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IRL DestinyMew, wait is she masturbating?
Obviously she has a well rehearsed excuse.
File:Send ED to Obama (JPEG).JPG
DesineyMew has a right to send ED to Obama to get it removed.

DestinyMew is a deaf, furry Sonicfag who is the SECRET GIRLFRIEND of Chasethehedgehog. Her grasp of the English language is terrible at best, and she just can't help Feeding the Trolls. More than her shitty recolours, obnoxious ignorance, and her inability to use more than the curve tool in MSPaint, it is her sheer inability to shut the fuck up that cements her position as a lolcow. This very article festered in ED's glorious bowels, on the verge of deletion for weeks. But in an heroic act of sacrificing oneself for the lulz, DestinyMew BAWWed and created much drama over this article, thus ensuring her a permanent place on ED for years to come. Recently, she's made a video stating that she's a troll and she did it for her own ED article, and she blatantly admits to being an attention whore.

DestinyMew can currently be found feeding our friendly neighborhood trolls over at EDF, and making an ass of herself by providing information to her own ED page. She believes this is proof enough she is a troll and TTLY NOT AN ATTENTION WHORE Y'ALL! In truth, however, her trolling has come to a beautiful end due to Pokerface getting all of her DeviantArt accounts banned leaving her with only her SA account which doesn't matter cause nobody fucking uses SheezyArt, and due to the fact most of her new trolls are rampant with so much faggotry it reeks of failure. Not unlike Chris-Chan.

But that is just the start of her faggotry.

Her Collection of Mary Sue Recolours

1,000 recolours About missing Pics
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Love Finds Its Way

Some time ago, Chase announced on his new account that DestinyMew was his girlfriend now. DestinyFag confirmed it in the reply and left a nice little <3. It has been reported that the two of them immediately went into the mountains to have hot loli secks because apparently Chase is 18 and Destiny is 14, which means he's a fat Pedophile. This shouldn't be surprising considering his many other lovely attributes. As soon as this announcement was made, a troll posted the lulzy update on Chase's ED page which was then discovered by Destiny who immediately either got a case of Troll's Remorse or Extreme Butthurt. It depends on who you ask.

She immediately had goons blank her section of the article. Obviously, this failed horribly, as it always does (it would not be a surprise if this article gets blanked a few times).

After failing to get herself off of Chase's ED page, she BAAAAWED on her journal and proceeded to "dump" chase. Or so we believed. A few days later, someone informed Chase of this and he responded shortly afterwords:

Obviously, the lovely couple were still fagging it up.

Recently, she's headed into the Complaints Forum in an attempt to clear her name. She succeeded only in getting the attention of a large population of bored trolls who lack the drive and dedication to become /b/tards. In her attempts to defend herself from these bastards, she came up with a timeless quotation: "I'm not going to listens with everyone's truth about the ED and me". Truly, the world would be a better place if more people refused to listen with everyone's truth. Which she can't do anyway because she's DEAF.

On how ED should be banned


Initially everyone thought she was a troll. Luckily, she cleared the air moments later.

I'm in Chase's ED.


Wow, what are you, stupid? I am not the troll, I quitted troll long time ago around SheezyArt and don't bother to contact me in SheezyArt because I AM DEAD THERE. Oh and.. Here the song for those whose going to spam or troll me.

Word is a word and words just are a words. Words just is so dumb and words still is a words and the words can't hurt my feeling because words are still just a words. Words is still words, no words could hurt my feeling because they all are just a words.

So fuck off.


—DestinyMew, on not trolling.


After her fourth and final ban from Deviant Art, Destiny decided to TOTALLY SURPRISE EVERYONE and says that she is, in fact a troll. Her proof?

That's right, she first starts by saying that she was adding content to her own ED page. Her countless edits to the page though, also suggests she was editing any information pertaining to her dox. When her location was listed as "Scranton" she edited it to "Pittsburg" and claimed that the trolls got it wrong. That is until it was confirmed that she goes to the Scranton School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children[1]. Knowing trolls would notice this, she also decides to do damage control via a YouTube video.

