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    File:Button tldr.jpg
    The invention of digimon
    When racism as obvious as this is allowed on American children's programming stations, you know you have a problem.
    Look, they're touching! IT MUST BE LOVE!!

    Not-Pokémon (also known as Digimon) was created by AZN pirates flooding the oriental toy market with an affordable Tamagotchi rip-off (which is illegal because it doesn't have enough Chinese lead in it). After going on a bender, they used their monies to fund Digimon themed mangas, animes, videogames, toys, cards, and other assorted crap that lost them all their money. Unfortunately, the Digimon anime series continues to flourish to this very day thanks to the "DigiFans" who compulsively add the prefix "digi" or the suffix "mon" to every noun and verb in their minuscule vocabulary.

    The Anime

    Series 1: Digimon Adventure

    Angstmon is totally afraid of his own Angst.

    Digimon Adventure stars 14 main characters, 7 human, 7 "Digimon". Each human is more emo and depressing than the last and they spend a great majority of the first part of the series wondering where they are, obsessing about food, and being forever depressing, but somehow manage to plow ahead with their adventures anyway, despite never showering or changing clothes.

    At the beginning, the main "plot" of the series involves Digital, but very much solid monsters fucking each other up the arse while the starring human of that episode cries about how their parents almost raped them, or did rape them but didn't enjoy it. They get involved in all sorts of fights with different creatures, always raping them by the end of the episode unless it's a Final boss of that section of the Internet, then they get spread that out over give-or-take the best of 10 episodes. Each episode that doesn't involve excessive amounts of fighting or Digivolving sequences, is about a main character's pointless backstory or their emotional problems until they run out of main characters, they then split up the characters, occasionally getting an evil character with questionable motives to attempt to bullshit to at least 3 of the characters, only to later rejoin them after being found out he's a BIG FAT PHONY. Then Myotismon threatens the human realm in Japan by raping women and kidnapping children. The "DigiDestined", as they're now referred to by this point, then go back to Japan as well to defeat billions of super evil bad guys, while revolving through each character crying about masturbating to his little sister, or the sister they wish they had. Then after about 20 episodes, Myotismon dies, he comes back as a gigantic Godzilla-like thing, then something dramatic happens and he's dead again. Then they have to go back to the Digital world. Another four boss fights appear for the last 10-ish episodes, and eventually they get to the Boss fight of the Internet. The boss of the Internet in Digimon is more emo than all the characters in the show put together, who has an obsession with using too many puns and metaphors, and whines and bitches about his sad life. After his introduction, most of the episode just involves the characters reflecting on the series while being trapped in some vast expanse of nothing. Then something happens, they return for some reason and then through the medium of friendship and teamwork, and some other shit, they became super effective and he then gets destroyed. Then it ends. Yipee!

    This series was a favorite for weeaboos and pedos who fell in love with Kari, loli sister of one of the main characters, who was introduced half way through the first series but didn't appear reguarly until near the fucking end. Another favorite among deviants are the pink cowgirl who's been Rule 34'd too many times, and the delusion that two of the main characters have a totally gay thing for each other.

    It was also notable for having the single-most errors of any American-dubbed anime; Any flashback's dialogue wasn't the same as what the character said in the episode they said it in... and there was a fuckton of flashbacks.

    Series 2: Digimon Adventure 02

    02 (pronounced "zero two" by jackoffs) is about another group of kids doing the exact same shit as the kids in Adventure except they get to go home from the digital world whenever they want. This series also retains the characters from the previous series who are now older. The older characters no longer exhibit preteen angst but instead teen angst. The pink cowboy girl inexplicably turned into a pink Euro-raver, then into a 70's cop show extra. All the pedo fans stopped watching Digimon after Kari became an old hag in this series, they were attempted to be replaced by gay-pedos but they didn't find Cody attractive.

    The entire plot, if there was one, was apparently all down to Myotismon from the first series, who just won't stay dead even when being stabbed through the heart, and then the crotch. Apparently he was behind everything; posessing Oikawa; a raging pedophile who kidnapped and planted his seed inside a small collection of children so Myotismon could return to power. This was the same bloke who raped Ken, and dubbed himself the Digimon emperor to repress the feelings from the fact that he was violated anally. Myotismon eventually did come back, but then he dies anyway for the THIRD FUCKING TIME. Then the series ends.

    Series 3: Digimon Tamers

    Jesus makes a cameo in the 3rd season
    The creation of a furry icon
    Digimon are notorious Atheists
    The reason for that is because they are attacked by Digi-Fundamentalists throughout season 3
    The first (and only clean) image of a 300 page furry hentai.

