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    4chan's do-it-yourself board (/diy/) was started by Moot on 22st October, 2011. It is NOT an Anarchist's Cookbook[1] or homemade-fleshlight guide[2]; this is the reason why it relatively unpopular[3], and this is also total bullshit.

    Like /b/tards and /v/irgins, the userbase is trying to craft a nick-name for itself. The most popular nicknames /diy/kes and /diy/kheads. The arguments over what to be called is believed to have originated on a lego OC thread, and is now just short of a mini-meme status. Though promising, /diy/ is certainly better than the shit on the other boards currently. It should be noticed that it came on the same day with the resurrection of /r9k/, /pol/ and /hc/.

    The /diy/ board is a nice change of pace in comparison to the other boards. Though the community does seem to have arguments with itself a little too much, as shown in this epic thread. It could well be on the way to becoming one of the greats, as it is devoid of most memes except the shitty "IDU" which you probably shouldn't use. The board also has a unique innovation: Images may be judged by order of originality.

    It is currently being trolled by rejects from /k/ who believe that none of the proposed ideas are feasible, ahich has thrown many of the denizens of /diy/ into a frothing sea of mad. Also, inroads from /fa/ and frequent references to people's etsy pages and ways of making money via referral codes tend to crap the place up.

    Current memes include: storage containers as shelter, dumpster diving, and catwigs/beards, as well as discussing the impending failure of /x/ to create a working commune in the desert somewhere.

    See Also

    • Newfagland - The single most overrated board on 4chan.
    • The Vidya - Statistically, only 30% of threads are actually about video games.

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