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How Destructoid treats women

Destructoid is a sad excuse for a video game site that is run and staffed by a rotating roster of radical feminists, alcoholics and other psychopaths who are regularly replaced because they were either fired over personal conflicts with the corrupt owners, quit over not wanting to be associated with the corrupt owners or simply high-tailed it out of there because it's a shithole anyway and now also seems to be circling the drain. The stories on the site have zero real content and are all some combination of extremist left propaganda written by the sites pro-sjw (yet oddly predominantly male, straight and white) staff and game advertisements paid for either by the sidebar ads or directly by the game developers masquerading as objective articles (the ones that weren't written by personal friends of the piece's subject, that is).

Destructoid was outed during GamerGate by one of it's ex-employees for having fired him because he exposed Chloe Sagal and her fraudulent charity drive for a made up terminal illness and then colluded to have him blacklisted from the industry for it. Further digging that was brought on by this exposed allegations of corruption and possibly rape.

Noteworthy Staff

Dtoid founder "Niero", in a jealousy-driven drunken tantrum, accuses actual, gay journalist of being an emo misogynist who's angry he can't get any pussy

Niero Gonzales - Founder - Constantly drunk, probably an alcoholic. Goes on vodka-induced rampages where he fires people and tells gay journalists like Milo Yiannopoulos they are mad at women because they can't get laid. Defends tranny scam artists by firing his staff but only after already publishing stories about them. Responded to allegations by a female writer that she was sexually assaulted while working there by firing her, calling her a crazy alcoholic, deleting her content from the site and further implicating himself when he was asked about it by saying it was rape instead of sexual assault. Currently has everyone blocked on Twitter so that no one will tell him he's wrong.

Jim Sterling - Fat Retard - Fat sack of shit who used to work at Dtoid before moving to The Escapist because they could pay him more money to buy more cakes. Later became an SJW because he wanted the connections then announced that he doesn't give a fuck about ethics and quit The Escapist when they wouldn't let him white knight Zoe Quinn. After that he moved to Patreon which is when his new SJW friends betrayed him, started calling him names and trying to get people not to donate to him because he's part of the stronger sex, the master race and isn't a fag or a tranny. The SJW rage when he made money anyway was the only good thing to come out of Jim ever. Used to be a racist misogynist and when he was exposed his Wikipedia page immediately changed to note his opinions have "evolved." The fact that most of the shit he said was pretty recent begs the question of: Fucking when?

Anthony Burch - ???? - Used to work there. Now works at GearBox and uses Destructoid as his personal PR company. Jealous and possibly horny for his more successful sister, is being cheated on by his wife in their "open marriage" (lol she still left him after he let her sleep around), turned bisexual out of desperation, took pictures of himself in a bikini and sent it to Anita then framed the tweet she sent him back and hung it on the wall, tried to prove GamerGate wrong by exposing more corruption and is probably the saddest man in gaming today.

Max Scoville - "Video Warlock" - Went apeshit over GamerGate and quit.

Hamza Aziz - CEO - Recently left the site along with others like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Dale North - EiC - Also quit this shithole.

Jonathan Holmes - EiC - Replaced Dale North when he quit. Went to school with Jonathan McIntosh and had Zoe Quinn on on a podcast in 2012. Worst choice to replace North.

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Holms and McIntosh.jpg
Spinof's firing in his own words

Chris Carter - Reviews Director - Reviewed Borderlands 2 DLC and gave it good scores because Anthony Burch, who worked on the game, used to work at Dtoid.

Joseph Leray - ???? - Used to work there. Also involved in the Burch DLC thing.

Bill Zoeker - "Video Technomancer" - Allegedly either slept or was friendzoned by Zoe.

Destructoid Faking Votes on Digg

Allistair Pinsof gets illegally fired for exposing Chloe

Destructoid drama in a nutshell

Chloe Sagal is a crazy, tranny "game dev" with one and a half games under his belt (alongside a cock) who frequently makes up diseases he doesn't have (Autism, a disease that isn't deadly but for some reason is for him) and makes fake suicide threats for money and attention. A couple of years ago this tran pretended to be in a car accident to try and scam people out of money for his sex change.

