her.
    File:Doopie On The Kiwi 71211.png
    She? Really? In fairness this IS coming from a group of people who have never been close enough to a girl to talk to one

    File:Doopie DoOver Succinct 45421.jpg
    Doopie reminisces over her Government funded Holiday memories

    Poor Little Doopie


    —Doopie's favorite words to hear when she's attention whoring

    Doopie DoOver is another, Cancer from the internets, Millennial type that came about from parents that think that they are doing their children a favor by letting them grow up with an unchecked ego; rationalizing all their failures by making excuses for them and letting them avoid dissapointment all together by not even trying.

    Like most Millennials Doopie is very quick to avoid or run away from anything that would contradict her version of the world that doesn't have her as its central star. She is quick to quit any venture that she can neither succeed or excell at and this is why she gave up on her plans to start a career in modeling and has never produced a completed project such as a graphic novel despite her trying to convince everyone on how great it's going to be or how much time she's invested into it.

    Mostly a bore to talk to, because if there hasn't been a Hetalia or Animu episode made on the subject being discussed, she knows nothing about it. This, along with her inability to take criticism, accept being corrected or seeing everyone that disagrees with her as her enemy is why she favors the sycophantic type of friend that will only kiss her her ass and why she has been with her magnum opus of a cuck, Jess, for so long despite her claims of having so many men lusting after her because very few people can put up with her once they get to know her.

    As with so many Florida Meth-head, Trailor Park Princess Types Doopie is all about appearances. Much like a New World Nazi chick that thinks that dying her hair platinum blonde and wearing blue colored contacts to hide her nigger brown eyes will convince anyone looking at her that she is a member of the Upper Class, White Race, upon examination, doopie lacks any form of depth and has no real clue regarding the world that she so badly wants to take part in. Thinking that anime is nothing but cute animals, girls with pigtails, High School being a place to introduce characters and underaged girls with Japanese names getting raped every other scene, her ideas for stories rarely, if ever, break free from this formula.

    What Doopie simply breaks down to is just another Trailor park whore that is only capable of one idea and has no real style of her own that chose to let herself become convinced that she could make it in the real world of Art because so many White knights fulfilled her reason for being online and told her how good she was.

    Once I got Chris to start following me, I made a beeline for Kiwi Farms


    Doopie DoOver

    Doopie The Artist

    For someone who has made claims that she is learned in the styles of the masters like Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Dali and Picasso all Doopie is capable of doing is repeating the same 3 poses that all look strikingly similar to official Sailor Mercury art, putting big, soulless bug eyes on a disproportionate face and topping it all off with a hastily drawn hairstyle that has no depth or definition to it.

    Like most wannabe artists, Deviant Tartlets or anyone whose Mommy convinced them that they were too special to go out and get a Job, Doopie makes a living by conning Dirty old men and intellectually challenged boys into thinking that if they contribute enough to her abject lifestyle that Doopie might become convinced of their value and become enamored with them so much that she will give up her grifter's lifestyle for them.

    To paraphrase some of the interwebs better artists, "Everytime you print an image by her, You're killing a tree."

    Doopie Has Only One Reply

    For such a skilled artist that claims her only goal is to inspire other artists; keep them motivated and filled with the love of drawing Doopie seems to have only one reply.

    When she receives Fanart based on some of his appropriated characters like her Felching racoon that is afraid of water, the only comment she can seem to muster up is to say, "How cute."

    As much of this fan art is usually better than what she shits out, many people have suggested that Doopie is either Stealing these redesigns for herself to claim as her own or she is using them for ideas on how to improve her original work.

    Doopie DoOver: Attention Whore

    File:Heckbent kiss ass5656.jpg
    The type of post Doopie prizes

    As can be accepted from most girls on the internet, Doopie appraises her self worth and validates her existence by counting how many fans she has telling her how good looking she is or with the number of greasy little boys who she can count on that will White knight all her causes and tell her how right she is.

    Like most Narcissists the Girl On The Internet has to make everything about them and this is where Doopie excels. When Doopie made it her cause to troll Chris-Chan by convincing Chris that she might be interested in him and it ended up with Chris receiving all the attention, Doopie did what most Narcissists do and reestablished that this whole event was about her by claiming that Chris was an evil stalker type that wanted to find out where she lived and kill her.

