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Djdlikesxbox/Chat logs

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The Djdlikesxbox AIM conversation, lol


The first message

txbuser570: up A/S/L?
lawl-: 14/f/ca
txbuser570: lol
txbuser570: 15 m ca
lawl-: o wow
txbuser570: lol
txbuser570: were do u go to school?
txbuser570: i got to cenntenial high school in riverside
txbuser570: *go
lawl-: holy shit really
txbuser570: corona
lawl-: thats where i go
txbuser570: but it is in riverside
txbuser570: your lying
lawl-: no im not
lawl-: who do you have for math
txbuser570: i live in the baywood a croos the strret
lawl-: i have ms. eathers
txbuser570: no
lawl-: o
txbuser570: r u freshman
lawl-: yeah
txbuser570: wat r all your peroiods?
txbuser570: and i will tell u if i have u
txbuser570: wow im tripin
txbuser570: lol
lawl-: i have english, geometry, history, biology, P.E, spanish, dance
[23:00] txbuser570: ok this is better
[23:00] lawl-: kk
[23:01] lawl-: wuts ur name i bet i know you
[23:01] txbuser570: um your first
[23:01] lawl-: katie johnson
[23:01] txbuser570: DJ
[23:01] lawl-: o
[23:01] lawl-: hmm
[23:02] txbuser570: um if it makes a diference im on the wresting team
[23:02] lawl-: oh i think ive seen you
[23:02] txbuser570: do u have AIM?
[23:02] lawl-: ya
[23:02] txbuser570: what is your SN?
[23:02] lawl-: meetmehereonirc is my sn
[23:03] txbuser570: i will send u some thing right now
[23:03] lawl-: k

I'm a pretty rad dude

His penis size

[23:12] : oo byr the hay this was like 2 your ago but im a lot (biger) if u know wat i mean

His body description

[23:14] dj: im big her tho
[23:14] : and about 6 foot
[23:14] dj: 140 pounds
[23:14] meetmehereonirc: o
[23:15] d: oo and i love to say im 5.2 % body fat

Saying he is not a virgin

[23:15] meetmehereonirc: r u a virgin
[23:15] d: u first?
[23:15] meetmehereonirc: im not
[23:15] d: lol same
[23:15] meetmehereonirc: lol
[23:15] dx: wating till some one good
[23:15] meetmehereonirc: ooooo
[23:16] dx: not like body good like conecting good

"meat u in the moning"

[23:16] meetmehereonirc: so where should we meet at monday
[23:16] x: i would meat u in the moning but i need to be tuterd
[23:16] meetmehereonirc: oh
[23:16] meetmehereonirc: lunchtime
[23:17] dj: ya
[23:17] : up
[23:17] : well
[23:17] dj: im probibly going to be over by the togos
[23:17] meetmehereonirc: togos?
[23:17] dj: with my freands
[23:17] djd: im by were the bus drops iff
[23:18] dj: off
[23:18] dj: in that building

Two people who go to the same highschool meeting randomly in a chatroom....

[23:19] djx: that u and i hapend to be in the same chat room at the same time
[23:19] meetmehereonirc: oh yeah i know
[23:20] meetmehereonirc: maybe its fate or something

He lieks blonds

[23:20] djx: so u r blond
[23:20] meetmehereonirc: yup
[23:21] djx: ya i hate to admite it but i have a wek spot for blonds

You're a keeper

[23:40] meetmehereonirc: hav u ever gotten a bj
[23:40] djd: i think he is sykik or some thing
[23:40] djd: lol
[23:41] dj: y have u given one
[23:41] meetmehereonirc: yes of course
[23:41] dj: lo
[23:41] meetmehereonirc: i deep throat it
[23:41] djx: lol
[23:41] dj: your a keeper

Caught in a lie

[23:42] meetmehereonirc: wut have you done
[23:42] djd: alot
[23:42] meetmehereonirc: like?
[23:42] dj: dont make me feel like a nerd ether
[23:42] d: like the hole shubang
[23:43] dj: i take it you experienced then
[23:43] meetmehereonirc: lol
[23:43] meetmehereonirc: so what exactly have u done
[23:43] djd: i jsut anwserd u
[23:44] meetmehereonirc: u said you were a virgin be4
[23:45] djx: ya but i saed the holesubang
[23:45] meetmehereonirc: wth is that?
[23:45] dj: every thing in other words
[23:45] meetmehereonirc: but you said you were a virgin
[23:45] dj: ok different subject

He needs to wait!

