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    Dongforce official mascot.png
    The original macro
    File:Dong force card.png
    The Dong Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

    #dongforce is an IRC haven for trolls, bots, and the clinically insane that, since its incarnation, has been responsible for a massive drop in the collective IQ of the internet community, targeting #ed, Twitter, freenode, and other such abominations. Residents of this internet sanitarium for the mentally ill include Elvis, snape, Spermy DECEASED, garrett RIP, Rory DECEASED, hex, Phobos, Hipcrime, mc, Patroclus, NekoArc BUTTHURT, and Meepsheep. Dongforcers are often seen hailing BASEDGOD in preparation for holy assaults on brony and furry IRCs.


    Another image good for usage in irc spam attacks

    #dongforce was conceived by Elvis after reading about the glory days of bantown and attempting to revive them. He quickly began scheming and invite-spammed the fuck out of everyone till they either joined or ignored him. However, it could be said that the true spirit of the dongforcers was awakened with Mu and the free Steve movement on Freenode, as well as the complete and utter destruction of Bill9929.


    Dongforcers' pastimes often include:

    • Flooding IRC with ASCII
    • Collecting intel on IRC networks
    • Redirecting canternet chatters to Last Measure
    • Drawing OC about dongs
    • Oper abusing
    • Dongtweets


    Over the course of its history, dongforce has linked up with several irc networks, either resulting in lulz, devastation, or some odd combination of the two.


    After departing from lulznet, dongforce first linked with darkest desires, aka IHM's network. This movement was obviously doomed from the beginning as it ran InspIRCd, instead of the heavily modified God-Tier Unreal IRCd that dongforcers are used to. A displeased Snape quickly begged his Anon friends to packet the network, resulting in rage from both parties. Constant freenode ruining/spamming brought heavy attention to the network, particularly #dongforce, rather than IHM's other channels. Deciding that it was "taking attention away from the main channel", IHM had #dongforce juped and the forcers briefly returned to WTFux.


    Later on, dongforce linked with soli's net "drugNet". During this link an extreme amount of ddos attacks and netsplits occurred. The entirety of the time there was spent eating up packets from krashed's compromised cisco routers. This period did not last long due to the levels of e-drama exhibited by the residents at drugnet.


    Dongforce then briefly linked with tsukihi, being promised primer services and lack of e-drama. This of course was a blatant lie as an overweight cutter named "nano" started an e-vendetta with LiteralKa. In between bouts of stuffing Twinkies into his face, nano preformed a mass g-line and juped the maractus server from the network. He then recruited fellow tranny-lover rayZor to use zee's botnet to packet the box, effectively taking it down for a whole few hours.


    File:Kloeri ascii.png
    dongforce's ansi tribute to kloeri

    dongforce has perfected such a way of enraging freenode opers (particularly kloeri), by registering perfectly legitimate channels and calmly promoting them in #freenode, #ubuntu, and related channels. This has resulted in the banning of a likely hundred channels, including #dongforce, ##dongforce, #trannies, #H.I.T.L.E.R, #wiseau, and related.

    03:31   aggrav8d: what!?
    03:31   aggrav8d: what do you want?
    03:32   aggrav8d: stupid spambot.
    03:32  <-- aggrav8d [[email protected]] has left #dongforce ( )
    03:36  --> boxbeatsy [[email protected]] has joined #dongforce
    03:37   maractus: hi
    03:47  --> spammer [[email protected]] has joined #dongforce
    03:47   spammer: ji
    03:47   spammer: hi
    03:47   spammer: any spammer here?
    03:48  <-- spammer [[email protected]] has left #dongforce ( )
    03:49  <-- bubblebuddy [[email protected]] has quit (K-Lined)
    03:49   kloeri: since you guys won't take a hint and stop the spamming I'm closing this channel
    03:49  --- kloeri sets modes [#dongforce +Pi]
    03:49   maractus: whos spamming?
    03:50   kloeri: you should be able to guess that on your own
    03:50   maractus: look our irc is always under attack from irc.grove.bz
    03:50   maractus: some dumb meta trolsl
    03:50   maractus: *trolls
    03:50   maractus: i think the spam can be counteracted without the closing of this channel
    03:50   kloeri: and now you no longer have to worry about this channel
    03:50   maractus: ok then (?)
    03:51   kloeri: the real question is if your other channels should also be closed but we'll find out soon enough 
                    I guess
    04:04  --- kloeri has changed the topic to: This channel is closed due to spam
    04:04  --- kloeri sets modes [#dongforce +t]

