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    Dave Hopkins

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    Tiny Toons: Behind The Looniversity.

    Dave Hopkins: quasi-man, quasi-artist, full-furfag. Known around the block as 'Drip', 'that guy who can't draw', or 'the poor man's Jay Naylor', Mr. Hopkins is the creator of such literary masterpieces as Rework The Dead and Jack. Mr. Hopkins' work has the honor of perhaps being the most disgusting and disturbing furry art on the internet. Readers of his grotesquely violent, gore-filled, and schlocky (yes, even for the internet) Christian furry comic Jack typically find themselves clawing their eyes, curling into fetal positions and crying, or attempting to induce vomiting in order to cleanse themselves of the horror they have witnessed. Unlike such comics as El Goonish Shive or Megatokyo, this action typically occurs no more than 99 strips into the series, as opposed to over 9000. For those masochistic connoisseurs of furry art, though, Hopkins' work is a wet dream come true, essentially the equivalent of the works of the most autistic sick fucks on DeviantART combined and serialized, with a healthy dose of Chick tract thrown in. Surely the holy grail of webcomics.

    As you can see, the occult art from Hopkins's webcomics are any furfag's wet dream.

    While it has been obvious to everyone online but his fans that he's a psychotic rapist for years from just looking at his comic (the fact his wife admitted on a radio show he likes to rape her in bed was a big hint as well), his follower only wised up recently after David called one of his underage, female, chronically depressed fans and brought her to the point of attempting suicide by repeatedly calling her house to jerk off to her story about being molested as a child.

    Hopkins has now gone into full damage control mode and is both deleting shit and threatening to sue his victim.

    The Early Years

    One of the aforementioned Doom mods.

    Dave Hopkins grew up and lives in Washington State, which probably explains a lot of his issues, in retrospect.

    Back before he had any fanboys, David would play Doom often. So often, he decided to make two whole sets of levels for it, this one and that one. The levels are very amateurish in design, though what makes them interesting is the replacement of the teeth-gritting man-and-a-half protagonist of Doom, with a MS Paint created cartoon fox, or weasel, or something. The enemies are mostly unchanged, but the power-ups are replaced with naked furry women that you pick up for health, basically making the game Duke Nukem 3D for faggots.

    Rework The Dead


    Hopkins' first full foray into furfaggotry was Rework The Dead, which was pretty much Hopkins' way to 'artistically' masturbate to the military lifestyle (even though as far as the internet knows, Hopkins has never been a part of the military. Nice double-standard, you pussy). Even worse, he's done this by taking inspiration from every single zombie/sci-fi cliché compressed into two badly-drawn episodes, adding furries and subtracting a coherent ending. RtD quite possibly sets a new record for saturation of ideas ripped from movies, short stories/books, and short stories/books that eventually were made into movies. Any of these sound familiar?

    • A virus has infected all of mankind that makes reproduction mysteriously impossible, causing worldwide chaos as a result
    • A member of the 'good guys' turning out to be a crazy-ass bloodlusting bad guy because it's eventually revealed he's a rapist and he killed his whole platoon a few years ago. This character eventually gets left for dead and is killed by the zombies.
    • A love triangle where one guy dies, leaving the other to swoop in like a vulture and pick up the grief-stricken girl.
    • The military attempt rescuing civilians but royally screw up and end up killing a bunch of them themselves.
    • A soldier unpins a few grenades when hopelessly cornered, killing himself and taking out several zombies with him
    • A female soldier who, gets this, is a real hardass, EVEN AROUND MEN. Everyone else is of course surprised by this character's strength, because noone has ever heard of the old atypical-military-female-character archetype.
    • Badass soldiers revealing softer sides to themselves at opportune times between zombie swarms. This is supposed to make the reader think "wow, this guy's actually pretty deep. I guess we can add half a dimension to the one he already had"
    • A character driven insane by the horrors of anti-zombie warfare. He uses puppets.
    • Small numbers of individuals who escape the zombie carnage and drive away in a daring attempt to find an army base

    The only thing he didn't steal from anybody is the part where the president gives away her position like an unwanted fruitcake to some random army guy who then rapes her. Yep, David had his fursona rape the president.