[23:47] meetmehereonirc: do you have condoms
[23:48] dj: hold on
[23:49] dj: no
[23:49] djx: hold on
[23:50] djd: start slow plezz then we will work that way

Parents over his shoulder reading chat logs, LOL

[00:07] meetmehereonirc: k well do u masturbate?
[00:07] dj: um
[00:08] dj: do cats have ferr
[00:08] meetmehereonirc: lol
[00:08] meetmehereonirc: i use a dildo
[00:08] djd: well there u go ...........i think
[00:09] meetmehereonirc: 1 time i had my best friend use a strap on and put it in my ass
[00:09] meetmehereonirc: it felt soooo good
[00:09] dj: lol
[00:09] dj: ok tmi
[00:09] meetmehereonirc: u dont like that?
[00:09] djx: ya but parents

He says he has a 6", but probably not.

[00:12] meetmehereonirc: um so how big is it
[00:13] dj: um necer mesherd
[00:13] meetmehereonirc: what
[00:13] djd: but when u see me u can judt look at mu wrist to my finger timps
[00:13] djd: tips
[00:13] meetmehereonirc: so thats how big it is?
[00:13] dj: man im tied
[00:14] dj: ya
[00:14] djd: 6 im gessing
[00:14] meetmehereonirc: o
[00:14] meetmehereonirc: hmm
[00:14] djd: y
[00:14] meetmehereonirc: my ex had a 9 inch
[00:14] djdx: oooooo
[00:14] djdl: sarry if your disipounted
[00:14] meetmehereonirc: urs is good tho lol it wont hurt as bad
[00:15] djd: um ok thanks i think

His dad is relly STRESSED, LOL!

[00:38] meetmehereonirc: anyway i can call you tonight
[00:38] dj: y
[00:38] dj: dont i will get in truble
[00:38] meetmehereonirc: becuz
[00:38] meetmehereonirc: comeee on
[00:38] meetmehereonirc: get the phone
[00:39] dj: my dad is looking for a house and he is relly stressed
[00:39] dj: plezz dont
[00:39] dj: i will get im sooooo much trubl
[00:39] djd: i will not beable to come on the computer
[00:41] djd: dont plezzz im beggin dont

His mom just got fird

[00:48] meetmehereonirc: why is ur dad looking for a house
[00:50] dj: because the rent here is too much
[00:50] dj: and my mom just got fird
[00:50] dj: so

His dad gets pissed off at him on the phone @ night

[00:58] meetmehereonirc: what would happen if i called u
[00:59] djd: im i would get in truble and he eould not answer the phone and he would know just dont plezz call tomarro


[01:01] dj: ooooo i might need to go to bed in a few
[01:01] meetmehereonirc: ooo
[01:01] meetmehereonirc: will u think about me
[01:02] meetmehereonirc: when u sleep
[01:02] djd: hell ya
[01:02] djd: and u
[01:02] meetmehereonirc: yup
[01:02] dj: u will be my sexy mistery woman

I loev action

[18:27] dj: wat have u been up too?
[18:27] meetmehereonirc: nm my best friend was over
[18:27] dj: ooo
[18:27] meetmehereonirc: and we had lots of fun
[18:27] djd: lol
[18:27] djd: i bet
[18:28] meetmehereonirc: i was teaching her how to kiss because she just got her first bf
[18:28] dj: lol
[18:28] djd: kool
[18:28] d: so action
[18:28] dj: i with i was there

I'm a chaf... what?????

[23:18] dj: and eny thing in valving me?
[23:18] dj: lol
[23:18] dj: jk
[23:19] meetmehereonirc: well i told them about u
[23:19] dj: lol and
[23:19] meetmehereonirc: and they said theyd like to do stuff with u
[23:19] meetmehereonirc: so when you come you can have fun with the 4 of us
[23:19] dj: oo thats great
[23:19] dj: un know im a (chaf)


[23:45] dj: just to tell u i will be nervise just giving u a worning k

Doesn't want a BJ

[12:30] meetmehereonirc: ill give u a BJ in the bathroom
[12:30] dj: lol
[12:30] dj: slow remember
[12:30] dj: !!
[12:30] dj: lol
[12:30] meetmehereonirc: u dont want?
[12:30] dj: lol
[12:30] dj: u know i have never done eny thing

Never kissed a real girl (ps he's 15 LAWL)

