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    DiveFox getting Pwned on Judge Mathis
    DiveFox is an Internet tough guy
    Dive's fursona
    Recent photo of Dive

    DiveFox, which is the nickname of William Joseph Shaw Jr., and otherwise known as FireBall, SymbolKitsune, the iKitsune, AnalogKitsune, Emeraldfoxxy, "TelxonFox", and InkPalion, is a total faggot in every sense of the word and a pedophile who describes his time working at Toys R Us as being "an all-you-can-eat buffet for the eyes". He is a furry sex pervert who masturbates to cub porn, and who desperately wants to be a Something Awful goon. He will do just about anything to anyone to show how much of a bastard he is, including taking advantage of people sexually, emotionally, and financially, and engaging in blackmail schemes in an attempt to show how badass he is.

    Dive's charming personality

    Dive is a big liar. He once claimed to have punched Rootdown at a furry con. When Rootdown denies this, he claims it is due to his general tendency to be a jackass. Truth be told, Rootdown has not even been to a furry con. He also conned Starblade into believing that Palshife stole an image from another fur. His talent for actually convincing a sane person of his lies, however, is virtually nonexistent. He just enjoys telling mistruths, and will die before he admits to actually lying.

    The only time he will ever do absolutely anything for anyone is if it somehow benefits him, or if he doesn't have to do much to 'help' you to continue to know you or earn points with you, etc. Dive is a complete, and utter tool, slob, and much, much more. What anyone sees in him after actually meeting him I do not know.

    Dive likes to threaten his e-enemies with blackmail and DDoS attacks [1]. However, it is unlikely that he has any REAL blackmail material, so he often just makes stuff up. This may be the case for the fabled Palshife Expose, which is supposedly a list of Palshife's faults, secret handles, and most of all a whole shitload of pictures of Palshife having sex with random furs at a con. Sources say that he claims he has repeatedly uploaded it to the internet, but right before anybody sees it, it mysteriously vanishes.

    Dive claims that he will one day reform, but this will never happen, because Dive is an utter failure at life with no possible motive to reform. He does not even have the power to reform, never has had this power, and never will have this power.

    Dive is a whore

    Dive is, or was, mates with Starblade. Sources say that Starblade has tried to break up with him a number of times, but when he does so, Dive begs relentlessly and threatens suicide if Starblade doesn't remain mates with him, as he has done many times with many other furfags. Whether or not he is mates with Dive at this point is quite ambiguous at this time.

    His latest sextoy is a sociopathic, emo trap simply known as Rane. Rane is just about as, if not more, fucking batshit insane as Dive as he constantly needs sex and plays the wrist fiddle whenever he does not get his way. It is widely believed that the two are actually feeding off the drama they produce for one another, gaining power and therefore spouting more drama. Of course, this drives all others far, far away, including one certain skunk who could only tolerate two weeks of his shit (and that was straining enough) before he actually vanished in the middle of the night, presumably about 1000 miles away, to the great North. Repulsion ftw.

    List of people Dive has had buttsecks with, in alphabetical order: Black-Scyth, Byzantyn, ContiE, Eternal Krayt, Firewolf, Gazehound, Guan Takari, Hanzo the Angel, Kindrift, MTails, Musicwolf, Lupin Wolf, Otakuoftomobiki, Poodle, Ryath, Simba-T, Skye, Snogue Fox, SonicBlu, Stormbolt, StukaFox, Sunshine, Tigercub, and you. Dive has yet to be mates with anyone without an utterly stupid name.

    Dive's 15 minutes of IRL fame

    Dive is also a moocher. Several tales tell of his habit for staying at somebody's place, and not paying, even after agreeing to. He was once on the Judge Mathis show for such moochery, and also for crashing a car when going to pick up an underage kid, also a furry, from an abusive family. He lost, having to pay $2400 total. Sources say he was also the first person to utter the word "asshat" on National Television.

    Judge Mathis also uttered a catchy phrase in mockery of Dive's obsession of the internet. The catchphrase is "Don't forget my internet!" and, while not particularly funny out of context, it is quite hilarious to utter said phrase in the presence of Dive, as it very much ticks him off.

    Lulz At Megaplex

    On March 4, DiveFox was spotted in a small convention in Florida known as Pawpet Megaplex 6. He went under the false identity known as iKitsune and immediately began bitching. Oh LAWD, did he ever bitch! He arrived on the scene early Saturday afternoon along with four other furries (Rane Vixen, Drakky the Skunk, Croco the... er, lizard... thing... and some trap catgirl who was really quite a beastly English man, one of which immediately departed from the group due to Dive being a fucktard and went about his business.) It is believed that his stay lasted but a mere day and night, but this was enough to produce many lulz. During a comedy show hosted by one 2 Gryphon, he threw a fit and stormed off drunk as soon as he mentioned Anthrocon, as he knew all the other furries knew of his lulz-infested exploits therein. Another notable experience is the fact that he conned a good deal of money from other furries, after having sex with them, preying off insecurity and shit like that. It is unclear if he'll be going to any more cons; no matter how hard he tried to hide his identity, everyone knew who the fuck he was in the first place.

    The last time Dive was seen at Pawpet Megaplex 6, was him storming out of the hotel when an unknown individual obtained access to the PA system and blurted out "Don't forget my internet".

    The Truth About Dive

    Truth About Dive is a support group where Dive's harem of victims can emo about their latest buttsecks encounter. [2] [3] [4] Dive's trail of mooching and abuse is carefully tracked and documented as a service to those furries who want their masochistic tailhole filled. This group also maintains a Map of Dive's Greyhound Tour of the US.

    Where is Dive Now?

    According to various Furfags Dive is Currently in Arizona already attempting to rape and pillage the local fags As of [6/23/2012] Current E-Mail: [email protected]

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