    Throwing another little shit-nugget into his masterpiece, Hopkins also gave his readers an extra fuck-you by throwing ink onto paper the same way a hippo sprays crap out of its ass using its tail. Not only did he use a drawing style known in the art academies as 'teaching a gorilla to finger-paint with menstrual blood' and colored everything with the refined and totally classy use of the 'fill' tool on MS Paint, he also displays the spelling skills of an autistic child. I mean, no one likes a grammar nazi but Jesus Christ, those red squiggles under the words are trying to tell you something.

    If Mr. Hopkins is talented at anything, though, it's his ability to take something that has for all intents and purposes hit rock-bottom and drag it down just that little bit further. With Rework The Dead, he accomplishes this right on the motherfuckin' first page by dedicating his heaping pile of cow patties to his father. Daddy Hopkins is reported to still get misty-eyed at the knowledge that he's forcibly been associated with the unoriginal drivel his son actually believed was a wise use of his time, full of sad regret that he didn't force the hermaphrodite Vietnamese hooker he smuggled back home for a wife to abort David's FAS-infected fetus when he had the chance. Such is the karma one gets for being too busy killing and raping civilians to win a war against some rag-tag commies who don't have running water or electricity, I guess.

    The Horror, The Horror!

    Look at this crap About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Wear official Jack™® merchandise and you too can be the coolest kid in Remedial English
    Dave constantly looks up to/depicts himself as Drip, but DON'T DO WHAT HE DOES! Dave's Soapbox Of Contradictory, High-Horse-Riding Lulz™® has spoken!

    Much like how Edmund Spencer moved from pastoral poetry to larger pieces, so did Dave Hopkins move from Rework The Dead to new projects. Of course, whereas Spencer went on to write The Faerie Queene, a masterpiece of renaissance literature and of epic poetry, Hopkins went from Rework The Dead to Jack. This is basically like trading poorly-drawn, poorly-written shit for larger, longer, poorly-drawn, poorly-written shit. And then being proud of it. Jack is a collection of stories, all of which relate to Dave's twisted visions of how the Christian afterlife works. Oh, and don't expect any of it to reflect the idea that Hopkins has ever cracked open a New Testament in his life. That's the last thing you'd want to do when you're making what is essentially a Christian story. The spelling is also improved - although it's been told he needed outside help for it. English class still hasn't been very friendly to Dave. There are also interspersed references to Nine Inch Nails lyrics, to ensure its appeal with the average angsty goth furfaggot.

    Hopkins' fundamentalism blossoms in Jack, sketching out his own little personal doctrine on what is and isn't right (PROTIP: If it involves liberal gun use, it's almost always right). Of course, I'm not sure I've ever found a religious text that involves rape, murder, and mass carnage without any real point/purpose to put any of it into perspective. Then again, maybe I missed the part in the Bible where the Twelve Tribes of Israel engage in a rape version of musical chairs for no real reason whatsoever.

    As mentioned earlier, Jack is a collection of stories all connected by a series of characters who inhabit the afterlife. There's the typical Christian-realm spheres of existence:

    • Heaven: Basically like having a genie that will grant you as many wishes as you want. The mortal characters who eventually get involved with Heaven are almost always involved in some tragic love story. Oh no, my lover died, boo-fuckity-hoo, guess I better be a good boy from now on so I can see her again. That kind of clichéd garbage. It must be said, at least Dave is consistent in his unoriginality. There's also an angel who occasionally fucks her boyfriend, Plato. Plato, however, lived well before the coming of Jesus so he shouldn't be setting foot in Heaven. Nice research, asshole.
    • Purgatory: Kinda like your life right now, except you're more dead. Also, angels will constantly harass you without a moment's peace in an attempt to get you to leave the afterlife and become reborn in a fresh attempt to get into Heaven. Either Purgatory has some serious real estate problems, or angels are total nosy assholes. Probably both.
    • Hell: This is the only realm anyone who reads Jack is interested in, for good reason. Damn pussies up there in Heaven and Purgatory. Hell is a morass of poorly-depicted rape, temporary murder (people just come back to life a few minutes later), and other various kinds of random mayhem. None of it occurs with anything resembling a 'point' or a 'moral', indicating it's just there so that Dave can put 'edgy' into his resume when he's between McJobs.

