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    Jerry from Doomsday Refreshment Committee

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    Jerry, in his natural habitat
    That's the ticket little girl

    Jerry Brewer is the head honcho of Doomsday Refreshment Committee and sits at his computer all day writing horrible gothic/emo poetry and equally if not moreso horrific music. Jerry's music is comprised of generic "industrial metal" with samples from movies that have been used over 9000 times before. DRC are not signed and only have an interweb faggoth fanbase. On top of all his fail and lulz he is also a 40 year old pedophile, who tries to pick up little 16 year old girls and 13 year old boys through his MySpace and vampirefreaks profiles. He also has two little girls both of whom are underage and therefore, some argue, at considerable risk

    Jerry has uploaded a number of horrendously shopped pictures on his Vampirefreaks profile, and OVER 200 PICTURES IN PRACTICALLY THE SAME FUCKING POSE.

    How to be a Jerry

    1. Sit at your desk.
    2. Make shitty music.
    3. Hit on little 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls on AIM.
    4. Not have a record deal.
    5. Invite underage girls to live with you, then tell them to wait until they are of age to do so.
    6. ????
    7. PROFIT!


    1. Down deep inside/

    That's where it hides/ A part of you so black/ That it never dies/ There's only so much/ That you can hide away/ Your hell is coming/ And hell you will pay/

    There is no love/ Breed only hate/ Its time to wake up/ Accept your fate/ Come into me/ And you will see/ I am the everything/ You hope to be/

    I am the strong/ I will survive/ And I will never be/ A drone in the hive/ The war I wage/ It will be won/ The taste of victory/ Army of one


    —The Lyrics to Black, one of his shitty pedo goth songs

    Who hes trying to hook up with

    The Midget he's trying to hook up with

    Feverishly attempting to recover from the butthurt of being divorced Jerry made a concerted effort to try and pick up this girl (pictured right) through AIM. Their forbidden faggot interweb love began when the equally butthurt Kait, started sending him picture comments on MySpace

    Following numerous conversations via AIM, possibly utilising NLP techniques, Jerry managed to brainwashed Kait with his lies and she bought every one. For this she joins the legions of retard. Kait now wants to move in with Jerry and his underage daughters. What COULD a 40 year old want with this barely legal little girl? Probably just companionship.

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