[12:36] dj: do u like it shaved?
[12:36] dj: i nerver frenched eather


[12:55] dj: k
[12:55] dj: how do u syber?
[12:56] dj: i have herd of it but im not sher
[12:56] meetmehereonirc: ill show u later
[12:56] dj: k
[12:56] dj: and the same day i get a condom i will do u in the ass

buttsechs only plz

[13:05] meetmehereonirc: i want u to fuck me hard
[13:05] dj: other than that
[13:05] dj: i dont have condoms
[13:06] meetmehereonirc: ill let u fuck me without one
[13:06] dj: and the day i get codoms i wil
[13:06] meetmehereonirc: if i get pregnant ill have an abortion
[13:06] dj: not there yet in the ass?
[13:06] meetmehereonirc: wut
[13:06] dj: stik it
[13:06] meetmehereonirc: ya u can do that without the condom
[13:07] meetmehereonirc: ull just get shit all over ur cock
[13:07] dj: ya
[13:07] meetmehereonirc: then ill lick it off
[13:07] dj: k
[13:07] dj: wednes day

Calender girlz

[13:08] dj: kissing monday bj on tusday and ass on wednesday
[13:08] dj: sthen we will go from there

This is how we do it in the hood

[13:08] meetmehereonirc: k babe
[13:08] dj: k
[13:09] dj: this is berger king for u -have it your ya
[13:09] dj: lol
[13:09] meetmehereonirc: HA HA HA HA
[13:09] dj: lol
[13:09] dj: that was smooth
[13:10] dj: thats how we do it in the hood
[13:10] dj: lol

Katies aunt died :,( sex plz

[13:12] meetmehereonirc: no i just found out my aunt died
[13:12] dj: your jk right
[13:12] meetmehereonirc: no...
[13:12] meetmehereonirc: my mom just told me
[13:12] dj: ooooooo im sooooo sarry
[13:12] meetmehereonirc: she was murdered
[13:13] dj: is there any thing that a can help
[13:13] meetmehereonirc: wel id like a nice hard cock in me but u wont do that yet
[13:13] dj: in the ass
[13:13] meetmehereonirc: why not in the front
[13:13] dj: i dont have condoms
[13:14] dj: just take it thats all im going to do till then

Astonomer, sexy axas

[20:20] dj: do u were skirts or pants more?
[20:20] meetmehereonirc: miniskirts
[20:20] dj: ooooo ya
[20:20] dj: sexy
[20:21] dj: easy axas

He SERIOUSLY, doesn't know how to have sex

[20:42] dj: just tell me wat to du right now
[20:42] meetmehereonirc: um
[20:42] meetmehereonirc: google "how to have sex"
[20:42] meetmehereonirc: or something
[20:42] meetmehereonirc: and read some of that
[20:42] dj: lol
[20:43] dj: all i do is but in u right?
[20:43] dj: in
[20:44] dj: in and out in and out right
[20:44] dj: katie!!
[20:44] meetmehereonirc: ya
[20:45] meetmehereonirc: wut
[20:45] dj: in and out right
[20:45] meetmehereonirc: google it

The infamous toilet paper roll

He did it!

[20:47] meetmehereonirc: practice with a toilet paper tube
[20:47] dj: ...........................
[20:47] meetmehereonirc: no seriously

What techniques do you know?

[20:51] dj: i dont know wat t serch
[20:52] meetmehereonirc: search for how to have sexual intercourse
[20:53] dj: k think i got it
[20:54] dj: ca we plez wat till friday
[20:54] meetmehereonirc: tell me wut ur gonna do
[20:54] dj: um do that fine ass of yours
[20:54] meetmehereonirc: what is ur techniques gonna be
[20:54] dj: do it hard
[20:55] meetmehereonirc: *sigh*

BJ = ?

[21:02] meetmehereonirc: u know what a blowjob is rite?
[21:03] dj: ya
[21:03] meetmehereonirc: wut
[21:03] dj: when u get down and blow my dick
[21:03] dj: du
[21:03] dj: im not that dumb

My nerviseness will wear off eventually, then you can suck it.

[21:04] dj: y
[21:06] dj: that i will be able to do that faster than the overs
[21:06] dj: by next week at least
[21:06] dj: *others
[21:06] meetmehereonirc: u dont have to do anything for that
[21:06] meetmehereonirc: you just sit there and get a boner
[21:06] dj: i know thats y
[21:07] dj: lol
[21:07] dj: all i need to do is look at sexy woman in front of me
[21:09] dj: U


[22:52] dj: wat r u going to do ?
[22:53] meetmehereonirc: stay on here
[22:53] dj: ..........?

