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    Info non-talk.png Looking for the Camwhore Calendar Project, you pervert?

    Typical camwhore not showing what we all know everyone really wants to see.
    Cracky-chan, notable 4chan /b/ camwhore who thinks she's cool.
    MemoryandDream, employing the classic techniques of high contrast and boobs.
    Not Really a camwhore. More like unfunny forum idiot.

    A variety of attention whore, typically a young and very stupid woman (though occasionally a twink), who will do anything on a webcam in exchange for attention, money, items from online wishlists, or just to be generally slutty.

    Camwhores typically suffer from internet disease and engage in constant shameless self promotion. Often, camwhores will remove their clothing if given enough of their preferred currency. Bear in mind that all camwhores are, without exception, incredibly stupid. As a result, they can be milked for lulz if you aren't too busy fapping to their disgusting axe wound.

    Camwhores are also one of the biggest causes of the cancer that is killing /b/.

    A typical male camwhore pose...what a fag!

    Identifying Camwhores

    Remember: never give them your trust.
    • Cleavage
    • Kissy face
    • Throwing up a peace sign
    • Feigned surprise
    • The classic "what-everrrrrr"
    • Mouth slightly open; seductive "please fuck me" expression
    • Eyes focused on something very interesting happening on the right that is not in the picture
    • Camera is positioned looking down while they are looking up
    • Sticking up the middle-finger

    Determining Status

    Many camwhores participate in rating communities such as the My Darkness cam portal and others, vying to get rankings and rate higher on the portal. This is not only a source of exposure, but also allows a simple way for the camwhore hierarchy to easily be built. This also proves that they truly are whores.


    Wishlists on Amazon and other services are really where the whore in camwhore comes from. They allow a camwhore to choose gifts and put them on an internet site where they can easily be purchased, often with one click. Therefore, e-sexual favors are often traded for wishlist gifts or attention and posting of fan signs from a camwhore's fans.

    Evolution of the term

    Camwhore is no longer a derogatory epithet.

    Typically any term ending in the suffix whore is deemed negative, but much like the terms attention whore and drama whore, the term camwhore has been appropriated into comical and friendly usage. No longer a derogatory epithet, the term is descriptive at worst and friendly or complimentary at best.

    Where to find them

    Before the webcam there was the window.

    4chan's /b/ is a camwhore motherload. Since the palm-fucking inhabitants of the section still have yet to see a female in the internetz, /b/ has become the ruling sauce of female camwhores because they will be showered with the attention they need for living. The first page most likely contains at least two camwhores with "SUP /b/!!111" written on their hands. The most recent variation of cancer/camwhore that has devastated /b/ is the cockmongling, crack smoking, emofag known as Boxxy, she has succeeded in pwning /b/ by making everyone pay attention to her.

    Also, "The Internet CamWhore Database" [1] is where most of them are being collected. All the nasty fucking perverts online will gather up folders full of these images and post them to the database for all to see and surf through.

    T Norton pretending to imitate a camwhore. Notice she is a he.
    File:Camwhore banned.jpg
    Proof that the mods on 4chan aren't always asleep on the job.
    File:No tits = gtfo 2.PNG
    What happens when a camwhore refuses to show tits.

    Additionally, if you are of the faggot orientation, you can find other fags willing to remove their clothing on such sites as Gay.com, Gaydarguys, Yahoo chat and MSN.

    However, if you are gay, you did not need this article to tell you that, as every gay boy on earth starts "c2c" right after his twelfth birthday. Charlie The Faggot is one of the most popular gay cam whores on teh internets

    Codi lets her members watch her 24/7 on a webcam, does two photo sets and two videos a week, and a chat. [2]

    Instagram is a good place to search for potential camwhores. Vanity Is Perfection is a good place to start.

    Facebook has plenty of camwhores too, especially on the Bathroom Wall application. It has been noted that most Facebook camera whores are 13-year-old girls using the online photo-editing service Picnik to hide their blatant ugliness and make themselves look over 9000 times better than they actually are. This causes said 13-year-old girls to think of themselves as a "cool kid" (also known as a douchebag), leading to moar faggotry.

    Because gelatin (ground up baby cow hooves) is used to hold silver halide crystals in an emulsion in virtually all photographic films and photographic papers (there is no substitute), it may be possible to convince an overly political vegan that it is her political duty to purchase a digital camera and become a camwhore, in order to encourage the rest of the internets not to use technology that was obsolete 100 years ago.

    The Present State of Camwhoredom

    I remember a time when cam whores took their clothes off for attention


    CATS, fapping to Geriatric1927

    The new generation of camwhores are now known as YouTubers, and rather than being young and nubile girls, they are fat, toothless hillbillies, and thankfully keep their clothes on. This new generation has spawned so fast, that old e-people have become despondent.

    There simply aren't any words for this level of faggotry:

    Oh, dear sweet merciful baby Christ in Heaven, why??

    Notable Camwhores

    File:Tinychat dick.PNG
    What other way to troll a camwhore than to spam pornographic images?
    Female Camwhores "Male" Camwhores
    Cracky-chan Dorian Thorn
    Delivery-chan Chris-chan
    Martini-chan Emotion Eric
    chloroformGirll Losttrap
    Boxxy Perez Hilton
    Paris Hilton Burk
    Mickyy Moo
    MissHannahMinx Tyler Chayton
    Lena Chen LifeInATent
    Chloe Ash

    The Camwhores of gamergate


    Gallery of Camwhores About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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