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    DevianTART Stamps

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Your typical DA user, courtesy of LittleCloud.
    File:Vampirella87 stamp collection.PNG
    Some subjects are more popular than others.

    devianTART Stamps are the userboxes of the devianTART world, an infectious form of vanity which manifests itself on the profile pages of far too many DA users. Stamps have always been very popular on devianTART as a way of showing your opinions, circlejerking and gaining e-points amongst 16 year old girls. These stamps come in six flavors, all originating from some loser's worthless opinion:

    So if you have no talent and want to get faves and popularity very easily why not start making your shitty stamps today?

    Types of Stamps

    Yes, they really are this serious.


    These stamps proclaim who you are such as "I am a Libra" or "I have blue eyes". However, such tame stamps are usually a rare sight. More common are the claims "I AM a Fox!" or "Proud to be fat!" or "I'm Gay. Deal with it."

    Otherkin and Furries are the subject of most of these identity stamps. Since they cannot afford a fursuit and unfortunately have the bodies of dirty stinking hyoomans they must prove who they really are by making a stamp. If that doesn't prove it nothing will.

    Identity (But)

    Like the identity stamp, these tell you a little bit about the artist. However, because they don't like all the bullshit that being a furry/fat/virgin etc. brings, the stamp will usually say "But..." Such as "I'm a virgin, BUT that doesn't mean I'm a fat fugly bitch who can't even get laid by her stepfather."

    I Support

    A quick description of what these tartlets like to masturbate to. These can range anywhere from "I <3 Doggies" to "Baby-eating Nazi Vampires make me wet!"


    Opposite of the Support stamp. Although some users use it to try and rid DA of its CP-hungry fangirls, most of the time they use their "free speech" to take away another user’s "free speech".


    Whatever one user is against, dozens more will be against the fact that they are against it. This does NOT mean, however, that they support what they are against.


    Oblivious to the desperate pleas of GTFO, some tartlets are their own biggest fans and will create and spread SSP in their own support.


    Gallery A: Godwin's Law

    Note: Although Godwin's Law is usually ANTI-Nazi not PRO-Nazi, to remind these Tartlets of how bad, bad these men were will generate a butthurt rant proclaiming that even though the Nazis BBQ-ed Jews it's still perfectly OK to masturbate to photos of them and strut around with a swastika wrapped round their arms. See also Deviantart Nazis.

    File:Nazistamp6.png File:Nazifaggotstamp.gif File:NaziStamp1.jpg File:NaziStamp2.gif Stamp by Shin zo.gif
    File:NaziStamp3.gif File:Nazistamp4.png File:Nazistamp5.png File:Nazistamp8.png File:Nazistamp7.png
    Holocaust by Shao Feng Li.gif File:I love Music.gif I'm not a nazi stamp.gif

    Gallery B: Furfaggotry

    File:Furry1.gif File:Furry2.jpg File:Furry3.png File:Furry4.png File:Furry5.gif
    Stamp Fursuiter.png File:GayFurriesStamp.gif File:FurryLoungeStamp.png File:I'm a werewolf stamp.PNG File:ILOVECHICKENS.png

    Gallery C: Denial

    File:Denial1.jpg File:Denial2.gif File:Denial3.png File:Denial4.gif File:Denial5.gif
    File:Virginstamp.png =Homophobia stamp.gif I m an anthro artist.jpg File:Cartoon lover not a pedo.png JapaneseAnimu Stamp.png
    OC x Canon Stamp by XxDeadlySinxX.gif DA is Better than Sex Stamp.gif Fat stamp.gif Proud of ED article.gif File:OC x Canon stamp by Demented-Alchemist.gif

    Gallery D: Pedos

    File:Lolistamp1.gif File:Lolistamp2.jpg File:Lolistamp3.png File:Lolistamp4.gif File:Shotastamp1.gif
    File:Shotastamp2.gif File:Shotastamp3.gif File:Teruchan stamp.gif

    Gallery E: Sick Fuck

    File:Cannibalstamp.gif File:Inceststamp1.png File:Gurostamp.png File:Inceststamp2.gif File:Inceststamp3.gif
    File:Necrostamp1.gif File:Schoolgirlstamp.jpg File:Yaoi Stamp.gif Caramelldansen stamp by BrazilianNut.gif Necrophilia Stamp.jpg
    I heart Abortion Stamp.png

    Gallery F: Lulz

    99px File:Lulz9.jpg File:Lulz11.jpg Abortion Stamp by ElvenJunko.gif Yiff Ha ha.png
    Informative Yaoi Stamp.jpg File:Awesome Overload.gif File:Hai Guise .png File:12chan stamp.png File:Idiftlstamp.png
    Rule 34 Stamp.gif File:4chanstamp.png File:Shoop da Whoop stamp.gif OC Torture Stamp.png File:Otherkinpissmeoffstamp.gif
    File:TatianaStamp.gif File:Proud Gay Christian Stamp by Manuverse.gif File:Can't draw stamp.jpg

    Gallery G: Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Anti-Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Encyclopedia Dramatica is Nazi.png File:Anti E D.jpg File:Anti ED Stamp by dAuser Pillow Lover7.jpg File:EDsucksstamp.png File:Lulz5.gif Just Because Stamp 2.png

    Pro-Encyclopedia Dramatica

    File:Encyclopedia Dramatica Stamp.png ED stamp by mastersara.gif File:Dramawikistamp.gif Encyclopedia Dramatica Stamp by Abfc.gif File:Blame it on You.jpg
    File:Lulz3.gif ED me plz.gif File:ED Kittens stamp.gif

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