    As expected, Doopie got the attention she desired with either people falling for her Stalker schtick and telling them how sorry they are for her and to stay strong or by telling her how she should seek legal help and have Chris locked up as a predator.

    Doopie Claims Borderline Personality Disorder

    For those times when she's not feeling up to waxing her face, taking a bath or just cleaning herself up enough to look decent enough for a selfie Doopie decided to go onto Whatsmydiagnosis.com with a list of symptoms and self diagnosis herself as someone having Borderline Personality Disorder because like most wrist cutting emos looking for attention, she knows that there is something wrong with her but she just doesn't know the name for it.

    As some have defined BPD as the Ebegging whore disease because many of them are quite skilled at manipulating people out of their money and suffer from little, if any guilt, over who they might be taking money from. It doesn't matter if they're taking money from a rich fan or a mother with a cancer stricken child, they only care that they got money so there might be some veracity to Doopie's claims.

    Another symptom that comes with BPD is that people with it are very skilled at playing the victim and any one who has looked at Doopie's Twitter feed for a single day can see this exact behavior. Whether it be Doopie Crying her eyes out over someone that she is convinced stole FIVE BIG HUGE DOLLARS from her on DeviantArt or playing her constant game of pointing the finger and accusing someone she doesn't like as being a dangerous stalker that Almost raped her - she is always the victim and has done nothing to deserve the treatment she is receiving.

    Doopie DoOver And Factitious Disorders

    As with all Attention Whores, claiming that they have a rare and debilitating disease is a popular past time.

    In the case that their family ever wises up and tosses their ass into a Nut Hatchery, like all attention whores, people with fake disorders must be closely monitored when they are being treated because they are at a high risk of using the Meds they are given to attempt or become An Hero as a final attention getting device to prove to the doctor's observing them and the people that they are friends with that they really do have psychological disorders and that they are being misdiagnosed.

    Doopie To The World: Look How Awesome I Am For Apologizing, Now Give Me Your Forgiveness

    Now that Doopie's made her public apology you need to realize that if you're gay and were offended by one of Doopie's many homo-phobic remarks, fuck off and go suck a dick. She apologized for calling all you homos fags.

    If Doopie fucked you out of money through one of her many E-Begging schemes, Fuck off already Dick head, she apologized to you. NO, you won't get your money back but she did apologize.

    If you're a dumb ass, crack smoking, big lipped, chicken eating nigger, fuck off tar baby. Doopie already apologized to your black, poor ass for calling you a nigger.

    If you're Chris Chan, go fuck yourself cuz all that bullshit was designed for you to give Doopie your money and be a joke for Super Planet Dolan. If you still have a problem, It's because you're not mature enough to accept Doopie's generic apology that doesn't even name you.

    If you find Child Porn offensive, shut the fuck up all ready because he'll start that shit back up when people forget about it.

    For all Doopie's claims about being a Good Christian and desiring to be a good person, her morality is very similar to that of a sociopathic serial killer in that she thinks a half-assed attempt at making something right is going above and beyond the call of taking responsibility for her mistakes.

    Doopie To The World: I Really Do Want To Change. Help Me Change For The Better

    Doopie In A Nutshell

    A Look At Doopie's So Called Depression

    What Doopie refers to as symptoms of her depression:

    1. Depersonalization
    2. Sensation that life feels more real than real
    3. Not feeling like herself
    4. A big aching hole in the center of her

    Some have said that what she's always claiming as depression sounds exactly like the Dope sickness someone goes through when they are withdrawing from a drug like Heroin.

    Doopie Does It Only For The Cash

    Being the selfless and philosophocal soul that she is, Doopie did her best to shit all over this antiquated ideal that art is produced selflessly and with no promise of reward or gain when she chose to criticize people for not following through with their promises made to donate to her patreon admitting to the world that her only motivation is her getting paid.

    Her art, if you do want to see it, only gets shown as "Teasers" on her Twatter and if you want to see more than just the one image that has been re-framed to show nothing, then you must go to his patreon and make the minimum donation of $25 a month.

    What Will Doopie Do For Five Dollars?

