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Metal Gear Solid Alert Counter.gif
Metal Gear Solid Alert Counter.gif Every time Phil says something stupid, this timer will reset.
Phil Burnell and David Brent. Phil is an ugly, unfunny american knockoff of Ricky Gervais.
DSP and Rob Ford: Also separated at birth?
Hypocrisy in its purest form.

Well it says here: I have to use a BUGGED button mechanic. Stupid fucking buggy game! The trigger buttons aren't even buttons! This game is fucking buggy as shit. OH MY GOD, what shitty programming! Oh my God! FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!



— DarksydePhil, sharing his endless wisdom on games.

Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!

DarksydePhil YouTube Favicon.png dspgaming, (Phillip Burnell), AKA the self-proclaimed "King of Hate" is the living embodiment of everything wrong with todays' gaming in video format and the arch-enemy of /v/ as well as a professional David Brent look-a-like. He also looks like a shaved bear with downs syndrome, but we can't decide which he resembles more.

He's known for being a hypocritical, money-whoring, borderline-retarded, obese, disgusting, misanthropic, piecce of shit man-child with a fake crippled back who can't play games without being an fucking loser, even if his life depended on it. Oh wait, it actually does! But he's not just bad at gaming, he generally fails at everything he does. If Phil tried to do an unboxing video he would probably spend 15 minutes whining about his personal problems while a fire alarm was going off in the background. Oh wait, he did that too! And he even forgot to do any actual unboxing.

If Tom Preston is the king of delusional washout hacks and Chris-Chan is the king of basement-dwelling retards, DSP has to be the king of untalented, pathological liar scrubs with USI. Think ZackScott with greater Tourettes, poorer than you, double-standards copyright law interpretation, and using the same inspiring gameplay strategies that your local virgin Youtube teenagers use with their webcams.

No matter how much you think you suck at video games, you will never be as big a scrub as DSP.

  Click here to see how he mangles every single videogame - 'This Is How You Don't Play'

Rise to "fame"

Getting pwned, DSP-style.

At the end of 2008, with the advent of YouTube, Mr.Phil started recording videos of him playing Street Fighter 4 Online with a view on his TV, using a shitty camera.

More than 60% of the time he would get his ass kicked and lose the match. Now this wouldn't be anything special, if it wasn't for the fact that he acts like a complete mongoloid every time he plays, no matter if he's winning or losing. This attitude has not changed up to this day.

Once upon a time he won 4th place in a Street Fighter tournament that was using a broken PS1 port, placing underneath a threesome of Japanese otaku. Afterwards, he declared himself the "Top US Super Turbo player" (despite the absence of several big name players protesting the platform change) and the "King of Hate". YouTube Favicon.png The actual truth behind this name is, that the hosts of the tournament called Phil that way because he was one of those players that would smash his controller in anger, run out of the game booth screaming, with the controller cable sliding behind him on the floor. Or just plainly get annoying to a point YouTube Favicon.png where he was almost disqualified from playing. That one placing he won supposedly was his "lifetime achievement". Full story here ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Ever since he started making videos, he uploaded about more than 28,000(!!!) videos on his channel YouTube Favicon.png dspgaming and created countless other channels with thousands of videos to whore out as much money as possible from YouTube. If you ever searched for a Street Fighter gameplay video, chances are you came across this "King of Scrubs".

Metal Gear Solid Game Over.gif
95% of a DSP video

DSP is a Scrub

DSP LOGIC: YouTube Favicon.png If somebody else wins, it's cheating. If he wins, his opponent is not worthy for his fighting game expertise and they suck.
Scrub Extravaganza
Once a scrub, always a scrub
Part 2
Part 3
Part 3,5
Part 4.0

Even his girlfriend thinks he's a scrub (6:20)

DSP tries censoring
DSP is intelligent
DSP is VERY intelligent
A day in the life of DSP
More rage
Shit DSP says

I can't stop watching this.

