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No, Not Detroit! No Please! Anything but that! No! NOOOOOO!!!


—Everyone's reaction to being sent to Detroit.

Western Somalia, also known as Detoilet, or the more politically correct Detroit is the largest city in the State of Michigan. It is notable for being the only major city in the United States in which the both the residents and leaders are overwhelmingly black, at over 80% of the population. Unsurprisingly, Detroit has a quality of life on par with Sierra Leone and Haiti. Corruption, murder, drugs, rape, shitty football teams, unemployment, and AIDS are just some of things you can find in this fine city. It is famous for being the #1 city in america during the 1950s due to the Car industry centered in the city, and for becoming a literal hell on earth with a quality of life worse than that of many third worlds. Oh, and for being the place where Eminem grew up. Less than a mile away from Detroit, lies the city of Windsor; a shitty Canadian area, but much superior to the niggerized city to the west.

Welcome to Detroit! Fisting capital of the Western Hemisphere!


Syria? No. Detroit!
Bumper Sticker
Tourism Poster
an accurate portrayal of what it's like to be a white guy in Detroit. Not pictured: brutal lynchings

In 1701, a group of Frenchmen on their way to first Great North American Mantrain stumbled onto a piece of nice waterfront property. They decided to stay and name it "Detroit," derived from the French words "De" (of) and "Troit" (Niggers). During the French and Injun War, British troops gained control of Fort Detroit, forcing the French to do what they do best: surrender. Realizing what a cold, worthless piece of shit it was, the British eventually ceded Detroit to the Americans.

Prior to the arrival of the white man, there was a large population of Native Americans, but they left only to return a couple centuries later to build a casino and take the residents' hard-earned money. From 1805 to 1847, Detroit's access to the Canadian border made it a key stop along the Underground Railroad. This was the first step in a long process that would result in filling every last nook and cranny of the city with niggers.

In the early 20th century, noted son of a bitch and anti-semite Henry Ford realized that in order to profit from making cars, they needed to be made so that the average Americunt could afford one. With his introduction of the assembly line, Detroit became a booming industrial town and the automotive capital of the world. Ford's "Five Dollar Workday" prompted a huge influx of Wops, Krauts, Mics, Jews, Arabs, Rednecks, Mexicans, Polaks and even more niggers.

Most of these ethnic groups were eventually able to move up the socio-economic ladder and out of Detroit. Due to their penchant for blowing all their money on malt liquor, Mad Dog 20/20 and dice, the niggers couldn't afford to leave. These black Detroiters became increasingly upset over their circumstances and responded in the way niggers do when they are upset: by smashing things, starting fires and looting.

For the remaining white people in the city, these riots were the last straw and they decided to GTFO. Due to this "White Flight" most Detroit inner-city neighborhoods endured a painful niggerization in the 1960s and 1970s, leaving not one cracker within city limits. An extensive freeway system was constructed in hopes that black people would go away, but since they don't have cars, they stayed.

During the 1980's there was an attempt by local Detroit Superhero Mel Farr the "Superstar" to sell affordable used cars to the negroidic population. Based in his headquarters at Greenfield and 8 Mile, he attempted to sell cars throughout the 1980's until he went under due to the fact that niggers can't get credit.

In 1994, every Detroit pool was closed, largely due to AIDS. But since black people don't know how to swim anyway, this went largely unnoticed.

In 2009, unemployment reached a record 24%. Out of the remaining 76% that are employed, 26% work at Popeye's and KFC, 25% have no-show jobs as a result of having a friend or family member in city government, and the other 25% are dumb enough to actually put "Drug Dealer" on their tax returns. With rising crime and unemployment, the "white flight" of the 1960's has been replaced by "everyone just GTFO out of Detroit".

On the eve of 2010 it was concluded that the only way to stop the Economic and Demographic Black Hole that is Detroit, would be reverting it into farmland [1]. We're waiting for the lulzy reaction when the niggers realize they're going to be working the fields again. Others propose ceding it to Canada, though whether the Canucks would want it is another matter.