    Now remember, all this is coming from an Ebegging, patreon soliciter that is always sitting there shaking her plastic Dixie cup with a few cents in it like a vagrant on a New York subway asking for a handout, claiming that her depression and crying spells keep her from working but she can somehow muscle through being on the internets for 8 or 9 hours a day.

    Doopie The High School Drop Out

    The thing I don't get is how Doopie actually thought she could write an anime about being in High School when she's never been to it herself


    —TrippinKahlua from KiwiFarms on Doopie's Matsu DaYo Circus

    In a twitter post Doopie admitted that she dropped out of school. Most of you right now are slapping your computer desks in epiphany and saying, "That's why she's so fucking dumb!"

    In an act of complete arrogance Doopie claimed that her lack of education hasn't been detrimental to her, even claiming that she is successful. If you call Ebegging, selling animated Child Porn and sucking dicks for $250 a squirt to pay your rent and buy food successful then Doopie is the most succesful Trailor Park Princess in the land.

    The fact that Doopie never finished High School and went on to college can be seen in her everyday dealings. For instance, her language skills are outright horrible. We're not going to go too deep into this but we will say she believes that synonyms, despite their definition, can be used interchangably. Some examples of this are Hang and Drape, fall and declivity, loiter and saunter, garrote and choke or even sip and absorb.

    Doopie's drawings have very little or almost no variability. All she is capable of drawing is one specific Animu style pic that looks vaguely similar to Sailor Mercury. Many people that draw animu also do different styles as well to help in developing their talent like realism, cubism, modern, surrealism, cartoon etc that can be seen in their art. Her style is very bland. Further, all her work is stylistically similar, almost everything of hers is the 3/4 anime glamour shot showing a real lack in art theory and design. All Doopie is is a one trickpony that can only draw animu or do drawings of underage anime characters in sexual situations, CP.

    Her photography, as one can see from the posted examples, focuses very little on the elements of photography such as composition, depth of field, shape, and lighting and looks more like something someone would expect a tourist to take on a vacation to prove that they actually did something and were there.

    Finally, she has very little trust in facts choosing to believe her friends when it comes to something that can be easily looked up on the internet.

    Doopie The Eternal Dumbass


    Doopie and Chris Chan

    Chris is a fag


    —Doopie DoOver

    Unlike most normal sane people who have come in contact with Chris Chan and are deserving of some sympathy, Doopie DoOver deserves no such thing.

    For over a year, when Doopie was having a good old time being Chris' object of affection and Love goal, she, Doopie, ignored people's outright warnings and threats about what Chris is capable of. Even going so far as setting out to personally antogonize people by saying that Chris is a decent person and not deserving of anyone's ridicule.

    It wasn't until current events started to echo The Megan Affair that Doopie DoOver started worrying about her little moneymaker and started heading advice from others, mostly Kiwi Farms because she didn't want to see a flood of childish porn being posted on the internet titled "Doopie Came For CWC".

    It started like every Girl Quest fuck up in Chris History. Chris got over protective and jealous, letting his disguise of being a decent person drop and let everyone see, again, what a fucktard of a cocksucker he is.

    Chris didn't like some game doopie was playing with her boyfriend on twitter. Chris argued that any insult aimed at Doopie DoOver challenged the honor of his precious Trailor Park Princess and he told Doopie's boyfriend, sugar daddy, what he thought. Chris started by saying that Doopie was a delicate flower and didn't deserve such treatment at the hands of someone who claimed to love her and if Doopie was his, Chris would treat her like the meth bred royalty that she is.

    This had been coming for a while. Earlier Chris had already started to monopolize Doopie's time when she was online wanting Doopie to only talk to him. According to Doopie, the whole of Chris conversations were about porn, My Little Pony porn, Sailor Moon porn, Evangelion porn, Power Puff Girls porn, drawing porn, buying porn, renting porn, watching porn and hentai.

    Finally seeing Chris for the piece of shit, asstard overgrown manchild threat to humanity and the gene pool that he is, Doopie DoOver decided to confirm the rumors that she is a tranny - crushing Chris' oversized, conjested heart because Chris has a near phobic obsession and rationalizations when it comes to being gay. Dress up in your mother's panties and take hormones to grow tits, perfectly straight to Chris. Hit on a guy dressed up as a girl that probably has a dick bigger than you, totally gay.