    The Sins

    Hell is ruled between embodiments of the Seven Deadly Sins. All of them are very jagged and pointy, meaning they're evil. Satan doesn't really seem all that involved in any of the Helling business. I guess he doesn't run a very tight ship.

    • Jack: Wrath. Apparently he was a furry Hitler or something. Also had a girlfriend called Jill (there's that trademark Hopkins originality again!) but he was born without a dick so he took his sexual frustrations out on killing people. Now he's the Grim Reaper, and lord knows he still hasn't bitched about it enough yet.
    • Drip: Lust. He raped, tortured and killed people in life. Yeah, that's it. If committing a few rape-murders is all it takes to become one of the head-honchos in Hell, perhaps there's a little more to the Saturday-morning-cartoon look to Dave's characters than first thought. Drip is Dave's fursona, choosing the biggest asshole in the comic series because, again, it supposedly makes him 'edgy'
    • Bob & Lisa: Gluttony. They were cannibals in life. Yeah. Jesus, what kind of low standards do they uphold in this place?
    • Vince: Greed. He did greedy shit or something, I don't know. His eyes and mouth are sewn shut, which is probably some kind of /b/tard fetish
    • Emily: Vanity/Pride. We don't know what she did, but apparently she has no skin, and has a habit of wearing the skin of other furfags in Jack Hell.
    • The Envy Guy. I'm really starting to stop giving a shit by this point.
    • Sloth. Hopkins explains Sloth as being the very ground on which Hell is built. This is Hopkins' way of saying "I took way too long to reveal Sloth's identity, so it was impossible for me to come up with something that my brown-noser fans wouldn't find anticlimactic"

    Critical Acclaim

    For reasons that boggle most forms of science, Hopkins still has a large number of fans despite his complete lack of talent, originality, or spelling skills. Dave, of course, wastes no time in displaying such praise proudly on his Jack site:

    "I'd have to say that Jack has balls that painfully few comics are brave enough to drag around. And it's not afraid to use them..."


    2 the Ranting Gryphon

    "If you go to this comic, you will gawk in amazement at how completely fucked up the author is."


    —Dragonfly of Latex Blue, a pornographic comic about living inflatable latex furry cats and shit

    Hopkins, however, made a terrible oversight; namely, he believes that someone whose idea of 'in your face' is to say (brace yourself for this) BOTH sides of the abortion debate are stupid has anything worth saying that shouldn't be immediately dismissed as childish nonsense. However, that hasn't stopped him from releasing t-shirts, playing cards, and comic books in an attempt to sell himself out like the cheap Asian hooker he calls 'mom'.

    The Forum

    He also has a forum packed to the brim with people collectively sucking David's shriveled little penis (David mysteriously has a wife despite this deformity. I guess she must be legally blind; I don't know how else you could look at that pic of him at the top of the page and not want to slap the shit out of it with a shoe), sadly molding Davy's impressionable baby mind into thinking he's benefiting society by continuing his projects (PROTIP: he isn't). This results in a large collection of terrible/hilariously bad roleplaying threads, fan fiction based on Bon Jovi (I swear to Christ), song lyrics, and creepy fan art (including shitty crossovers. Explore at your peril for the groan-worthy lulz.

    It has recently been revealed to the author that some lulz have indeed already been had at the forum, mainly due to Dave's status quo of 'acting like a spoiled child':

    I used to be a regular at his forum, with nearly 6000 posts to my name. I even met him in person at a con, and managed to irritate him enough with questions regarding his plot holes that he threw pens at me (editor's note - lol, you sure showed him, Master of the Underworld).

    Then he took the side of a self-proclaimed sociopath and someone who had threatened repeatedly to rape and murder various forum members (myself included! :D) due to said person having donated him $100. This caused literally his entire moderator team to quit at once, and led him and his webhost ("Tet Pholph", or Arty of Vinci and Arty) editing the posts involved to make them look like brave heroes who stood up to the terrible demands of the moderators and forumites. What? Why did I stick around on the forum that long in the first place? ... I'm still trying to figure that one out, actually.



    In his forum, some furfags instead of kissing his ass dared to criticize a few points in his latest comic, as seen in this thread. While doing so, some infidels voiced unholy doubts about God's benevolence and Heaven's existence.