[22:53] meetmehereonirc: talk to u
[22:53] dj: i dont get it?
[22:53] meetmehereonirc: IM GONNA STAY ON HERE AND TALK TO YOU
[22:53] meetmehereonirc: WHAT THE FUCK ISNT THERE TO GET
[22:53] dj: oooooooooo
[22:53] dj: wow
[22:54] dj: k babe sarry

held back a year for being too smrt

dj: i hate school
dj: bacuz im suposed to me a sophmore
dj: this is bull shit
dj: i till get to drve at the end of this year
dj: tho

eat me out baby

[21:16] meetmehereonirc: would you wanna eat me out
[21:16] dj: lol
[21:16] meetmehereonirc: well?
[21:16] dj: um
[21:17] meetmehereonirc: gimme an answer
[21:17] dj: lol ya
[21:17] dj: lol
[21:17] meetmehereonirc: do you know what that is
[21:17] dj: ya sadly
[21:17] meetmehereonirc: sadly
[21:17] meetmehereonirc: ?
[21:17] dj: lol
[21:17] meetmehereonirc: tell me what it is
[21:17] dj: jst go with it
[21:17] dj: not this agen
[21:17] meetmehereonirc: no
[21:18] meetmehereonirc: i dont think u know what it is
[21:18] dj: im not tuchen that one
[21:18] dj: lol
[21:18] meetmehereonirc: tell me
[21:18] dj: no u tell me
[21:18] meetmehereonirc: i dont want u lying to me
[21:18] meetmehereonirc: if you dont know what the fuck it is
[21:18] dj: lol
[21:18] meetmehereonirc: just tell me
[21:18] dj: wow ya
[21:19] dj: im one sentence im going to explane it k and thats as fare as were going to go with it k
[21:19] meetmehereonirc: k
[21:19] dj: DO U => O
[21:19] meetmehereonirc: no
[21:20] dj: ....................................
[21:20] dj: once agen very confused?
[21:20] meetmehereonirc: how the fuck do you not know
[21:20] dj: ....................
[21:21] dj: kkk go ahead and start cussing at me!
[21:21] dj: go lets here it
[21:21] dj: im reddy babe let it rip
[21:21] meetmehereonirc: what the fuck
[21:21] dj: well wat is it missy?
[21:21] meetmehereonirc: do you seriously not know what it means
[21:23] meetmehereonirc: ??
[21:23] meetmehereonirc: well?
[21:24] dj: k i dont i think i do tell me damb!
[21:24] meetmehereonirc: *sigh
[21:24] meetmehereonirc: google it
[21:25] meetmehereonirc: im not explaining it baby
[21:25] dj: ur making me fell very retarded
[21:25] meetmehereonirc: i want you to figure it out
[21:25] meetmehereonirc: feel?
[21:25] meetmehereonirc: just figure it out
[21:25] dj: ooooo so thats how ur going to be
[21:26] dj: thats messed up u do this every time
[21:26] dj: im not as sex active as u

> 6" too big for toilet paper roll

[22:56] dj: ooooo my member it to big for a tylet paper rool
[22:56] dj: just though i would say

Confusious say...

[23:27] dj: i call a bad relationship a relationshit


[23:30] meetmehereonirc: im 14 and ive had 50 bf's in the last 2 years
[23:30] dj: wow jsut going thew um lol
[23:30] meetmehereonirc: ya
[23:31] meetmehereonirc: i wanna settle down now
[23:31] meetmehereonirc: thats why i wanna be wit u
[23:31] dj: lol ya 1 is alll u need babe
[23:31] dj: and u have the one 1


[21:20] meetmehereonirc: wut do u tell them about me
[21:21] dj: about how hot you are
[21:21] meetmehereonirc: ooo
[21:21] meetmehereonirc: wut else
[21:21] dj: um that i have the sexyest babe

Mommy and sissy read his convos, they should be 'PRODUE'

[21:30] dj: am i comeing across to strong?
[21:30] meetmehereonirc: no
[21:31] meetmehereonirc: y
[21:32] dj: thats wat my mom sead becasue my sis was reading wat i was typing

His freand is gay.

