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    Just a usual day of faggotry over at digibutter

    Digibutter.nerr is a recreation of some shit website some chameleon from the craptastic second sequel to Paper Mario mentioned in his ramblings about his huge butterfly fetish. Soon after the release of the game, some faggot beat it in an hour and decided to buy the domain name "nerr.biz". After approval of his mother, the site was made. It is a message board filled with closet weeaboos, Nintenfags, Sonyfags, 360fags, trolls, furfags, role-players, attention whores, and rejects from /v/

    The Beginning

    One of the original characters that one of the members came up with.

    At the start, the site was littered with children who jumped in to role play as there favorite vidya gayum character and attempt to act as random as humanly possible with them. The main active forums were some board for discussion about the game (which gave birth to over 9000 shitty roleplay flamewars), and another board for a discussion about butterflies, which contained horrible MS paint edits meant to be butterflies, but instead melted people's eyes. After a while, everyone but a select few got bored as hell and went off to do better things. That is when the board left it's kiddy state, and transformed into the parody it was based off of.

    Digibutter's attempt to suck less

    Soon after it's reincarnation, people from other crappy sites jumped in the fun and decided to assist it's attempt at what they would call AWESOME SAUCE Of course, the cunts wouldn't be happy intill the damn admin coughed up the obligatory /b/ clone. Thus the dump was made. This place was full of childish flamewars and contests on who could spam the most shit in 3 minutes. Eventually the admin got sick of this shit and deleted it to save bandwith. This made the entire board flip the fuck out and cry loudly intill the admin gave in and made a a clone of the dumb with rules. They then later made a non-strict version of there role playing board known as RPOT which quickly turned into a cesspool of shit with overly confusing plot lines where everyone got ignored because of how terrible there plots were.


    One of the various emo fags posting about how miserable his life is.

    Around the time that the site had it's first birthday, some emo bitches started whining about how they were ignored and shit. They then spammed the General Discussion board with rants about how their mom couldn't afford their house so now they had to live on the damn streets. The admin got pissed and kicked all of them into a board known as Blogs so they could whine about their life alone.

    Digibutter's fads

    The fags at digibutter have tried to be cool and awesome ever since the site hit the net, here are some of there laughably pathetic attempts at doing so

    • Cash plx - Some shit phrase that represents Poker chips or something like that. It's actually what Mona asks you after you're done with her. Payments vary.
    • P-P-PARADOX - A gratingly annoying fad used to harass those who successfully divide by zero.
    • Sloopy - a fad that tried so hard to be awesome that it ended up becoming a cult known as the IUOS. The IUOS was a group of raidfags attempting to be like Anonymous by spammming shockers on other member's boards.
    • it sank - another shit meme that only get mentioned when the site crashes
    • indeed.jpg[1] - Forced meme, used by combofags to express agreement though often intentionally resulting in everyone quoting and reposting the image resulting in a mass quote pyramid. The fad originated on 12/30/08(which was considered to be the site's /b/day). The image was flooded for hours on end that day intill moderators logged on and suspended the entire forum. However this was not at all original in any way or format and was directly ripped off from an image macro on 99chan.

    You can see the rest of the shitty memes here.

    Nerr 1.5

    Nerr 1.5 is Digibutter's failed attempt at being 4chan and MSN at the same time. It's pretty much an imageboard without fucking images DISREGARD THAT THEY ADDED AN IMAGE/VIDEO FEATURE, THE FAGGOTS. It's currently still in beta and has over 9000 glitches that should be exploited at every opportunity. This is mainly due to the fucking admin coding the shit from scratch because he has way too much time on his hands.



    Bitlands was a lame excuse for all the digibutter rejects to run away from the great almighty trolls who raped them on a daily basis. The forum was made apparently so the Role-Players could role play in peace but everyone already knows the boards true intentions were to talk shit behind everyone's back and get away with it. Annnnways, the IUOS later found out about the existence of this board and decided to plan a raid against it. However some stupid cunt ratted them out causing the whole board to go into lockdown. With there plans ruined, they instead decide to create a counter forum known as the Boatlands. The Boatlands was a board dedicated to destroying the bitlands but in reality thats what the IUOS wanted everyone to believe and was really trollbait intended to cause an uproar. This deploy was successful and everyone began to flip the fuck out and shit there pants. This also caused everyone to believe that there was a rivalry between the two groups which gave the IUOS an advantage to there devious scheme. Eventually they all gained the trust of the site's admin and were let in under the excuse that they were done trolling and they wanted peace. 3 weeks later they were all banned from pissing everyone off again and the admins went back into lock down.

    Especially notable nobodies

    Fap fodder for retards.
    • Francis - The creator of this abomination. His real name is Daniel Sims and he used to leave his basement occasionally to work in an office or something before getting fired for being a lazy asshole.
    • Lord Crump - "President" of the site, has a raging case of USI.
    • Vid Inferno - An IRC obsessed shota who earns his keep by allowing Francis to put the tip in.
    • Goron Mask - Pseudo-intellectual fail troll with a number of fanboys and an obsessive vendetta against bitlands.
    • darkzero - The Mexican who suggested the raid on the bitlands.
    • Hario - Some random faggot with an obsession with manboobs. Also Goron Mask's gay lover.
    • Tsuki - The tranny who made the bitlands. Is also an attention whore, weeaboo, and masochist.
    • Amber/Cherry - Also a tranny. Spends his days making sure people don't edit his wikipedia articles and cybering with 12 year old girls.
    • MeowMixer - A hacker who is trained in the fine arts of DDOS. Also a Maplefag who has forsaken Nexon over C&Ding some batshit insane private server he made.
    • Orangesoda - Closeted furfag with autism.
    • Paula - Paula is a stoner camwhore who spends his time playing shitty Japanese games and cybering with his BFF Arson. He is an admin at bitlands after paying for its hosting.
    • Arson - Shota obsessed aspie.
    • Yena - The forum's local furfag, everyone of his posts somehow manage to piss someone off...some people say he's a clever troll but they seem to keep forgetting everyone on digibutter is fucking retarded.
    • Nastasia - Formerly known as CelebiKitty. Was made moderator of the site's chatbox for some reason. Severe anger management issues.
    • Petey Piranha - Some 13 year old pseudo intellectual closet weeaboo who changes his internet persona every 5 seconds. He is a gigantic lolcow and should be anally probed at every opportunity. He is currently at bitlands along with all the other rejects.
    • 23886 - Paula's friend who owns a server and now hosts Bitlands. Also thinks he is a catgirl. His management effortlessly keeps GM from overtaking Bitlands.

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