Allistair Pinsof, a Destructoid journalist who knew Sagal and was aware he is running a scam, decided to run a story about it. However, not before spending much of his time trying to convince him to stop. His coworkers knew about it and laughed at him wasting his time on some psychotic tranny, but that didn't stop them from stabbing him in the back and acting innocent in the events that followed.

When all else failed, Allistair told Sagal that he was running the story. This was the moment when Sagal made his first suicide threat. Not wanting to be blamed for it, he told Sagal that he won't expose his fraud if he (Sagal) doesn't try to kill himself and everything was done... or was it? Nope. Several hours after promising not to try and off himself for attention, Sagal went ahead and did it anyway.

Allistair Pinsof decided that, since Sagal broke his promise not to an hero, and since, now that he was safe in the hospital, he could no longer credibly threaten suicide, he was free to reveal that it was a scam. He got the green light from his editor who didn't care if Sagal lives or dies and ran the story, not on Destructoid itself, but on his personal site unlinked to the site he was employed at.

The internet trannies were assdestroyed. They didn't get preferential treatment so, in their mind, exposing fraud by a tranny is bigotry regardless of that freak of nature being guilty or not. Pinsof's editor, in turn, caved to the pressure and fired him, possibly while drunk.

To show he doesn't hate trannies (why would anyone want to do that?) and save his future journalistic career he went to "Gamers Against Bigotry", a site run by an insult to comedians everywhere and a self-confessed faggot, and reached out to both Sagal and several of the crossdressing faggots who had sent him death threats, and asked them to join his charity. As an interesting sidenote, the site's been hacked for being unbearably faggy.

It suddenly became abundantly clear that society is the problem. The right situation would be one where Chloe wouldn’t need to acquire money to be who she is.



The struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother. The end.

Or was it? The entire drama was forgotten until GamerGate started and dug it back up when a blog did an interview with Pinsof where he revealed what actually happened, which was: Besides all that was mentioned already, his boss, Yanier "Niero" Gonzalez, privately fired him in an email, and then told everyone publicly that Pinsof was only suspended. Then he waited for him to tweet something so that he could pretend he fired him because of his tweets.

But that's not all. Yanier also consulted with people on a secret mailing list called "GameJournosPro", containing 150 members of the gaming press, asked their advice, slandered Pinsof and agreed with them to blacklist him from the industry. All of which are violations of state law by "Niero", and possibly by some of the people who participated. Then Yanier told Pinsof that, not only will he not give him a letter or recommendation, he would delete all his work from the site and add a tagline saying "WORST EMPLOYEE EVER! DO NOT HIRE!" to his page on the site if he exposes him. Subsequently, Pinsof quit games journalism, realizing what a pile of shit it was.

When this came to light Yanier Gonzalez tried to deflect blame by saying that Pinsof was an SJW.

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Spinof's firing in his own words

But Wait! There's More: Holly Green Sexual Harassment Accusations

Destructoid defending itself

But the drama didn't end there.

At the start of GG, Holly Green, a writer for Gameranx, went on a twitter meltdown accusing the industry of corruption and saying she was sexually harassed and fired for complaining about it. Everyone ignored the loony and forgot about it when she deleted those tweets. Until that article about Destructoid came out and people realized who had sexually harassed her. Yep, it was someone at Destructoid.

All of Holly's work has been deleted from the Dtoid site like what had been threatened would happen to Pinsof. Niero (in a display of perfect professionalism) responded to her claims by saying that she was a crazy, drunken lunatic who assaulted him and was on crazy pills, saying (in a hilariously pathetic excuse) that it isn't his responsibility to back-up his writer's work, and announced that the people who work for him aren't real journalists. Neiro then finished off by making things worse and escalating Green's allegations by saying her complaint wasn't about getting sexually harassed but rather about getting raped. Ian Miles Cheong (her current employer) however said that Green was a perfect employee and that Niero is lying. Which is funny because Ian is anti-GamerGate, so either they didn't think to match their stories or Ian was forced to choose between defending his anti-GG narrative or his employee... Not that it changes the fact that he was probably the one who made her delete her tweets about being sexually assaulted.

