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    150px WATCH OUT!
    Detoxsun is a very pretentious and talented artist that no one will understand!
    You can help by mocking their furry art, and then uploading over it.
    BE WARNED! Their art may make you go blind

    DetoxSun's fursona-whore; Great Mary-sue or the greatest Mary-sue?

    Detoxsun is a gay Furcadia player. She was born in the 1990's, but that's not a proven fact. She's probably just a 16 year old skank. She is most famously found playing a whore-tastic character dubbed "Vename." Vename is one of the trillion commonly found slutty feline characters on Furcadia.

    People only roleplayed with her because she was young and she liked attenshunz from fat men who played as buff and dominant furries. MMM tastey wolf cock.

    All in all, Detoxsun is an attention seeking bitch and she can't draw.

    Detoxsun, Retard

    She also apparently doesn't know what a penis looks like.

    She has been found guilty of tracing before. However, previous accusations have been denied. She has filled our mouths with a bunch of crap. I think she may be Japanese. She claims she has removed her traced gallery, but it is in fact still there.

    Oh don't even get be started on that crap again. I'm so tired of it. The least you could have done was sent me a note, love, so this wouldn't be so 'out there'. No offense. It just really pisses me off that people are STILL attacking me over stupid thing I don't do any more. And it's the reason I've deleted my old gallery.



    {{quote|1=I did it months ago, experimenting with styles. My recent art, which I removed, has all been drawn by me, poses rendered by me, and composed by me. I took art classes. People were attacking art I did ages ago, and which I put credit to the poses with. That'd be how they found the pictures to overlay with. If you've read my journals, you'd see that I'm sorry about something immature I did a long time ago that I don't do anymore. It was a learning process. Now I use magazines to look at, not pictures from the internet. Alot of people know, trust me. And if I wasn't sorry about the stupid mistake I did months ago, I wouldn't have deleted my gallery. I've been harrassed enough. It was a mistake made by a learning artist.|color=silver|size=100%}

    Detoxsun Confesses!

    I paid ~$700+ for a Poser 7 program. I create and edit poses for my art.

    I bought this program because I want to become an animator when I further college. Now I'm going to make all you hounds that bark about me behind my back happy. I traced the poses I created in Poser 7 for some of my art. Of the proven stolen art, I'm removing it so that there is not a problem. Yes, I admit to stealing them so I'm going to remove them. They hopefully won't be in cycle anymore. You all are pathetic in thinking that you're a victim of my 'internet-pychoticness' because I'm not the one who's an obsessed internet flamer. All of you at FAZ, go get a real hobby other than bashing someone's mistakes. It's great to find out that people are talking shit about you and then act like nothing went on when they come up to your face. Almost all of the people trying to crush me for making a stupid juvenile mistake that everyone in their lifetime may have thought about either do not know me personally, at all, or are getting all these nasty images of me from other people. Jesus, take some time to know me before you go and think I'm 'such a horrible person omgz!'. Everyone makes a mistake and I just happened to make a huge one that affected the whole art community. And even if my apology doesn't mean dipsquat to you, it means something to me and a few people that I've hurt. Good going, I congradulate you bored computer nerds for shooting down yet another artist for a dumbass mistake. And it's not going to be a shocker that this sends another ripple through the art community of Furcadia and all you people who now suddenly dispise me are going to be all high and mighty. I hope you feel so flippin' good about it, too, because, your opinions don't even matter. I'm creative and it's something that I enjoy, and if the way I enjoy makes you feel like you have to be uppity about it, go to hell.

    I admit to ripping off these images of mine. And I take all responsibility even if it means I get banned from DA:
    Lush Lush Chocolate
    Shhh, it's a secret
    Teenage Velocity
    A Special Request
    Don't Be a Buzz Kill 2.0
    You Know You Want It
    Photoshoot Audition
    Summer Haze
    Keeping a Secret

    Surprising, yeah. But whatever, I don't care. Hound at me all you want. Rip out all my friends and leave me hanging. Don't like my art anymore, stop watching me. Stop commissioning me. Stop letting me commission you. I don't care. Because none of you people online even matter because I'm going to live my own life how I want to live it.

    She's gunna live in a ghetto.

    The People Speak

    "You -should- be sorry. You should be apologizing to the real artists that you almost-stole- from. You -shouldn't- be taking commissions if you're not going to make your own ORIGNAL work. I really think you should refund the people who now have to discard what they recieved at the risk of being flamed. They certainly don't deserve being treated poorly because of your "mistake."



    "and you're not even acting like you understand. you seem like you're bitching. "oh well this is what i like to do." well good for you. then do it just like everyone else is on DA, do it originally, not by stealing people's art. you're acting like you're the one hurt; you're not! you're hurting original artists, fans, and the art community for having faith in you, and being let down. this isn't about people being bored. it's about people paying you money, hard earned money, for you to do what, use someone else's art and play it off like your own?

    this isn't an apology. it's a bitchy post acting like you're accusing other people of your mistakes. you have a 700 dollar paint program? good for you! use it for something other than tracing."



    "and to be honest, your journal entry is in a way contradicting yourself. if our opinions were worth crap, then why do you bother typing out this whole journal? why can't you just say.. "fuck them, i can do what i want"?

    and wasn't trying to gain positive opinions about your art the first reason why you traced? i dunno. but that's what i see at my end of the spectrum. or was it honestly trying to develop a style? and tbh, your non-traced art had an awesome style to it that's unique to itself."



    "i'm unhappy with my art. people on FAZ wanted a testimony, so i gave them one. the whole reason i even did it was to gain a little 'whoo way to go girl!' from people. i wanted to be better so bad. and actually i've gotten better by seeing all angle of like.. an elbow or whatev. this journal was just to put things out there so people don't assume i'm some pyschotic bitch. i'm not."



    Tl;dr? Detoxsun is a psychotic bitch. Case closed.

    Support Detox


    "I don't know about anyone else but I did get one or two pieces from her fully knowing ahead of time her guides and photographs she was going to use. She literally showed me the photographs she'd be using and I said, "Cool, I like it.". I'm 99% the original photographs were even linked in the gallery. With that knowledge I can't possibly feel scammed or let down at all. I paid for what I wanted. Art of my chararacter. Regardless if it was based on a actual photograph to me that wasn't a main concern. I wanted the art to be of my character. She still has great talent to transform models into having animal features and color it.

    Picasso once said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I'm not saying this because I'm her friend. I just wanted to share my view from a buyer's side. I'm not saying in anyway saying tracing is fine, I do think she should have linked her references if she didn't. In my opinion I remember often there being reference links in her gallery."



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