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    wat lol
    Major Boards/b/,/s/
    Epic WinsSpamming smaller parts of 4chan non-stop, responsibility for the foundations of Cornelia.

    Diochan is an Italian ripoff of a *chan, or at least this is what outside visitors actually believe.

    The current imperator of Diochan, the mighty Spitty Cash
    File:Boards of Diochan.gif
    These are the current boards of Diochan. And what kind of troll are you?

    Name and history

    Diochan is a less than cunning wordplay used to resemble swearing common in Italian as "dio" = god and "cane" = dog. Founded in 2007 by an underage Pokémon fanboy known as MarcoZ, it was originally devised to lure little children into his hands. Being the astounding newfag he is, he didn't want (and couldn't) manage the site if his own life depended on it, and the boards were plagued with all fashions of bugs and assorted shit. A little short later, after getting barely to 5000GET, he decided to put the administration in someone else's hands, and it seemed a choice for the good. The following day, the site was wiped clean from the old database and he wasn't the King of the ball anymore :(

    After that, Diochan changed OVER 9000 hosts in search for someone that didn't crash the site every odd day of the month, even having a mirror in Uganda. Then MarcoZ came back with a vengeance and bought a dedicated hosting for his beloved creature, in a gesture that met the complete indifference of the userbase. Another rich user bought diochan.com and then everyone rejoiced.

    Diochan's longevity has more to do with their constant raiding of high-impact forums such as Tradizione than any real sense of community. Users are still arguing after years about which meme was forced and if that particular camwhore is to be praised or insulted, and other very important issues.

    According to Tom Metzger (aka Some Guy) recently a rival Italian chan (amazingly, there is more than one) called Pastachan joined Anontalk in fucking 4chan up, pretending to be Diochan users to pass the blame on Diochan (established *chan tradition). Successfully spamming the smaller boards, taunting about how they can't be spammed back due to foreign IP banning preventing potential raids against them. They apparently spammed 4chan using 4chan.js style macros to rape the shit out of the boards. After Pastachan was linked on ED and Pastachan's admin repeatedly and unsuccesfully tried to remove the links, he DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING and redirected Pastachan to Diochan.

    And nothing of value was lost.

    According to Welling (aka butthurt) he is NOT Pastachan's admin and noone was trying to censor this article during the previous month.

    Diochan was apparently responsible for starting the Cornelia spam on 4chan when it was spamming the boards of 4chan.

    Dio, you rock!


    "You have been banned from all boards"

    Diochan has:

    • /b/, that was even originally called /rd/, hosts horrible, mangled and unfunny copypasta translated into their moonspeak. Also, it hosts some original content and some degree of trolling, along with political discussion of any sort and was invaded by Frenchfags, Germanfags and random faggots from 4chan and in several occasions (special mention to the cool guize of not420chan that made the most fail raid that ever failed);
    • /s/, where suicide girls and fetish photos of obese women abound, with the occasional sprinkle of CP courtesy of our beloved Russian friends;
    • /h/, where the most prominent content is scat or guro with little to no posts;
    • /a/, and all the weeabooness that comes from it along with some JewTube anime dubbed in mumbo-jumbo;
    • /v/, where the most recent game discussed is straight from the 20th century;
    • /o/, oekaki that has quality so low deviantART pales in shame. Unlike deviantART, there's less inflation fetish and more penises;
    • /ck/, that answers to the long-felt need to have MOAR PASTA.

    There have even been a bunch of secret boards but they were mostly hidden and not disclosed since the admins fear that, if they were released, this would mean the death of /b/ for lack of posts. Every one in a while some spider expert suggests getting /y/ or /fur/, but everyone flames him immediately to oblivion. Apparently, Diochan are Catholics and they don't want to rot in hell. Now Diochan has /y/, /co/, /k/ and /gif/. NOT ANYMORE, /co/ excluded.

    The current trend in board requests spans from /helpdesk/ to /hr/. Admins exploited this trend by asking money in exchange for temporary custom boards. The DVCE wasn't pleased by this display of jewry.



    Anonymous in Diochan becomes Anonimo.

    Diochan is currently owned by who knows? Probably it's the same people that create all those Italian threads on 4chan to get new users and the subsequent fail. In this regard, they contribute in purging the already cancerous /b/ from all those illiterate fucks. Though so, when people go to post in Engrish in Diochan, its users politely reply back in English.

    It is a widely shared opinion on Diochan that "it needs moar pasta".

    Diochan users constantly fear that someday the government or the media or someone else will find out about their awesome and edgy website and shut it down, because Italy has not yet imported free speech from the great country that is the U.S. of A.

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