Things Made in Detroit

  • Niggers
  • Crack
  • AIDS
  • Heroin
  • Niggers
  • Fail
  • Eminem
  • Automobiles
  • Niggers
  • Democrats
  • Corruption
  • Niggers
  • Crime
  • Unemployment
  • Labor unions/organized crime/corruption
  • Niggers
  • Faygo
  • Robocop

Things That Used to Be Produced in Detroit

Things Produced Now


Public Transportation

Waitin fo da bus

Public transportation in the Detroit Metro area is almost non-existent, thanks to Henry Ford. How are you supposed to sell cars if people can use public transit? Detroit's entire public transportation system consists of the People Mover and the bus system. Also if the City of Detroit tried to expand the public transportation system, teh suburbs would throw a shitfit fearing they would be overrun by niggers.

The People Mover Mugger is an approximately half-mile of worthless track that loops around the shitty downtown area of Detroit. Only a couple of the stops are worthwhile, the rest (Financial District, Times Square, Broadway) are cheap rip-offs of a successful city; New York. Those lucky enough to ride this boondoggle are rewarded with a female robot voice announcing their next stop. "Next stop, Millender Center."

While in furren countries outside the USA, buses are used by people from all walks of life, in Detroit they are used primarily by low-class citizens: niggers (they don't have cars), white-trash single moms on their way to Baker College score heroin, people whose license is suspended due to DUIs, and retards. No self-respecting person would ever be caught dead on a bus in the Detroit Metro area. Detroit is the only city in America where people are actually gunned down in groups while they wait for the bus. On the other hand, complete strangers at the bus stop provide good sitters for babby. [2]

Public Education

While the state of Michigan hosts universities such as The University of Michigan and Michigan State University, the city of Detroit's school system is famous for turning out more functioning illiterates than any other city in the United States with a 21% overall graduation graduation rate and 49% adult illiteracy rate. Fortunately, there is no need to get your learn on in a city where you can get paid $35 an hour plus benefits for a doing a job that requires no training or education and you get paid 8 hours to work a 4 hour day doing fuck-all.

It has gotten so bad that that the City of Detroit has had to resort to getting Bill Cosby as a spokesman to single-handedly try to save the city's school system. His plan is to get the children of the city to do picture pages with him and his pen Mortimer Ichabob.

Recently, Shepard Smith of Fox News did a report on the abuses and incompetence of the Detroit Public School System, causing much butthurt when he said "If (his) kids went to a Detroit School, (he) would burn the place down." Obviously, the truth hurts, as any reasonable person realizes the only way to improve the Detroit School System is to just burn the whole thing down and start over, preferably with the students and faculty still inside.

School Name Grades Tested Ed Yes! Grade
Barbara Jordan Elementary 3 - 8 D-Alert
Barbour Magnet Middle School (Site closed in 2009) 6 - 8 C
Boynton Elementary-Middle School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Burt Elementary School 3 - 7 D-Alert
Carver Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Cleveland Middle School (Site closed in 2009) 6 - 8 C
Coffey Elementary/Middle School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Columbus Middle School 6 - 8 D-Alert
Courtis Elementary School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Crary Elementary School 3 - 6 C
Davison Elementary School 3 - 6 C
Detroit Lions Alternative 6 - 8 D-Alert
Dixon Elementary School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Drew Middle School 6 - 8 D-Alert
Erma Henderson Upper School 5 - 8 C
Farwell Middle School 6 - 8 D-Alert
Greenfield Union Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Hamilton Elementary School 3 - 6 C
Harding Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Holmes, A.L. Elementary School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Houghten Elementary School(Site closed in 2009) 3 - 7 C
Lessenger Elementary-Middle School 6 - 8 C
Marquette Elementary School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Marshall, Thurgood Elementary School 3 - 7 B
McNair Middle School 6 - 8 C
Munger Elementary School 6 - 8 C
Murphy Elementary-Middle School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Noble Elementary School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Nolan Elementary School 6 - 8 C
Parker Elementary School 3 - 7 C
Phoenix Elementary 6 - 8 D-Alert
Priest Elementary 3 - 6 C
Pulaski Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Richard Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Robinson Middle School 6 - 8 C
Schulze Elementary School 3 - 7 C
Scott, Brenda Middle School 6 - 8 C
Stephens Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Trix Elementary School 3 - 8 D-Alert
Vetal Elementary School 3 - 8 C
Westside Multicultural 3 - 8 C
White Elementary School 3 - 7 D-Alert