Romans used to always talk up the skill of their opponents in anything competitive for the sake of good will and honor. If you lost to your opponent, he was just that good and you'd be proud to compete with him. If you won your victory was glorious for triumphing over such a capable opponent.

Phil does the opposite (always spouting shit-talk from a face that resembles an ass) and makes himself look like the inferior human being whether or not he's winning or losing.



— Nobody Important YouTube Favicon.png TurmoilTom, Clint Eastwood of YouTube.

Traits & Abilities

A battle so terrifying, it will shake the very boundaries of the planes of existence

How he deals with games.
His ego growing as we speak. And yes, he drew that himself.

- Incredibly obnoxious, douchebag voice.

- Has a very grating and squeaky singing voice that'll make you beg for a chalkboard nail-filer or a noose.

- Constantly burps, snorts & farts while recording gameplay.

- Downright fucking stuid.

- Constantly makes a PFFFFFFFTFTFTTF noise that makes you want to perforate your ear drums.

- Every time a woman shows up, be it a half-naked hooker or a well-dressed female scientist, he will ALWAYS start doing embarrassing, unfunny sex jokes.

- Filmed both his television and his computer screen for 4 years, because he is the laziest piece of shit known to man. He couldn't figure out how to use FRAPS and a microphone simultaneously. The viewer therefore has to deal with all the annoying room/controller/keyboard noises.

- No editing what so fucking ever.

- Wasting everyone's time and padding out his pre-streams with narcissistic bullshit stories about his boring ass life no one wants to sit through.

- Being a drama queen the size of Mount Rushmore.

- A first glance at his face will give you AIDS.

- Either grinds for pointless achievements, abuses known game bugs to make the game easier for him, or gets stuck at specific parts for hours that even the dumbest casual gamer could solve faster.

- Hates cut-scenes, always talks into or skips them.

- Ignores all hints and obvious signs.

- Doesn't give a shit about the story or world of a game.

- Has never said anything funny or interesting, EVER.

- Nothing is ever his fault.

- Pissing off the entire internet.

- Scamming his viewers

- Making racist jokes about Azns, Niggers, Spics, and Sand Niggers.

- Insulting his parents for not getting him a toy he later got anyways. [No fucking joke!]

Things he repeatedly spews out

FUN FACT: Darksydephil has such little self-respect, that he actually started using the following signs of retardation for his own marketing. He will use some variations of the following stuff on his Twitch pre-stream. A dumbass gotta do what a dumbass's gotta do, right?

  • I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING! - Usually blames the game while randomly pressing buttons.
  • I'M BLOCKING! - Wishful thinking.
  • I DIDN'T DO THAT - Blatant lying
  • CAN'T DO THAT! - Him, being too stupid to figure out a button combination.
  • OH MY GOD! - You'll hear him say this line more often than in all porn of the world combined.
  • FUCKING ONLINE GAMING! - Him blaming lag for being total shit at a game.
  • HE'S AWFUL! - Almost every time he says this line, combined with 'SCRUB', he gets his ass kicked.
  • ONLINE PLAY ONLY THE SHITTY MAY APPLY! - Moments before getting pwned.
  • FUCKING SCRUB! - He shouts this one as if he has tourettes.
  • INSTANT DEATH! and I DIED INSTANTLY! - Usually, he's too retarded to understand the concept of how health bars work in video games.
  • YouTube Favicon.png OKAY - Words cannot describe how much this scrotum-faced retard uses this word, Okay. You will hear it in every second sentence when he tells every little detail about his life, OKAY!
  • LITERALLY - He overuses this word when he tries to point out some "game bug" or something "unfair" happened to him ingame and he can't find other words to explain it.
  • DEFINITIVE - How the fuck can a person overuse such a specialized word? There's a possibility that DipshitPhail has absolutely no idea what he's trying to say with this word, at all.
  • THE BOTTOM LINE - Every time he tries to conclude his idiotic statements, you will hear this.

