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Not to be confused with Google Docs.
All your Dox coming to sink your e-boat.

Docs or Dox are information an Internet personality would want to be kept secret, such as their real name, current address, SSN, and phone number. These are things they would install a security and phone tracing system, use passwords, and build a moat to protect. Docs may also include information on close relatives. Many people do things on the Internet which they would rather not leak to their IRL circle of acquaintances (such as their sexual practices and fantasies) so dropping dox can be very destructive to victims' personal lives.

Some would argue how it's morally unjust or even downright an invasion of privacy to post someones information online or do things with them.

The response to these people is simple:

My Documents

This is the general idea.

Baby's first dox template for the lazy.


0x1 - (Personal) -  



Drivers License #: 


Email Address: 
Internet Alias(s): 

0x2 - (Address Information) -
Current Address: 

Past Addresses: 
Cell Number: 

IP Address: 

0x3 - (Family)

- Name:
- SSN:  
- DOB: 
- Current Address: 

- Name: 
- SSN: 
- DOB:
- Current Address: 

- Name: 
- SSN: 
- DOB:
- Current Address: 

- Name: 
- SSN: 
- DOB:
- Current Address: 

0x4 - (Professional)


Address of Business: 



0x5 - (Lulz)

Extra notes: 



Remember: "Doxing" is not an art for the poor. A good Dox takes time, energy & dedication. The more 1337 technical skills and money you have the more you'll be able to pull off.

If you need more money, learn how to make more money and/or not being a loser irl. But we know that's hard.

Play the game and play it well

Step 1 - Don't be retarded

Use TailsOS to keep your Dox anonymously and safely on an encrypted USB. Also ensuring that you're not doing anything you can be sued for on the same IP address that you tell your parents "go kill yourself" on.

Making use of things such as XMR & prepaid Visa Gift Cards purchased with cash are a wonderful way to protect your anonymity for financial purchases as well.

Step 2 - Take, then ask

Before you interact with the target to grab IP and other little goodies you should completely fill out as much as you possibly can about the client. This includes (but is not limited to) SSN, Name, Addresses, and Drivers License. 

Step 3 - Introducing yourself politely

People have forgotten how to be careful of others on the internet. You can abuse this! There are several ways to grab someones IP address, beyond that you can even be [[[naughty]] and do more entertaining things.

Step 4 - Release the kraken

Ruining the lives of Joe Shmoe for calling you a pussy on the internet is fantastic for mental health and a feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention that it's your right as a citizen of Encyclopedia Dramatica to put the fear of God into the heart of anyone who isn't close to you. 

Step 5 - Egofagging the illegal stuff

Taking credit for dropping down the credit score of your least favorite YouTuber is a great way to let everything go to your head. We highly advise doing this. The FBI will love you long time.

Stalker's Resources

Don't forget to abuse the tools whitehats freely publish for absolutely no reason at all

Name, Address, Social Media, Usernames

  • Google - Google their name and email address. Use Google's cache to its full advantage. Some forums require registration to view profiles/search, but often you can view them simply by clicking on the cache button. Do the same for sites that are down.

  • Images - Using this subdomain you can perform a reverse image search in the instance you have a photo or five and want to see what else it links to on the internet (if anything). Doesn't usually turn up anything but always worth the check.

  • Whitepages - This is an excellent source for finding out all the basic information you'd need about someone. Reverse lookup addresses, phones, and more. Yes you'll have to pay money.

  • Facebook - Everyone has one, so this is a good place to start. Try their real name.

  • Pimeyes - Very good for reverse searching faces, it's paid but they can sometimes find a lot.

  • YouTube - Most people have been uploaded to this website at least once in their life. Search their names, emails, etc.

  • Namechk - Have nothing but usernames? Start here!

Public Records

Passwords, IP grabbers and OSINT oh my!

  • h8mail - This is an online tool that requires a bit of technical setup, however it's able to search emails through multiple databases at once showing you whether or not someone's password is in a database that you can purchase. Absolutely worth it for the long run.

  • AK - AK (as in AK-47) is a tool developed by the dead people at Blackhat Library, the idea is that once set up it can be used as an IP catcher / malware link which looks like a popular website such as Facebook or Twitter in the "link preview" when you post it to the DM's of your favorite person in the world. Neat right?

  • Sherlock - Does more or less the same thing as namechk except it's more ranged and cli-based. Less false-positives.

  • BeEF - BeEF is a fun prank (haha) to play on friends and family which allows you to completely take over their browser and spy on them just from setting up one simple fake website. Enjoy!

  • Grabify - Reliable IP grabber service, there's hundreds of these so if something dies just Google for one.

Hard-To-Get-Information & /i/nsurgency

  • Darknet - For anything you might need, but can't find on Google there's no harm in researching the forums and markets listed on DarkdotFail. (Use Tor).

  • Shitlib - New and upcoming library made by an admin of the site with all sorts of stuff.

Make an ad in the "Activity Parnters" section under community, play around with the weak willed degenerates via some back and forth in email, have them show up to the persons address, there are many horny men who will relentlessly pursue someone who they believe to be 19/f, as is evident here. (Use Tails).

All your Dox coming to sink your e-boat.


Wear protection.

Have fun.

Don't get upset if you get doxed and you dox others, pussy.

Doxing with friends is more fun than sitting in your room alone.

Check out the CCP to find out how you can join in on more fun just like this.

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