    To which Dave responded as classy as always, in a tl;dr kindergartener tantrum:

    Christ oh gad damnEd fuck mighty!!!

    No one whoes died has ever told us about what it was like on the other end so whether your for or against SHUT THE JESUS FLIPPING FUCK UP! I don't know, no one knows SHUT UP! I don't give shit one about what some book, be it in a clergy or a professor's office has in it SHUT THE GOD DAMNED FUCK UP! No one can be proven right, no one can be proven wrong SHUT UP

    And any of you other little dipshits trying to tell me how to piss in my own pond SHUT UP! Its dramaticly more interesting to follow the folks having problems. is it too mmuch of a fucking leap to foolishly hope that on the other side of the camera the other 50 seven billion people I dont cover maybe figured this shit out on theyre own? Or do you constantly have to be the pesamistic bigot who hates anything with the word God in it? Well, since its my comic and I can decide, Miraculously they all made it out of hell and they're now pissing in your pond. Of corse hell isnt fair, because in its incarnation here its fucking fiction made up by some fellow dipshit washed up good for jackshit asshole barely liveing off of minimum wage in aa shit stinking apartment surrounded by fellow ass hole dipshits SO OF CORSE ITS NOT GOING TO BE ANY FUCKING FAIR, BECAUSE IM A FUCKING MORON JUST LIKE YOU

    And for the same reason as stated above I was never going to ddo a God character to your likeing unless I made him drooling retard in floaties and a propeller cap. it was always going to be a little to this or a little too that. JESUS CHRIST I'D BE SHITING STONES IF GOD HIM SELF WASNT UP THERE SAYING "Dave you fucked me up big time"

    You wanna know why I'm ready to just die now? Not figurativly, litteraly, see a few posts up. because my purpose in life is aparently to work my ass off to produce pages and pages of toilet papper! What do I get for it? Answer! I want to know! Because if your answer isnt 2 words one being the title of this comic and the other a four letter explative than you are very very very very WRONG!!!

    Copy this all or in parts to your news groups your forums, your chat rooms, and say look we got to him and pat yourselves on the back but after Kittiara's run for this comic ends this comic will still continue to update because one of us still has to be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. And theres also that 'faith' thing that I should know to ignore by now, but I keep chasing like its an old highschool tart.

    No sympathy posts, I swear to God, Christ and my uncles donkey if you post that shit I will ban you. I'm not throwing some God damned emo fit to get atention so save us both grief and don't do it. Also, this wasn't adressed to anyone so nobody blame it on any one. The glass is broken the ban stick is out and new holes have been drilled in it so it whistles before it slaps. C&R I feel better now that thats out so no need to do what your gonna do anyway.

    To whom this isn't concerned please disregard To who it is concerned disregard now rather than two weeks from now and get back to fighting over trivial nothingness Apologies to those apropriate (especially God) and also for lack of spell check, I think I'd much rather go to bed.



    Nowadays, the once lively forum has died due to a civil war, and it and the comic's constant downtimes. At most, there are only about a dozen users left, and rarely any active discussion.

    The Loveline Incident

    When Dave and his now-wife were still dating, she called the radio show Loveline to get the hosts' reassurance that Dave's rape fetish wasn't really a problem. Listen or read the transcript.

    He was having a hard time getting off, so, I let him experiment with it a little bit and it got to the... you know, he tied me up and... he was just, you know, pretending he was this rapist, saying he was gonna kill me and everything and I, I humored it as long as I could, it got to the point where I just could not stand it anymore.


    —Dave's then-girlfriend, now wife

    This guy- you know what I would say right now? I swear to god, if I was your brother? Run.


    —Christopher Titus, stating the obvious

    Look, if you like the guy you like the guy, that's great, but I gotta be honest with you, it's the scariest call- I been on the show twice, this is the scariest call I've ever heard.


    —Christopher Titus, Loveline

    When Dave found out about the call, he included a reference to it in a Jack plotline in which the boyfriend of a Loveline caller holds her hostage at gunpoint until the Loveline hosts tell her to resume sucking him off. Clearly this man is a model husband.

