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I wanna see a Pikachu fuck the shit out of a Gyarados!!


— Dcigs professing his love for Pokeymanz

Dcigs(IRL name "D'Andre Siggers"), better known as "Angry Black Man" is a morbidly obese, vodka-sipping ex-con who recently got out of prison and is now a basement dweller making shitty videos on JewTube with his African-American vernacular English just like all the other talentless new-media celebrities. During the beginning of his journey of discovering YouTube from the computer he stole from the public library, Dcigs' videos consisted of hilarious prank calls and rants that would make you question his sexuality. Once, a low-life on YouTube who nobody gave a living shit about, he has recently gained much attention from his infamous Black man loves Pokémon video. As soon as word hit of the video, the video was posted everywhere, and soon other YouTubers, with accounts with nothing to worthy of showing began to copypasta the said video in hopes of having people pay attention to them. The biggest attention whoring of them all was when GayWilliamJohnson, a talentless, not funny Arab who steals viral videos that everyone's seen at least a month ago and cums on it with his faggotry and his unfunny commentary, decided to copypasta the video onto his gay show.

Dcigs currently resides in Jewston, Texass (no surprise there) and now spends all of his time making more shitty videos as Niggers are too lazy to work. Seeing as the Jews could exploit him for more Jewgold, he has recently became a YouTube Partner. Dcigs has also been known to have high cholesterol as well as diabetes from all of the fried chicken and malt liquor he has been overly consuming and doctors predict he should die from a heart attack within a year or two....if he's lucky to live that long.

Days as a Nobody

Like all YouTube Nobodies, D'Andre started out as nobody important and still remains nobody important. He created his account in September 9, 2006 with pretty much nothing on it. He began making videos with some rants that nobody really cared for. Being recently out of prison as a muslim convert, he decided to change his life around. He apparently was too pussy to commit jihad and kill all the Infidels that put him in the slammer in the first place. Decisively thinking about his next moves, Dcigs decided to take the easy route and commit e-Jihad within the realms of JewTube. Of course, he did not prevail with ease.

His first video emerged around February 2008, still an obese black guy but this time with an afro! Pondering around, Dcigs tried many ways of striking the jackpot. He began experimenting with prank calls and telling gay jokes, but the attempts of reaching celebrity status were all futile. Amongst all of his YouTube Commentaries, one can see why he did not succeed. He also thought of posting videos without a t-shirt hoping to lust women and closet fags into watching his video. The attempt, like all the rest also failed horribly.

Rise to Stardom

The Origins

It all started when on a fine day when Dcigs decided instead of committing a drive-by shootout, why not not make a video of something he enjoys? Dcigs, skipping a day of work at Church's Chicken as usual, went out of his way to make a shitty video professing his love for Pokémon and admitting his furfaggotry. He went and explained how much he wanted the latest installments of the new Pokémon games black person and White and catch them all. Afterwards, he explained his distaste for people who would hate him and how he beats off to every single episode. He later explained that Pokémon were the real GANGSTAS and that the Crips and the Bloods were no match for Blastoise and Charizard.

Subsequently, Dcigs also threw in that he felt Ash was a faggot for denying to have hott buttsecks with Misty or any of his female companions. And then he complained some more and wondered why there weren't any Pokémon having sex in the show and wanted to see a Pikachu "fuck the shit out of a Gyarados"; proving not only is he a pedophile, but also a furfag. And all without a single mention of Mudkip. :(

The Videya(s)

Sigga Nation

During the first few weeks the video was uploaded, Dcigs enjoyed a few couple of hundred, maybe a few thousand views. Although many still do not realize it yet, the only way to reach millions of views on YouTube is to make a total douche out of yourself. As word got out in places such as Facebook and the slums of 4chan's /vp/ section, the video began to stumble upon more views. Pretty soon, it began enjoying up to 300,000 views as the video started to become overrated. With all the of the sudden popularity, Siggers, from the folds of fat on the back of his head, right inside his pea-sized Nigga brain came up with an idea of making a better, improved version of his Pokémon video. What was an argueably funny turned into absolute shit.

Pretty soon all around, YouTubers began to make their own crappy parody of the video in hopes of reeling in views and attention. While others were too busy copying Dcigs Pokémon rant, others decided to rip the video and upload it onto their account just like whenever any other viral video is let loose onto the internets. It didn't take too long for Dcigs to sell out and become a YouTube Partner with all of his videos being spammed by ads. Not only that, but the video was inevitably showcased onto the "=3". Ray, the host of said show saw an opportunity for more unoriginal content for his videos and make moar Jewgold. It didn't take too long before other talentless YouTube celebrities also began exploiting the video for more views. Unfortunately, in the process, Ray brought in more views for Dcigs providing him with money as well. At least he's not on wellfare anymore.

Life as an Angry Black Man

With the success of his Pokémon rant, Dcigs was granted money from whoring himself on YouTube thanks to the help of ads. With all the extra money that he surprisingly didn't rob the bank from he was finally able to get a camera with decent quality(unlike his last one which was horrible). However to no surprise, that didn't stop him from robbing a camera from the local Wal-Mart. Although his attempts at making rants and trying to be comical, this time he managed actually get people to listen to his rants. Seeing as he has plenty of views, the typical retarded YouTube user always seems to think a video with millions of views must be good! Sadly, that is far from the truth.

In these video series, usually titled "BLACK MAN ANGRY AT (x)", Dcigs rants about his dislike towards a certain topic, most if not all being a store/restaurant franchise. They all contain content of him whining and how things would be better had he been in control of those franchises. Yeah, where have we heard that before?

He has become a standard target of a range of Youtube Poops because of his eloquent usage of the English language. His videos are typically 65% bix nood, 22% ebonics and 13% Chimping out.


Why you hatin'? Why you hatin'?! Because I like Pokemon and you don't?


—Dcigs' being butthurt

I wanna see a Pikachu fuck the shit out of a Gyarados!!


—Admitting his furfaggotry

I beat off to every episode, nigga


...Lemme give you this PokeDick! I woulda fucked my female companions every Goddamn episode. They wouldn't call it "Pokemon", they'd call it "Poke-a-Ho!"


They should make Pokemon XXX, that shit would sell MILLIONS of dollas!


—Dcigs ignorant to the fact that there's rule34

Everybody out here talkin' mess 'bout Pokemon. Talkin'bout sum "Pikachu weak. Pikachu can't fight". Pikachu WHOOP YO' ASS!!


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