Johns Hopkins University names these schools DROP-OUT Factories as because less than 60% incoming freshman make it to senior year.

School LULZ

On March 29, 2006, students at Mackenzie High in Detroit staged a walkout to protest the lack of textbooks and toilet paper. 32 were arrested, with 8 charged for disorderly conduct, and 1 for inciting to riot. Students complained that they had only one textbook per 3 students (which is perfectly logical since only 1 in 3 niggers can read anyways), an administrator had an expensive plasma television, amid allegations of a missing $3,000, and leaking roofs which damaged 45 new computers in storage (Since only 32 students on all of Detroit care about learning, the school never put them to use.) The Detroit police department also enforced the parental responsibility act, fining parents up to $500 for the behavior of their children. Punishing the parents of the kids who protested because they give a shit about their futures, while they do nothing about the parent of the drug addled gun toting gangbanger who has only attended 20 days total of the entire year. The ACLU is considering challenging the parental responsibility ordinance. Cops fined arrested kids for speaking out over their school treating them like crap, and fine the parents for raising them to not put up with the school's bullshit. Which means that these kids protesting were likely the five to ten students in the entire school that actually gave a shit about getting an education. The rest of the kids were too busy nigging, getting knocked up, and huffing jenkem than taking the time to learn to read.

During school closing protests on May 1, 2007, Detroit police maced young children and dragged bound students during arrests of 5 students and 7 juveniles. 12 students are suing DPS with the assistance of BAMN (the affirmative action niggers).

It is kind of impressive that the good students in Detroit Schools actually peacefully protested, when some upper middle class white whiny emo brat gets constantly buttfucked by the school system just cries on myspace, get a gun and go shooting jocks.

Detroit has proposed jailing parents who repeatedly miss their children's parent-teacher conferences. [3] Unfortunately, this is an empty threat, as no Detroit children know who their father is and their mothers are already in jail.


I've always said, the only difference between Detroit and a third-world country is that Detroit doesn't have goats in the street.


—Sam Riddle, on corruption, while simultaneously being investigated for corruption

Don't say you weren't warned.

Crime in Detroit has brought the city notoriety. It's fucking high. Detroit regularly ranks near the top in murders and violent crime. [4] Even Jesse Jackson has been victimized. [5] Fortunately, most of the crime is black-on-black crime so no one gives a fuck.

There also exists a long and proud tradition of corruption in the city of Detroit. Basically, if some out of city company wanted a nice, juicy contract, they needed to grease a lot of wheels. Recently, the FBI stepped in and started V&ing people. City Council member Monica Conyers was just convicted of bribery for accepting $6,000 to approve a sludge-hauling contract. Which begs the question: who would risk their career and freedom for just $6,000? She will likely do 3-5 years of time in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

Former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick routinely fucked Detroit in the ass.HARD. He spent a good portion of the city's money on hookers and blow, and then proceeded to fire the cops who were investigating it (where's the problem here?). He also likely ordered the murder of a stripper. After serving a couple months in jail, he moved to Dallas and is their problem now. He's not out of the woods yet, as the FBI is still investigating both him and his father.

Detroit vs Windsor

Just 1km (0.62 miles) south of Detroit, lies the Canadian city of Windsor. Detroit is known as one of, if not THE MOST, deadliest cities in the entire USA. Windsor, right across Detroit separated by a river, is one of the safest cities in Canada. The homicide rate of Windsor is 0.30 / 100,000.