    Since this revelation, Chris has avoided the internet but like all of Chris' past love failures he will bounce back and quickly start claiming that Doopie DoOver was just another pawn designed by the evil Jews to make him look silly and ruin his chances of ever becoming a publishing megahouse because his words are the cure for Jews and niggers.

    So, it's safe to say, Jews 3 million, Chris 0.

    If Chris Chan is right and a cabal of Jews have it in for him, are The Jews really such bad guys?

    Doopie And Chris Chan Version 2.0: Chris Chan To Doopie, "Soon My Precious"

    In a Twatter post that had Doopie running for the library to find a nerd to research the least painless suicide methods, on the promise of getting to touch some boob, (High School drop out, she can't read) and then braving East L.A. with the hope of finding some Norteños willing to travel to Virginia and give Chris Chan a shotgun enema because, recently, his creepiness level jumped well over 9000 when he made the extant claim that it is only a matter of time before he and Doopie are together.

    We all know Chris' marriage fantasy but Doopie doesn't, so here it is: Chris' money is his that he gets to spend on legos, video games and whatever his tard brain wants.

    Believe it or not, that's the happy ending version. The other, more probable ending has you, Doopie, tied up and hidden under his bed like a $10 fuck doll, first alive and after he forgets to feed you for a couple of months, dead.

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

    Doopie and Chris Chan Version 3.0

    In the true cunt fashion that everyone has come to expect from Doopie DoOver and about 3 hours after Chris made his We'll be together forever Doopie" post, Doopie readily emasculated Chris Chan with 2 twitter posts - telling him exactly what was already known. The attention on the internet she was giving Chris was purely professional and only done with the intent of profit. In other words, "It was all about the Benjamins Bitch!"

    With Chris Chan still believing that he and Doopie are still friends and Doopie only blocking him because of "Them damn, dirty trolls" like the cock teasing bitch she is, Doopie plainly stated that she and Chris Chan are not friends, have never been friends and that he's a serious sick fuck to even imagine that there could ever be anything between them.

    This is the third time that Chris has scared away a prostitute. The first two claimed to move out of state. Doopie, I guess, wont ever be returning to DC for it's Anime convention for fear that Chris might be waiting there for her.

    Doopie And Chris Chan Version 3.1

    Much like a dog that has learned that it will get a treat if it holds up its paw and pretends to be injured, Doopie has taken to dragging her ass up and down the carpets of Kiwi Farms begging for attention in anyway she can get it.

    Doopie And Chris Chan Version 3.2 Doopie Begs For More

    Doopie And Chris Chan 4.0: Doopie Becomes Chris Chan And Wants To Sue The Internet

    Doopie's More Obvious Personality Traits

    Doopie Is A Progressive Hipster

    Notice that Doopie has given no definition of how she defines art. She has done this intentionaly so that she can define art any way she wishes and include any piece of paper used to wipe someone's ass. The Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy uses the following Uncontroversial Idea to define art. . .

    (iv) Traditionally, artworks are intentionally endowed by their makers with properties, usually perceptual, having a significant degree of aesthetic interest, often surpassing that of most everyday objects


    The Definition Of Art

    And pornography being defined as

    Here is a first, simple definition. Pornography is any material (either pictures or words) that is sexually explicit.


    What Is Pornography

    So by definition, any sexually explicit image that contains a person who is underage is Child Pornography

    Doopie Is a Hypocrite

    As anyone who has observed Doopie, or even casually talked with her for some time knows, Doopie is a hypocrite and it's quite common for her to contradict himself, even within the same conversation.

    Much like the majority of California Liberals, Doopie's opinion depends on the subject or what the current opinion is. One second child molestation will be bad when she's begging for money and 2 days later be nothing more then children engaging in their natural sexual curiousity and it's society that unfairly makes children feel bad about such expressions of love when she's defending his Child Porn.

    Doopie Pretends To Be Against Child Porn

    Despite losing what might have been a customer of hers and being accused of producing what can be best described as animated, Child Pornographic grooming materials designed so that pedophiles can convince their future, underaged victim that it's perfectly fine for them to play with their molester's pee-pee because all the cool kindergarten kids are doing it, Doopie has currently taken to reporting and celebrating the arrests and convictions of Sick Fucks despite the fact that she is a producer of material that contributes to this same societal ill and victimization of children by reinforcing the fantasies of sick fucks that children want to be sexually active, sexored by adults or are looking for an older, sexually experienced adult to teach them.