    The best series of Digimon and subsequently the one when everyone stopped watching because change and plotlines and character depth is SCARY. In this series, everyone's seriously fucked up. Not that baaaaaaaaw emo furry shit. Proper fucked up.

    The story revolves around three kids who get Digimon to prevent them from going on murderous rampages. They proceed to go on murderous rampages. Digimons spawn in the real world and the Tamer'd Digimons get horny whenever it happens. Half way through the series, the main character list explodes to like 20 or something as the writers scramble to gain back an audience dwindling down to only furries. The writers find that killing off characters with tearful goodbyes raises ratings, so they do it more often. Eventually, they kill off Leomon, super number-one gay furry icon. The furry audience immediately leaves in protest, and the show loses all audience.

    At this point, the writers decide to just do whatever the fuck they want for the rest of the 30 episodes. So, they put in things like mental and emotional abuse from a puppet, fratricide, weird sexual metaphors, and child abuse. Lots and lots of child abuse. One of the girl characters literally spends the second half of the series being fucked over by her puppet. And did we mention the fifty foot purple phallus covered with little green mouths that likes to say "You will be deleted" in the voice of a little girl?

    The story by Chiaki J. Konaka, also writer of Serial Experiments: Lain, is superb... So superb, that the only remnant of this series is Renamon being a furry icon, and even Non-furries fap to her.

    Also what makes this different is somehow the writers introduced them using cards Which take the HALF OF THE FUCKING SHOW to use one useless move that the bad guys usually stop.

    Series 4: Disneymon Frontier

    In this series, the concept that made the previous three seasons watchable was done away with. Instead, a gaggle of stereotypical characters is stuffed into living trains and has to save the digital world. The gimmick of this series being that the humans don't have digimon sidekicks, they simply turn into their fursona and do the fighting themselves. Made by furries for furries. Contrary to that fact, Frontier actually has the least amount of furry porn based around it, as painful, eye-bleedingly remorseless research has shown.

    Series 5: Digimon Savers

    Essentially Digimon Tamers with all depth stripped away. The japanophiles are lapping it up. The plot involves youngsters working for the Digimon version of the Men in Black, complete with memory-erasing sticks. The average 13-year-old boy is, of course, the best candidate for such an important government security position. The humans and their Digimon partners team up to fight progressively harder foes, until they defeat God itself, just for the lulz. It has been announced this show is coming to Jetix. This series also has an intelligent, albeit bitchy, version of Misa from Death Note, one that is actually useful, an internet survey states that 99.99% of viewers believe that Thomas should have put it in her, the other 0.01% wanted Gaomon to stick it in her.

    Series 6: Digimon Xros Wars

    Recently just started. So far, the characters who can be given a crumb of fuck about include a girl named Akari Hinomoto, and two boys, namely Taiki Kudou and Zenjiro Tsurugi. Also, two other characters, Nene Amano and Kiriha Aonuma. The Digimon include Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and moar. Basically, a ripoff of 4chan that which will kill the franchise again.

    Series 7: Digimon Adventure Tri (Digimon Adventures 2.0: Electric Boogaloo)

    A recent reboot of the original Digimon. Shit takes place 3 years after the events of the second series which revolves around yet another furry Digimon giving other Digimon STDs in the Digital World. This would then result into a deleting fucking everything and reboot process, which wipes out the memory of every digimon but the furry one. The 8 original DigiDestined now have to go through the entire original Digimon series AGAIN. Only difference is the female characters are more highly fappable.

    Gallery of friendship

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Digimon: The Movie

    Just like any anime that is popular in America, Digimon also got itself a movie. However, unlike the rest of the series, this is actually one of the best anime movies ever made. This is anime, though, so the bar of quality is set extremely low. The animation, voicing, scripting, humor, action, and conclusion are top-notch... at least, for the first two parts of the movie. After that, it just starts to suck penis and contract AIDS. Fox Kids decided two parts was just too short, three parts was just too long - but adding a horrifically mangled, chopped up and totally nonsensical 40 minutes at the end was awwwwwwright.

    However, the real reason anyone reading this should watch it immediately is because the movie involves nuclear missiles, computer hacking, nerdrage, and, finally, saving the Internet. Yes, /b/tards, your dreams have come true. We have finally found a good movie where the main plot involves our heroes SAVING THE FUCKING INTERNET.