The sweaty fat fuck Michael Moore made a good point about this in his biased propaganda film he made for the Democratic party, Bowling for Columbine. Skip to 0:50.


PROOF [6] [7] [8] [9]


The unemployment rate in Wayne county is around 45% thanks to niggers, crime, corruption in the city government, drugs, and of course, more corruption.

Typical Detroit resident

The city is made up of abandoned and burned out shells of buildings. Occasionally, some wino stumbles and falls down an elevator shaft, dies, gets frozen in ice and nobody cares [10]. Also, every single bit of copper in the city has been stolen and fenced for crack.

Devil's Night, the evening before Halloween, is when niggers set the whole fucking city on fire. While setting abandoned buildings on fire is not uncommon in Detroit, Devil's Night brought Detroit even more negative press. As a result, the Angel's Night campaign was formed, and has become a success, bribing potential arsonists with chicken and crack.

Attempted Turrist Attack

On Christmas Day, 2009, some asshat from Niggeria (who admits to being a member of Al-Qaida) decided it would be funny to light off firecrackers on board a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. This begs the question... how the FUCK do you smuggle fireworks onto a commercial airliner while on the "Do Not Fly" list, AND without security noticing? Source, and MOAR sauce. Apparently, the muzzies want Detroit wiped off the face of the earth just as badly as the rest of us, and thought it would be a good gift to America to relieve them of this cancer draining them via welfare... perhaps we're not so different after all HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS


It's so cold

Detroit like the rest of the state of Michigan, only has three seasons. Winter, Not Winter and Road Construction. Where road crews backup traffic for months on end to resurface the highways and freeways. Which amounts to fail as the same roads become crumbling gravel pothole death traps mere months later. While some roads the state government has taken a "fuck it" approach and gave up fixing many roads altogether.

Places to Fear

Representatives from the Detroit Tourism Bureau.

Bricktown District - This is where niggers throw bricks at you. This is where you'll find the Shelter, the place where a brave honkey codenamed M&M infiltrated the nigger base, and tricked them with a siren song comprised of what the coloreds call "rap music".

Midtown. - This is where all of the Detroit colleges are located. Since niggers can't read, they're extra angry when they see a school. This anger leads them to perform smash-and-grabs on the cars of people who are actually trying to make something of themselves instead of living off welfare and selling crack. Also, this is a hangout of hipsters, scenesters, emos and other fags from the suburbs who attend Wayne State University and think it is cool to hang out in the city.

Palmer Park - A once-nice neighborhood in northeast Detroit, near "The Pointes", where poor residents live in abandoned brick mansions, and watch their cars get trashed by gangs from downtown before they give up from the crime and move to the suburbs.

Cass Corridor - If you go anywhere near the Cass Corridor, you will be raped, stabbed, shot, raped again, almost raped, and then raped. Seriously, don't go here.

Corktown Historic District - Do not be fooled. This is where niggers put on jester hats and rob you with shotguns. True fucking story. Was full of Micks at least 100 years ago, but like every other neighborhood in Detroit has since been taken over by those of the urban persuasion.

Beautiful Downtown Detroit.

Greektown - The entertainment center of Detroit. If your definition of entertainment is getting yelled at by a schizophrenic bum, eating lamb, hearing a eunuch sing in a creepy fashion, buying shitty paintings from niggers and losing your money to an Asian dealer at the casino.

Downtown - This is where white people from the suburbs and Palmer Park go to work before promptly leaving as soon as possible after their shift ends. Some hipsters and yuppies are actually moving here because they think it is "trendy" to live in the city. Eventually the novelty wears off once they realize they have to pay a city income tax and that the city services they get in return are spotty at best. Also, if they are lucky enough to find a parking spot for their hybrid car, it will either be stolen or broken into.

Mexican Town - Detroit isn't all black after all. This small community is a great place to go if you like being robbed and killed by one of the multitude of Latino gangs located in this community. Also a good place to go if you like Mexican food or just need a good laxative. Against all odds, "singer" Jack White managed to escape from this neighborhood physically, if not mentally, unharmed.

