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David Mudkips

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It's amazing how much exposure anon is getting in the old media these days.

David Mudkips is the name of a 25-year-old self publicising cockmuncher (and world renowned spokesman for Anon on all things Project Chanology) who successfully trolled the UK media by having his name published in a series of news articles while being interviewed about a party celebrating the last night of alcohol being legal to drink on the London Underground which was organised on Facebook.

Like rush hour but fun


—David Mudkips on his experience of the party.

There were people's sweaty armpits in my face but I didn't care because I was drinking.


—David Mudkips

Even the Daily Fail picked up on it, but a whole bunch of other news sauces did too...

TL;DR? People on Britchan picked up on it and threw a shitfit of joy, the end.

David Mudkips
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