    The heroes also happen to save the internet, not with the power of love, or courage, or friendship, or any of that stupid stereotypical children's bullshit, but with something that many of you probably have lying around the house: FUCKLOADS OF EMAIL. No, srsly.

    Also, the main villain is a complete asshole who at first appears to be one dude but turns out to be an entire legion of dudes. This shit is uncanny.


    Note: A major source of butthurt for digifags is to refer to a character by their English names. By doing that, fangirls can't come up with clever Japanese portmanteaus for character pairings in slashfics. For the sake of neutrality, we here at Encyclopedia Dramatica will use the English names instead.

    The Mangas

    Tai preparing to tame the vagina.

    Digimon has 4 manga series...

    • V-Tamer: about taming vageene
    • Digimon Next: about a Digimon Soda factory
    • Digimon Chronicle: a continuation of Digimon Next where the main character starts a Media Outlet for mass propagandaz
    • D-Cyber: about furry cybering

    You won't be able to read any of these though as a search for any will undoubtedly lead you to gay or furry or gay-furry slash fiction.

    The Games

    There are 16 Digimon video games spanning every popular genre; from rpg to racing to fighting to adventure to H. All of them suck though. All of them. Being the only good digimon game, it is of course nearly impossible to find at a reasonable price. It is also a lot like dot HACK, which is odd, because it came out five years before that cyberpunk crapfest.

    Most of the RPG games have you traveling around a landscape very unlike Pokemon with your Digimon life partner and playing cards with people. I think it was poker, and you'd get your thumbs broken if you didn't pay up after losing a game.

    Digimon vs Pokemon

    Source of much drama between furry sub-groups. Pokefags say, "Digimon is just a ripoff of Pokemon", Digifags say, "NUH UHH, HOLY SHIT DIGIMON WAS RELEASED IN 1991 GUYZ! Digimon was created first!", which may or may not be true. The truth of the matter is Pokemon is originally a ripoff of Monster Rancher and Digimon is originally a ripoff of Tamagotchi and both have anime series for the sole reason that all the Japanese do all day is make animes, games and porn of everything in existence. Not that anyone with a life really gives a shit. Though we all know that Yu-Gi-Oh is the real serious business. However, in fanfaggotry wars Pokemon wins due to its creations of Gardevoir and Mudkipz.


    Definitive proof that Digimon are real
    An illustrated guide to opening a portal to the Digital World through masturbation.
    Tai's reaction to the Digimon believers. All hope for the Digimon Believers is lost.
    T.K.'s reaction.
    Even Matt facepalms to this faggotry.
    "I can't understand anything at all!" says Takato about the theories

    Some people are such big fans of Digimon, and so very, very, lonely, that they pretend that they have their own imaginary Digimon companion, and are Digimon Tamers (moar like lusers, amirite)?. You might not think it is so unusual for someone to have an imaginary friend they can pretend will breathe fire on all the bullies at school, as everyone has done this in the past. However, the group, Real Digimon Believers BALEETED, takes it one step further. Instead of just buying a dog, they have deluded themselves into thinking that they have real Digimon pets, and, like a freaky cult, will try to convince all nonbelievers to share their delusions.

    The Real Digimon Believers are seriously trying to find a connection to the Digital World where they will reunite with their long-lost Digimon companions. These plans, dubbed Project Digiclipse GONE, the only completely logical and scientific way to reach the Digital World, involve toy Digivices, their parents' computers, plastic bags, and waiting for a passing comet. This is the link to the new faggotmon are real website.[1]

    What. The. Fuck.

    Qu'est-ce que c'est "Project Digiclipse"?

    According to the Project Digiclipse website, "Project digiclipse is the combination of hope, belief, and the theories of members of all digimon [sic] believers. The point is, we believe that digimon [imaginary digital monsters featured in the program] exist, and we are determined to find a way to bring them to us. The way we attempt to do this, is simple, yet hopefully effective. We gather all the belivers [sic] that we can find, and focus on our goal at the exact same moment all around the world, hold our digivices to the sky, and the laws of mind over matter [sic] tell us that we can achieve our goal; a digital portal opening somewhere nearby."