Hamtramck - This Polish Enclave is a 2 square mile city that is famous for being surrounded by Detroit. While small in size this city has more bars in this small space than the entire Metro Area, 200 to be exact. If getting trashed is your idea of a fun time this is the place. So it is no surprise that this city's main problem is Alcoholism.

Metro Detroit

Please note that Wayne county is currently at around 33% 99% unemployment, due largely to the fact it is inhabited by 99% niggers.

Oakland County - A Jew stronghold, and one of the richest counties in the United States. Recently, the Chaldeans have increased their presence due to the profit they make from all the liquor stores they own in Detroit. Due to all the foreclosures, a nice mansion can be had for about 10 g's.

Downriver's most famous landmark.

Macomb County - Full of 'necks who think they are special because they live in the suburbs. Don't be fooled though, this is the county that produced Eminem.

Ferndale - A city outside of Detroit became the gay mecca after Palmer Park went to hell. So if you like goatse, leather bars and anal come to fashionable Ferndale. They will bend over backwards for you.

The Pointes - Technically a part of Wayne County; Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Shores, Grosse Pointe Park, etc. are home to all the organized crime elements of Metro Detroit. while this was once an oasis of whitey, money, and low crime, in the past few years a wave of nigglets have been heading here from detroit to go to school. this has caused a ripple effect. as the nigglets don't graduate until this summer (of 2014), it has yet to be completely played out. whitey may yet retake his lands from the evil k'nivin niggahs!

Downriver - Full of rednecks and niggers lucky enough to get out of Detroit. The average Downriver resident is 100 pounds overweight and smokes a lot of menthol cigarettes. Also home to the largest amount of wiggers per capita in the United States. Common recreational activities include trips to Southland Mall and Gibraltar Trade Center.

Dearborn - Famous for its No Niggers policy established under former mayor Orville Hubbard, Dearborn is now home to the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Middle East. You can get shawarma or baklava at any one of the approximately 200 Arab restaurants in the city. Also home to the Ford Motor Company and the Henry Ford Museum where you can see the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. It is also home to Fairlane Mall and all the major shopping centers the nigras take the bus to shoplift. As there are no major stores in Detroit because they always get broken into, or set on fire by nigras. yet the nigras always whine and complain that no major business wants to open up shop there. When Henry Ford wanted to find a place to house all teh niggers for his factories Dearborn Freaked and lo and behold send them all outside of Detroit and created....


...Inkster! - Detroit is not the only Ghetto in Michigan, outside the city is Inkster, a crime ridden niggarized suburb that is home to a housing project called Lemoyne Gardens. It is better known as "Little Saigon" because if its tendency infested with crime and fail. The City barricaded all but two streets into the complex so no one will accidentally wander into it. If you happen to wander into this hellhole good luck getting out. It is the place even the police and Pizza delivery people fear to tread because in this crack infested labyrinth is the Nigrataur, a inhuman beast that will kill anything that enters. Favorite Tourist Spots along Inkster's Michigan Avenue hosts fun for the entire family. Such as endless rows of motels where you can screw countless crack whores you can pick up walking the street. If you are unlucky at that you can fap at several 25 cent adult video and novelty stores. If watching naked heroin addicted, knife scarred pimp slapped teenmommies is your flavor, try Bogarts Go-Go Club. For history buffs, visit the landmark Bungalow Motel, where in the 1980's three cops were gunned down by a fat crack ho and her worthless crack babies.