A typical viewer of DSPGaming.

DSP's brand of "humor"

Dsp's lazy, unfunny jokes.
Dsp Tries It: Making Every Victim Of The Holocaust Roll In Their Fucking Graves.
Fan of Nintendo? Bullshit!
Saying the same thing over. And over. And over is not funny. AT ALL.

DSP learned early on about "humor at the expense of others", but like with gaming, chose to skip the subtle nuances and basic guidelines and instead use whatever he thought was funny. Unfortunately for the world, what Phil thinks is funny is stupid beyond reason. Here's a list of it:

  • Insult everyone unironically and claim it was just a joke. When comedians use humor at the expense of someone, they usually stick to political or celebrity satire, because the persons involved rarely find need to rebut jokes, and even then, any genuine insult is minimal. If they're bold, they may poke fun at people they know in their personal lives, or otherwise simply describe an undesirable type of person ambiguously enough that people that could be associated with the joke would be able to detach enough to be unoffended. Phil instead decides to openly troll entire races, cultures, countries, homosexuals, the opposite sex, and fanbases (including his own). If anyone takes offense to his humor, he actively mocks them for being butthurt. He has no remorse for what he says, no matter how many people it offends and will defend himself to the literal death.
  • Obscenity and profanity without tact. Not much to say about this. If Phil can compare anything with the slightest chance of innuendo, he will make jokes about penises, boobs, sex, and the like. The chance of it actually being witty is nonexistent. He also believes if he says "fuck you" to something enough, that makes it funnier.
  • Retard comparisons. If Phil can find a "joke" in saying something serious looks vaguely like something silly, often to the point of obscenity mentioned above, he will repeat it endlessly when possible.
  • Singing like a dumbass. BA-NAH-NAH NYEOW-NYEOW, BA-NAH-NAH NYEOW-NYEOW. NAH-NAH NYAH-NYAH A-NAH-NAH NYAH-HYAH. It gets worse during his Kingdom Hearts playthrough. Brace your childhoods.
  • Gratuitous game violence. DSP thinks being an asshole is funny, far past the point where the novelty would have worn off. In open world games like GTA, he takes a sick pleasure in being an absolute prick, no matter what the end result.
  • Jokes about suicide, rape, and the holocaust. There are no words. Except to say that none of them were funny.
  • Laughing at his own jokes. Any person who enjoys a decent amount of comedy will tell you that laughing at your own jokes is a terrible habit that will end up ruining the impact of the joke itself. Phil has laughed at every form of his so-called "humor" listed above, including the offensive ones.
  • Laughing at things that have no humor value to begin with. It's unclear if these moments are Phil laughing his retard hyena laugh for the events on screen, or if that's the sound of him literally dying inside.

DSP's audience is mostly comprised of tweens who haven't developed a proper sense of humor to move onto better channels with better wit. If children are our future, DSP is the Terminator of wiping out human decency. If you meet a fan who thinks DSP is entertaining, but hasn't been tainted by his terrible taste, show them some real comedy.

DSP money and Adblock

DSPGaming AdBlock.jpg

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Kojima World Order

"Fuck this stupid shit. Seriously man, Kojima's a fucking asshole. "Punch the switch." HOW DO YOU PUNCH THE FUCKING SWITCH." Smashes controller. "I'm so tired of this shit. Kojima's a fucking cocksucker. If I ever find him I'm gonna kick him straight in his fucking balls. I'm serious man, what an asshole."


Hideo is pleased with Phil's ever dwindling video views.

What got DSP so many haters in a short amount of time, were his MGS live playthroughs. He already was known for being a terrible player and an annoying asshole prior to these events, but nothing, NOTHING came close to the pure stupidity that unfolded with the following videos.

As you normally expect from a DSP video, he ignored every hint, made every obnoxious sex joke as many times as possible, and couldn't do the simplest Boss fights without taking several hours sometimes. He fucking sucked so bad at playing these games, it has become legendary.