What is really does, however, is confirm that she is, in fact, an attention whore who did it possibly for the lulz, but in a retarded way.

Asking for it...AGAIN!

Destiny discovered this page sometime last week and she isn't very happy. She sent PokerFace, the person who started this article, a few PM's through the ED Forum.

Take a gander.

Listen up, my hard-working is better than 95% of my main gallery from DeviantART, when you called my art "horrible" and you made me very upset. Also have been encouraged me to work harder because you have been ticked me off VERY MUCH. I'm pretty not happy and yea, I admit it but now I do like Twister as friend NOT LOVERS. Going back to my topic, I just like rainbow and no, I do not have any better outfit idea. I want to give you this last word to you.



—DestinyMew TTLY doesn't care guyz].

Perhaps some increased troll activity on her deviantART page is necessary to drive the point home?


IT wasn't a troll, it really was her!

Gaem Over Gaiz

Destiny has decided to take a break from the internet. In the meantime, head over to her Chat. CAREFUL THOUGH! She'll block yah!.

Destiny in IRC

Some time ago, a group of trolls managed to get Destiny to talk to them one-on-one and some things came to light.

19:01 DestinyMew: I see.. I understand it's lulzy to date someone who have article, but I really do not think I should get my own article, but I do deserve to be mentioned in Chase's article, not the full article about me. It seem pretty much bland but the article need to be little more funnier however. ED need more work on parodies than the trolling method like in the past.

19:02 LikeaBaaawwwss: I understand that you think that you're going to..uhh..send


When questioned about her getting ED taken off the internet she confessed:

19:03 DestinyMew: Honestly, I didn't reach the mailbox yet.


Toward the end of the IRC chat, Chase, or some troll, entered the IRC acting as if Destiny betrayed him. Either way, Destiny got the hell out of there before she could be interrogated further. So what can we take from this? She's an idiot as usual. You can read the whole thing here.

Sheer stupidity

Destiney Mew thinks there isin't a KKK.jpg

Destiny has had a constant need to express her opinions about how people think about her, but has yet to realize how fucking stupid she actually writes and thinks. After failing at trolling, she reveals that she thought that the KKK stopped existing, that racism wasn't allowed on deviantFUCKINart, and that, apparently, according to people she "knows", Deaf people are a race like Niggers, Mexicans and whites. So this means that all cripples are now a race, which would automatically make them the weakest race of all time, since they fail in comparison to every other race. According to people she "knows".

Just like mentioned before, writing a letter to Obama clearly showed that she still has a shit load of things to learn. After claiming to be an American, she goes off by saying that she has a right to send Obama a letter saying it's her right to walk all over another person's opinions. This means she probably hasn't read the most common defense used by any American who says something. It goes by the name of a small writing called the FIRST AMENDMENT.

And I quote:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


—The founding father of the United States. Bitch.

But why would Destiny bother with it? It's only part of the Constitution, which is only the supreme law of the Unites States. No big deal, right guys?

It seems everytime someone reveals her stupidity (which happens all the time), she jumps another level up the retard ladder by blaming all those accusations on her hearing. Never mind that 90% of everything said on the Internet needs no sound to get a point across, since it's all text. This would mean that she's apparently reading everything with her ears. So therefore, everything she types, no matter how stupid or wrongly worded, can be blamed on her disability, and if you do blame it on something else, you're a racist because the deaf are clearly a race. According to people she "knows".

Twisterfiendish is a Nazi

A group of trolls calling themselves the "Al-Aqsa Trolling Crew" were behind much of the recent IRC trollings and DA spamming of DestinyMew. Growing tired with her faggotry, they finally dug up some dirt on Destiny. It isn't known what exactly they gathered but it was enough to make DestinyMew make a journal proclaiming Twisterfiendish is ChasetheHedgehog and is also a Nazi.

Victory at long last.

