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Schoolgirls are always surprised to see their own mammoth horse cocks.

Dickgirl is a name lovingly given to women with penises (in contrast to cuntboys, which are men with vaginas). If a dickgirl is thought to be a regular girl by an unsuspecting victim, when it turns out to have a banana where their fish pocket ought to be, said dickgirl is known as a trap.


Futanari (futa for short) is hentai with dickgirls. Plots extend to random barely-legal schoolgirls obtaining gargantuan semen cannons through curses and other various magic bullshit. However, some futa girls also happen to have a vagina in addition to the ungodly cock, which is just enough to make a straight man masturbate to it and regret it for the rest of his life. Like all other sick porn loved by fags in denial, futanari can commonly be found on 4chan's /b/ and /d/ boards, along with 7chan's /d/, /di/, /elit/, and /fn/ boards.


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Bestselling Futa author Elena Maddens' book releases include:

  • Taken by the Futa Tribe
  • Shipwreck on Futa Island
  • Welcome to the Futa Farm
  • The Futa Navy
  • Return to the Futa Tribe
  • The Futa Navy 2
  • Rooming with the Futas
  • Taken by the Futa Outlaws
  • Billionaire Futa Fling

Real-life Dickgirls

Moar info: Trap.

It's important to note that IRL dickgirls are not actually girls as the name suggests. Real-life dickgirls are actually men with breast implants and very real yet small penises. Experts suggest that the only reason hermaphrodites aren't called "Boobmen" is due to the desperate attempt by IRL dickgirl enthusiasts make it to sound not gay. Real-life dickgirls include:



Heterosexual attraction to traps and homosexual attraction to manginas.jpg
TL;DW: aesthetically pleasing female + aesthetically pleasing
penis = unique sexual cues and unique sexual experience.
Also: faggots don't like dickgirls; they like vagina-men.


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