[21:36] dj: my freand chase will be there bacause hes new to wresting and i need to show him wat we do
[21:36] dj: so easy on the flashing
[21:36] meetmehereonirc: i dont mind if he sees my boobs too
[21:36] meetmehereonirc: i show them to anyone who asks
[21:36] meetmehereonirc: becuz theyre so perfect
[21:36] dj: lol
[21:37] dj: that sounds nice
[21:37] dj: just hes like weared about it
[21:37] dj: so if u do try to do it when hes not there
[21:37] dj: babe
[21:37] meetmehereonirc: why is he weird about it? is he a fucking faggot?
[21:38] dj: lol
[21:38] dj: no idk hes just like its hard to explean
[21:38] meetmehereonirc: tell me babe
[21:38] dj: just try not to
[21:38] meetmehereonirc: TELL ME PLZ
[21:39] dj: my mom is looking at my conversaysions so
[21:39] dj: cant say
[21:40] dj: k im jeouse you my babe!

Gotta get a six pack before sex.

[22:40] dj: i need to get in the zone
[22:40] dj: u like guys with big bodys right
[22:40] dj: six pack all that right!
[22:40] meetmehereonirc: ya
[22:40] dj: then i can fool around till next week
[22:41] dj: *cant
[22:41] meetmehereonirc: yyyyyyyyyy
[22:41] dj: i do but i just can
[22:41] dj: u wont a nice bod right?
[22:42] dj: Then you will wait till next week, k, babe!
[22:43] meetmehereonirc: omg
[22:43] dj: i relly wont too
[22:43] dj: but i need to work
[22:43] dj: u wont a buff wrester right!! that you can get your freands jeouls right?


[22:44] dj: oooo i have 2 broken ribs too
[22:44] dj: and 2 freactered
[22:44] dj: so my chest stikes out
[22:45] dj: dos that bother u?
[22:45] dj: i broke them riding my bike
[22:45] meetmehereonirc: does it look like you have tits?
[22:45] dj: lo
[22:45] meetmehereonirc: seriously
[22:45] dj: it just stiks out
[22:46] meetmehereonirc: but does it looks like you have boobs?
[22:46] dj: but i need to work out to get it to look like nothin hapened
[22:46] dj: one
[22:46] dj: mamby
[22:46] dj: depends
[22:46] meetmehereonirc: what
[22:47] dj: one if you look at it that way mabe
[22:47] meetmehereonirc: lol
[22:47] dj: what
[22:47] meetmehereonirc: nothin
[22:47] meetmehereonirc: can i play with them
[22:47] dj: y r u laghing at me?
[22:47] meetmehereonirc: im now
[22:47] meetmehereonirc: not
[22:47] dj: no its my bones that stick out
[22:48] dj: and there is only one
[22:48] meetmehereonirc: only one tit?
[22:48] dj: lol
[22:48] dj: stop
[22:48] meetmehereonirc: just tell me
[22:48] dj: ya ok something like that
[22:48] dj: god
[22:48] dj: but its not for playing with
[22:49] dj: if im too rugh with is my chest will cave in
[22:50] dj: is that a problem
[22:50] meetmehereonirc: no
[22:50] meetmehereonirc: but i dunno if we'd be able to fuck
[22:50] dj: i can still do the u know wat
[22:50] dj: ya i can
[22:51] dj: just no punching
[22:51] dj: at least in the chest
[22:51] meetmehereonirc: lol
[22:51] dj: arms no prob
[22:51] dj: that mean u can go crazzy
[22:51] dj: lol
[22:52] dj: well?
[22:52] meetmehereonirc: nothin
[22:52] dj: im geting riped so you can tell

The mating ritual.

[23:15] dj: tell them if they look at you some one will be mating them when they get off the plane!
[23:15] dj: lol
[23:15] dj: *meeting
[23:15] meetmehereonirc: you're gonna mate with them? what the fuck
[23:16] meetmehereonirc: i dont want you to have sex with random people
[23:16] dj: typo
[23:16] dj: lol
[23:16] dj: gosh
[23:16] meetmehereonirc: lol
[23:17] dj: you get what im saying?
[23:17] dj: !!
[23:17] meetmehereonirc: lol

DJ knows about the hood

[23:17] dj: tell them you my girl
[23:18] dj: and i will kick there asses! strat g i will blast them with my 39 caliber
[23:19] dj: i will do it start hood
[23:19] dj: *strat

What the fuck is an impestion?

