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    Grand Master of Hack

    DestroyahDes AKA Thagirion is a TARTlet and a retarded wanna-be hacker; She 'hacked' her OWN deviantART account in order to get more views. And it wasn't a modest pageboost of, say, 50k (which might have gone unnoticed); no, no, no, Des is way too special for that. She gave herself over 100k pageviews in just a few days. Even more retardedly, she denies she hacked her account, claiming she deserves the views and hides/blocks anyone who points out that someone as stupid and as untalented as her doesn't deserve shit.

    Rossana and her cracker husband (wife?)


    She makes a video to show how deeply she loves her bird. Protip: Just because your bird is a horny cripple does NOT mean you have to give him a hand-job you SICK FUCK!

    Anonymous is encouraged to save this video in case she bahleets it.


    Rossana Ganuza, aka Thagirion or AKA DestroyahDes is a 40 year-old dyslexic Mexican who thinks she's the most amazing artist on the planet and is going to be a ttly famous anime artist someday!!1. This weeaboo, like all other tartlets, thinks she can actually draw beautifully and that she really does deserves thousands of pageviews (AKA LIQUID SEX) on deviant. Des says she is a married woman, though this is doubtable, since you'd have to be a fucking moron to want anything to do with her. She also says she hates anime. Pfft yeah sure. It might be useful to know that she lies about her birthday. It's July 17th, folks. She tends to just put it down as "sometime" in July or says it's a different day because ZOMG if people know her real birthday they might HACK her accounts! NOES!!! The end of the world!111

    • April 08th, 2008: Recently, the all mighty retard, Des was messaging another TARTlet proclaiming she/he doesn't care about views yet she first pronounced to the fucking world she/he deserved every last view she/he got. Can we say hypocrite much?

    Updates forthcoming!

    I'm PoPUlAr!!111!1

    At first it appeared that Des was simply the innocent victim of a spam attack, pushing her pageviews higher to flood her with Adobe adverts. But it would seem that she is actually the orchestrator of the pageview bump-up, insisting that she deserves the pageviews and that it's because of her awesome art and dA finally waking up that she's suddenly become so popular. Perhaps she thought the recent changes to dA's popular system would hide her acts. Unfortunately, she was doing it WRONG. Be warned, if you bring this to her attention at all, she will block you, hide your comments and report you. God forbid someone call her out on her bullshit. After being blocked and or replying, she will BAWWWWWW to her Betch RealitySquared to cover her sorry ass and give people the b&hammer.


    WARNING: Eyebleach may be required after viewing this art!

    Making herself look like even more of an idiot, Des claims to hate dA; yet she's on site to delete any critical comments as soon as they appear, the mighty wielder of her personal b&hammer. Happily typing about how much she deserves thousands of pageviews a day, how gorgeous her art is and how popular she is on LJ, she's just another TARTlet who'll happily waste their life on a pseudo-art gallery. Every so often she "cleans out" her watchers on DA, meaning anyone who doesn't comment on her crap regularly gets removed so they are no longer watching her. She does this by blocking and then unblocking people which knocks them off her watchers. She says she's not there for popularity but clearly she really is, since she can't STAND to even have people watching her if they won't interact with her. Insecure much? And besides, who even cares? Apparently a moron like Des does. She also delights in having people question this because it means moar flamewarz!1111

    Cleaning out the "watchers".

    "I don't have a love for DA and this is place is basically just a tool for me to advertise."



    Cleaning out the "watchers"

    Besides dA, Des also hates Slash Art. [1][2]


    One Tartlet patriot contacted the mods to try to get Des the B& hammer for being a fucktarded weeaboo. Out of all the mods, this tartlet received the fuckface realitysquared.

    Since Pageviews are not at all important and amount to nothing, there is no need to take administrative action.


    —RealitySquared the FUCKTARD

    File:Reality squared the retard.PNG
    What more proof does the idiot need?

    What a douche.