Allen Park - The home of UNITY STUDIOS! Wait they are moving to the Downtown Area due to fail. This is a city where the mayor bought an abandoned complex appraised at $14 million dollars for $23 million. Then leased out office space to LA hack named Jimmy Lifton started to offer classes at $2000 a pop to be trained to work on his crew for FREE. WHERE CAN IT SIGN UP? According to the city, Unity then started to default on the lease due to not having money, even though the State gave them $2.8 million. Only films he ever produced were movies that were barely suitable for direct to dvd, such as Monkey Business with Shia Labeouf and Blood Money a film that was foreclosed by SAG because he was not paying his actors.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport - (or DTW for you aviation fanboys) Is Metro Detroit's international airport, thus there are foreigners running all around and stinking up the place. Half of all signs in the airport are in Japanese, making it an attractive tourist destination for weeaboo and furfaggots to camp out over night and sing anime songs. Primarily used by Arabs and Asians to smuggle their relatives into the country to work at gas stations without paying taxes.

South Detroit - Doesn't actually exist, see Windsor and Toledo, except in the song "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

Ann Arbor - A Chicago wannabe of Liberals, Environmentalists, Jews, Communists, College Students, and above all, Trees. It is home of the University of Michigan.

Toledo - Originally an outpost set up by Ohio to contain all the fail generated by the existence of Detroit during the 1800s, this city has come to resemble Detroit in every way, shape and form.

Windsor, Canada - A nice and relatively clean city to visit for those willing to wait two hours to cross the bridge or risk death by carbon monoxide poisoning in the tunnel. Due to the drinking age being only 19, hordes of 19 and 20 year old women and their cooldude boyfriends from the Detroit Metro area flock to the bars here. Ever striving to emulate its black person neighbour, Windsor also boasts dozens upon dozens of abandoned and rusting factories, neighbourhoods full of boarded-up or burned-down homes, a murder rate to die for, and unemployment and crime rates that will make any visiting Detroiter feel right at home.

Areas outside of Detroit

The state of Michigan does not contain its fail to the city. There are other places nearby that are home to even moar crime and niggarization.

Flint - This was a once prosperous home of General Motors until the company got sick of paying $25 an hour to unionized alcoholic and illiterate high school drop-outs, since such pay rates should only be for people who gave a damn about getting an education in school. So GM left and the town went to hell as all the displaced workers were too ignorant and drunk for doing anything else with their lives, than stamping assembly lines of sheet metal for 8 hours a day. The fat faggot Michael Moore became famous by making a movie about the said plight of the city's unemployed Listerine drinking bums, and begging for America to give a shit.

Benton Harbor - Michigan's festering puss sore on it's western coast, known for nigras and riots. Nothing to see here.

Windsor - Canada's answer to Detroit, sitting right nearby.

Auburn Hills - Home of DaimlerChryslerFiatColgatePalmolive LLC. Failing to realize Auburn Hills is not Detroit,their slogan is "Imported From Detroit", as if being from Detroit is a good thing.


Detroit is well-known for it's rich history in sports. This is actually the one area in which Detroit doesn't fail on an epic level. Of course it is no credit to the residents of the city, as all the athletes live in the suburbs. Despite the success, there's still plenty of lulz generated by certain teams.

End Zone view of Ford Field‎.

Lions: After the New England Patriots, the Lions are the lulziest team in the NFL, and probably all of sports. Primarily due to the fact that they win about one out of every five six eight ten games or so, and haven't won a championship since 1957. In 2008 they became the first NFL team to go 0-16. For you Eurofags out there, there is no such thing as relegation in American sports, so this abortion of a franchise is allowed to remain in the NFL while sucking their downtrodden, unemployed fans dry.

In fact, the Lions have not hosted a Monday Night Football game since 2001, and have not hosted a Sunday night game in decades. There is also the possibility that the long-held tradition of the Thanksgiving Day game could be taken away from them due to copious amounts of fail. In the 2009 off season, the Lions dropped the banhammer on most of the staff and hired new, more successful staff members in an attempt to win at least one game this season.

There are good things to be said about the Lions in terms of charity, though. Thousands of neglected children across the state beg to be adopted by them, because the Lions don't beat anyone.

