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    100px Diarist looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
    Look out for unfunny Uncyclopedia bullshit, boring in-jokes, and angsty teen-ery.
    You could also add in actual humor.
    Look at me! I'm Emo

    Diarist (Don't call him anything else or you'll light the naturally short fuse of his temper) is an artist who frequents DeviantArt and FurAffinity. A pompous little windbag who thinks he is the best thing ever to grace this planet. When he isn't drawing fanart to fill his FurAffinity/DeviantArt pages, he is off playing the game on which he based his entire internet persona around... Pokemon. He dicks around all day online, pretending his life and everything he does is important while hiding his obsession with vorarephilia. Diarist hides from his family because he is so scared mommy dearest is gonna hate him because he likes looking at pictures of people eating each other. To top off this list he rages (as stated before) at anyone who lights his fuse, often going off and verbally assaulting them and then trying to make himself look like the victim to obtain sympathy.

    This is most famously noted in the major fight he had with his self-proclaimed best friend TheoTheFox. After donating money to his friend who needed it for an issue he was having, Diarist began acting rather spoiled. Thinking that he deserved attention and gifts from Theo despite having won an auction for a high detailed pin-up with the money (of vore), even getting a free follow-up picture from Theo as a gift for his 'friend' having donated the money he needed that was easily worth more than what he gave. But no, Mr. Glutton felt he deserved more. So when Theo didn't give him a gift he flew off the handle and showed the world just how much of an idiot he is.

    Origins of an Idiot

    Yes this is such an original character.

    This mistake of a Pokemon fanatic first appeared on Deviant Art back in 2008. Although the world didn't know it at the time, we would soon learn that he was one of the most ridiculous people out there. Thinking himself great because he can draw on a electronic tablet. He started with Pokemon, which is what makes up 99.9% of his submissions. On DeviantArt he gathered a few hundred watchers who liked his use of a popular series to make characters that he thinks are original, but are really just a shitty attempt to live a fantasy life. And while he doesn't draw any vore (that we know of) and post it on his page for fear of his family knowing he likes being eaten by monsters, his favorites are full of it and Pokemon.

    The Bastard within

    Anyone who doesn't agree with this jerk inside his little clique of followers is instantly attacked verbally, called names and will have rumors and lies spread about them. Anyone whom he even thinks is disagreeing with him he immediately attacked. Sometimes if someone asks what he deems is a stupid question he will blow a gasket and cuss them out. And if you want to try and sympathize with him? Better get ready for a shitstorm of profanity that will fly out of his mouth towards you.

    So anyone who tries to help him will get an earful about how stupid they are and then tries to act like that person was causing him grief in order to incite his followers to go after them. This is what happens when you jerk off to the images of a Pokemon opening it's mouth or swallowing a living animal.

    If it wasn't for the fact he is so deathly afraid of what his family would say his page would be filled to the brim with Pokeporn and more vore than you could shake a stick at.

    It's all downhill from here

    So yu want to know hat caused such a 'strong' friendship with his so called best friend to weaken and snap? Well apparently his friend posted a picture of vore on his Facebook. What's wrong with that you say? Well when you're some little shit hiding under the cover of darkness and jerking off in secret to his love of vore and all things Pokemon. But if you dredge those things up into the daylight he turns into a snarling beast of pure butthurt. He went off on a flying tangent cussing and screaming at Theo, saying that he ruined his life.

    I guess that Diarist has never heard of the feature on Facebook where you can HIDE an image you don't want to look at or have others see on your page. But then being the incredibly paranoid as fuck lunatic as he is, he just had to explode all over Furaffinity about how stupid his friend is and how much he has ruined their trust and friendship.

    P.S Less than a week later they became 'friends' again although you could already tell that shit was just piling up beneath the surface and He was just waiting for Theo to trip up again just so he could go off on another tirade and name and shame him in as many places as he possibly could. Bravo sir asshat bravo.

    Little Fucktard

    Look at how big of a dick I am

    So after his little fight and 'makeup' with Theo he decides that on his birthday he deserves some sort of monetary present or some artistic gift for being SUCH a good friend. But..*gasp* what's this? Theo didn't get him anything! He waited and waited slowly letting the thought of not getting something he didn't deserve build and build until he blow up. calling him out on Skype and having an argument. Screaming and yelling at him, telling him he is 'white knighting' himself ( seriously what the fuck is that?), and generally being a great big fucking bastard.