    MOAR proof that the devianTART mods are sorry excuses for human beings and they fail at real life

    Changing minds

    First Des made an (ugly) message board about Spongebob Squarepants. Probably because she was fangirling it. Then she decided she didn't fangirl Spongebob enough anymore and deleted everything and changed the theme of her board to Pixar's Cars movie. [3] Meanwhile she joined another Cars board and got the admin to trust her. She took it over, b& everyone she didn't like, other others left and she got butthurt. She didn't like Cars anymore. She deleted everything and moved stuff to a subforum called "Garbage", then changed the board to a Metal music board. In the end she didn't like Cars anymore (because poor baby was butthurt) and changed her own board to a Birds and Gardening board. It is now dead or almost.

    Watch out if you join a board owned by DestroyahDes. She deletes posts she doesn't like and b& people she doesn't like or don't post enough. If you get her butthurt you will also be b&. If you disagree with her your post will be deleted without warning and you might be b&hammer'd. [4] [5]

    It's similar with DA. First she claims to hate it and just use it to "advertise" and now she has a "until hell freezes over" subscribed account and is there all the time. She still tries to get people to join LJ though, just so they can comment on her pointless journal entries there as well. Hypocrite much?

    How to troll a Des

    1. Tell her that her art is in fact ugly and horrible.
    2. Question her sudden popularity, preferably on her front page. screencap quickly, because she WILL hide the comment instantly, no matter how polite you are to her in asking.
    3. Screencap everything before she hides it, we CANNOT stress this enough.
    4. Report her to the modz plz.
    5. ????
    6. PROFIT


    My arts are awesome!!!!!

    For some reason unknown to mankind, this bitch actually thinks she's the best artist EVAR!!!!!

    See ALL of the drama here link

    Info non-talk.png Did you know that...Des is a fucking coward and can't do a shit without her small army of asslicking friends?.

    "You might mention that she sends a small army after anyone who critiques her work."



    Well, that day I was surfing on dA putting stupid names on the url bar, and I tryied one of my storie's city called Drakonos. So I found ~Drakonos page and saw that des said to him "If you don't comment me de-watch me". I laughed about that type of comment and went to see des' gallery. Of course saw that that art wasn't enough for her to say to people that they HAVE to comment it, otherwise de-watch Des ._.

    I said her that that was highly stupid, because there are people that don't have time to comment, don't like doing it or simply the don't want; and she has to respect that. Then the flame started and she called her friends to blame me, and I never called anyone of mine's because I thought this was a "fight" between she and me. I guess she's really a coward that needs her friends to defend her.



    lol teh drama

    So, next time if you want to give Des some critiques, make sure you are POPULARRR enough and have MOAR asslicking friends willing to defend you, or she will send you her army of friends and tell you GTFO. Or just flame you into the ground because she HATES critiques cos her art is so AMAZING

    IF YOU WATCH HER BUT DIDN'T GIVE HER ENOUGH COMMENTS OR FAV+ SHE WILL HATE YOU!!! Don't watch her just expect for a watch back, cause she's so great and won't give you a damn shit, LOL. Also NEVAR watch her and just fave without commenting or she'll be on your ass and desperate to know why you liked her shit drawing. Then she'll knock you off her dA watchlist. She is THAT insecure that she NEEDS constant reassurance her art is awesome because it's totally not. She calls her shitty little band of asslicking "friends" the "craptor pack" (well it's "raptor pack" actually but we're just telling it like it is).

    It's a masterpiece! If you think it's ugly and a piece of crap, you're a troll! Congratulations!

    Gallery of utter shit

    Gallery of Troll Art. HER LOVING FANS

    Des VS dA/ED

    External Links

    • Fanart DA account HOW MANY ACCOUNTS DOES SHE NEED???11 This is full of her shit Inside Out fanart of her Fear ripoff
    • Her logs of flamewars Proof that she's a self centered stuck up bitch who thinks she's right and everyone else is wrong
    • Her JEWTUBE account she uses to submit a lot of interesting videos about her birds and her life, but she NEVER shows her face!!

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