Banned and Gone Forever

DestinyMew was banned on Deviant Art on October 14th, 2009. The reason: Ban evasion. The trolls over at Al-Aqsa Trolling Crew went back on their word and decided to report Destiny for the lulz. She then made a journal post on SheezyArt:

Fuck no. B(

I got IP-Address banned from fucking lovely DeviantART. Meaning, I might leave whole internet.

  • sigh*

I'm even more discouraged to draw stuffs now. I'm sorry. I'm going to quit a small part of internet girl and artist.

Also, ED, you have fucking ruined my life. No more lulz for you. NO MORE. Also, I also have fucked up. I confess that when I was DestinyMeow, I did reported myself on purpose because I thought staff wouldn't follow my message. However they did. B( It was very stupid of me, fuck this. I'm going to become a fucking typical teenager like all of the other retards. Sorry Angus, my dream have been ruined..


—Destiny on quitting the internet 4ever

According to her old account, she most likely has yet ANOTHER new account.

Theme Song, Desu~

Troll Artwork

Needs Moar Troll Arts About missing Pics
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The End of DestinyMew

Today is a glorious day. While I can hardly limit myself to trolling any one person. Destiny Slater of the Deaf has been one I've held dear to my heart, rather borderline Pedo actually. I fell into a love/troll relationship with Destiny, one that I had hope would prove to be as fruitful as my trolling of Chase.

Sadly this is not the case. Given the lack of anything good coming from Ms. Slater in over a year, I declare that her trolling is, more than likely over. Much of the new trolling has been met with complete failure and I doubt any future attempts will prove fruitful. I could be wrong but as this ancient and vague troll can tell you: Nothing but dicks. Dicks everywhere now. This sexually confused deaf girl is a lost cause. She says she's quit the internet and furry art but obviously this is not the case. Despite my bringing attention to her exploits, and my own doxing and trolling her, I cannot fathom how further trolling will improve the situation. We have been victorious, Brothers and Sisters, but it is a phallic victory. By destroying her Deviant Art career we killed the cow before we could milk it. I do not regret my actions, instead I choose to learn and laugh. I've spread myself to many lolcows, fucking with them in ways that I've come to call myself a "Wannabe asspie" due to my rather relentless and obsessive methods that can only be second only to MoarLurk, but enough about me (or perhaps I've let loose too much? Suffice it to say that I am always trolling and always around, Pokerface is my ED face but my exploits rarely end there. From OfficerNASTY to SugarTiTsMCGEE I will not fade into obscurity, rather I will embrace it. PokerFace is dead now, but others shall arise.

To random AIM chats I've had with her, her own failed self trolling and attention whoring. DestinyMew is a lost cause, and only worth mentioning now as a lesson to other lolcows on how to DO IT RIGHT. Given that many of her new trolls are lolcows in themselves, I have to say its over. Destiny, its been fun and I look forward to meeting you after my contacts place your "Gift" on your doorstep sometime around mid 2011.

Your Immortal Nemesis, and #1 fan -PokerFace


TL;DR: Unwarranted self importance...but nonetheless this lolcow is dead as a nail. Goodnight sweet prince.


Latest IRL picture that can be seen on DestinyMew's current alternate account's page.

On March 14, 2011 her old account DestinyMew was unbanned! She currently is a big wapanese animu furfag, which is an even worse combination. After a few days of being banned on her old account, she moved to her real main account known as Deviantart-favicon.png GoldenPain She hasn't given up with her pathetic attitude yet and right now, she is on BAWWWWWWLOCKING MODE. So, let's call it a new era of DestinyMew.


Oh and, she got so mad over insults toward deaf culture. I bet she still think deaf is a race. Derp.

File:Destinymew wrongdoings.JPG
Oh shit, goodbye DestinyMew!

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Combibloc]], her ED account. LOLWUT.


  • Deviantart-favicon.png DestinyMew She has been Unbanned..for now
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Holy-Greek Stated this is her account in a comment on Tom Preston's journal.



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