Typical Detroit sports fans

Tigers: A mostly fail baseball team. Prior to 2006, the Tigers had a 15-year stretch as one of the worst teams in professional sports. Since flaming out in the 2006 World Series, the Tigers have been alternately awesome or really shitty, depending on the month, week, day, game or inning. Just as likely to blow out the Yankees as they are to get shut out by the Royals. They are currently managed by Jim Leyland, an old codger known for his quotable post-game remarks and three pack a day smoking habit.

The Tigers' last championship, in 1984, was notable for the ensuing riots. It was all going to blamed on the nigras until a dumb, suburban redneck named Bubba Helms was photographed celebrating by a burning car. These images, broadcast around the nation, further cemented Detroit's reputation as a rotting shithole full of sub-human sociopaths.

As of Wednesday, June 2nd the whole Tiger's fan base became butthurt to the maximum when Detroit player Mexican supposedly had a "perfect game", in which the pitcher allows zero hits, but never got it. He would have had it, but some old umpire fucked himself over and called a base hit when it actually wasn't, but then it actually was.

Pistons: Detroit's blackest team, and also most popular amongst the residents of Detroit. Ironically, they play their games about 30 miles north of Detroit, so most Detroiters aren't able to watch them play since the buses don't run that far.

Red Wings: One the most successful teams in professional sports, due to the fact that niggers don't play hockey. Unfortunately, since it is hockey, nobody gives a shit. They were denied a second consecutive Stanley Cup when Cindy Crosby finally managed to successfully bottom Jew in return for fixing the series.

Urban Spelunking: Detroit has become such a hopeless, abandoned, derelict and vacant crime infested hellhole, that some scenesters and others who do not know any better actually get a thrill out of hiking and exploring the condemned houses, crumbling vacant factories and decaying crime and murder infested alleyways. Since most of these people are the artfag types they tend to not believe in carrying a firearm of any sort while exploring these crime infested ruins. They usually vanish only to later turn up floating down the Detroit river. With the abandoned decaying factories and houses littered with wild dogs, criminals, crackheads and bums It is kind of like playing Fallout 3 for real. The NIGGER WASTELAND.

Famous People From Detroit

  • Steve Ballmer - co-founder of Microsoft, and Detroit's lone Jew. Apparently not content with the fail that is Detroit, he set out to share Detroit's misery with the world, by bundling it with every release of Windows

Famous People From the Suburbs of Detroit

The Truth About Detroit

Everything you see in these videos is the TRUTH.

tl;dr - yes

The maker of this film explains all of Detroit's Problems, the UAW, corrupt leftist DEM politicians and policies. But he is too politically correct to come out and say it is the NIGGERS!

Detroit b4 and after niggification!

Around Blacks, Civilization retracts!

for once fox news is right

Detroit Documentary.

Detroit at night circa 2016.

Dateline NBC

Detroiter's recently got butthurt again because Chris Hansen, while taking a break from hunting Pedobear, did a Dateline special about Detroit. Deluded liberals, always trying to fill their mush-heads with POSITIVE FEELINGS when their city is crumbling into shit, whined that he did not show the "positive" things going on in Detroit. NBC responded with YES we did, it is just that there are NO POSITIVE things going in in Detroit.

What Detroit Could've Been, But Isn't

The only oppurtunity its people got to bring themselves outta da shithole.


How Not To End Up Like Detroit

The more poor people a city has, the poorer it gets. To prevent suffering the same fate as Detroit, U.S. cities need to take a few basic precautions:

  • Care for the homeless. Try grinding them up to provide animal feed for city animal shelters
  • Care for the poor. Improve their standard of living by taking their homes to make way for parking lots for the backup stadium for the city's second-string sports team. They won't need them once they're busted for Jim Crow violations and sent to the camps. Slave labor = favorable business climate. Arbeit macht frei!
  • Care for the middle class. With a 30,000 square foot minimum in the building code and 100-foot lot setbacks.

Remember, if your city is not the richest city in the U.S., in a few decades it will be another Detroit. Everything in the world has to be owned by one person. This is the unavoidable operation of the Invisible Hand of Natural Selection at work and only clueless liberals think government can change it

[WatermelonsFried Chicken]
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