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    Divide by zero

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    Divide by zero is a hypothetical mathematical command of dividing an alphanumeric value by zero. It is a topic only encountered in the realm of theoretical physics and neurobiology. Connoisseurs of the subject believe that attempting to divide by zero will bring about the end of existence and the dawn of the age of an empty universal constant consisting of a predicted amount of 1 - 10,000 quarks, around 250 atoms, and dark-energy and dark-matter at nearly 80,000 times the present concentration, and a new solar-system consisting of five planets. (Three brown-dwarfs, the past debris of Jupiter combined with quarks, and a fifth planet (See? We can be serious), which is believed that it will be the nest for future pEDophiles (Fuckin' got 'em).

    Important Notice

    While it was previously thought impossible for a mortal being to divide by zero, a new breakthrough in the field of lulz has been made. It has been made clear that when you stimulate a Catholic with the statement "God does not exist.", divide by zero takes place within their brains, causing them to go into apeshit defense mode.

    Historical Importance

    The earliest known presence of Division/Zero is it's appearence in ancient South American temples, written on the inner and outerwalls, usually in Paraguay and Peru. In 1947, Dutch-Belgian Theoretical Physicist and Uncle of Pedobear, Dr. Anton Aldenberg, theorized that a division of nothing equals the non-zero value, for example, 4 being divided by 0 would be 4, as 4 is not divided at all, leaving 4. However, Albert Einstein corrected him by saying that the equation deals mainly with division of Zero itself, not with another value. Most members of the National Academy Of Science agree with this, but nevertheless, the question of what the actuall question is remains in hot-debate between Scientists.

    Theories and Conjecture

    Not even Math is safe.
    One of the believed out-comes of Division of Zero.

    Contrary to popular belief, dividing a constant by zero does not equal infinity, except in regards to limits. While some argue that dividing by zero is both impossible and meaningless, there are still others who believe it to be possible. Regardless of the possibility of division by zero, one consensus can be reached; if anyone were to ever complete this mathematical computation, universe-ending paradox would ensue destroying anything and everything.

    Division itself has features of a tangent function, but works in the opposite direction. Division by zero is the point at which the result is both everything and nothing, just like tan90.

    Sometimes, catastrophic events can happen when you even only THINK about dividing by zero:

    <kardus> yes
    <kardus> watch
    <Not_Sir_Compuret_of_Computron> Yes.
    <kardus> OH SHI--
    * kardus has quit IRC (Quit: )

    The invention of Nullity to solve 1/0 = ? has generated a wave of new numbers, all of which are useful for the good of mankind. For example, Pi is no longer equal to 3.14159265358979323 and so on. Rather, it is now equal to Eleventeen. Successfully dividing by zero results in excessive undirects, and often indirects, and occasionally redirects.

    It is common knowledge that Kari Byron of the Mythbusters died on June 16, 2007 while attempting to divide by zero. It is also common knowledge that Mythbusters and mathematicians are idiots.

    Some argue that our universe, and the big bang that started it all, might be the result of an individual in an alternate universe who divided by zero. By studying the image righthand, we can tell that division by zero makes logical sense only if "a" is equal to zero.

    Dividing by zero (÷0) in gaming

    Other shit


    I've concluded that dividing by zero would result in a answer similar to that of multiplying by 1. e.g., Divide ONE brownie by 0. 0 = nothing, thus you are saying divide one brownie by nothing, thus resulting in the brownie, yes I just divided by zero, and yes, by the power of my awesome brain, I hereby declare "the game" null and void.

    Good day sirs! toodles~

    Good sir, mathematics has decided that you are a bellend, know nothing of its complexity, write tl;dr and should immediately become an hero

    Gallery of Calcu--ERROR ERROR About missing Pics
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    Dividing by Zero on YouTube

    Division by Zero Possible?

    Any number divided by zero should result in end of universe.