[23:50] dj: what was your first impestion of me?
[23:51] meetmehereonirc: i luv u
[23:51] dj: that was it?
[23:51] meetmehereonirc: ya
[23:51] dj: k
[23:51] meetmehereonirc: ur perfect for me


23:52] dj: that was werd that we met in an xbox xhat room
[23:52] dj: *chat
[23:52] meetmehereonirc: ya i know
[23:52] meetmehereonirc: brb
[23:52] dj: k
[23:52] meetmehereonirc: fate baby
[23:52] dj: you are my fate babe

Would rather have a girl he's never met over all the money in the world.

[00:00] dj: i <3 u soo i would pick u over the all the money in the world
[00:00] dj: babe

He gets the ED link!

[13:15] lawlftw: hi
[13:15] djdlikesxbox: um do i know u?
[13:15] lawlftw: ya
[13:16] djdlikesxbox: who is this?
[13:16] lawlftw: doesnt matter
[13:16] lawlftw: i need to talk to you
[13:16] djdlikesxbox: im not talking till i have a name!
[13:17] lawlftw: hmm
[13:17] lawlftw:
[13:18] djdlikesxbox: im not ing the fucking mood right now
[13:18] lawlftw: come on
[13:18] lawlftw: talk to me lol
[13:18] lawlftw: hehe ur famous now :)
[13:19] djdlikesxbox: ya and your a fucking fag now!
[13:19] lawlftw: nahhh
[13:19] lawlftw: so wuts up
[13:19] lawlftw: lets be friends lol
[13:19] djdlikesxbox: lol u think im going to talk to u your sadly mistaken
[13:20] lawlftw: come onnn
[13:20] lawlftw: what did i do
[13:20] djdlikesxbox: ........................................
[13:20] djdlikesxbox: come on do i relly need to say waht u did
[13:20] lawlftw: i thought u loved me dj :(
[13:21] djdlikesxbox: ya for all i know ur a fucking 20 year old got noooo life mane that like to fuck around with people go fuck your self!!!!!!!!
[13:21] lawlftw: actually, im 16
[13:22] djdlikesxbox: ya well like i sead go fuck your self and your gramer!!!
[13:22] lawlftw: LOL
[13:22] lawlftw: LOL
[13:22] lawlftw: LOL
[13:22] lawlftw: gramer
[13:22] lawlftw: dude
[13:22] lawlftw: come on
[13:22] lawlftw: talk to me
[13:22] lawlftw: i seriously miss this :(
[13:23] djdlikesxbox: your fucking gay ass mother fucker with now fucking wat so ever!!!!!!!!! lever me alone im not in the mood!!!
[13:23] lawlftw: dudeeee
[13:23] lawlftw: please
[13:23] lawlftw: i wanna be friends wit u
[13:23] djdlikesxbox: u relly funny
[13:23] djdlikesxbox: assssssss
[13:23] lawlftw: im sorry dj
[13:24] lawlftw: ok
[13:24] lawlftw: ?
[13:24] djdlikesxbox: ya like thats going to work
[13:24] lawlftw: but come on
[13:24] lawlftw: you fell in love with a "Girl" you never met
[13:24] lawlftw: you had this coming to you
[13:25] djdlikesxbox: lol ya it was your mom funcking cunt
[13:25] lawlftw: what?
[13:25] lawlftw: OH
[13:25] djdlikesxbox: dont say anuther word u asss hole!!!
[13:25] lawlftw: OH MAN
[13:25] lawlftw: come on dj
[13:25] lawlftw: forgive me
[13:26] djdlikesxbox: hell no u damb butt pirot
[13:26] lawlftw: YARR MATEY
[13:27] djdlikesxbox: ..............................your a fucking retared u now that
[13:27] lawlftw: will you come to IRC?
[13:27] djdlikesxbox: IRC?
[13:27] djdlikesxbox: what the hell is that your gay fertenity?
[13:28] lawlftw: no
[13:28] djdlikesxbox: oooooo your moms cunt
[13:28] lawlftw: hold on
[13:28] djdlikesxbox: nooooooo fuck off how about that
[13:29] lawlftw: dude
[13:29] lawlftw: please
[13:29] lawlftw: its just a chatroom i want you to come in
[13:29] djdlikesxbox: in your moms ass
[13:30] lawlftw:
[13:31] lawlftw: download that please
[13:31] lawlftw: its just a chat client
[13:31] djdlikesxbox: i dont need help u need the fucking help
[13:31] lawlftw: will u come in the chat tho
[13:31] lawlftw: please
[13:32] djdlikesxbox: for u hell no
[13:32] lawlftw: just come
[13:33] lawlftw:
[13:33] lawlftw: use that
[13:33] lawlftw: for network put
[13:33] lawlftw: and for channel put #ed
[13:34] djdlikesxbox: nope not going
[13:34] *** "djdlikesxbox" signed off at Thu Dec 28 13:34:13 2006.
[13:34] lawlftw: your fans wanna talk to you

