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    Deadfrog is a repository that many /b/tards, Weeaboo scum, emo kids and any other description of Anonymous use regularly for a go-to when they believe something they have is worth torrenting.

    Deadfrog is run and maintained by Token, a self confessed Linux Nazi, who has claimed to be Texan, black, Spanish, German, American, Italian, Pedo and an Ohio Browns Backer(in roughly that order). One of his redeeming qualities, enforced heavily throughout the site ( with the noticeable exception of the tracker itself), is the completely zero tolerance approach to furries and furry content.

    Deadfrog is also a repository of lolicon in various forms, not the least being the hidden image boards and not-so-hidden imageboards.


    Deadfrog was acquired by cheesey, admin of Flatchan (formally Renchan) for $80 ontop of the $60 it takes to run Flatchan.

    PROTIP: You should packet both to skyrocket those costs

    Dude, transferring 50 gigs of porn takes FOR EVER, I ran my computer for 20 hours to get it all and my connection dropped out the first time...


    —Cheesey on transferring Flatchan onto Deadfrogs colo
    (he doesn't know about GNU Screen FFS)

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