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    Doll Bases

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    What happens when you make the hell child of MS Paint, anime, tracing and deviantART? You get a doll base.

    Doll bases are yet another part of deviantART’s massive library of MS paint atrocities. Suspected of being another type of AIDs, these failures spread like wild fire across deviantART even fast enough to soil the pure new users. It is not a surprise that mostly 13-year-old girls, talentless tartlets and weeaboos use these solely as an excuse to upload “artwork” on their accounts and to gain notoriety. Since deviantART is infamous for sucking Japan’s tiny cock, about 95% of doll bases are in anime style, or in a superior definition, traced screenshots. These doll bases, specifically, are poorly made, unimaginative and display generic poses. Because of this, the words “shit”, “AIDs” and “cancer” are now synonyms to the term “doll base”, if not, a better way to describe them entirely.

    Like a mirage, it can make an illusion that you're actually talented.

    What exactly are doll bases?

    File:Usagi Oyobi Klitsune myus.jpg
    Because MS Paint is the superior program.

    If you’re too afraid of even touching deviantART to know what they are, then here’s a basic summary: they’re pixel templates of figures that other users can use to add their own features. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it? But remember; this is deviantART, and that which is dwelling within deviantART is guaranteed to not be the vast treasure that one would think it would be. Despite the fact that there are actual pixel artists that work hard in their own original work, they are nothing compared to the endless sea of traced screenshots from horrible anime.

    Doll makers at it's finest

    Only a small portion of the doll bases found on deviantART are actual original content while the rest are just traces of anime screenshots, hentai games or actual artwork drawn by other people. Of course, what else would you expect from one of the internet’s greatest breeding grounds of weeaboos? The aftermath of tracing screenshots are lopsided heads, lazy shading, misshapen boobs and inflated egos; and that's just the fucking bare base. The most popular anime that is traced to make bases is Lucky Star. The reason would simply be because of how KAWAII ^____________^ the characters are. And since every weeaboo’s wet dream is to have eyes THAT big and the body of loli, Lucky Star templates are often used to portray the author. The screens of Lucky Star are literally traced to death since people just can’t get enough of Konatas autistic stare.

    Since Japan is filled with lonely losers, many dating sims are created for them. These dating sims feature slutty girls with big busts that would do anything for a man they just met. Because dating sims hail from a perverted and sexist land, and weeaboos are generally sexually starved, they have a great liking towards the artwork of girls acting slutty just for the attention. As such, they treat the hentai industry as their goldmine of materials for base-making. Either way, hentai is still considered to be a goldmine since Japan is literally filled with it.

    Perhaps the truest irony lies within the Sonic doll bases. Although Sonic screenshots are often raped to death by recoloring, the pixel bases are completely original work and traced Sonic bases are rare to find. Of course, it’s not a surprise that most recolorists would do a piss poor job at using them. Despite the fact that vector traces were recently prohibited, the moderators don’t give a damn about bases. At all. The only reason why they noticed vectoring is that more artists used it to get popular. Not only that, if they were to ban basefags, then they would lose too many users. And everyone knows that on deviantART, if they lose users, Jew.

    Bases are commonly traced from the following:


    File:I Suport bases stamp by Karma50.jpg
    Some base makers don't care about quality.
    Ok, so recently I have been looking through people's galleries, and I keep seeing the same thing over and over. Doll bases. Traced from copyrighted images/screenshots, without permission of the original artist. Then distributed like they're the tracer's own art as long as you "OMG CREDIT ME(the tracer) FOR THE BASE. Oh, and credit goes to whoever made the original art


    —Aibiki describing basefags in a nutshell.

    It’s not hard to find talentless people and shitty art on deviantART, and among them, it’s easy to find a basefag. A basefag, in short, is a breed of tartlet that solely relies on bases to fill their entire gallery and snag them some well-earned pageviews. There are two types of basefags, actually. One that provides the base (the tracer) and the one that only uses the base (the lazy fuck). Although both yield no talent and resort to stealing and mangling artwork in order to look as if they are doing a generous task, there are differences between the two.