    Despite earlier arguments and posts where Doopie has taken an apologist and pro-pedophile stance with arguments that Child Porn is only pictures and children are naturally curious about and want to learn about sex, Doopie has recently started a Twitter PR campaign where she tries to appear as though she is against crimes committed against children while, at the same time, promoting her KittenBellNSFW Patreon site where she sells images of Early, teenage girls like Yumi Yoshimura and pretteen girls like Lillie from Pokemon and has RECENTLY started making the claim that all the subjects in her images are all 18 despite their obvious lack of secondary, sexual characteristics and small stature with them, sometimes, being half the size of the man fucking them.

    Doopie Is A Homophobe

    At Planet Dolan we like hiring people that are neither abrassive or will offend a large group of people


    — Dolan's Brother refusing an offer from an ED editor to write for Planet Dolan

    I take it Gay's aren't people than?


    —Ed Editor's reply to Dolan's Brother

    Recently on a youtube page, Doopie called a short youtube movie, One Heartbeat Gay. Not so bad because she was quickly reprimanded by the page's viewers for his transgression.

    With her eyes full of tears and her ass freshly torn and bleeding from her butthurt Doopie let her GOTIS get the best of her as she sheltered herself deep inside her Twitter Safe Space, with a binky in her mouth, to beg all her cuckold followers to ease her mind by telling him that she is incapable of hate, that she is the most open minded person they know and her soul is most like the Buddha's.

    Doopie Hates The New Captain America Because He's Black And Gay

    Being like all Southern, redneck, confederate flag flying Americans Doopie DoOver has an abhorrence to change that can only be compared to the most autistic child that is shitting in his hand at dinnertime and throwing it against the wall because his beans were replaced with peas.

    Despite his many rule 34 Fan Drawings where it seems like she's simply picking characters at random to ship, because they have no logical reason to be together, for no other reason than she wants to draw them having sex. Doopie has accused Marvel of selling out to fans and making the new Captain America gay just because a minority of fans want to see him ass rape Bucky and black only because they want the Fanservice of seeing it getting done with a big black cock.

    卐 Doopie Is An Anti-Semite 卐

    In the out and out Hypocrisy we have come to expect from Doopie DoOver's constant back peddling on issues and his duplicity it is no surprise that he is an out-of-the closet Anti-semite who would defend PewDiePie's right to "Wish that all Jews would die" because PewDiePie, along with Doopie, finds the deaths of 3 million People knee slapping hilarious and because, ironically, Doopie doesn't believe in censorship on the internets.

    The surprising thing about Doopie is for all her claims about wanting to be a better person, wanting to lead the world into an age of hugs and glowing warmth defined by My Little Pony and the Social Justice Ideals that everyone has a right to be themselves, like pedophiles and child molesters, without being assaulted or attacked for being the person who they really are - Doopie seems to invest a lot of time hating on differant people and groups for no other reason than these people belong to different groups than she does.

    As Doopie always comes back with the simple excuse that she should be allowed to hate against one group or another because she belongs to or is a member of these groups, such as when she was called out for hating on gay people Doopie all of a sudden made the claim that she was Bi, we expect our favorite Swastika flag flying, Florida trailor park Schweinhund to claim that she is all of a sudden Jewish or will instantly have a Jewish relative and understands, intimately, the plight of the Jews.

    Doopie The Stoner Guru?

    Jeff Bridges is THE STONER GURU

    Like most people who smoke copious, grotesque, insane, ample and exuberant amounts of weed and want people to believe they have gotten something out of it, Doopie actually believes herself to be a Stoner Guru.

    Unfortunately, mistaking your own farts for world changing smarts while stoned does not make anyone anything other than a pothead.

    Fuck Doctors, They're Stupid. I'll Just Self Medicate

    Doopie is like so many people that self medicate in that she uses depression, the flu or whatever sickness has the same symptoms as the withdrawls she is currently suffering from and will only do her drug of choice because it is the only one that she thinks makes her feel better because it makes her feel good and all Doopie wants out of life is to always feel good.

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