    That's right. These people believe that the universe and inhabitants from the TV cartoon series Digimon are physically real, and that a "portal" can be opened to this universe if a group of "believers" all hold up their toy Digivices [licensed products based upon the show] at the same time and wish really hard. As the website explains, "They [the Digivices] may be toys, but many of them are a symbolic or even spiritual connection to our partners, and act as a bridge between our world and the digital world by sheer love and belief. That's what this entire project was based on, the power of the mind, and our connections, if not just our belief. It's been proved throughout history that if you believe in something, it can happen... As long as you believe, something is bound to happen!" Yes, and for the Digiclipsian, that "something" could well be the arrival of burly mental health nurses, called upon by their terrified parents to drag them off for a two-month vacation at Camp Haldol.

    However, lest we write of the believers in the Digiclipse as the modern-day version of the Millerites, the author of the project webpage sounds a note of realism amid the hope for a digital Rapture: "We can't tell you whether or not it will work," the website admits, "as it has not been attempted by anyone before. This is sort of a hopeful experiment, but even if a portal doesn't open, it will bring us all closer and hopefully weaken the barrier between the worlds." Sounds like a long shot. Besides, as Scotty of TV's Star Trek once said, "Any decent brand of Scotch'll do that, Sir."

    Le potential pour les «lulz»

    The website has a forum for believers, with typical topics such as "what will you do if when do you wake up see your partner???" and "Matter...and... Data? ...Just how can I become Data?" The lulz potential is high [approximately 720 milliJameth/kb as measured by lulzometer (1 Jameth = 1,000 mJ = guaranteed corruption of lol)]. Any of the standard drama-generating techniques could be used to generate epic amounts of butthurt among the spastic retards that populate the message boards. Rule 34-based techniques should be especially effective, as most of the members seem to be at the (physical or mental) age where sex is the overt or covert motivator behind every obsession. It's a target-rich environment; try a shotgun approach and see what happens.


    The Real Digimon Believers can unequivocally prove that Digimon are indeed real through poor photo manipulation and MS Paint.

    We do lots of research sometimes, and usually come across things. Also, we have a few learning programmers in the group who seem to know a lot about Digimon and data and things. Sometimes we hear noises and see things, but we usually only associate them with Digimon when it has our toy Digivices involved. It maybe sound immature, but there's no saying that data can't travel through the air to the device(right?), or that invisible creatures aren't controlling it.


    RulerHD - Leader of the Real Digimon Believers

    Of course, it can be disputed, but the fact of the matter is, the existence of Digimon is plausable, and very much probable. Though it hasn't been proved, there are loyal fan bases out there that have evolved their belief into something more; a seperate community of "believers". Most will ban anyone who joins and lurks, or just to simply troll. There have been a lot of attempts made by the fakers to mislead the groups, though it is always obvious who is lying, and who is not. The leaders of such groups are skilled enough to tell a true believer from a troublemaker, so to save you time it isn't recommended for a "non-believer" to join.

    These groups have proved that not only is Digimon an innocent childrens show, but it is the base of a thriving community, and has made many people friendsaround the world. Most are children, and therefore do not have any kind of furry activity, or hentai imgages


    RulerHD sockpuppet, a self-proclaimed member of THe RDB Revenge Squad.

    i'm doing research. there's a 10th crest. the crest of darkness. its dangerous, but it can be purified. i'm still doing reasearch on the 10 crests though.


    — josh, scientist for Project Digiclipse

    Hmm.... my mom would probibly send me to a therepist... again... if I tried to tell her about Elecmon...


    — Tashaka, Priestess

    ok im from the MSN Group RDB: Real Digimon Belivers and im trying to gather all the sites that belive into one. i have teamspeak that can be used to help communitcate, which is why i contacted you. i want you to help me contact the main leader/creators of each site and get them into team speak or into a place where we can settle into making one super beliver site! please anwser this message an let me know.


    — DCYBER01, trying to collect cult members

    Despite being so technologically savvy, these Digi-scientists fail to grasp that vandalism is pointless on ED, and have repeatedly tried to edit away this part of this page.

    Digifag site owned

    The original Digiclipse fourms got owned during a raid by the g00ns and anonymous. Srsly guyz, Digimon is not real.

    The Digifags made a new forums site (NEW SITE!), but it can only be seen by registered users. They are butthurt from the previous attack and therefore require new members to create an account and then fill in a survey to prove their intentions are not malicious. Clearly, there is not a single troll on the internet cunning enough to getting past such solid defenses, so now their crazy little forum is completely safe.

    PROTIP: You merely need to register to see (and screenshot) the forums. The survey is only required for those interested in posting.

    The digifag admins are known to browse various chans and even ED - don't do what the fag below did and ruin perfectly good lulz by telling everyone too early.

    They also Are interested In Incest

    Reraided LOLWUT?