Many trolls made fun of DSP which made him cry about it so much that he kept making videos about them. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the man who calls himself the KING OF HATE can't withstand hate. Some YouTube videos exposed every single problem in his MGS "Let's Plays".

He started with the second game and then the third and then he played the first Metal Gear Solid ... he sure knows when to pick up a series because it won't make any problems understanding the plot.

The following videos show the ULTIMATE downfall of DSP.

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGS1

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGS2

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGS3

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGS4

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGSV: Ground Zeroes

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGSV: The Phantom Pain (Part 1)

File:Redirectltr.pngYouTube Favicon.png This is how you DON'T play MGSV: The Phantom Pain (Part 2)

DSP Tries it

Why the fuck would you record your own fat ass in the shower using a skin removal brush?

"DSP Tries It" is a pathetic attempt to show that DSP had a chance in life. This autistic, bum-tumbling, scrotum licking, necrophiliac is a complete fuckhole induced with a strange addiction and tendency of pissing people off and generally being an anus. Someone who is both complete shit at video games and a money-sucking fuckwit should not be allowed to have a YouTube channel. Who's idea was it to let a fat middle-aged pitiful excuse for a man YouTube Favicon.png "review" axe bodywash in the shower while playing with his own penis? This failed abortion should not let us know about his odd fetishes and anger-issue habits. It's that fucking simple, yet so fucking hard for him to understand.

When it's about food, he will talk out of his ass about vitamins, lettuce & nourishment, all while shoving down a greasy 1500 calories burger and eating with his mouth wide open and talking at the same time. Let's not forget the absolutely disgusting and loud munching noises.

When it's about normal items like a plunger, he will take years explaining incorrectly what it's good for and how it works and waste everyone's time.

When it's about hygiene products or his house tour ... even has less repulsive things to offer.

Videos of Phil's outstanding failures in life

Elementary school education


Getting a job is silly

Project 7 - This is how you DON'T make a Webseries

Insulting the people who pay him money



Beating it with the camera on!

Unboxing video but without unboxing and with a blaring fire alarm

"Phil's first guess for the UK was Spain. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that this subhuman piece of garbage can do correctly. Video games are just a taste of the overwhelming failure that DarkSydePhil exudes from every orifice he owns. If he was asked to solve a Rubik's Cube it would initiate Armageddon."


YouTube Favicon.png werebee, Captain Hindsight.

Jerking off on cam

Because Panda Lee won't let this fat blob inside her Asian cunt, he needs to jerk off. She is too busy making soap to clean out her vagina from all the other guys who she lets inside. We here at ED are surprised that xHamster didn't have that online lagg, so Phil could successfully press buttons.

DSP Fapping.gif
Bugged masturbation mechanics

Spoilers: He didn't care that he was jerking it to his entire stream, and actually looks rather happy he did it by the end. Looks like he found another way to get dem views and monies!

And as a bonus, the fat lard actually got himself on PornHub because of it.

Being caught what he has been doing for the last 8 years straight made him self-aware

In a tale as strange as when the Irategamer called out AVGN on his e-begging schemes, it seems that Phil caught with his pants down, literally, made him self-aware, and instead of bitching like a child, as usually does, actually takes it in stride, meaning that he probably wanted to get caught.

DarkSydePhil PassTheClorox.jpg


This article, animated


A fistful of scrubbiness About missing Pics
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DSP experiences bugged satire mechanics

Old Dox

Where it lived...

These are not relevant anymore, but we'd still like to show you what he paid for the old condo.

Property Value:
Estimate: $124,350
Rent Estimate: $1,127/mo

New Dox

Where he lives now

He's trying to pay off a 1,500,000 mortgage with Adsense & Twitch (Never mind, he finally fucked up enough to get Twitch to tell him to get out.) Yeah, good luck with that, you dumb fuck.

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