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Devon Tracey

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Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Devon's main YouTube channel has been terminated. Thank fuck.

It's funny that he chose a kangaroo as his avatar because (as someone who's run over several) they're the dumbest fucking animals on the planet.



The beanie and headphones show you what a badass he is.
He when he had hair, he had a combover to beat Trump at his own gain.

Devon TraceyFedora icon.png (also known as Atheist Roo, Atheism-is-unstoppable, TraceyRemix and Autism-is-Unstoppable) is a narcissistic, racist, arrogant, Zionist YouTuber who makes poor videos, while keeping his ugly smug little face hidden behind a kangaroo, and sporting a ridiculous-looking bandana (which he wears only because he thinks he's a bad ass, as he used to bully other kids in school, a claim he declares on Twitter as if it's something of which to be proud). He looks like the older brother of Brett Keane, and they both have very similar personalities, believing they are intellectually superior and always engaging in sissy-fights with YouTube posters calling them out. He also has a nasally Napoleon Dynamite voice. Used to be a Flash designer, but now everybody has realized that both Devon and Flash should be kept away from the Internet. Also you'd think with his leet flash skills he might be able to make decent looking videos or animations, but nope.

Professional Internet Tough Guy

The narcissist considers himself among the most renowned atheist thinkers.
We got fuckin' dorks! Nerds, people that wouldn't even venture to say anything remotely like this to my face.


—Devon Tracey being a fucking badass over here

Devon has a big hatred for niggers, as he believes they have a recessive criminal gene in their race. He hates a wide variety of things as he smells the shit in his asshole from which his head never leaves.

Here is a short list of things that Devon likes to sperg about in his videos:

  • Fat people
  • TheAmazingAtheist
  • Muslims
  • Donald Trump
  • People who disagree with him
  • People who tweet him anything with which he disagrees
  • Cartman impressions
  • Anyone who isn't white
  • Kids at school who weren't in his definition of 'cool'
  • Weed
  • People who smoke weed
  • His mother and father for the beating they gave him for being a little shit of a child
  • Creationist Cat
  • People who don't have muscles as big as his
  • The Young Turks
  • Matt Dillahunty
  • Jaclyn Glenn
  • Drunken Peasants
  • Steve Shives
  • The Bible Reloaded
  • The Godless Engineer

Due to his total lack of charisma, he has no friends and was forced to move to Germany, as the no one in the U.S. wanted anything to do with him. Now he spends his days on YouTube attacking everyone. For someone who has as many flaws as Devon does, he sure does hate a lot of things that aren't himself.

A perfect example of how much of a pussy Devon is, is when called to attend The Drunken Peasants podcast to have a debate about a flame war he started when he spewed out racist comments (he will try to save face till his grave over the fact his comment suggesting black people have a recessive crime gene, doesn't come across as racist, come on Devon who're you kidding?). He totally shat his pants, and this reminded him of his favorite fap material, TheAmazingAtheist's banana ass-fucking video which Tracey shared on his Twitter. Sadly he fails to see just how pathetic and contradictory he has become. It's been rumored that due to alienating himself from the atheist community he adores (except black atheists which he removes from his photos, true story) that he's looking to become an hero.

The Young Turks

One of Devon's favorite pass times is "curbstomping" The Young Turks. While most atheist Youtubers consider it their responsibility to challenge authority figures who try to force their religious views onto an increasingly ignorant American public while discrediting creationists who insist that their fairy tales be taught in schools, Devon has deemed it more important to go after a handful libtard news reporters in Culver City, California for daring to not to share all of his views, in spite of the fact that they are all atheists themselves. A cursory glance of Devon's YouTube channel will show that a large chunk of his videos are dedicated to nitpicking various TYT stories to the point that he will often spend 45 minutes to an hour picking apart a video with a running time of five minutes. He's also come up with some unfunny pet names for The Young Turks using puns that would make Chris-Chan himself proud, most notably referring to them as The Young Nazis, calling them "regressives" (a clever play on the word "progressive" that's become real popular recently), and constantly calling TYT owner and frontman Cenk Uyger a "fat brown buffalo; which while true, is certainly ironic.." His strange obsession with Cenk Uyger borders on pathological. He'll often spend ten minutes during one of his rants about them talking about how fat and sweaty he is, undoubtedly fapping all the while. What makes him more butthurt than anything else, however, is when Cenk attempts to downplay acts of Islamic terrorism by claiming "Christians are just as bad." During his 40 minutes response videos, he will scream at the top of his lungs that Cenk is a Muslim apologist while simultaneously being a Christian apologist himself and making such claims as "there are no Christian terrorists." He also enjoys accusing TYT of confirmation bias whenever they do cover a right-wing terrorist attack, conveniently ignoring the fact that he likes to spend his time scouring YouTube for videos of black people who agree with his views so he can repost them on his channel in order to prove to everyone that he's not a racist.