    On July 1st 2008, they were rehit by a troll calling himself DigiPwn. Slandering the site with racial slurs and incestuous threads, the discovery was made that even if the threads are deleted, the titles stay up to be seen.

    Posting that discovery here led to that problem being fixed less than four hours later. Thanks ED, or more accurately, thanks User:Animorphs18, you've done the digifags a great favor, even if it only delayed the inevitable.


    At about 3 AM, on the 10th of July, an old fashion troll who went under cover for at least 100 years, fucked up the beloved site for the lulz by clearing out the FTP and having it replaced by a well drawn comic. This brave troll did so with the help of her trusty cats, TweedleDee and TweedleDum.

    The troll mentioned in her letter that the site would most likely be back up in a matter of hours - which it is now apparent it will be. Like any good lulz observer, archives have been made. Screen shots of the site before and after (including the site admin's butthurt message to the troll) can be seen here:

    (Someone took the time to screen this shit? Wtf?)

    Also, there are no women on the internet, unless the bitches have started trolling from the kitchen. This means you, Aurelie (Yarelie?). But who really cares? Everyone knows Aurelie (Yarelie!) did this for lulz and for glory on teh internets since she feels insecure about the sand in her vagoo. (This is the truth. I know because I personally have it imported weekly from the beaches of Bermuda and shovel it in by the truckload. And by vagina, of course I am referencing my gaping asshole. ~Allie Yarly Aurelly Yarelly) Lulz abound!

    The digifags report that while they are indeed butthurt over Au-Relly Ya-Relly's actions, they acknowledge that she did a good job being a troll. They also know how to use Encyclopedia Dramatica effectively and understand that free speech for all = lulz, as well as the capacity to laugh at oneself. Lulz lolz lulzzipop.

    Digimon Fantards Spend Millions on Merchandise

    Equally as sad as believing that Digimon exist, there are some "believers" and Holy Grail of Collectors that will spend their entire life savings on a franchise. Many young adult fans claim that this hobby makes them happy by keeping their childhood alive, allows them to feel closer to the digimon, and that it keeps them from throwing themselves head first into the nearest parked car. Digimon fantards are most often between the ages of 15-26. Those over the age of 14 are most often diagnosed with chronic Digi-Delusions. Sadly, the only cure is logging out.

    Levels of Digi-Delusion

    • Exposure: As a young child (9-12) the brain is susceptible to Japan's Advanced Brainwash Satellite. 90% of the earth at any given time is exposed to it's radiation. 42% of the world's children population is affected. Exposure to furries can initiate this same process.
    • Development: Nearing the ages of 13-14, the subjects begin listening to J-pop, spend their whole paychecks on ebay buying Digimon cards, and could possibly have sex with their family dog. Shockingly, the males face rejection, as they fail to understand why no sane girl in High School would fuck a nerd who faps to Renamon on lunch breaks. This is also the point when they begin to read manga and watch subbed anime, which eventually leads to them developing aspirations of becoming a professional mangaka or a Japanese translator.
    • Digimon Believer/Tamer: Their delusion becomes so intense that the boundaries of fiction and reality no longer exist. This commonly begins around the ages of 14-19. The brain becomes so saturated with thoughts of fail that it can no longer handle it, and the process of differentiation between realities critically shuts down. The Subject may possibly start carrying a toy digivice, praying to digimon gods, or painting the house cat to resemble Tailmon. Shouting "Digi Port Open!" at a computer screen in a desperate attempt to escape reality is also not an uncommon symptom.
    • Digimon Devotee/(Final Step): Usually people who progress to this stage are 20+ years old, Their mind is nothing more than a blank screen, with Digimon theme songs playing in a loop. They never leave their homes, out of fear that society will never accept them, and have resorted to playing the digimon card game against themselves; because their friends fear catching "Digi-Delusion". As time progresses the Devotee soon realizes he or she has wasted their life (and money) and begins thoughts of suicide. More Often than not, the Digitard eventually runs out of money. Stricken with desperation he/she then takes their pitiful life, in hopes that their soul will go to Digital World.


    Tai, after reading this section

    Digimon, while a complete rip-off off Pokemon, has had its moments where it produces lulz. The most visible example is during the second season epilogue where many fans where dismayed that their ship did not win at the end. Scientist have proven that many fans where so upset that many became an hero after it was shown. Need proof? Why do you think the popularity diminished after that season? When interviewed, Hiroyuki Kakudou, the director for the first and second season, said, and I quote, "I did it for the lulz." When asked about the number of an hero's he said he "didn't care."


