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    This article is a crappy stub. You can help by completely re-writing it. Be sure to make it longer, girthier, and more pleasurable.

    Deluge is the open source equivalent of uTorrent... which is free anyway. Like every other BitTorrent client, it can be used to download Adobe Photoshop and huge amounts of pr0n quickly and illegally.

    The Only Reason People Use Deluge

    The only reason people use this is due to rumors of UTorrent being a backdoor for the partyvan, while these rumours cannot be confirmed or denied It may make you feel safer when downloading all the hidden cp off fenopy.

    Hopefully in the future some Highly Trained Coders will revamp the shitty ui.

    Technical Shit

    Just like every other Linux-based program, Deluge prides itself on a bunch of fancy words and things that make the user feel totally l33t. Examples, quoted straight from the horse's ass:

    • Uses libtorrent in it's backend. (your mom is similar in this regard)
    • Client server model with a daemon process. (WTF is this, I don't even...)
    • Features multiple user-interfaces including: GTK+, web and console. (To make it seem like you're doing something that definitely isn't CP)
    • Will work just fine in GNOME, KDE, XFCE. (Linux, Linux, and Linux)

    But it's OPEN SOURCE!!!!!!1

    GO AWAY!
    plz die

    Srsly though, because the program is open source, any l33t hacker can download the super secret code and modify it. So even you can... you know... change it.

    Possible Modifications

    • Maybe put some fuckin... like... your name or some shit on there.
    • Put a picture of dicks or something.
    • OMG let's make it set Lemonparty as the background LOLROFL
    • ????

    Deluge vs. uTorrent

    Very nice how much?


    See Also

    External Links

    If you are really that gay/l33t.
    A client for men who are into chicks and explosions.

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