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    FoundationApril 4th, 2010
    Major Boards/b/, /rail/,
    Epic Winsnothing at all
    Random image posted on /b/.
    One of the Administrators of Dejimachan
    Another typical image, originating from the Sovjet-Nederland era.

    Dejimachan is a Dutch chan which was created by a bullshitting and terminally stupid moderator of, the now dead, Sovjet-Nederland, after Sovjet-Nederland went offline because of internal and financial problems and Sovjet-Nederland never got released from the newfaggot clutches and fail that did not seem to haunt Dejimachan because of all the oldfags relocating to their new haven. This was specifically been rejoiced by many delusional SN folk and is considered the most win moment of 2010 not considering that they've jumped on a bandwagon that has already seen its share of world tours, crashed in a ditch and got sold already.


    After Sovjet-Nederland went down. Since his departure from SN, Jedi-Mocro decided that he had to jump on the bandwagon and create his own obnoxious chan. Although Sovjet-Nederland lost some users, not a fuck was given that day since no one gives a shit about imageboards anyway, he made clear that he wanted to start all over again, and the only reminiscence of Sovjet-Nederland would be the terrible memes and that anonymous users are nicknamed Henk de Vries - call it the Dutch Anonymous. It is said that Dejimachan exists solely out of sandniggers. Dejimachan is relatively quiet, because Dutch internetters prefer forums and "Nederdraden" on 4chan, but there was steady a rise in activity and a lot of OC being made the last few years.

    Media coverage

    Dejimachan was covered on Geenstijl, a relatively popular Dutch satirical news site, for supposedly housing a person that threatened Dutch politicians via Twitter. The administrators made clear however, that Dejimachan "does not condone such actions".

    On 11th November 2010, Dejimachan was once more issued in the aforementioned website. This time Dejimachan was given the "Dutch 4chan"-title (wat), which gave Jedi-Mocro a raging boner. An attack of sorts seems imminent from worldwide sources.

    List of Staff

    Jedi-Mocro (Admin), MonstaRr (Admin), Rijnders (Mod), Summit (Mod), Vixxen (Mod)

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