    Solo enterprises

    An African American Informant for the FBI attempted to log all the communication for future informant use. TKN_BOT_II was exposed by dongforce as being an agent for selling out logs. In response, the nigger hacker attacked the man at the helm of dongforce by having his irc privileges revoked. The trolls at dongforce exposed the African American informant by using a form of irc propaganda not known to outsiders. The nigger informant can still be idling in #ed to this day.


    A common past-time of all forcers is dongtweeting, that is, cloning a Twitter profile and tweeting absolutely terrible shit at the target's parents, employers, friends, etc in the same fashion as a classic MySpace Adventure. Historic targets include SheWolf, Sethisto, and WeatherManKevin.

    A perl package has also been constructed for doing this with ease.


    Dildomail is #dongforce's mail service, a tribute to loldongs, and the official inbox of all forcers. One can only achieve a @dildomail.com account after pledging themselves to the dongforce cause and receiving a kline from freenode.

    DeviantArt Ruin

    One of many defaced profiles

    In late November of 2012, Dongforce, together with the GNAA, exploited a xss vulnerability in DeviantArt which resulted in over 2400 accounts being compromised. For almost 24 straight hours busy dongforcers worked hard defacing, spamming, deactivating, and vastly improving profiles of sonicfags, bronies, and other such tartlets. A script was then made to auto spam and hundreds more accounts poured in, waiting to get the goatse treatment. The second day, DeviantArt staff discovered the vulnerability and sloppily patched it, unfortunately for them, far too long before DeviantArt was totally ruined. You can read their official PR on it here.

    dongforce is basically a bunch of indviduals that target sites and hack people. this was a problem on deviantart a while ago =3= stupid hackers, i found out now. the victims of the problem in deviantart that were accused for being hackers were : neomoti, ilsweetmandee and many more. do not be upset..


    —DeviantArt user



    —dA user on Elvis's profile

    You think it's cool to hack people, mother fucker? Why don't you take your goddamn cunt shit dumbass piss fuck meat ball dick cock mother fucking bitch pussy off of dA and go to hell? People like you fucking disgust me, and I hope you choke on your own nasty spit. Just remember, no matter what you do in life, you'll always be a dick headed, nasty ass, furry balled, cock nosed, pony fucking, dip shit moron who belongs in a trash can. Peace out, bitch.


    Woah nelly

    My uncle works for the F.B.I. hahahahaha

    HE WILL FIND YOU hahaaa


    — We believe you File:Deviantart-favicon.png SockeyeLove, thousands wouldn't

    How one vlogging user put it

    Goodbye 4eva DeviantArt I definitely can't just make another account

    Gallery of improved accounts

    Tumblr takeover

    Chris (right), doing what he does best

    Looking next at hipster-blogging service tumblr, the dongforcers exploited a similar hole to compromise hundreds of tumblr accounts over the course of two days. This resulted in tumblr employee Christopher Price emailing cloudflare with threats of lolsuits and takedowns over hosting tumblr-ruining content.

    CloudFlare received an abuse report regarding:


    Details about alleged infringement:

    Please respond to me with an attached .txt or .csv containing all of the stored account data in the public_html area of this hosting account to better assist us in a mass suspension of all compromised users. Our database technicians wont be in the office until Monday, however I am able to mass suspend by loading the accounts into one of our Python tools until then.

    What a headache.



    [email protected]

    P.S. please be on the lookout for any other suspicious Tumblr related activity, this phishing campaign in particular is massive.

    One tumblr user stated:

    Tumblr Accounts bein hacked


    Guys. Serious stuff here.

    If you search up any of the following tags:


    my little pony






    You may find a post that says:

    Check this out!


    With a link below.

    If you click on the link and log in, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TUMBLR.


    Seriously, I've got confirmation.

    If you could reblog this, perhaps we can stop this nonsense before it gets too bad.


    Assorted wins

    • Defacing the furnet website
    • YouTube takedowns
    • Forcing #knowyourmeme to be set to private

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