    The pairing between Tai and Sora. Perhaps the most lulzy of the ships due to how popular it was (and still is), many were butthurt when Sora chose Matt over Tai. After Matt and Sora ended up married at the end, the fans for this ship were in denial that they wrote letters demanding canon be changed.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, jocks, and 16-year-old girls.


    If Taiora is the lulziest of the lot, then Mimato is definitely its retarded cousin. This refers to the relationship between Matt and Mimi. While many of the other ships can be somewhat defended, this one was thought up after some 16-year-old girl thought they "looked so cute" even though they don't acknowledge each other's existence. The funny part is that many of them actually believe that there was actual evidence, making them the most retarded of the bunch. They are the best target to troll against, as they can be trolled by anyone who has seen the show even if the volume was turned off. Troll at your own free will! Many were also butthurt at the end, and insist that Sora was a slut who stole Matt from Mimi. They are that retarded.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, retards, and 16-year-old girls.


    Don't ever show Takari fans this picture, especially here or here.

    Pairing between T.K. and Kari. Long story short, the most butthurt of the lot after their ship was not canon at the end. Out of all the shippers out there, they are the most in denial, as well as producing the most an heros. Because their holy matrimony did not bloom at the end they say there was an interview that said their couple was canon, but when asked to produce said interview they change the subject. They also say they've seen the original and say shit like "Takeru says there that it has been 25 years and he married Hikari" regardless of what the truth is. It should also be noted that, since many have shipped this since the first season, all fans of this ship are fucking lolis and should be reported to the FBI.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, retards, christians, and 16-year-old girls.


    Gay shit thought up by 16-year-old girls, with many claiming it was close to being canon. If somebody says they didn't see it, fans for this ship will start claiming homophobia. Ironically, many fans for this ship are girls and tend to hate all the other females because they might interfere with the butt sex.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, retards, liberals, and 16-year-old girls.


    A romantic relationship between Ken and Yolei, and surprise, surprise, this one was actually canon.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, geeks, and 16-year-old girls.


    The pairing of Matt and Sora, canon to the show. Also known as... MATTRAEG due to the male viewers analog character, Tai, being cockblocked by Matt, an analog for every boy more popular and talented than the viewer. Basically...

    Hey Faggots,

    My name is Yamato "Matt" Ishida, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at a scaled-down version of the Digital World. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever had a Digimon that can kill a Dark Master in one-hit? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on Aerisdies.

    Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was in an extremely popular rock band, and my Digimon can Digivolve to Mega. What can your Digimon do, other than "sit around all day in its own Digi-filth?" I'm also an astronaut who was the first person on Mars, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO proDigious). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

    Pic Related: It's me and my bitch


    Spelled Dakari by fucking retards, this is the relationship between Davis and Kari. Usually attacked by Takari fans, they have been known to turn a perfectly happy-go-lucky character into a wrist slashing, angst-filled pussy who listens to Linkin Park. Many people who ship this due so because they've been rejected more times than an art student in the real world.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos and your mom.


    More gay shit, but this time involving Davis and Ken. Usually written by shotacon fan girls, many of these stories involve rape. Because of this, one can and should assume that girls writing this pairing are asking for it. Shippers for this couple hate Yolei and Kari; no exceptions. Since they condone rape, it's okay to rape them, not that anyone actually would.

    Common fans for this ship include: everyone mentioned above. Yes, even christians.


    Even more gay shit, surprisingly. Since this relationship involves T.K. and Davis, most of these stories will be a retelling of WW2, what with the the white guy dominating some japanese guy. Expect whitey to come out on top (lol).

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, liberals, lesbians and 16-year-old girls.


    Relationship between Tai and Mimi. For those who've been dumped and are smart enough to realize they are not going to get any, this is the coupling of choice. Since this is written by rejects, expect only songfics by Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance.

    Common fans for this ship include: emos, nerds, you, losers, and 16-year-old girls.


    A ship with Izzy and Mimi.

    Gallery of Rule 34

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    • Action: 0; they are bloodless cartoony beasts
    • Lulz: 3; series 3 committed a form of suicide by killing off a furry icon.
    • Furry Gayness: 21,721; they are bloodless cartoony beasts.
    • Furry Straightness: ; Renamon (Along with Krystal) was responsible for creating this truly rare class of furry fandom.
    • Regular Gayness: 4; they managed to somehow keep some focus on the girls.

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