13/f/ca - DJ's sister

djdlikesxbox has entered the room.
djdlikesxbox: ??
x l4wl x: hi
djdlikesxbox: so
djdlikesxbox: whats going on?
knowntk: Alright,
knowntk: What's your name first off?
knowntk: My name is Alex.
djdlikesxbox: stephanie
knowntk: Alright Steph.
knowntk: So lawl, want me to talk?
djdlikesxbox: how old r u?
x l4wl x: did your brother ever tell you about Katie?
djdlikesxbox: yea
djdlikesxbox: y?
x l4wl x: alex, you take it from here
knowntk: Well.
knowntk: Katie.
knowntk: Is a fictional character.
djdlikesxbox: ok
knowntk: Katie was 11 years old.
djdlikesxbox: yea
knowntk: She met DJ.
djdlikesxbox: yea i know all this
knowntk: Dj tried very hard to fuck her.
knowntk: Well.
knowntk: Of course, all the logs of this were saved.
knowntk: And put on to Encyclopedia Dramatica
djdlikesxbox: who was really katie?
knowntk: Lawl.
x l4wl x: me
knowntk: So millions of people a day
djdlikesxbox: and who r u?
knowntk: Stephanie, the point is-
knowntk: millions of people a day
knowntk: come on to our website.
knowntk: To get epic lulz from your brother.
djdlikesxbox: uhuh
djdlikesxbox: andd...
knowntk: And we now need
knowntk: your nudes.
djdlikesxbox: fuck you
knowntk: Alright, alright.
knowntk: No need to be mean about it.
knowntk: Listen.
x l4wl x: he's kidding :p
djdlikesxbox: seriously who is this???
knowntk: I'll show you.
knowntk: Sec.
knowntk: here
knowntk: is my homepage
x l4wl x: your brother practiced sex on a toilet paper roll by the way
knowntk: LOL
knowntk: we have pictures of it
knowntk: lol
x l4wl x:
djdlikesxbox: it says that te page cant be displayed
knowntk: fuyck
knowntk: really
djdlikesxbox: *the
knowntk: sec*
knowntk: there
knowntk: sorry
djdlikesxbox: So why did you do this in the first place?
knowntk: for the lulz
x l4wl x: he was an easy lulz target
djdlikesxbox: YOu guys r fucking sick
knowntk: No no.
djdlikesxbox: r u gay?
knowntk: You need to be down with the lulz.
knowntk: Yes.
x l4wl x: lOL
knowntk: I has G.R.I.D.S.
djdlikesxbox: u know im only 13 right?
knowntk: No.
x l4wl x: oh shi- plot twist
knowntk: I didn't know.
djdlikesxbox: well i am
knowntk: Considering you never told us.
knowntk: lol
knowntk: Well, I'm 12.
djdlikesxbox: cool
djdlikesxbox: and ur nasty
knowntk: Cool.
knowntk: Listen.
djdlikesxbox: i dont really care how old you are
x l4wl x: thank you for the complement
knowntk: Does your brother have a cell phone?
djdlikesxbox: you know you guys can get sued for this.. right?
x l4wl x: what
knowntk: Under what law?
djdlikesxbox: its called slander
knowntk: Internet slander?
knowntk: Never heard of it.
djdlikesxbox: yea
x l4wl x: lolz
djdlikesxbox: well ur a dumbass
knowntk: Slander is when you make a false statement that can be taken for truth.
x l4wl x: better get the attourneys at lulz
djdlikesxbox: so go fuck your mom little pussie
knowntk: Listen Stephanie.
djdlikesxbox: FUCK YOU
x l4wl x: Stephanie are you on Lazy Town
djdlikesxbox has left the room.
knowntk: Slander is defined as when you make a false statement that can be wrong
knowntk: lol
knowntk: LOL
knowntk: Post that on ED

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