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    Donald Trump

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    Picture of Donald J. Trump, who is an average human being, helping out a perfectly normal human child.

    Donald J. Trump is a white American male and the 45th President of the United States. He was born on June 14th, 1946, and has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion. He is married to Melania Trump, and his children include Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Barron. He also appeared in the movie Home Alone 2 as a friendly but otherwise average human being.

    This is about as neutral and unbiased as we can get about him. If you want to read a completely biased and absolutely one-sided article about Trump, check out these articles:

    • Candidate Trump —The man who will make America great again and will no doubt troll all the triggered sjw libcucks snowflake establishment rootless international clique libtard cuck easily offended millennial.
    • President Trump —The man who will keep America just as shitty and will no doubt troll all the triggered alt-right cuckservative snowflake conservatard cuck easily offend

    If neither of these articles suit your needs... then what are you doing here?

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