    So after 'fighting'.. well I say fighting, but it was more of a one sided screaming match while Theo simply got ready to kick Diarist's sorry ungrateful ass out the door. It all ended from there, but then he has ever remained the predictable asshole.

    [4:32:40 PM] TheoTheFox sighs
    [4:32:59 PM] TheoTheFox: are you there
    [6:44:48 PM] Shark: I am now.
    [6:44:49 PM] Shark: What is it?
    [6:45:00 PM] TheoTheFox: You doin ok?
    [6:45:09 PM] Shark: Oh yeah I'm fucking fantastic, Theo
    [6:45:15 PM] TheoTheFox: >:
    [6:45:24 PM] Shark: Now you decide to acknowledge me, really?
    [6:45:30 PM] Shark: Are you fuckin' serious?
    [6:45:40 PM] TheoTheFox: You said you didnt want to talk to anyone... so i left you alone
    [6:46:03 PM] Shark: Whatever man
    [6:46:07 PM] Shark: go hang out with the
    [6:46:10 PM] Shark: 'cool kids'
    [6:46:24 PM] TheoTheFox: TheoTheFox sighs
    [6:46:30 PM] TheoTheFox: I just cant win
    [6:46:35 PM] Shark: No fuck you dude
    [6:46:44 PM] Shark: most miserable fucking day of my life
    [6:46:46 PM | Edited 6:46:48 PM] Shark: and my so called
    [6:46:50 PM] Shark: "best friend"
    [6:46:56 PM] Shark: doesn't even TRY to do anything
    [6:47:26 PM] Shark: you only give me a half assed "happy birthday" 'cus
    [6:47:29 PM] Shark: Skype fuckin' told you to
    [6:47:56 PM] TheoTheFox: Then find a new best friend
    [6:48:02 PM] Shark: You forgot about me
    [6:48:05 PM] Shark: probably intentionally.
    [6:48:20 PM] TheoTheFox: i left you alone because you siad you didnt want to talk to anyone!
    [6:48:24 PM] Shark: You'd rather hang out with the
    [6:48:27 PM] Shark: cool kids, right?
    [6:48:29 PM] Shark: Mr. 'Popufur'?
    [6:48:52 PM] TheoTheFox: are you done yet
    [6:49:05 PM] Shark: You don't even give a shit
    [6:49:11 PM] Shark: you're acting so fucking arrogant
    [6:49:27 PM] Shark: and it figures, 'cus I'm watching you transform into
    [6:49:32 PM] Shark: another 'popufur'
    [6:49:38 PM] Shark: getting mad over people's colours?
    [6:49:40 PM] Shark: and dildos?
    [6:49:43 PM] Shark: Are you kidding me?
    [6:49:48 PM] Shark: that's where your priorities are?
    [6:50:09 PM] TheoTheFox: what the fuck are you talking about
    [6:50:42 PM] Shark: And then you block my friend for asking
    [6:50:45 PM] Shark: why you didn't do anything?
    [6:50:47 PM] Shark: Or even TRY?
    [6:51:11 PM] TheoTheFox: how would i know something was wrong? You said to leave you alone!
    [6:51:14 PM] Shark: You made me feel unappreciated and worthless, that's the bottom line
    [6:51:17 PM] Shark: its bad enough
    [6:51:18 PM] Shark: no one
    [6:51:20 PM] Shark: fucking did
    [6:51:21 PM] Shark: anything
    [6:51:49 PM] Shark: aside from 2 fuckin' people, 1 of which I can't even speak to anymore
    [6:52:09 PM] Shark: you could have at least TRIED
    [6:52:13 PM] TheoTheFox: i dont know what you want from me, i do what you ask and this is what i get
    [6:52:20 PM] Shark: No fuck you
    [6:52:26 PM] Shark: I ask for you to be a friend
    [6:52:28 PM] Shark: that's not much
    [6:52:34 PM | Edited 6:52:40 PM] Shark: "I don't wanna talk to people"
    [6:52:42 PM] Shark: which I told to YOU
    [6:52:43 PM] Shark: vented
    [6:52:45 PM] Shark: to yOU
    [6:52:49 PM] Shark: who I was obviously fucking
    [6:52:52 PM] Shark: comfortable talking to
    [6:53:07 PM] Shark: is completely fucking irrelevant to
