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the ultimate savior of My Little Pony

DisneyMaster (Eric K. Helgeson) is not your typical Brony, he's the leader of a movement bent on saving the franchise from it's evil Jew owners, Hasbro and restoring it to Lauren Faust's dream.

I'm 22 year old bisexual male with autisim [sic]. My interests include Disney, History, Reading, Learning, Ponies, and much much more!



DisneyMaster today, in all his autistic glory. Double autism points for the Guy Fawkes Mask/Mickey Mouse hat.

The birth of a movement

In early 2013, the Brony community was turned upside down when it was announced that Twilight Sparkle would become an alicorn princess in the Season 3 finale. Many Bronies became upset. Then it was announced that a feature film was to be made called Equestria Girls in which the Ponies turned into ultra-girly anorexic, mini-skirt wearing humanoid Bratz/Monster High knockoffs, just to piss off Faust and her followers. (According to him, depicting female characters in skirts is sexism!) DisneyMaster became fed up, partially because Hasbro did to Queen Lauren, what Nickelodeon did to John Kricfalusi, and began trying to reach out to their original intended demographic, little girls.

Eventually, the dreaded episode and movie premiered and most Bronies and casual fans accepted them, but DisneyMaster fell into a depression and had to see a psychiatrist (all over a kids' cartoon show!) He soon began to see other Pony fans who were not bothered by these changes as "traitors" and "Hasdrones" who were destroying the fandom. He knew it was up to him and small resistance movement of other Autistic fanboys who hate change and the opinions of others to save their beloved TV show from being turned into a 30-minute toy commercial aimed at young girls (which is what it actually always was and they never noticed).

The Gospel of DisneyMaster

Oh, and by way of the theory of alternate universes, DisneyMaster actually thinks Twilight Sparkle is real. Seriously. You just can't make shit like this up.


Being Autistic, DisneyMaster decided to that Tara Strong would try to help him, after hearing a story that she helped an Autistic kid who was being bullied at school. He sent her a letter, which was "lost" in the mail and never got an answer back. He wrote his own script for his headcanon (which he believes his exists in the alternative universe, which he believes exists IRL) and wrote his own manifesto in which he declares himself a god and compares himself to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr and Che Guevara among others and calls on Bronies to stop the evil of Hasbro and the series writers lead by Meghan McCarthy, for destroying his favorite purple unicorn, in the name of Saint Lauren, the Patron of Ponies. He hopes Hasbro will read his script, revert Twilight back to her original wingless, non-royal self, and apologize to Bronies for thinking that little girls and their parents' money were more important than they are. Which is what Lauren would have wanted.

Does anyone know where I can find some good wanted poster templates?


—DisneyMaster showing respect toward the show's creators


/mlp/ got word of what he was doing after he tried to recruit them as his personal army and his glorious movement didn't go over as planned. Massive amounts of butthurt followed.

HOW DARE YOU INSULTED FAUST!!! Just for that, I am performing an citizen's excommunication from the fandom for you. You are the one who does not deserve a member of the this fandom Hasdrone. Your just about as biased as EQD and those other fools who don't realize they are being bamboozled and will lead this fandom to it's destruction. So back to whatever hole you came out off and I hope you get raped and get cancer because you deserve nothing less.


—DisneyMaster showing "Love and tolerance"

In addition to this wonderful article on ED, a petition(closed; 31 out of 100 signatures required) was set up demanding he become an hero.

Recent developments

Holy shit dude. You need mental help.


—TheTraegs, Reddit user

To this day, DisneyMaster vows to continue to try to stop the "evil" known as Meghan McCarthy and her cohorts that "corrupted" his favorite toy line/animated series in the name of his Lords and saviors Queen Lauren and Princess Celestia.

In a recent attempt to stay relevant, he compared Equestria Girls fans to Trump supporters, just because it's cool to hate him and his followers!

He also joined Reddit and attempted to do a Q&A, which backfired badly and started accusing everyone who disagreed with him a being cohorts with ED and whoever started the suicide petition, because (according to him) it's all one huge conspiracy against him and his "cause"!

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