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Dev-catscratch (Bryce Peter Cherry) is a 30-something man from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. He is notable for having having high levels of autism and making Chris-Chan look like a sane individual. Dev-catscratch is hands down the creepiest and lulziest person from "The Land Down Under" since Rolf Harris. Bryce uses what little artistic talent he has to create strange pictures to satisfy his disgusting fetishes and raise awareness to social causes, but mostly to satisfy his fetish needs.

Things that turn him on

He really LOVES little babies!
  • Nickelodeon
  • Hey Arnold (he wants a sex doll of Helga!)
  • Wow, Wow, Wubbzy
  • Pajama Sam
  • Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Freddie the Fish
  • Bumpbows
  • Cartoon Network
  • Comic Sans
  • Autism awareness
  • Anti-smoking campaigns
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Obesity awareness
  • Bumpbows
  • Breastfeeding
  • Diapers
  • Babies
  • Baby versions of Nickelodeon characters
  • Technology
  • Human heads on animal bodies
  • inflation
  • vore
  • Sex dolls that look like children
  • Women who are not CEOs
  • Boycotting Israel
  • Chinese made products
  • Protesting Mitsubishi
  • Toilet Duck bottles
  • Garibaldi Garlic Mettwurst


Because autistic people want images like this to represent them

Some of the "causes" he supports include Autism Awareness and thinks the US government should start a website called "" to support and educate the general public about it, despite the fact that he hates the Ad Council and President Trump and most people are actually very aware of autism by now. Bryce wants everyone to know that people with autism are sensitive and demands that everybody be nice to him because he has autism and needs to be "catered" to. In other words, he wants special treatment because he has autism.

He also raises breast cancer awareness by drawing pink breast cancer ribbons on characters wearing pink and is combating and raising awareness about obesity by using his "I'm Luggin It" pictures to educate the public about the evil known as McDonald's, not knowing that if one eats responsibly and exercises they won't be lugging it. He also wants to remake "Super Size Me" with cartoon characters to educate kids. He also wants all children's shows to show moms breastfeeding kids and little boys standing up when they pee, he thinks it's educational, realistic and natural and kids need to know about it. He fails to realize that's parents' jobs to teach kids about it, not cartoons!

other common themes

  • What diaper brands characters prefer
  • Phone apps he wants to see (usually educational ones targeted at children)
  • Using Marlboro's "Don't Be A Maybe" ad campaign to promote Nickelodeon.


BumpBows were created to cover up the popped bellybuttons of pregnant women. It sounds like a good idea and harmless, but when their biggest customer is a creepy Autist and not expectant mothers or maternity and baby stores and his artwork is the first thing that comes up when you Google their name, you know something is very wrong! Bryce is trying to make these a fashion statement, he encourages "Bumpbow Parties" and incorporates them into his artwork just as much as inflation and diapers.


Not guilty, because of autism.

In 2007, Bryce was arrested after threatening to bomb his school and murder the editor of his local newspaper. He was charged, but got off the hook after the judge deemed him too unfit to stand trial. You can read about it on the said newspaper's website [1]. He has also threatened companies he doesn't like and even a person who started a petition to ban sex dolls that look like children from Australia. Why? simply because it would ruin his childhood dream of having a Helga sex doll, yes a sex doll based on an ugly, mentally ill cartoon girl!

Declares war on Kiwi Farms


Bryce thought he was well liked and people were treating with "respect" due to his autism, but soon his DeviantART account was flooded with hate comments, mostly from people who were grossed out by his artwork. He did a Google search and determined the hate was coming from Kiwi Farms and started to call them out as an anti-Autism hate group.

He encouraged others to do the same. It is not known he knows about ED or 8chan or any other sites that have featured him. His artwork has appeared on many "Worst of DeviantArt" compilations on both Tumblr and YouTube, as well.

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