    [6:53:16 PM] Shark: "it's my friend's birthday let me do something for him"
    [6:53:33 PM] TheoTheFox: no, i guess the thing i was already working on wasnt enough
    [6:53:55 PM] Shark: why would I want that
    [6:53:58 PM] Shark: over something of us
    [6:54:07 PM] Shark: don't fucking white knight yourself
    [6:54:12 PM] TheoTheFox: idk maybe because you  basically begged me for it?
    [6:54:29 PM] Shark: don't fucking white knight yourself
    [6:54:32 PM] Shark: and change the subject
    [6:54:53 PM] Shark: you didn't even have the decency to say
    [6:55:02 PM] Shark: "hey I'm sorry can I make it up to you at all?"
    [6:55:07 PM] Shark: No you fucking message me with an attitude
    [6:55:08 PM] Shark: sighing
    [6:55:12 PM] Shark: like a child
    [6:55:35 PM] TheoTheFox: Do you remember what I told you last time we fought like this
    [6:55:46 PM] Shark: Theo
    [6:55:49 PM] Shark: I want my money back
    [6:55:55 PM] Shark: 'cus you clearly forgot about that too.
    [6:56:15 PM] Shark: You have zero appreciation for me, bottom line
    [6:56:20 PM] Shark: I'm not the only one who sees it
    [6:56:28 PM] Shark: and the fact that instead of trying to be a decent person
    [6:56:31 PM] Shark: you're threatening me?
    [6:56:35 PM] Shark: Then yeah
    [6:56:40 PM] Shark: just give me my fucking money back
    [6:56:55 PM] TheoTheFox: find a new friend
    [6:56:56 PM] Shark: I needed it for school
    [6:57:06 PM] Shark: and gave it to you out of the kindness of my heart
    [6:57:11 PM] Shark: 'cus I wante to help out.
    [6:57:34 PM] TheoTheFox: No, I'm done with this.
    [6:57:35 PM] Shark: You FORGOT about it not even a few days after.
    [6:57:38 PM] Shark: You're done?
    [6:57:45 PM] TheoTheFox: I'm done.
    [6:57:54 PM] Shark: How do you think  I feel?
    [6:57:57 PM] TheoTheFox: I don't need this ontop of everything else.
    [6:57:59 PM] Shark: Crying 'cus my 'best friend'
    [6:58:01 PM] Shark: forgot about me.
    [6:58:09 PM] TheoTheFox: And clearly you don't eather
    [6:58:13 PM] TheoTheFox: So that's it.
    [6:58:19 PM] Shark: 'Cus he's too busy playing with the cool kids.
    [6:58:59 PM] Shark: But no, keep white knighting yourself
    [6:59:07 PM] TheoTheFox: Oh yeah, let me tell, you living the dream! Scraping buy having to borrow hundreds of dollars at once just to fucking get by! Living in an abusive household! Fuckin love it!
    [6:59:20 PM] Shark: Great
    [6:59:23 PM] Shark: that has nothing to do
    [6:59:29 PM] Shark: with how you handled this situation
    [6:59:41 PM] TheoTheFox: I'm done Sky.
    [6:59:42 PM] Shark: stop making excuses and man the fuck up.
    [6:59:57 PM] Shark: Keep running, Theo
    [7:00:16 PM] TheoTheFox: I hope you find a friend that's worth having.
    [7:00:23 PM | Edited 7:00:25 PM] TheoTheFox: And that your life improves.
    [7:00:24 PM] Shark: It's just amazing
    [7:00:29 PM] Shark: how you don't even
    [7:00:33 PM] Shark: TRY to do the right thing
    [7:00:37 PM] Shark: you just walk out
    [7:00:41 PM] Shark: and disregard everything.
    [7:00:47 PM] Shark: And try and white knight yourself.
    [7:01:01 PM] TheoTheFox: Goodbye, Sky.
    [7:01:11 PM] Shark: I want my money back.
    [7:01:13 PM] Shark: Every dime.
    [7:01:31 PM] TheoTheFox: Too bad, I don't have it.
    [7:01:36 PM] Shark: Then get it.
    [7:01:45 PM] Shark: You didn't even care that I gave it to you
    [7:01:47 PM] TheoTheFox: Goodbye.


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