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    Defense Industries Organization

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    Armed and fabulous.
    From the boom-boom room, baby!
    Pimp my ride!
    DIO is Persian for FUN!
    They've really got it all.
    The good stuff.

    Defense Industries Organization (DIO) is one of the main affiliated subsidiaries of the Ministry of Defense and Support of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Not only does it meet the needs of Iran’s Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, which are considerable, it is also a very keen exporter of military products, with clients from countries all over the world. To top it off, DIO accepts Visa and Master Card, and you can order military products through their web site, from the comfort of your own MySpace. Think we're kidding?

    Small arms, large arms, no arms!

    DIO is definitely the place to do your shopping for 122 mm rocket launchers, 155 mm Howitzers, MGA3 fully automatic heavy machine guns, 106 mm anti-tank guns (no recoil!), and lots more. And you’ll never run out of ammunition with DIO. You can get everything from anti-tank ammo to hand grenades, mortars, and mines – all at affordable prices! Ever wanted that extra 'oomph' in your airsoft or paintball match? Here is the place to go! Webbing? Camo Uniforms? All here! Want a helmet that can stop Crusader 5.56 NATO bullets? Here's where ya go! Those evil Jews driving tanks through your neighborhood? Well why don't you blast them away with your trusty RPG-29, courtesy of DIO?

    Boating, bombs and buggies

    Got a nautical streak? How about a new missile-launching catamaran? The IPS-18 torpedo boat also looks pretty sweet. But if you wanted even cruisers...why not make a party?

    Let’s not forget the fantastic range of high explosive materials. RDX? TNT? Maybe you want some 120mm tank shells? But tanks shells are no good without tanks, right? Well, thats why your Persian friends at DIO can hook you up with a tank. A tank you ask? Yes - want some leftover American Crusader M-48/60 heavy tanks? Prime working condition! Of course, if you're a communist, DIO has you covered too! T-72s are abound for sale - all upgraded too at no cost to YOU! Chemical warfare protection devices! Why you ask? Is that even a question - Jews are obviously trying to kill you. You need to be protected. Submarines available by special order. Great prices too, on “Composition A” in bulk!

    Composition A is wax-coated granular form of RDX and a phlagmetizing wax. Five different types of composition A have been developed and designated A-1, A-2, A- 3, A-4 and A-5. We produce the below compounds of composition A. Composition A is used as bursting charges in Navy 2.5 and 5-inch rockets, as well as in land mines. Shaped charge for destruction and generally in pressed charges boosters, missile warhead & RPG in ammunition primer.

    Makes e-commerce a dream come true for everyone

    In summary, there’s really no reason not to shop here, unless you are in the United States. If this is the case, the Department of Homeland Security is already rushing to your location. If you are in the fine sultanate of Londonistan, they are planning the raid for 0900 tomorrow. On the other hand, if you live in one of the less important countries like India, Somalia, Mexico or South Africa, what have you got to lose? Live dangerously, or stop complaining about how shitty things are. If you've got revolution on your mind, or just want to flash some heavy metal bling, try out this amazing online armaments superstore.

    Show everyone who is the HNIC.

    Internet Woes

    Apparently, since Iranians haven't had new technology since 2000, the site only really works well with Internet Explorer.


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