Of course it only ever granted him one indirect response, despite him practically pleading for attention:

Being an oversensitive pussy

Unsurprisingly, although Devon likes to act like a tough guy, he actually has a very fragile ego. His YouTube channel has essentially become an echo chamber for his braindead fans to shower him with praise and adoration as he will ban anyone who disagrees with him on any topic. His paranoia is fairly apparent when someone does so much as challenge anything he says, he'll immediately start freaking out and demanding that they tell him their name and accusing them of slander.

In fact, even if you merely ask him a question, is warrant for him going full retard:

Devon shills for Zionism

It went about as well as you would have expected.

Last Thursday, Devon started supporting Hillary and called Trump WAYCIS, further proof that all his Islamophobic rhetoric is only for show, despite him having the mental gymnastics to believe that the use of a temporary ban on Muslim immigration as a deterrent is worse than bombing the middle east. He also made a video where he talks about how much he loves the Jews, and that they are his favourite group of religious people.

His absolute hatred of Trump has reached the extent to which he is openly asking his followers to identify themselves as Trump supporters so they can get blocked by him:

Devon's family gets doxed in the aftermath

On July 27th, 2016, Devon Tracey's twitter account was hacked, and his profile picture and description was replaced with him praising Trump and talking shit about Shillary. The hacker also tweeted out the home address of his family, and proclamations of Devon's true love for the Trump and admissions that he is a massive faggot and Hillary is shit. His twitter account remained in this state until July 30th, 2016, when Devon regained control of his Twatter account. The irony of his fanbase whining about the 'terrible crime' of him being hacked and doxed is of course lost on them. It's painfully obvious to anyone who's not retarded that this was him tasting own medicine.

Later, on July 31, 2016, a bunch of other YouTubers started making videos against Devon, in the hopes that they can get views and ad revenue off the drama. They included Naked Ape, Uzalu, Kraut and Tea, Sargon of Akkad, Mr. Repzion, Blaire White, Shoe0nHead, Spinosauruskin, and Creationist Cat, along with a few others that nobody cares about.

Co9 DeEUsAEdwr8.jpg

Also it led to some random twitter fanboy cocksucker to bitch in ED's Twitter DM's about how we are "pro-doxxing".

Cringe compilation

Devon yet again trying and failing to be a tough guy.
Devon being raped by a cat.
Getting owned by Uzalu.
Him getting put down.

Similarities to Brett Keane

  • Wife-beater Checkmark 2.gif
  • E-beggar Checkmark 2.gif
  • Pathological liar Checkmark 2.gif
  • Scam artist Checkmark 2.gif
  • False-flagger Checkmark 2.gif
  • Doc-dropper Checkmark 2.gif
  • Clickbait titles Checkmark 2.gif
  • Hour long videos with no substance Checkmark 2.gif
  • Has the most retarded Fans that will flag every thing that is slightly critical of their heroCheckmark 2.gif
  • Blocks anyone who disagrees Checkmark 2.gif
  • Lives in Missouri ╳

In summary

Devon Tracey Winner Takes It All.jpg

Devon Tracey Is Neutered.jpg

YouTube Favicon.png A song about him

Gallery of Devon

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Devon can say one thing, the quality of his followers was consistent(ly shit).
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