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Holly Green Gamergate Destructoid Sexual Tweets.png
The Holly Green Tweets

Anthony Burch tries to defend Dtoid, instead, retardedly implicates them further

In comes Anthony Burch, loser and writer for the "Boarderlands 2" developer "GearBox". In an attempt to prove that GamerGate isn't about ethical violations, Burch exposed that everyone in the industry is making a lot of fucking ethical violations! Besides mentioning that Polygon's editor hired his brother, Burch also explained that the only reason his game got a good review on Dtoid was that he is friends with some of the staff. To him this was proof positive that GamerGate only cares about attacking women, despite the fact no one knew he was friends with them until he exposed that fact at that very moment.

In conclusion, everyone laughed at how stupid Burch is, at the fact the only reason anyone even knows about him is because of his far more successful sister, at the fact he is in an "open relationship" with his wife and she is constantly fucking other guys while he isn't fucking anyone including his own wife despite turning "bisexual" in pure desperation (I am seriously not making any of this up).

Burch is still making an ass of himself on twitter where he has to block anyone who tweets at him with the word "Cuckold".

Doxing "The Fine Young Capitalists"

The hits just keep on coming with good old Dtoid.

Now it turns out that the one who originally doxed TFYC and gave those dox to Zoe was a writer at Dtoid. When confronted about it "Neiro", in classic Dtoid fashion, tried to lie and say that the guy had never written anything for him, only spell-checked articles and has not been a part of the site for over 5 year. But he was exposed again within moments with a simple google search that found the guy wrote entire articles for them just a few months ago.

Faftermath: Dtoid only slightly less shit than before

After all this was exposed, amazingly, someone actually took some responsibility. Dale North, the editor-in-chief, realizing what a shithole he has been working at, said he didn't know about any of this shit and quit. Before leaving he also changed Dtoid's disclosure policy to be less shit (while still pointing out that everyone who wanted this is a misogynist anyway). Later Max Scoville also quit the site following a GamerGate induced fit of autism.

Have you ever been so mad that you deleted an entire forum?!

After a year of neglect, uncle Neiro decided that the community needed another boost. So instead of asking around what the 30 people that visit the forums actually were interested in, he decided he's going to insult his entire website by telling them he doesn't want anything to do with them and will, henceforth, be pretending that the forum is separate from the rest of Dtoid and is just a fan forum and demands they change their logo so it doesn't look like the Destructoid robot. He then reacted to someone making a rape joke by disallowing all rape jokes and calling everyone on the forum a sexist, rapist and a racist in what must have been another one of his drunken stupors. Soon after he banned 3 mods and half the users, which he replaces with over 1,000 bots and dead users who he either called back to side with him or used their abandoned accounts as socks to tell people he's right. This all and set the forum into ragemode and prompted the Gamejournopro president and SF-resident to call everyone around him a clique before deleting the entire fucking forum as all his users began migrating to the superior Digital Confederacy.

Revenge of the Dtards

The thing is, when you run a site/forum for long enough, your users will remember things you've said and have dirt on you.
People quickly pointed out the irony of Neiro accusing people of racism when he's the one who make posts on the main site that look like this:

Destructoid nigger.jpg

and the irony of him banning rape jokes when one of the site's main contributors, Jeb Whitaker, made many rape jokes in a number of videos, specifically one where he spends seven minutes calling people niggers, faggots, bitches, whores and cunts while being aggressively unfunny. The pair's reaction was to freak out, but mostly Whitaker provided most of the comedy as he made ridiculous excuses and tried to blame people linking to Dtoid via archive to deny them their jewgold of piracy.

When this failed he went on a DMCA rampage, trying to get the video taken down. However, the internet never forgets, and you can still watch a copy of it here. Or just watch it right here on ED because we uploaded it directly to our site and if he tries to DMCA us we'll just laugh in his face.

In Conclusion

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Classy, Dtoid

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