    O SHI-

    (This, of course, is debatable, as the content of this article has contained division by zero at least 10 times already, and we aren't all dead yet...)

    an interesting result is if you divide 0 by 0, then

     0/0=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,...,over 9000, positive infinity, negative infinity, 3i+1 and all other numbers both real and imaginary


    But wait! Think of as a pie, x/0 = x, You cut the pie 0 times. So you get a whole Just like multiplying by one

    It should be noted that division by zero is only undefined for non-integral domains and it is in fact possible to define a ring where some numbers may be divided by zero. For example, if two numbers are considered to be the same if they have the same units digit (ie, the integers modulo 10), then 2 divided by 0 is 5 because 2*5 = 10 = 0.

    What you do to survive the universe's asplosion

    1. Start shiting dicks
    2. Eat yourself
    3. Watch your family die in pain
    4.  ???
    5. PROFIT

    BTW, if you FAIL at eating yourself, repeat step one and then become an hero

    Division by zero will always create a contradiction

    New and improved proof!


    To see the most simple example, we begin with:

     A/B = C

    Now, we choose B to be equal to 0, and A will be equal to 3 as in the Trinity (any non zero number). C will be left undefined, as its value does not matter. Our equation now reads:

     3/0 = C
     A/B = C can be rewritten as:
     A = B*C

    Plugging in our variables, we get:

     3 = 0*C
     3 = 0

    The rearrangement was needed to avoid having to deal with the indeterminate.

    As proven, any time a division by zero happens, a contradiction will always be formed. This means you may not divide by zero, as it will always create something that is untrue.


    The exception to the rule of dividing by zero yielding a contradiction is zero divide by zero. This is of the form called "indeterminate." It is called this because it 0/0 falls under two different mathematical rules. The two rules are:

    a/a = 1


    0/a = 0

    0/0 is under both of those. Since neither has precedence over the other, we call 0/0 indeterminate. The indeterminate family has many other members, such as infinity / infinity. To be a member of this family, two different rules must apply to the same equation.

    Actual Mathematical Approach to Dividing by Zero

    Therefore, for all intents and purposes, when presented with any number divided by zero we say the product is undefined. But if zero is divided by zero we say the answer is indeterminate. For example:

      0/5 = 0
      5/0 = undefined (It just doesn't fucking exist!)
      0/0 = indeterminate

    Non-Mathematical Approach to Dividing by Zero

    When you divide a shape into 4 you add 2 lines through the middle (adding to the outline). Divide by 2, 1 line. Divide by 1 no lines. Divide by 0, no outline. In other words, the confines of reality within the shape, cease to be, and the actual value is everything together, which would lead one to suggest that it's infinity, but it's not, retard, it's the biggest number possible (one which we don't know).

    Other math

    Zero is not part of the division group. Dividing by zero is like attempting to rotate a figure by fish degrees. It's like trying to find a whole number between 3 and 4.

    Multiplication = fancy addition, division = fancy subtraction (times subtracting to get to zero): 9*3 = 9+9+9, 9/3 = 9-3, 6-3, 3-3 (subtracted 3 times), 9/0 = 9-0, 9-0, 9-0 ... ad infinitum, 9/0 ≠ ∞

    A Logical Method of Dividing by Zero That STILL Equals Blackholes

    So, any of you who know how to multiply by zero should know: it always equals zero. For example: 4*0=0. Another thing, multiplication goes up (2*2=4), and division goes down (4/2=2). So surely by these rules... 4/0=-0. Which would also mean 0/0=-0. I don't know why I said 4 so much. tl;dr? Division is the opposite of multiplication so instead of =0, =-0 (negative zero). Basically no matter what, 0/0 always equals 04 5417.

    The Actual Answer

    The actual numeral 0 is a place holder dumbass, however most of you interpret zero as a value equal to nothing, when you divide something into no groups, you have nothing. So 1/0 = 0, simple enough? No? Then get out.

    The Universe

    The Universe was caused by God dividing by zero. It's called "spontaneous symmetry breaking" - true nothingness is unstable. As the universe expands at an accelerating rate, this happens all the time at regular intervals in the empty space between galaxies. The so-called "start of the universe" was actually a mere local phenomenon.


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