    Tracers, to start off, are those who think that they are elite. They feed off of the ass kissing comments of the sheep that use their bases. Because they think they are noble for creating bases, they have the holier than thou attitude. Additionally, they also tend to think that providing the base is the sheer equivalent of giving food and shelter for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

    Despite tracing, base makers will deny absolutely every single claim that their doings are considered to be art theft. One of their completely reasonable arguments to support their tracing is that they already credited the picture in the description of the base. Of course, these people have the IQ of a shit chucking ape because they merely credit the picture but not the artist. These images are usually, if not, only, hosted on PhotoBucket with a general file name. Even with credit, it’s still art theft if they didn’t get actual permission from the artist.

    The irony is that they would actually flip out if someone else, (i.e. another doll baser) recolors a recolor or a base without credit, she will flip out yelling "ART THEFT!" in a 1000 word BAWWWWW journal. You thought there were honor among thieves - you were wrong!

    File:Basing From A Base.jpg

    To these people, “detail” seems to be a foreign word. In a nutshell, they put zero effort into proper shading or good line art. After they have finished the outline of their doll base, they sloppily make their shading with one color that is just slightly darker than the main color. The aftermath is the inability to tell the difference between the main color and the shading. Advanced pixel artists, on the other hand, tend to put more details into black person and lighting. However, since base-makers need to spend more time searching for screen shots of animu and are flat-out untalented, they will just do some pen strokes, color fill it and pass it off as deviantART gold.

    Those who use the bases can simply be described as stupid. They’re the type of weeaboo with a broken keyboard and a horrid obsession with gay anime, who submits screenshots of his or her OMGORIGINALCREATIONGAIZ which was made with a doll dress-up game and relies on a worn out camera to take pictures of his or her shitty anime fan art drawn on line paper. In short, they can’t lift a pencil let alone draw a simple stick figure. Their desires are no different than that of all users on deviantART; page views and ass kissing. But how do they do it? Simple, they spend hours and hours finding generic bases, commenting on them, and making the owner aware of their edits which leads to moar page views.

    Recently, Basefags took their faggotry a step further by claiming ownership on colors. Yes, they actually claim ownership of every individual shade of color in the whole motherfucking visible spectrum as theirs. They throw a fit whenever you use the colors red or black without their permission. Sparkledog owners are always guilty no matter what. So people, think twice whenever you want to use #00FFFF because IT BELONGZ TO ME!1!! DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!

    Honest to God Quotes


    Quick summary.
    Thank you for promoting tracing. You're just one in a million who have birthed a new generation of art thieves, children who will never know how to properly draw because everything was handed to them, via you "base artists". Thanks. You're making such a difference in the world.



    Even though you're tracing it would be beneficial for you to learn what basic human head shapes look like. It seems you have trouble seeing past the hair in the picture you traced.



    I totally drew this. 100%. omg I am going to be so popular



    I don't recommend hinging on these. They are shameful. Especially if you try to pass them off as your own work.



    But Jerk, everybody knows that even professional manga artists trace other people's artwork!



    Technique, you used a base! How ingenious, this must have saved you so much time



    And why would that be a bad thing ?

    They aren't good bases, so who cares ? Besides, you know what would happen ? Real dollers would come back here, and you'd be able to find real dolls and real bases. Because yes, real dollers have left the site, and won't come back due to this idiocy that's been going on.




    You ought to be proud someone decided to use your artwork instead of whining.




    I don't care if you don't like bases. Do you think a half-elf would want to hear about how much and why you don't like half-eves?




    lol, if they are so horrible, why did you go into such good detele tracing and even shading and high-lighting when you are so aginst it xD!




    How are they Crap? I admit some are crap when they come from shows that everyone knows about and they look supid,but random anime/Manga pics that get turned into bases like that aren't that bad.




    I agree beyond all belief! Im sick of hearing ppl say 'Bases arent art! D:' People tell it to me and my friends.




    Anyway, people also tell me that I'm n ass for using bases because I can't draw and that it's not hard to edit a base.



    Their excellent tutorials!

    Watch this video and learn how to trace create skillful and original pixel art. One day, even YOU can be a mangaka!!!!

    The Gallery of high quality

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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