    Dave masturbates to his fan's story about child abuse

    Kate Comics is a SJW-spawned hate Tumblr for Dave and his work. It mostly obsessively hosts unfunny riffs on his shitty self-insert rape comics and "novel", that still manage to be leaps and bounds better than the originals. Occasionally, though, it provides some lulz like when Kate got Dave to rage-quit making his comic out of pure butthurt, or when contributors dig up internet gold.

    On May 11 2015, someone named Falling Celestial sent a message to Kate Comics to take responsibility for Hopkins deleting his webcomic and FurAffinity profile.

    I yelled at him and told him I was going to send all his rape art in to the FBI. He's now deleted Pholph/Jack and his FA account, (but the way back machine is still there). You're welcome.


    —Falling Clichestial

    Yes, David went into full damage control mode after fapping to one of his underage fan's story of how she was molested. This was so disgusting that even his most hardcore fans (who until them believed his comic was artistic and edgy but now realize he just faps to rape) turned on him, including one so insane she once made her own webcomic and also named it "Jack".

    The next day that same plagiarist fan (Razor Rabbit), who was friends with David's victim, posted a long account of what had transpired. The revelation was so repulsive that even former enemies of his fans like the faggots at The Bad Webcomic Wiki are now joining forces with them despite the fact that they wrote reviews about both of them and David used them as an example of a common enemy when begging Razor Rabbit not to expose him.

    The tl;dr version of the post is that "Falling Celes Chere" told Hopkins that she was molested as a child, and he claimed to have been molested as well (something that might explain his comic but was probably just bait for what happens next), and asked if she wanted to talk about it. She did, but when they got on Skype, he started blatantly fapping to her childhood molestation story. He continued by sending her his "secret" rape art (how much worse can it be than the rape art he already posts in public?) and kept calling her house to tell her how he wants to choke her and how small his dick is (seriously) until she threatened him with the party van, at which point he begged for mercy and deleted fucking everything.

    He asked me my abuse issues…and then he started pressuring me into cybering with him, and then on audio Skype, he started literally jacking off and calling me a "fucking whore" and a "stupid cunt" and stuff, and then said that's just what he says when he's getting off, and that I’d turned him on that much, like I should be honored or something. It was disgusting. I threw up afterwards.


    —Falling Celestial, demonstrating the normal human reaction to Hopkins

    He also sent me a bunch of really creepy rape sketches of Drip raping some girl, and acted as if I should be thrilled to see his "secret" art.


    —Falling Celestial

    He also confided in me that in real life, he has an extremely tiny dick.


    —Falling Celestial, stating the obvious

    He literally got me to open up about my child sexual abuse issues, acting like he was someone who cared and had been through it, himself, and could offer advice. He knew that I’d been hospitalized for a suicide attempt and was still having issues, and had been back-stabbed by a lot of people... he knew ALL OF THAT, and the he preyed on my childhood sexual abuse issues and jacked off on the phone while calling me disgusting names and saying how he wanted to choke me.


    —Falling Celestial

    He got his rocks off on the closest thing he could get to an abused child, and that's all he cares about. I just... I feel so stupid for not seeing it, sooner.


    —Falling Celestial

    I've never met anyone who is -proud- of being a misogynist and sexual predator like he is.


    —Falling Celestial, demonstrating her lack of familiarity with the internet

    I thought he was writing [Jack] as a horror and a "wake up" to the world; didn't realize that he writes this stuff just to masturbate to. What a sicko fuck!


    —Falling Celestial

    I told him that I was going to report him to the police and send in everything he said to me... and he started SCREAMING! Not even words, just, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" like one of his brainless characters, (now we all know why they react so stupidly; apparently that's how HE acts, lol). He BEGGED me not to call the police, and I said, "I hope they rape you to death in prison" and hung up. He didn't call back.”


    —Falling Celestial

    This all prompter further information that David has been doing this for years and using his fans on his forums to find married and preteen girls to flirt with in an attempt to get them to reenact his rape fantasies with him online. Later that day, she updated her FurAffinity status to indicate that she has become an hero. This has yet to be confirmed Nope, she's still alive, so the count of good things Hopkins has ever done is still zero. This may be the result of the fact that, having no shred of decency, David has now undeleted some of his stuff and is threatening to sue her as well as getting the Kate blog shut down by flooding tumblr with false DMCAs.

    Gallery of Horrors

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